Obama campaign finally admits that Romney doesn’t have a $5 trillion tax cut plan

Stephanie Cutter now admits, after being challenged by CNN’s Erin Burnett, that Romney’s plan wont cost $5 trillion after closing loopholes:

So Biden and Cutter both in a single day? A two-fer for the Romney campaign!

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  • Joengima

    I’m telling you 2 things will happen as a result of this loss. The MSM will split, half will begin to abandon obama and be fair like CNN seems to be doing, and the other will go even lower.

    • Tiffini

      I was thinking the same thing. Over the last few weeks I’ve grown so tired of the MSM.

      • Don

        Sorry it took you so long, Tiffini. The MSM media’s lies and deceptions have been continuous since before obama was elected. The reason some media are changing their fanaticism for Obama is because the American people are starting to wake up to their corruption and their existence is starting to be a factor. Welcome aboard.

        • Tiffini

          In the spirit of full disclosure the reason it took me so long, is I gave up watching the news altogether after Obama was elected. Using our local news and the internet mostly for a couple of years. And then something changed I can’t pinpoint exactly what, I decided I needed to take my head out of the clouds and get back to reality, it ain’t pretty, but sitting on the sidelines is worse. I have also dragged many of my friends and family, some less willing than others, but they here nonetheless. so yes it did take me sometime to finally wake up, but wake I am. And I appreciate and and all feedback. And I thank you Don for your warm welcome.

    • PicklePlants

      I agree – the cracks in the lame-stream media are starting to sprout little sprays of water. The end is inevitable.

    • Y314K

      I keep trying to figure out where did CNN sour on Obama… And so far the only answer I’ve come up with is Benghazi….

      • Nukeman60

        They soured on Obama the day their ratings hit the cellar. They are now trying desperately to climb up out of the dregs of their own making.

        • Y314K

          Having Van Jones on their panel doesn’t help… The CNN debate lady Candy looking like she is at her own funeral while asking Axel Rod what happen doesn’t help… Seems something must of really ticked them off…. I think what they read on the Journal from the Ambassador and they’re dealing with the WH & State department might of make them wake a just a tad…

          • Nukeman60

            They’re taking baby steps. A little Blitzer comment here, a little Cooper shot there, until they finally get rid of their Obamabias. It will take years.

      • Wisewoman2

        That’s it. The Obama team attacked them for their handling of the Ambassador’s diary. I think that pissed them off but they are trying to pretend that it didn’t. They are just going to turn the tables on them when they can get away with it.

    • aposematic

      The MSM/Press have been propagandizing for the Marxist Left for at least 90 years. The first 40 of that 90 was stealth, since the 60’s it became more overt, now its over the top exposed. Going back to stealth is still propagandizing for the Marxist left…don’t be fooled if the MSM/Press is forced to at least sometimes acknowledge the obvious truth as the core remains rotten.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      I tend to agree with your assessment. Once Romney wins the election, the dam will burst and we will see whistle blowers pop up like popping popcorn.

    • Joseph ewing

      The good news?

      The leader in the “going lower” will be MSNBC, which has lower ratings than a Richard Simmons infomercial on a Sunday morning at 3am.

      If CNN continues to play it straight, it may – just may – start to dig out of the basement in ratings.

      Erin Burnett’s pretty good.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    cutter should not even be on the air. we deserve better then her.
    nothing close to being a journalist. can not even report a story correctly. just makes it up as she goes.

  • That’s hilarious after Obama’s speech today calling Mitt a liar on the 5 Billion number.

    Mooo-Ha-Ha! (What does a mad cow say?)

  • rjcylon

    Was she trying to not cry?

  • What else are they putting into the works, that they’re willing to drop this?

  • toongoon

    Erin Burnett must be taking queues from Kirstin Powers.

  • She is so swarmy. No other word for it. If I never heard a word she ever said but watched her speaking on tv with the sound muted I would still say she is the most swarmy woman I’ve ever seen. It is really creepy.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      She looks like the female version of “Chucky”.

