Obama clears out press before he takes questions from Governors

Newsbusters caught this earlier today:

At his media blog for The Washington Post, Erik Wemple expressed amazement at how “President Obama finished an address to members of the the National Governors Association at the White House by saying, ‘What I want to do is clear out the press so we can take some questions.’”

This is the latest example of how Team Obama has utterly failed to live up to its promise of being the most transparent administration in American history, which the president still asserts. Wemple added:

Seems there’s a contest of sorts going on within the White House: Who can fashion the most Orwellian quote regarding open government? Here’s the quote that Obama had to beat, from White House counterterrorism chief John O. Brennan at his confirmation hearing to be the director of the Central Intelligence Agency: “What we need to do is optimize transparency on these issues, but at the same time, optimize secrecy and the protection of our national security.”

Weekly Standard found the video:

Obama doesn’t even care about the media any more and he’s now pushing them around at his pleasure. He’s gotten what he needs from them (reelection) and now he’ll only use them when he sees fit. Just like a dictator.

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  • Patriot077

    We can hope some of the Governor’s leak, but I have to say this is more than a bit unnerving to me. What on earth could be so sensitive that the press can’t hear it?

    • nosilasunny

      What makes him think they would actually report anything negative that he said? They cover for him all the time.

      • Patriot077

        That’s for sure!
        Though there seems to be some hurt feelings about his Florida vacation.

        • nosilasunny

          I’ll play the world’s tiniest violin for them. If they had actual journalistic skills and integrity, they wouldn’t have to rely on talking points to report the news. The press and the administration have the most dsyfunctional and codependent relationship I have ever had the displeasure of witnessing.

          • warpmine

            If they had integrity, they would all hang themselves for the terrible job thus far and no I don’t think they do or will. The corpse of rotting flesh smells great in DC, doesn’t it.

          • Katy Henderson

            C’mon nosilasunny, do you honestly believe there is a better way to manipulate the public ; )

        • Katy Henderson

          Another question to ask…are ex orders or laws signed by remote auto pen even legal? Are any of them in light of the tenth amendment wherein ALL states retain all rights not specifically given to the feds? It has been reported, O went on vacation in Hawaii again right after the “fiscal cliff” bs on a recouping economy and signed the new law while in Hawaii via remote auto pen…something to chew on there.

      • hbnolikeee

        Half of the governors don’t care for this a-hole…

        • I think she was talking about the press. But you’re right, half the governors can’t stand him.

        • nosilasunny

          I was talking about the press, but you’re right about the governors because 30 out of 50 are Republican. My governor didn’t even attend. He was doing his actual job today. http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/story/21320171/governor-deal-dekalb-school-board. If you recall the story posted last week about the Obama bulletin board, it took place in this county.

      • Katy Henderson

        That is true…it was reported many were threatened to not bring up the birth issue either…but that is how dictators are born…but you can be sure, they have a lot of help also. From both sides. Go read d….H..s INsider information being revealed to see more of what may be really going on here…there are several ‘plans” in option apparently…can u say coup a soup? Stock food and protection, take care of each other for hard times to come. U are not being told the truth of the dollar-economy..possible riots to come as so many taken by surprise after all the lies.

    • OneThinDime

      Only 2 words come to my mind, “martial law”

      • Patriot077

        They came to mine as well.

    • tinlizzieowner

      The truth?

      • Patriot077

        Truth? Out of his mouth? That would be something to write about!

      • OneThinDime

        Nah, the truth???

  • savageob1

    you mean clear out the ones that actually do their jobs so you can say what’s really on your mind?!

    • crosshr

      correct .

  • Yet, they all fall in line when he snaps his finger.

    • Conservative_Hippie


  • Obama forgot to pet his puppies when he went golfing with Tiger.

    He “threw them a bone” with a private meeting, and they mostly fell back in line.

    If only they would show as much outrage over Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and the stream of lies coming from the White House. But they only pee on the carpet when Obama forgets to pet them.

  • FreeManWalking

    The MSM has created their FRANKENSTEIN, will anyone shed a tear if he decides to destroy them?

  • Rshill7

    He probably didn’t want this question on camera:

    You suck…right?

    • nibblesyble

      ahahaha..so true!

    • TexasPGRRider

      I saw your comment here some 2 hrs ago. I HAD to come back and tell ya…I`m Still chucklin`….

