Obama caught on hot mic blasting GOP negotiations

At a private fundraiser, Obama was caught on a hot mic talking about the negotiations between he and the GOP:

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  • What is it going to take for the GOP’ers to realize what a community organizing thug we have in the White House…?

  • Anonymous

    Amazing what you can learn about someone behind closed doors, he can drop the “radical pose,” but he can’t hide how sinister he is at heart. Love how he acknowledges that health care cost him a huge political hit, he knows that few wanted it, but he was going to do it anyway. Also love how he makes note of Paul Ryan supporting Iraq and Afghanistan, but doesn’t mention his war in Libya at all; true hypocrite.

    He knows full well that most Americans don’t want what he’s selling, but he’s not going to back away from it, country be damned.


      being a supporter of the only true constitutional conservative (Ron Paul) i would suggest none of the above mentioned are correct. none of these are the role of a limited government. but it is typical human nature to disagree.

      67,000 pages of law, tax code and regulation in the u.s. government, and we still bicker. but in the beginning it was just a large piece of paper, and then another one. maybe we should all have agreed to stop there.

      elect a fellow HUMAN, Ron Paul 2012

      • Anonymous

        What are you talking about? “none of the above mentioned are correct?” I’ve mentioned two names: Barrack Obama and Paul Ryan. I’ve only mentioned one policy, and that’s spending cuts. Seems to me like you’ve prepped a reply for the wrong comment.

        As far as Ron Paul goes, he’s not a true conservative, he’s a libertarian. Ron Paul is indeed one of the best congressmen of our time, and most of his policies would indeed return our country back to the Constitution (although there are some I disagree with); but so long as our government is overrun with progressives, he won’t get any common ground. If you are trying to dismiss Paul Ryan, then I would agree his plan isn’t what it should be, but he’s trying appeal to everyone on the right, as well as moderates; which doesn’t create the ideal, but it does push us in the right direction.

      • MJS

        Wake up Rupaul will never be president and his foreign policy is a disaster.

      • MJS

        Wake up Rupaul will never be president and his foreign policy is a disaster.

  • Cindy08

    Continue bragging and slamming, Mr Big Ego. We know how all this it is going to end:

    “Pride goes before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” Prov 16:18

    • Anonymous

      …and “Loose lips sink ships.”

      Let’s hope this helps to torpedo the S.S. Obama and all of the pirates running the ship.

  • Persephone

    This guy is a predator.
    But in a slimey snake kind of way.

    He sees a ‘crisis’ as an opportunity to pounce and prey on people, not solve the crisis.
    His HealthcareTakeOverBill was a predatory move to take control over our lives, not help solve the problems with our healthcare systems and cost.
    Which is why he’s granted Waivers to it, to his chosen few.

    This was on CBS?…did they think this was flattering to the Ego-in-Chief?

  • Anonymous

    He’s taking Joe Biden lessons -remember his use if the “F” word to the Liar-in-Chief?

    Seriously, this should get airplay, go viral or whatever to spread the word about how Captain Thug really feels about the opposition.

  • Joe1212

    I’m so sick of this “caught on hot mic”. They know that pretty much every word they say outside the White House is recorded.

    • las

      Like I said in a previous post… these people don’t care that “other” people are listening. They are open in their contempt for Americans.

  • Norman Bates

    Is there any bloody Republicans in Washington going to call this serial liar out, we know there is no reporter in this country will do it. He just said today on TV that he created 1.8 million jobs, does this lying bastard think we all are stupid, ROLL ON NOVEMBER 2012.

  • What’s scary is that he mentions how much he’s being stifled and how little he’s been able to do for his base in only 2 years.

    Can you imagine what he really wants?!

    I hadn’t listened to it until now, and it is not what he said that is really bad, it’s the tone. He sounds unbelievably insecure and defensive. How can a person have an inferiority complex and the narcissism that others have commented on? Surely there is a defined psychological combination of the two. A narcissisist with a victim mentality I suppose.

    • las

      The two go hand-in-hand… it’s the victim pathology that marries the narcissist to his sense of entitlement. It’s all about him and what’s owed to him, and damn it, if he doesn’t get what’s owed to him, he will make everyone pay, telling you its for the children, of course. Wretched self-serving liberal sanctimony.

      • Absolutely spot on—

        Rush nailed it (of course I’ve heard others call into some shows and label Rush a racist for this, but I can absolutely see how this conclusion was drawn without a race issue) when he refers to Obama as the petulant man-child POTUS…. He acts exactly like you’d expect a 12 year old spoiled little chit.

        The ease with which this guy can lie though— it’s distrubing.

  • Anonymous

    He has said many things and been caught saying them.
    More than enough to recognize a “genuine fraud.”

    • When you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.

    • When you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.

  • poljunkie

    It should be used as a GOP campaign ad!

    • They will….

      Ryan’s plan just passed the House BTW.

  • ROFL… I love hot mics and liberal politicians, hahaa!

  • KeninMontana

    Well then, if that’s the way he wants to play. Then the house simply has to refuse to move anything forward.

  • KeninMontana

    Well then, if that’s the way he wants to play. Then the house simply has to refuse to move anything forward.

  • Ecosse

    i wish there was a way i could download this before barry’s thugs have it pulled off the interweb.

    • Anonymous

      If you use Mozilla Firefox you can add DL helper to dl

      If not, I put it on sendspace where you can dl it. Link below.


      • Ecosse

        thanks for the heads up, i’ll give it a go.

  • Blue

    Excuse me, while I go and vomit.

  • One Person

    Hot Mic my behind. More like Hit Mic–this is the sleazy way Obama always seems to go after his adversaries–this time Ryan and GOP negotiating team–jabs from the side. Remember kiddies he always has to look above the fray!

    After two years of ppl recording every word every politicians says on their flip phones and all the undercover video, if anyone Obama did not know exactly what he was doing is beyond naive.

  • Anonymous

    Comment 105 ,

    “The debate on Health Care and your Presidency ENDS on Election day NOVEMBER 2012 . With the full REPEAL of Obama Care taking place January 2013 !”

    P.S. ” I stand with ISRAEL , do you ?”

  • Tracycolorado

    And BONNER and The Republicans Didnt Have The Balls To Stand Up To and For , The Peoples Voices , And Osama o BOMB ya , Is Rubbing It In Their Eyes , Ears and Faces . Spineless , Neutered , Pieces Of Dung

  • Anonymous

    The Republicans have allowed it. They’re like an abused spouse. If they keep going back I have no sympathy for them. They’re suckers.

  • Bootbot00

    C’mon now. This “leak” from a “hot mic” is posted by none other than cbsnews! Sorry, but this isn’t a real leak, just more political posturing. CBSNews of all people! Who cares if he uses language that is a little stronger and a little less political when he’s not in polite company. It seems a whole lot more like our progressive friends who are noticing all of the huge blows to their agenda by real leaks are using the same old tactic. First they notice a trend. then they get behind it and control where it goes. They do that with everything. This “leak” is basically more chance to spread more lies, this time about what the president “really feels”. If the truth were known it would sound a lot worse than this.