Obama announces tax increase on wealthy, Fox News the only one to call it a tax increase

Today Obama began his newest class warfare campaign announcing that he wants to extend the Bush tax cuts but only for the so-called middle class, which amounts to nothing more than a tax increase on anyone making over $250k/yr in the midst of a terribly sluggish economy, which we all know is eventually a tax increase on all Americans.

So I decided to check and see how the major news networks announced this on their front page and almost all of them called it a tax-cut extension except for Fox News who characterized it correctly as a tax increase. The rest fell in line and called it a tax cut extension.

Below are the screenshots from the front pages of each news organization below, starting with Fox News:

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  • But there’s no bias in mainstream media. They are nothing but “truth-tellers.”

    • CalCoolidge

      I stopped calling it bias 20 years ago. It’s propganda.

  • ColoradoTim

    If the tax cut for the middle class has to be paid for by tax increases by others, then basically this is “legalized theft.” You’re taking from one person to give to another. It is THEFT!!!

  • warpmine

    I say to all of you to just let it come to past. Why fight it, if the DemonRats want to hammers themselves let them. Don’t dare bitch about it. When it comes pass in November, the economy will be that of a glacier moving ever so slowly. Obama loses in a landslide. The rates can quickly be turned around January 20, 2013 but in the mean time the market exchanges will tank or stagnate.

    • While i do agree with you that they are eating themselves slowly to dust, and they more than likely will be destroyed (brutally I might add) it doesn’t hurt to keep reminding those how serious this would be if Obitch ran for four more years. I’ve noticed a trend in today’s society that people seem to have a very short attention span.
      Yes, the numbers are increasing in the polls about Obama’s direction for this country but the approval numbers are still a little high. I do not want to risk not doing anything and find out later people still haven’t gotten it. That’s why we keep fighting about it. 🙂

    • c4pfan

      Get real. Obama will blame it on the GOP no matter what.

  • only in government math can it be considered a cut (or break) when the government decides not to take as much as they did before. So, people making less than 250,000 will get to keep more of their own money that they earned, thereby recieving from our gracious government a continuation of a tax cut. So in reality, nothing will change for them because they were getting a cut already. But that was Bush. Who is evil. This is from dear leader, so it’s a generous and good thing.
    But for those who make over 250,000 including most small businesses, will no longer get a cut of the money that they already earned and paid into taxes, they will have to pay much more now, because they’re evil capitalists and don’t deserve to earn so much. So the mom and pop store owner who rakes in 250,001 bucks will have to pay a good part of their income to the government so the government can redistribute that to the guy who makes 249,999 bucks. Do I have it straight?

    • tvlgds

      Pretty much. And since those who make more than 250K are typically job creators, there will be less jobs and there goes the middle class. It’s all very carefully crafted–redistribute the wealth, turn us into a 3rd world country with only the very rich and the very poor. Atlas is shrugging!

    • marketcomp

      Good point, AmericanborninCanada! But we always look at these pointless phenomena’s orchestrated by Barack Hussein Obama in a vacuum. This little gesture to allow those making less than $250,000 to keep more of the money that they earn is feckless and ineffective. First of all the President is admitting that the Bush area tax cuts work. In almost every speech that I have heard from him within the last week degrades the tax cuts saying we don’t want to go back. Well it looks like he is going back to what works, which is keeping the Bush tax cuts in place. But, what’s more diabolical is that with the increase in health care, i.e. Obama care, the Bush tax cuts won’t even matter since the largest tax increase to all is Obama care, which Obama is hoping that we all forget. Looking at the health care premium increases that have already occurred from Obama care, and the additional future increases Obama care will be that largest increase in history for all of us. We need to stop looking at these idiotic proposals aimed at pitting one group against the other. Obama and most certainly Obama care is bad for all of us regardless of race, religion, or sex.

  • DemocRats are anti-American

    • c4pfan

      I call them Rats.

  • Joe

    As — ABC — says

    “Nothing to see here – Move along!”

  • FutureOnePercent

    “An under-appreciated feature of the U.S. tax system is that most small businesses are not required to pay the corporate income tax. Instead, small business income “flows through” to the owners who report it on their individual income tax returns. About 35 percent of business taxes are paid in this manner by the owners of sole proprietorships, partnerships and S corporations.”

    Another hit to small businesses.

    Sam Walton wouldn’t have survived this.

    Ray Croc could have never made McDonalds a household name in this environment.

    It’s like Democrats believe that Big Business opens it’s doors for the first time and serves over 1 billion hamburgers in the first year.

    Big Businesses were once Small Businesses.

    They crush the seeds of innovation and wonder why nothing is growing.

    • kong1967

      Where did that quote come from and who said it? I’m assuming Obama….

      Isn’t there a conflict in the statement? He says that most businesses don’t pay corporate taxes, but states the actual number to be 35%. When did 35% become “most”?

      • FutureOnePercent
        • kong1967

          Ah, that was a good article. When I read the portion of it you quoted….

          “An under-appreciated feature of the U.S. tax system is that most small businesses are not required to pay the corporate income tax.”

          ….I thought it was a statement claiming that most small businesses will not see an increase in taxes, essentially downplaying the tax increases. That’s why I assumed Obama said it.

          I was wrong. The article actually destroys Obama’s argument that small businesses won’t be hurt by this. Liar liar pants on fire. Four more months of this crap. Well, over six if you count until Inauguration Day. I’m starting my stopwatch.

          • CalCoolidge

            It’s not like the public is stupid by accident. They’ve been systematically dis-educated.

            • kong1967

              Yep, and Obama said he wants to focus less on math and science and more on social justice. We’ll have a bunch of mini-liberals running around enforing hate speech laws in our schools, lol.

  • The bells explain what they’ve been lacking all along
    They were disorganized and that was what was wrong
    and now they know
    the way to go
    The bells are ringing, they hear the sound

  • kong1967

    This is obviously class warfare and showing his base that he is “fair”. It has nothing to do with raising revenues, which makes it very, very bad policy. He won’t support the tax cut next year. He just wants to get through the election. After that, everyone is fair game….except liberal welfare voters.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Minions. Accomplices. Lackeys. Liars.

    No wonder their viewership is down… America may be catching on as to just how corrupt this rag “news” agencies really are.

    Despicable. No honesty or objectivity. Just more sugar-coated BS propaganda.

  • detectivedick

    Under Obamacare and the future tax rate increases especially (Capital Gains) going from 15% today to 43%. If you have a Capital Gain of let’s say $1000.00, today you get back your Capital and have to pay $150.00 in taxes. Under LIAR Obama’s plan, you get back your Capital and pay $430.00 in tax. That is $280.00 more, so the question is how long do you have to hold your long term Capital to make that $280.00 ? hummm..who knows. So sell sell sell if LIAR Obama wins, park your money and wait for the crash and buy back at 50 cents on the Dollar.
    The Markets will react to this election (if LIAR Obama wins) with a huge sell off! LIAR Obama has or wants to destroy everything but your EBT card.

  • Yazz55

    Intentionally mislabeling a tax increase as a tax cut should be a criminal felony and those known politicians who proffer such nonsense should go to jail – for no less than ten years for intentionally misleading taxpayers and voters.

    Ok…getting off soapbox

    As a CPA and a veteran of many tax law changes…beware of the soundbytes and the hype. The reality is tax laws are written based on numbers and tax brackets and even some perverted definitions of terminology to mean something significantly different than you heard on the radio. All to frequently the actual legislation does about the exact opposite of the soundbyte you saw or heard on the lapdog lamestream libfag media. For example, the state of NJ instituted a “millionaire” tax some years ago. But if you dare to read the law, millionaire is defined as $500,000. The rest just aint so straightforward.

    Federal tax laws are so overly complex, that one gets trapped in so many unexpected places. One of those dirtier devils is the AMT (AltMinTax), which gets people into effectively higher tax brackets. I recall seeing situations where the AMT kicked in and the income was only in the 5 digit range. And thats waaaaaay less than $250,000.

    The perverted brains who operate inside the beltway are always cooking up and brewing new ways to increase your tax, by doing anything and everything except increasing the tax rate. All it does is add much unnecessary complexity to the tax code.

  • cuckoo’s for coco pop!

  • vespo08

    Still no talk of “Spending Cuts” by Sheik Obama. Everything he does revolves around increasing taxes on somebody, some class of people and driving a wedge between classes in America. The Great Divider!

  • c4pfan

    This is a nightmare and the GOP should be destroying the man over this!

  • marketcomp

    I am sick to my stomach from hearing this little Marxist! Can someone ask him to resign?

  • I would love to see how the media handles this bit of news:

    Neurosurgeon calls Mark Levin about Obamacare

    Will MSM be eating crow? Well, doubt it, but Palin will be pleased to know she is fully vidicated with HHS regulations to point to now.