  • Oy, this dear leader has continuously surpassed Orwell’s wildest dreams.

    • TexasPGRRider

      And MINE ABiC….

  • WhiteGuy2

    Hey Obama,…. I got some naked pics of your mom.

    • Ew, but I think everyone’s seen them already. EW!!

      • crosshr

        I have not seen them, yet ! someone send them over for an inspection. lol I would not care to see.I’ve seen enough devil here in San Francisco. lol

        I saw Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona on Greta tonight talking about what Obama told the Governors after all media cleared out of the room. Since he’s not going to run again, he’ll do all he needs to do in order to impose all policies the country need to adopt.
        There, our work has cut out for the year !

    • tinlizzieowner

      Right. The ones his (so called) ‘mentor’ Frank Marshall Davis was busy taking, probably in between getting his body ‘serviced’ by an ignorant ‘Hippie’ named Stanley with an ‘affinity’ for Chocolate.

  • Diogenes_wy

    It appears that Obama is afraid of a “Face in the Crowd” moment when he goes off the teleprompter.

  • Ray

    Did Hitler have secret meetings that his information minister state helped the German people?

    • OneThinDime

      Rhetorical question I hope.

      • Ray

        Is it that obvious?

        • OneThinDime

          Well I didn’t see a /sarc so i was hoping so 🙂

  • Stehekin912

    Now watch the MSM prostitute themselves in the hopes of getting back into the Caliph’s good graces.

    Oh…and when can we pull down that repulsive gold curtain?

    • TexasPGRRider

      He`s been usin` that stinkin` shower curtain since he showed up at the White House. He`s copyin` the turban cowboys ….

      • Patriot077

        Well now, here I am again, commenting after you’ve posted something along the same lines!

        • TexasPGRRider

          Honor to share the trail with ya Patriot !!!!

    • Patriot077

      I think it’s Ali Baba’s shower curtain every time I see it 🙂

  • guppymanster

    Obama is the most deceitful community organizer ever to occupy the White House and he got there by voter fraud and low information voters who prefer ‘taking’ rather than ‘making’.

  • bjohnson55

    The press is Obama’s bitches don’t ya know. They had better do what he says when he says or he is going to bitch slap them.

  • c4pfan

    Finally, someone saying what this country has become already…a dictatorship.

  • Willy2013

    This is the most transparent President of all time, what a Moron. Did you hear now he creates fake twitter account to push his agenda:


    Read this and see for yourself

  • JRD1

    Most transparent evah! LOL

  • repubboy

    So more lies and more transparency why kick the press out they are his willing accomplices, He tells the jump and they do, that why I could care less about any of the news papers and the television news, and as far as the governors go they are all political hacks, all they care about is their own backsides.. So this is the biggest non story of the day !

    • Wow, nice generalization. I don’t think ALL governors are hacks. Perry has done a decent job with Texas (not a national politician though) Jindal has done well also. I am not very familiar with the others so I won’t comment either way.

      • repubboy

        The guys you mentioned are okay in my book.. But as a rule they are all Hacks with re-election a constant picture in the front part of their brain.
        Politicians all have that self preservation mode going ! It’s staying in office or back to the law practice where they really have to work !

        • That’s a very tragic understanding of politics.

          • repubboy

            Not tragic, I have seen them come and go,some start out good ,wanting to do good but then they all get caught up in the Washington dog eat dog world of power and greed. I have just stopped looking at them with rose colored glasses, as far as I am concerned both parties need to be cleaned up and the whole mess that they both created needs to be fixed now.

  • “The most transparent administration in American history?” Obama makes Nixon look like an ACLU lawyer. And if anybody ever needed to be impeached, it is Obama over the Benghazi scandal. Nobody died in Watergate. Here we have four dead Americans, one of which was the first American ambassador killed in over 30 years, and the mainstream media could care less. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sick. I’m just surprised that the mainstream media is even making a big deal out of this conference today. Like good toadies, they just got up and left. I’ve seen inchworms with stronger spines.

    • TexasPGRRider

      What did you expect Liberty…one of `em to say “YOU LIE” ??? Somebody Sure Missed a Golden Opportunity to become Famous….

    • tinlizzieowner

      Speaking of Nixon. Bob Woodward calls Nixon ‘a liar’ (and he was right), liberals cheer.
      Bob Woodward calls Obama ‘a liar’ (and he’s still right), liberals jeer.
      Just another day in Situational Hypocrisy land.

  • TexasPGRRider

    How`s that Transparent Thingie workin` for ya fellers ??? You BETCHA`

  • PhillyCon

    Obama doesn’t even care about the media any more and he’s now pushing them around at his pleasure. He’s gotten what he needs from them (reelection) and now he’ll only use them when he sees fit.

    Of course. Obama doesn’t care but neither do the MSM. He’s their guy and they trust him according to Peter Beinart’s article today. They have fallen in love with the Imperial Presidency.

  • 57thunderbird

    The slobbering love fest will continue among the media regardless of how he treats them.Useful idiots.

  • PVG

    Thin-skinned, narcissistic, coward…..hmm, hmm, hmm!

  • mike3e4r7

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people.

  • white531

    The most transparent Administration in History.

    • tinlizzieowner

      If by ‘transparent’ you mean concrete. 😉 😉
      Actually it is the most transparent. Anybody with half a brain can see right through the lies.

  • SOmmma

    The media just got Obama elected. I don’t believe they are turning on each other
    They are well aware that everyone knows they do whatever he wants. , so they are staging a seperation, it give the appearance they arent lap dogs
    The media’s new mission……get enough Democrats elected to take over the House

  • cabensg

    If this had been Bush the press would have been screaming IMPEACHMENT!!!!!!!!

  • mediaaccess1

    REad between the lines – this Marxist is doing exactly what he said he was going to do.

  • Katy Henderson

    It has been suspected and reported that some members of media have been threatened and their families threatened…don’t know how true that is, but after all we have witnessed the last many years, wouldn’t surprise too many of us I suppose–the rest are all “owned” so whose to say. Seems they all say what the public wants to hear just to get into office, then do an about face…transparent my hiney butt! Another little side note of interest to all people who want to live free, which I would suspect and highly recommend a good many of my countrymen/women truly value…is that d…H..s (sorry but word gestapos are out) one contractor for them has apologized for making Paper Targets of children…look into that…apparently LET INC…Law Enforcement Training INC has made a new line of “Non-Traditional” “No-More HESITATION” Paper Targets at the request of same, which are white law abiding American Citizens, including pregnant women, children, young mother with children, and elderly Americans, most in HOME or Park like settings. This, coupled with the HUGE amount of recent purchases of ammo by same dH….s department (nearly 2 BILLION rounds of mostly 40 cal hollow point ammo) has many concerned…and other’s also wondering if another false flag will be implemented and blamed on “gun owners” or conservatives etc…you get the point. Anyhow, look into those statements for yourself…we are living in dangerous times to be sure. Peace all~

  • Sober_Thinking

    I don’t know what everyone’s saying about transparency with this monster… it’s perfectly clear: He hates America and wants to destroy her.

  • Constitution Lover(underconsta

    Now the Gov’s of our states will remain quiet and not disclose info to us??

    • SOmmma

      Do not believe this deception

      Obama and the media are working hard to make everyone think they are no longer joined at the hip, that they don’t want the same things

      They’ve been working hard to convince everyone that suddenly they aren’t on in the same.
      Obama and the media don’t need to get him elected again., therefore his personal image means nothing to Obama or the media
      They want to now appear at odds with each other so they can effectively help get his agenda thru while supporting Democrats for the next election

  • sue-marie

    I love it! They get what they deserve…in fact many left wing groups out there are getting his appreciation for electing him. lol lol This is too funny. The oldest Jewish group just came out against Hagel and are pleading with the Senate to reject him. Yep…the same ones that pushed Obama right back into the Oval Office. I am peeing my pants from hysterical laughing….it is so bad out there with Obama as President what else can we do but chuckle and wait for the implosion.
    Oh, I know…we can get our children and families ready for the collapse. There are going to be a lot of hungry desperate lefties out there ready to take what you have.

  • JungleCogs

    All the GOP Governors should have walked out of the room, with the press; and set-up pressers outside to talk about Emperor (and Despot) Obama’s so-called “transparency”.

  • Conniption Fitz

    That was the narcissist in action. Afraid he would be caught showing his ignorance and incompetence amongst mature capable men and women who actually know how to balance a budget and run a state.

  • RCM65

    Riddle me this:

    What do you call it when the media (the so-called “FREE PRESS”) is prevented from doing their job?

    What’s the word for the person who prevents the media from doing their job?