  • johnos2112

    This is why these bastards need to be defeated. On one hand they want to help middle class Americans, then they say that YES there are tax cuts for everyone but those evil rich too. These people aren’t interested in helping anybody just making people believe that the good intentions mean everything! Romney elected president elect 6pm PST election night!

  • Posting such video where staffer is interviewed makes no sense. Economist are out there claiming Romney is a liar and there is no way out. From deficit to social security( exposed in one of his books) to 47% people are of no good which will vote for Obama video is all out there. This guy was dumped from its own party. GOP this time had no other choice so they elected this Liar.
    Get over it because dumb people who will vote for Romney will suffer back the way they did at the times of Bush economic meltdown crash!

    • poljunkie

      Who are you voting for Mathews?

    • zzyzxroad

      You’ve got a lot of nerve calling others stupid. You can’t even type a coherent sentence.

    • Goldni007

      Sore loser

    • When it comes to lies and lying…

      Let’s just say Barocky aint no George Washington… mmmkay?

      • PicklePlants

        Southpark reference – very cool…….

    • Landscaper

      How much have you had to drink? Maybe you and Al Gore are smoking from the same bong. Take grammmmmmour 101 again and write back………….

      • To vote and to treat my patients in my residency program (Yeah I am Asia but now US citizen), I don’t need a proper grammar 🙂 You better do your hourly wage job 😉

        • DizzyMissL

          Oh Lawd.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          So you are not a citizen and you voted, is that what you are saying? You obviously do not understand what has made America the best country to live in the world and you need to read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Obama has not upheld either one.

          And you are a doctor- if Obama gets re-elected and you are under Obamacare, you will not enjoy what you would have in this country as a doctor. If he is re-elected, you might think about practicing in some other country.

          • Looks like I need a grammar lesson and you need some English lesson. I got my US citizenship with knowing proper grammar.

            I don’t have much time to stay on Internet to discuss about doctors etc…..I think Obama is much better than Romney. Its on you who to vote. Hope people don’t cry the way they did by electing Bush.

            Good Luck!

            • toongoon

              It was the Democrats who needed psychiatric help after Bush was reelected, Unfortunately very few of them sought it out and are still not quite right in the head. But like Nukeman says, We can save you, but only if you want to be saved. There is still time.

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              Actually it was your not using proper English that led me to ask the question I did. You said,

              ‘To vote and to treat my patients in my residency program (Yeah I am from Asia), I don’t need a proper grammar for these stuff nor did I needed to get my US Citizenship’

              You started out the sentence with to vote and to treat my patients. These were your subjects of your sentence. Then you said you don’t need proper grammer to do these things, nor did you need to get your U.S. citizenship.

              This is what prompted me to ask if you voted without being a U.S. citizen, which is illegal in this country. You likely will be throwing away your own ability to prosper in your new country when you throw away your vote by casting it for Obama. But it’s your right to do that.

              • Nukeman60

                …which is illegal in this country…‘ – g

                Actually, I think Obama wrote an Executive Order that states it is indeed legal now. I could be wrong, though. 🙂

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  Wasn’t that the illegal action Obama took in regards to those illegal aliens who said they were brought here as children, went to grammar school here, or were sodomites with U.S. citizen partners?

            • poljunkie

              Well dear, just keep blaming Bush. You seem pretty good at it.

              To tell you the truth tho’ i’ve shed quite a few more tears these past four years with Obama in the White House than with Pres Bush in charge.

        • Pharnham

          I’m the Prince of Persia. I make the GDP of Haiti every hour. My wife and my mistress are both super models. Bill Gates does my tech support.

          See how easy it is to be rich and educated on the internet?

          Your prior post about Romney demonstrates that you lack the most basic critical thinking skills. In America, we don’t consider being institutionalized a “residency program”.

          So tell me, is Matthews Smith a pretty common name in Asia?

          • I don’t use my real twitter account to write such post on internet. My colleagues, family and friends will laugh at me.

            I guess you know nothing about medicine. I am talking about medical residency program.

            I got to get back to my routine. Just peeped in here on internet to see what dumb masses are talking about Obama!


            • Nukeman60

              My colleagues, family and friends will laugh at me.‘ – ms

              So you prefer strangers laughing at you instead? Is it that you need the laughter or is it that you can’t help yourself, but know you must hide it from friends, family, and colleagues?

              Inquisitive minds want to know.

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              You peeked at the wrong website to see what dumb masses are saying about Obama- you should have tried a liberal site for that.

            • Rightstuff1

              You must be fun to be around. You rush into the ward, spout total and utter crapola at your poor wretched and fed up colleagues and then you spin from the room at a dizzying like speed as they clutch their fevered brows wondering what just happened and if you are off your medication again. Orrrrrrr perhaps you could be accessing a computer from an insane asylum. Yup, the men in flapping white coats probably take their eye of you for a few mins each day and you scurry out and once on the computer you become Dr Strangelove…..now run along dear and don’t frighten the other inmates. There will be warm tea and cookies later, your favorite.

        • Nukeman60

          You need brains to get ahead of everyone’s game‘ – ms

          So, are you looking to buy – or what?

        • felizarte

          You know what Smith, for someone who has been welcomed to this country from wherever you come from, you obviously have no appreciation for the things that have made this country great. True, that today, many of its citizens no longer have regard for its great history and the greatness of the people who fought and shed their blood for this country. Obviously you like many things about this country, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. But you exhibit the burden of a great chip on your shoulder. Too bad. And you are wrong about learning the language well. It is a definite mark of breeding and culture.

          • Nukeman60

            I like the way you speak. Well said.

        • WordsFailMe

          MAtt. BLow.

        • Landscaper

          I own a business and it makes more money than you will ever earn in your “medikal” practice. (hourly wage job) you pompous ass. No one in this readership would let you put a band-aid on them, much less see you as a “doktour”

        • Rightstuff1

          Perhaps, but glorying in your poor grammar does not an intelligent person or argument make. Your “argument” does not even pass muster as such. You merely spew forth nonsense and throw up your hands and say “so there”. You spouted gibberish, poor grammar notwithstanding.

          To wit : “This guy was dumped from its own party”. What in the blazes are you wittering about? He won the nomination Dr Strangelove in case you missed it. Now go take a cold compress and lie down in a dark room, you need to take a break. Oh and while I’m at it thank God, and I mean that in the literal sense, you are not my doctor. Are you sure you’re not a vet? Chickens and rabbits might be more your kind of thing.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      We have suffered with a larger increase in the national debt under Obama in less than four years than the amount the national debt went up under Bush’s watch in over twice the time. And the debt will continue to rise if Obama remains in office.

      GOP did have a choice, but the chose who they chose and with Ryan as a running mate, he is the better alternative to the President who has been a disaster to our country, and embarassment before the world with his apologizing and ‘leading from behind’ garbage, with his failure at national security, and with the further decimation of our once great nation by trying to make America over into something many of us don’t even recognize.

      If you like all the higher prices that have come with Obama’s policies and his quantitive easing (printing money, cheapening the value of a dollar),

      if you don’t care about people struggling to keep their homes and having to go on food stamps for want of employment,

      if you don’t care about the biggest tax hike in American history in the form of Obamacare,

      if you don’t care that Iran is likely only about 6 months away from full nuclear weapons capability and Obama is doing nothing to stop it,

      if you don’t care that citizens are being killed overseas because of poor security and leaks under the Obama administration, you go ahead and vote for the man who is bent on destroying America exceptionalism and taking away freedom with more and more government.

      If the Iran regime, who hates America, the ‘great satan’ in their eyes, gets their way, it may be the last vote you cast- the one to re-elect President Obama.

    • Nukeman60

      Try to remember, if you ever knew to start with, that the “Bush economic meltdown crash” was under the control of the Democrat Congress from ’06 on. Bush was one man and the purse strings and laws were controlled by the Congress. You may well be following the OPM (Obama Propaganda Media) way too much and it’s making your head spin.

      Slowly step away from the Kool-Aid. We can save you, but only if you want to be saved. There is still time.


    • felizarte

      The main difference between Romney and Obama? Romney is able to look at Obama in the eye and tell him that he is mistaken (a gentle way of calling him a liar) and Obama just stares down at the lectern and then the following day when the debate is over, without Romney around, he levels the same accusations that were already refuted in the debates. That would make him not only a liar, but a coward. Romney is the president this great country deserves.

    • WordsFailMe

      Matt. Blow.

    • Your Obamaphone is ringing.

    • Joseph ewing

      Try again.

      Consider using English this time.

  • airborneaz

    Am I a bad person for totally enjoying the complete dismantling of the faux-diety and his choir? Teeeheeeteeehee.

    • Enjoy it while you can, this thing might get real ugly real soon…

  • DCGere

    Gifts that keep on giving!

  • poljunkie

    So Cutter abandons the memo today even tho Obama stuck with it at an event.
    Same way Obama stuck to the Benghazi/video story 9 days later when others said it was a terrorist attack.

    I dare say he and his staff need to come together.

    • poljunkie

      PS Personally tho’ I like that they are in disarray- Anything to make the President confused, and weaker.

  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    When Cutter’s lips are moving you KNOW that you’re hearing a lie, a coverup, a fish-story, a lie, another lie, or a load of hate.

  • Cutter is a freaking disaster…and I love that.

  • warpmine

    For crying out loud, the simplest and most effective way to control deficit spending is to sentence Zero to prison.

  • BikerHoop

    HA! Love how she got that ‘uncomfortable’ look on her face and head motion when nailed on it and said, “Well, okay, stipulated…” From that point on she was owned!!

    • You must have the eyes of an eagle(an AMERICAN eagle) if you were able to discern discomfort on that face full of Botox. I wonder if Cutter and Schultz meet up after work to bet over who can lie the worst and still keep a straight face, with each trying to out-cheat the other with those facial-paralysis inducing injections.

  • FOOLS! The Obama Team has TODAY a NEW ad claiming (by playing up Andrea Mitchel) that the Tax Plan will cost $4.8T! Now she says “its not gonna be close to $5T

  • Aikalo80

    This is what happens mainstream media when you shield him and throw softballs at him for the last 4 years. He finally has to showup and bombs!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Wow… Cutter too?

    She’s been caught lying before… maybe she’s trying to lessen her fall?

  • sjmom

    The Left is having real difficulty getting over last night’s Obama disaster and I believe its only going to get worse for them. The chickens are coming home to roost, the mask is now off and the real Obama has come forward for all to see and that’s why Romney won.

    • Boris_Badenoff

      That won’t stop them from lying… It ain’t over till it’s over..

  • Nukeman60

    It seems to me all the Obama flunkies take their lead from him. When he falls apart, they all fall apart. I wonder if they thought the performance by Obama last night was a ‘dog whistle’ for everyone to show their failings? It sure looks like it to me.

    • Boris_Badenoff

      Resistance is futile… They have been assimilated..

  • CalCoolidge

    That falsity of Obama’s claim has nothing to do with “loopholes” offsetting a “tax cut.” Romney is not proposing a “tax” cut, he is proposing a “rate” cut. Big difference.

    It is my understanding from common sanse and economic law, and history – when rates go down, revenues go up.

    So, the right line of argument begins by saying that the $5 Trillion tax cut claim is false; that Obama is wrong/lying.

    • Nukeman60


    • Boris_Badenoff

      Obie obviously has never seen the inside of an economics classroom..

      He obviously never found his way out of the Alinsky “R” US Community Organizer wing at Harvard..

  • Maybe by now at least some of the mainstream media has been shamed into taking on Obama and his minions. At least some of them, like CNN, have been going after the Libya story big time. I don’t know if anything will come of it before the election, but it certainly can’t hurt and it will only help Romney.

    • Especially as the next debate will be over foreign policy. I wonder, HOW is Obama supposed to “bone up” his preparations for a subject he is currently flailing at?

  • 6799

    Good job Erin. Keep it up.

  • Obama’s straw man arguments do not hold up to a challenge. That is why he is so bad in debates. He does it all the time. Against Congress, against the Supreme Court, etc.

  • conservativefirst

    I wish he had a $5 trillion tax cut plan.

  • TLaMana

    I bet she doesn’t have a job in the morning…

  • Another poor reminder. First, tax cuts does not cost the government anything. I wish Romney would speak more clearer on that. Second, the only way revenue neutrality works is that with the increase of revenue (Reagan economics) is also the need to CUT spending.

    • conservativefirst

      I wish he had a tax cut plan that cost the government something.

  • Nukeman60

    Okay. I must have fallen asleep waiting for the debate to start, because I’m dreaming that Romney kicked Obama’s butt so hard he put shoe polish on his tongue, that Sununu publicly stated Obama was soo dumb, he couldn’t get better, that Cutter admitted Obama lied on air, and that there may be investigations into Obama’s fraudulent donations.

    Yes, I may well be dreaming. Please, don’t wake me up until after the elections.

    • PVG

      After FOUR LONG years….sleep well and dream on!

    • poljunkie

      It must have been all the milk and cookies from earlier. The sugar buzz wore off and you passed out.

  • jgilman1

    Not a lot of community organizing going on behind her. The dude behind her is definately sleeping off a pity party.

  • CNN is realizing….albeit slowly that the shovel all the networks need to carry to help the Marxist is JUST TOO BIG!! I mean every day there is another cover-up, another massive lie, another fraud and another deception….you can only carry it for so long before even some of the reporters inside CNN cannot do it anymore!! The loss of any sense of dignity may just be catching up with some. Maybe Obama is not the God they thought he was!

  • loriannringold

    LOL…that’s all I have to say!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kamiller42

    Starting to believe GOP has nothing to worry about from the Obama campaign, no last minute dirty pool. I don’t think these guys are smart enough to do it. The wheels on the Obama campaign are looking shaky, on the verge of falling off.

    Too late to call back the Godfather from Chicago?

    • I would not count the chickens until they hatched. Obama’s team is well known to fix any race so that their candidate will win. The fiasco of the senate race in Illinois still brings hard feelings that launched his presidential bid.

      If and when someone takes the oath of office of the Presidency that is not named Obama, then it will be time to breathe.

      • kamiller42

        You are probably right. Already reading the unemployment data were doctored to make Obama look better.

    • Boris_Badenoff

      Never count your money when your sittin at the table…

  • well she looks a bit confused lol

  • Geeze all the people are trying to say is that if you start out by lowering the tax rate by 20% it is 5 trillion. Yes, Mitt does plan to removing deductions and that will result in a tax increase for the middle income group.

    • Mitt’s gonna kill Big Bird, too.

      • I am suspicious about the 2 trillion in extra defense spending that Mitt Romney wants. What is driving that?

        • poljunkie

          We are all going to have bake sales.

        • Same idiotic source Obama used to invent the phony $5 Billion Tax Reduction they claimed Romney has planned: the left’s fevered dreams.

          When you make up your own facts, you can only win in your own mind. That’s why Team Obama is evaporating.

  • James1754

    Hey Cutter, the money belongs to those who earn it, not the government. You do not “have to pay for it(a tax cut)” as you are not taking money that belongs to the government.

  • Kordane

    I haven’t been able to stand Erin Burnett ever since she said that “Gold has no intrinsic value”. Mind you, I can’t stand Stephanie Cutter either. Gosh, I can’t stand any of these libs; they all make me want to pull my hair out.

  • Howzah123

    Well there goes that talking point

    Thanks Stephanie!

  • Rocco11

    Communists lie, it’s what they do…

  • Most of the THINKING AMERICANS in this country knew that….Most of the useful idiots believe Obama…Communists all lie…

    Way back, high School in fact, we were recommended to read ANIMAL FARM…a short essay telling the tale of how Socialism gets a foot hold on the people.

    IF you have teenagers or young adults, ask them to read it, or better still, read it together and discuss it around the dinner table….

    It is all you will need to understand what is going on at this moment….It is an important read ESPECIALLY for those who are voting for the first time.

    Your knowledge of Obama and his people will be vastly expanded.

    Animal Farm…by George Orwell…..

  • Rocco11

    Erin Burnett, and Stephanie Cutter, now that’s an intriguing threesome…

  • ryanomaniac

    Can anyone see a great ad here? Run that quote on a loop.

    I’ve been watching Erin Burnett a few times now and I’m impressed by the objectivity. She pisses me off sometimes but she usually grinds on both sides of the aisle. Got to give her that.

  • notebene

    Did the entire Democratic Party miss economics 101?! The sum does not add up to even close to 5 trillion, however, the democratic policies have made our deficit soar into double the amount of when they gained power! If we have more Americans out of work, then we have less paying taxes and more having to cover the gap by paying higher taxes. This is precisely why they must be booted out of office! They don’t care about that gap, nor the crushing of the middle class. They want a high amount of people on the government dole, so that they can create an ignorant, lazy, and controlled population that will keep them in power out of desperation. They don’t want those in poverty to move up to the middle class, they want to do away with the middle class. This is what socialism does in every instance! In socialist states there is no middle class. There are the very wealthy and the very poor and no in between. The Democratic policies that are in place are meant to crush the middle class into nonexistence. This is no oops on their part!

  • underconstantatack
  • most of our high school kids could do BHO’s job – id est reading on teleprompter articles written by professionals….the difference – privately they wouldn’t blatantly lie.

    iilii <——————— my middle finger salute to our MSM still in awe,
    on their knees before FuBar Ack Hussein, in an incredibly strange body twist (their heads still deep inside his arshe)

  • iaintlyin

    This is exactly the reason they didn’t have many spin miesters on the floor after the debate. They can’t get enough people to get the spin (multiple lies) right. Between this broad, Axelrod, Biden and every other ass being used to publicly spin their deception, its hard for them to find capable liars to the degree needed at this point. Remember what Mom always said, “lies beget lies and I’ll always find the truth Timmy”.

  • MiketheMarine

    The democrats are convincing me to change my position on something. If we could go back in time and pay for an abortion for Mrs. Cutter, then we wouldn’t be saddled with this heifer.

  • Ray

    So Romney’s tax plan increases taxes on people by closing loopholes and deductions..and please don’t think he is only closing loopholes for the wealthy…that is in NO WAY enough to close the $5 trillion in cuts

  • Joseph ewing

    Geez, don’t ever let anything happen to Stephanie Cutter.

    If she went away, they might bring in someone with a clue.

  • Susitna

    Cutter will have to die her hair, change her name and look for a new job after election day.

  • lcn1114

    do they have a “smirking” coach with this campaign? They all need to be slapped, hard.

  • GuessWhoFan

    Axelrod, Plouffe, LaBolt, Gibbs, Carney, Cutter, Burton…the list goes on and on. Some of the worst human beings every associated with a presidential administration.

  • Previously, Governor Romney has said that his tax plan would cut all individual income tax rates by 20%, eliminate the AMT, eliminate the estate tax, and eliminate taxes on investment income for low- and middle-income taxpayers. He would also extend all of the Bush-era tax cuts that are scheduled to expire at the end of 2012.

    Those tax cuts would reduce federal revenues by $480 billion in 2015 over and above the cost of extending the Bush tax cuts. Allow for some growth in income, and the total comes to over $5 trillion over ten years.

  • Stephanie Cutter now admits, after being challenged by CNN’s Erin Burnett, that Romney’s plan wont cost $5 trillion after closing loopholes: