Obama aid: He will visit Israel if he gets reelected for a second term

Bwaaahahaha does Obama think this statement will help him get reelected? Why in the world would anyone want to wish that on Israel.

THE HILL – President Obama will travel to Israel if he’s elected to a second term, a campaign aide said Monday.

“We can expect him to visit Israel in a second term should he be elected,” Colin Kahl, the former deputy assistant secretary of Defense for the Middle East, said on a conference call with reporters.

If you’re wondering why this came up, it might have something to do with this:

On Monday, former U.N. ambassador John Bolton blasted the president for not scheduling a trip during his first term.

“Obama has been in office three and a half years, and he has had time to do more fundraisers than any other first-term American president, has probably played more rounds of golf than any other president since Dwight Eisenhower, and yet he has not had time to fit into his busy schedule even one trip to Israel,” Bolton told WABC.

Nice slammage from Bolton. And he’s exactly right.

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  • Joe

    What s

    • Spartan4Palin

      I don’t know, Joe? A lot of them go party first before country. I hope you are right.

      I like that Romney is visiting Britain, Poland and Israel. I hope Romney tells the british Prime Minister as soon as he gets in the WH office, I want that bust of Churchill waiting for me to put in a place of honor. I hope he brings Netanyahu in as his first international meeting and gives him a state dinner. And stands with Lech Walesa at the statues of Reagan and Pope John during his visit!

      I know that’s what I hope Romney does!!

    • IwjwI

      After Obama’s help with the caliphate, he’ll visit Israel.

  • 911Infidel

    And do what exactly? Remove all US ties to Israel and come out in a loud, public way for his Allah-worhipping lunatic buddies? I got a better plan, how about we un-elect this troll, his Wookie, and send him and his golf cart back to Kenya, or Chicago or wherever. He can go play rope-a-dope with the rubes. Hope N change my a$$.

  • He doesn’t even thinly disguise his pandering any longer. What next? Begging?

    • p m

      Already happening, Laurel, re those wedding gifts couples don’t really want (contribute to 0zero instead) and kid’s birthday presents they don’t want (contribute to 0zero instead) and begging people to pay a few bucks for lunch with 0zero – wasn’t it a lottery or something where the loser got to spend time with The Loser?

  • poljunkie

    I wish the American Jewish Community would see Obama for what he really is.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      Yeh. When will they realize their party has been 100% hijacked by the socialists in general and an America-hater is particular?

  • Joe

    This is a reply to 911Infidel:

    OR as AMY from lizard lick towing says:

    On your way OUT of the WH – ZERO – Don’t let the door hit YA

    Where the Good Lord – split YA

    (where are my glasses – dadburnit!)

    • keyesforpres

      Actually, I was kinda hoping it would.

  • WordsFailMe

    For 3 days we’ve heard nothing but the horror in Colorado. Monday comes and the sound of our own, ongoing horror returns.

    Obama you are a cheap imitation of a human. I pray for justice. Justice for Obama–has that been copyrighted yet?

  • MaroonRepublic

    I sure hope he never visits Israel.

    • BS61

      He won’t – his approval ratings there stink!

  • maynardb50

    Does Israel have some good golf courses?

    • keyesforpres

      I hear they’re a blast.

    • BS61


  • RobertMahoney

    We needed a bigger-than-life President – we got President Zero.

    We needed a well-grounded stable President – we got a certifiable narcissist.

    We needed bold leadership – we got a teleprompter

    We needed a seasoned hand – we got a hand in in our pockets

    We needed a champion for American citizens… we got a champion for the invading horde of Illegal Aliens

    We needed a skilled bridge builder – we got a class-warfare specialist and inciter-in-chief.

    We needed practical, proven policies – we got socialist dogma and monumental waste

    We needed an inspirational visionary – we got an ideologically blinded, left learning-impaired radical

    We needed a Constitutional champion – we got a domestic enemy of the Constitution

    We needed a restrained, intimidating warrior – we got groveling, bowing, Barney Fife

    We needed a patriot – we got G. D. America, G. D. America, G. D. America.

    We needed someone to unshackle our economy – we got someone who is a friend to our enemies and an enemy to our businesses

    We needed a president beyond color – we got a green president embracing every whim and myth ever spoken by the kook environmental fringe.

    We needed mature, principled leadership – we got a petulant, lying, whining, blaming, sulking, accursing, excusing, man-child.

    It is a national disgrace that someone this incompetent, racist, and a American hating Socialist could be elected to the office of the Presidency.

    • p m

      Bravo, Mr. Mahoney – you got it. A succinct summary of the most disastrous years in American history, unfortunately. Bar none.

    • keyesforpres

      I agree with everything you said, except that he’s a green president. Correction: He is a watermelon president. Now, now, it’s not racist….he’s green on the outside and RED thru and thru on the inside.

  • Watchman74

    I always thought it was interesting he avoided going to Israel like the plague.

    • keyesforpres

      Yeah, and the first thing he did after winning election was calling Hamas or some muslim group.

    • p m

      He would BE the visiting plague, wouldn’t he, Watchman…

  • Rshill7

    That means he isn’t going, cuz there’s no way in %$#@ he’s getting reelected.

    If he somehow does, fraudulently. I’m going to Israel, just to take a good long look before it gets nuked 🙂

    Then I’m going to the New Israel, forever.

    Revelation 21:1-4

    • PVG


  • Nukeman60

    Obama hasn’t been to Israel yet, so he panders them to get the Jewish vote. Come on, guys, wise up. You already fell for him bigtime last time around. He doesn’t like you and won’t do anything to help you.

    So is that all it takes to get a vote these days? He reminds me of the spoiled, greedy nephew trying to pander to his old, sick, rich aunt, “I promise, auntie, if you put me in your will, I’ll promise to visit your grave every day after you’re gone. Really, I promise”. Yeah, right.

    Just think who else he could do this to. Imagine all the taxpayer money he would save not flying all over the country, using government excuses to fundraise. He could just phone it all in from the 19th hole.

    Later that night:

    So, an Israeli, a Brit, and Obama walk into a bar. The bartender says, ‘Wow, you guys brought the President of the United States into my bar?”

    The Israeli says, “Oh, him? He’s not with us. He was just outside panhandling, and promised to buy us a drink if we paid for it. Any ideas how we get rid of him?”

    The Indonesian, sitting in the corner, says, “Yeah, just throw him a dogbone and he’ll go away for four years”.


  • Sober_Thinking

    Obama – Liar-and-Chief… he’s a HUGE phony.

    If he’s re-elected, Israel may need to wait because this nation will be on fire.

  • keyesforpres

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! That sounds like a threat to me. I chalk this up under the column “Another reason to NOT re-elect Bambam”.

    • marketcomp

      And who is the threat aimed?! I say stay out of Israel to ensure no re-election! Good for Romney!

      • keyesforpres

        The threat is o saying he’d visit Israel.

  • bjohnson55

    Wake up American Jews, if you fall for this then you would fall for worshipping a false idol after wandering the wildness for 40 years. Oh you did that already you say, could this gullibility be genetic I wonder???

    • marketcomp

      It would be troubling if Jewish American falls for this 2 cent psychology! I mean why in the world would any Jewish American vote for a President who is Muslim and anti-semantic. Now that is crazy! Just becasue Steven Spielberg, Lanny Davis, Dead fish Rohn Emanuel support this clown doesn’t mean that the rest of Jewish Americans have to vote for this anti-semantic pseudo-President!

      • Unfortunetly, LIBERAL JEWISH AMERICANS are just that, “LIBERAL”. They sell out Israel and will be shunned by obama in America, IF he wins again . Just not as smart as I once thought they were !

    • They already fell for it in 2008.

      • bjohnson55

        Yes they did fall for it in 2008 but the differnce between then and 2012 is he was an unknown in 2008, that cannot be said for 2012. He is known for allot of things today and as far as I am concerned nil to none of them good.

      • PVG

        We are ALL in the wilderness and it feels like forty years instead of four!

  • kong1967

    Well, Obama’s first term was marked by PR campaigns, golf, vacation, PR, golf, vacation. The only thing he has done is to get on cameral a lot to push propaganda, cause division, and to blame Republicans for everything between here and the sun. But as for work, it has been non-existent. He will not work with the Republicans on anything and it’s his way or the highway. The only work he has done has been unconstitutional because he bypasses Congress behind the scenes, makes his own laws, and ignores whatever laws he chooses.

  • He’d only make it stink.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I don’t guess Netanyahu could say to NoShowObama, “No thanks, you didn’t care enough about us and our struggles against terrorists on a daily basis to visit during your first term. So, Mr. President, no thanks for a visit now.” That would result in every nickel of aid being stopped by Mr. NoShowObama for sure. I wish he could Netanyahu could/would say that.

    • He needs to be stronger and stand firm, he should, out and out put obama, “ON THE SPOT” and ask him in a public forum, “Mr. President, our you and america, STILL OUR STAUNCH ALLIES” . Let everyone here his PUBLIC RESPONCE, even though it would more than likely a LIE.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        NoShow would jabber like a blue jay and tap dance like Donald O’Connor around the answer that he would want to give Netanyahu, lying the entire time about what staunch allies we are with Israel. It would be plain to see NoShow’s nose growing with every word, just like Pinocchio’s, because NoShow would be lying through his teeth. Israel deserves better than what they are getting from the current administration. Who could blame Netanyahu if he doesn’t trust us any longer?

        • He couldn’t on his best day dance as good as, Donald O’Connor ! Your right on Obama 100%

          • PVG

            Or sing!

    • freenca

      Heck Army_Pilot, Obama probably couldn’t get past the airport security there. He has no comfirmable identifications!

      • Army_Pilot1967

        ROFLMAO……that’s funny!!! And they probably shouldn’t let him pass security.

  • stage9

    He had time for Ireland though, the country of his forefathers….LOL! This isn’t a surprise folks. Obama is a left wing radical, and left wing radicals HATE America and Israel.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    He is not getting elected a second term and we already have long since seen through his lies and bs.

    • Hey, hey ! Couldn’t agree more.

  • And I’m sure the Israelis are saying “golly gee” and getting the phone banks ready, right now.

  • Of course he will….right after he makes a pit stop to russia first!

  • Constance

    Obama can’t travel to Israel. He has made promises to the Muslims. He owes them. Honestly, I think he would have a target on his head if he ever so much as set foot in Israel. Not from the Israelis – from the Muslims. Nothing surprises me anymore. The corruption of this man is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. He is rotten to the core. Absolutely rotten.

  • Maybe the Israelis don’t even want him to come. What would be the point, just to give Obama a photo op he could use in the upcoming election? I don’t think Netanyahu wants to be used as a prop for Obama. Watch for the reception Romney is going to get when he goes to Israel in a few weeks. I’ll bet it’s a big one, and rightfully so. Romney is the last best hope the Israelis have, and they know it. That part of the world is about to explode and they’re going to need a friend in the White House. Right now, they don’t have one in Obama.

    • PVG

      I hope Bibi rolls out the red carpet big time for Mitt. Maybe they can play a round of golf and do a photo shoot…… Oh please, oh please, oh please!!

  • toongoon

    He hasn’t rested and he’s worked so hard to build up the enemies around Israel, he probably wants to be the one to plant the flag after the attack and Israel is in ruins.

  • sjmom

    If I were Israel I would put him through one of their 3 hour airport screenings; then put him on a plane home or a place of our choice, but first he has to win in November and he won’t so the point is moot.

  • Terrenceor

    Do you mean he will go when Isreal becomes Palistine. He will be there as honorary guest at the Grand Opening Party and there will be a rainbow over every house and a unicorn in every garage.

  • wolfveryne

    When you look at Israel ,, you see America values in play ,, 44 is not for these Values in Israel ,, nor in America ,, just who is 44 ,, and what does he think American’s values are? ,, Not what 44 is pushing for .
    Wake up America .

  • aposematic

    Does anyone still believe anything these America haters say?

  • Bobemakk

    Jewish people in this country must wake up and not support Obama. He has thrown Israel under the bus many times. Netanyahu was on TV last night expressing his opinion about this and Romney is visiting Israel, Poland and countries that Obama refuses to support unless he wins. Is he playing a game of cards….the Obama administration is a complete joke.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Well of course he will. After all doesn’t the anti-christ initially make nice with Israel – oops, let the cat out of the bag there 😉

  • kssturgis62

    He Hates Israel. He hates everything that our Allies Represent. HE looks to nations that have caused destruction and destroyed everything in their path. People wonder why the polls say he is Not a Christian? that people believe he is a Muslim?

    I love Netanyahu, he doesn’t back down from Obama. He sat right next to Obama and said going back to the 1967 borders is not feasible. But Obama wants that because it wipes Israel off the Face of the Map. to many things Obama has said, and when he says it once listen, then he says it a different way adds more, then he does it again, you add them all together you know he hates this place.

    It is just like now Obama keeps saying I only have one more election, Sorry there are term limits on the Presidency. Wonder why he keeps saying that?

  • dabbobean

    He’ll go to Israel if elected to a 2nd term?…….

    as if american jews needed one more reason to vote against Barak Hussein Obama.

  • Israel is a racist apartheid state that regularly murders and expels innocent people as it illegally expands its yet-undeclared borders on stolen lands. Only a conscienceless psychopath would visit this illicit abomination and vestige of colonialism: