Obama considers pressure from Netanyahu on Iran as “noise” that he can “block out”

Amazing. In response to being questioned by 60 Minutes reporter Steven Kroft about feeling pressure from Netanyahu to draw a line in the sand on Iran, Obama replies (h/t: Weekly Standard):

When it comes to our national security decisions, any pressure that I feel is simply to do what’s right for the American people. And I am gonna block out any noise that’s out there.

Here’s the clip:

Later in the interview Obama was asked about Romney’s criticism of his foreign policy, that our friends don’t know where we stand and our enemies think we are weak. Obama defended his foreign policy by citing that he’s decimated Al Qaeda, killed Bin Laden, and ended the war in Iraq. He then said that if Romney thinks we should start another war, he should say so:

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  • p m

    Way to frame a question, Mr.Kroft. NOT. They just created a new low in softball questioning.

    And still zero claims credit for the sacrifice and dedication of the military. So glad they’re answering back. Think how bad it has to be for them to do that.

    • Don

      If Obama is interviewed by the mainstream media you can know the questions have been fed to the administration and you know which lies Obama is going to tell before he opens his mouth. It is a shame so many innocent people will have to die for the world to know the magnitude of Obama’s incompetence.

  • The only thing he’s decimated is our economy. It’s about one-tenth the size it should be.

    Al Qaeda has grown so fast it has branches all throughout Africa, the Philippines, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, Australia, and even a presence south of the US border, training “dissidents”.

    In fact, his one greatest accomplishment to date is the growth of Al Qaeda.

    What a worthless excuse for a human, let alone the occupier of the Oval Office. We’re damned lucky he doesn’t do very much with his workday.

    • tvlgds

      Our economy and our national security. Al Qaeda’s been training south of the border for years. One of my former customers was married to a gal from Monterrey, MX and he told me in 2005/2006 that Monterrey was a hotbed of AQ training then!

      • MaxineCA

        I’ve been following MX activities for many years and have been trying to raise the HUGE RED flag when ever, where ever possible, and somehow people JUST don’t get it. Hezbollah terrorists have been caught in San Diego as well as in the interior (all who crossed our southern border); the tunnels that come into the US are just like those from Lebanon into Gaza to smuggle arms; the terror (be-headings, torture, kidnapping, car bombings, IEDS, etc.) mirror the ME.

        I’ve been tempted several times to post links to the sites I followed, but decided the reality was just too gruesome. I saw things that shocked me to my core to the point I had to stop for awhile because I just couldn’t sleep with those images in my mind.

        I wish people would WAKE UP! Those that wish to do us harm have been in central and south america, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico…… and coming across our borders for a long time. And our border is still open, our Border Patrol and local law enforcement attempt to do their jobs only to be stopped by this administration.

        And the drug cartels work hand in hand with our enemies….. it’s a win-win for both. The cartels get rich and give them access while trading arms and drugs.

        Got to stop now, I could write a book on the topic.

        • Patriot077

          You are so right, Maxine! It is this knowledge that makes the lack of border security even more indefensible. Truly sickening and terrifying and people still spout nonsense about the poor illegals that just want to come here for a job that Americans won’t do.

        • sDee

          “I’ve been tempted several times to post links to the sites I followed, but decided the reality was just too gruesome.”

          If you think it will help us start to see the pattern Maxine, please post with a disclaimer. Maybe to reports less graphic but on the same sites? Atlas Shrugs is often criticized for posting horrible images of the work of islam. But I am not so sure there is any other way. If bloggers did not , this war on humanity remains an academic debate of moral relativity.

          The truth of these savages is ugly, pure evil, but consider the aid our media and our politicians offer such evil in their sin of omission. They have failed in their most essential duty.

          Yes, the truth will make us miserable. We know it is up to us, free citizens, to do this. Our politicians and media have abandoned us in their greed and power. but unless we first know it, we cannot fight it.

    • GiantM

      K-Bob you forgot to mention that Al Qaeda also has a presence in the United States. We may not hear a peep about it, but I am convinced that they are here and like a lion are just waiting for the right moment to pounce!

      • Egad! You’re right!

        Supposedly there are places sheriffs are afraid to go.


      • tvlgds

        They are absolutely here and have been for over a decade. I can’t find an updated version of this map and I’m sure there are many more cells now. Frightening.


        • GiantM

          Well…they may have swords. But I have high speed lead delivering apparatuses that make a point!!

  • Obama is a one man army…He did all those?

  • Listen here you dictatorial puss bucket! What affects Israel does affect Americans! Do right to help Israel and stand with them, have their backs on this, and America will be better off. You say that Israel is one of our strongest allies in the region, Israel is our ONLY ally in the region! Your disprespect of Benjamin Netenyahu has been clear since the first time he visited you in OUR house and you left him sitting by himself so you could go chow down with your michelleantoinette. You’ve treated fellow dictators with bows and handshakes, yet you disprespect and gossip about him to another nation’s leader, too bad the mic was hot on that huh.
    Those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those who curse Israel will be cursed. That’s not some obscure Bible verse dear leader, but it is also a fact throughout History. Look it up you islam loving crapweasle.
    AND, as for decimating al qeada, who the heck are running with your buds over there in Libya? Iraq is still a mess, but with all the crap you started in Libya, Egypt, Yemen and other places, we never hear about Iraq anymore. And Afghanistan, well, we have more of our boys getting murdered over there than during the whole of Bush’s term, but we never have the daily quotas on the lamestream propaganda news, so of course you can pretend everything’s turning up roses over there. And yeah, our NAVY SEALS took out Bin Laden you lying piece of cammel crap- you waited! YOU had to go play a couple of rounds of golf before you decided you jerk.
    Interesting that the nations which had leaders that maybe were dictators but were “submissive” to America and at least acknowleging the peace agreement with Israel, THOSE are the nations you decided to help the so called rebels take over, but those real regimes such as Iran, when the people marched, where the he!! were you?! Where were you when the people were being shot in the streets? Oh, that’s right. You always did say you were willing to sit down and dialogue with Iranian leaders.
    Lying dear leader. Dang, my rant’s done, but I’m never gonna get to sleep now.

    Sorry Scoop- but boy does he make me angry. If it’s too much, go ahead and edit.

    • IwjwI

      Right on rant, ABIC.
      What do you get when you combine a Marxist and a Radical Islamist?

      • That’s it Iwjwi. Plain and simple. Who would have thought America would have this dictating this nation?

    • poljunkie

      dictatorial puss bucket!

    • poljunkie

      Fantastic and well said.

    • MaxineCA

      Excellent, excellent…… you rant for all of us! You are on a roll tonight. Thank you for saying how we all feel, at least those of us that care about our country.

    • sara holy land

      wow !
      speechless !
      God bless you.

      SHANA TOVA !

    • GiantM

      Wow sister….you have a way with words….lol. A rant that I’m sure has been busting at the seems for months.

      As others have said, you certainly speak for all of us on this one.

      However the ignorance of half this nation is another rant waiting in the wings. It seems there are so many people out there that only need to hear maybe 10 minute of truth about the man and then you hear them say…”Oh, I guess I’ll vote for Romney then”.

      To many people believe what they hear from the Lame-stream-media and or go with who looks the sharpest rather than educate themselves just a little bit.

    • sDee

      wow – too much? I cannot get enough ABC.

      Such passion is long over due here. Hussein’s coolness over all this really does creep me out.

      • Landscaper

        She and hubby came over for coffee and Pound Cake (private joke) and she left mad as hell. Kidding sDee

        • 😉 I love pound cake, my honey loves coffee!

          • Landscaper

            You weren’t kidding when you said you would never sleep last night. Great rant in the wee hours! TRS loyals are fired up, thanks ABiC.

            • Thank you Landscaper. I’m slow to get my eyes open this morning, and yours and others’ kind words are helping 🙂

              • Well get the coffee on because after reading that EPIC rant, I can’t wait for the next one! Very well said! You speak for – I was going to say ALL of us, but there are always the awkward 1 or 2 – You know who you are! 🙂

                • lol! that made me laugh. Thanks for always doing that to me White Wolf 🙂

                  *see, no hitler smiley face*

                • I was going to do a NObama “smiley” but there is no key with something of absolute worthless value symbol on it. So I did the Hitler one again… or is that Stalin? :-=(

                • lol! I think it could work for both.

    • Nukeman60

      Well said. Sometimes a rant is in order. I find myself rising from my chair, applauding till my hands hurt, and loudly yelling “hear, hear”. Carry on, soldier.

      It’s interesting that someone like you, who isn’t even allowed to vote, would make a far better President than Obama, a man who shouldn’t even be allowed anywhere near the White House, let alone as pseudo-President.

      42 days and counting – louder and louder.


  • I forget, what did Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for?

    • syvyn11

      Not being Bush.

    • Nukeman60

      For being.

  • This should cost him the vote of most Jews in the US (of course, it won’t bother the ones on Hollywood, they are a worth self-loathing bunch). Turn it into an campaign spot and run it over and over in NYC and Florida.

    He speaks as if he was educated in a madrasa is some Muslim country like Indonesia. Oh wait a minute, he was.

  • CCCaproni

    Start another war? Start? Are we not already in one? Do we not have radicals in the middle east that hate America and all that we stand for? This is just another ploy to make Mitt Romney look bad…to insinuate in not so many words, that “he” is looking to start another war and there for is a bad choice for our country. Give me a break. We’ve been at war for a while now. Obama is a liar with an agenda all his own. He says peace peace…but beware…sudden destruction.

    • T4Ut

      ” He then said that if Romney thinks we should start another war, he should say so”

      Why??? So that then pResident lead-from-behind will know if it’s OK with the U.S. people and then he can take some action?

  • syvyn11

    That’s the thing mr. president. WE DIDN’T ‘decimate’ AL-QEADA! Al-Qeada is alive and well and just attacked many of our embassies and killed one of our Ambassadors (not to mention 3 others).

    Killing Bin-Ladin didn’t end the war just like Killing Hitler didn’t end WWII!

  • I can’t believe I’m going to promote Glenn Beck here, after giving up on him over a year ago. But these interviews, even the 60 Minutes thing, are the kind of blind, left-slanted nonsense that Beck’s new channel is supposedly formed to combat. Of course I can’t find a link anywhere to a story on it, but Beck was in Ohio recently (last week sometime), and the folks he had as “warm up” speakers were totally amazing. His bit was more or less typical Beck, but I was blown away by the overall show, and the audience size, and audience response.

    His spiel these days is about promoting the new channel on Dish Network, which essentially takes his BlazeTV to new levels (by allowing stupid, paid-commercial programming at 3am, I guess. You do need a bullet juicer, don’t you?). But he also is worried we won’t get there in November, and he’s doing what he can to explain the dangers we are facing. So far, I haven’t found anything objectionable except for some very minor quibbles over blanket statements he makes sometimes.

    I hope it isn’t like Oprah’s network. I don’t want to see Beck’s face everywhere I look.

    Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Beck doesn’t go wobbly between now and November: Romney is wobbly enough already. We must throw Romney across the finish line ahead of the old-guard press. Obama isn’t really in the race. Only his water carriers in the media are running, and they are in full-on propaganda mode, like the worst excesses of Pravda under Andropov.

    So for now, at least, I can recommend Blaze channel on your Dish Network package. I hope it makes Rupert Murdoch lose some sleep next year.

    • Patriot077

      I watched most of the speeches but managed to miss Beck’s speech at Freepac last weekend. Haven’t had the time to search out links. Agree many of the speeches were incredible – Josh Mandel, for instance. We need to see him in the House in 2013.

      I don’t think we have to worry about Beck going wobbly on Romney because the alternative is Marxist.

      My Mother in Law is tickled pink that she can watch Beck again on Dish channel 212!

      • Wilkow is much better on TV than he was on the satellite radio. And he was generally pretty good on radio. (Just a little “sharp.”)

        • Patriot077

          I had never heard him until the Beck program but I sure like what I’ve seen so far. I hope Glenn keeps adding the good guys to his station – I think Eric Bolling would be a good fit, for instance.

          • Greg Gutfeld? ON the 5, sometimes his insight and satire of the left is both biting and hilarious. I’d love to see him have a more serious political program that he ran himself.

            • Patriot077

              I do like Gutfield a lot but doesn’t he still have his Redye show and The Five? Fox took Eric’s Follow the Money program off a few months ago – because he was a hard hitter, I think. His voice was one of the strongest on Fox after Glenn left.

              • I prefer listening to Erik then Hannity these days. Hannity has guests too that just irritate me. It was bad but still watchable when he was on with Colmes. Now I don’t watch him at all. But I like Bollings’ views on The Five as well as Gregs. The only reason I watch it, if I watch it at all. Luke warm at best to it.

                • Patriot077

                  I got tired of Hannity’s panels myself. Anyone I wanted to hear seemed to get talked over and shouted down. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I no longer have television and get all my news on the radio or internet. 🙂

                • I absolutely detest those 2-minute, talk-over-each-other, shout fests on Fox. You simply do not compress all the important points about a topic, even a fairly simple one (like say, “assault rifles”) into three-second word jabs. All it does is make people mad or disgusted or both.

                  Hannity’s gift is the ability to have one-thousand talking points right at the tip of his tongue, ready to hurl at people. I suppose it’s good to have a guy like that on your side, but who can stand listening to that when they want to know what’s going on in the world? Not me.

                  We only watch favorite shows on the TeeVee, thanks to DVRs. When one of them goes all liberal, I remove it from the recording list. But like you, for news, I come here first.

    • sDee

      We must throw Romney across the finish line ahead of the old-guard press. Obama isn’t really in the race. Only his water carriers in the media are running, and they are in full-on propaganda mode, like the worst excesses of Pravda under Andropov.

      A most concise politcal assessment of the race. Spot on.

  • Susitna

    I cannot take this anymore. Still waiting for the cavalry……..

    • sDee

      We are the cavalry.

      • Landscaper

        Yes we are, indeed.

  • 911Infidel

    The real “noise” is the white noise that eminates from this regime. Mr Empty chair is about as useless as Kroft’s interviews. Both of them wallow in the same cesspool of kitman and tagyiya. Keep shinning that turd Kroft. Maybe Kroft can join Obama in his new 35 million dollar party house in Hawaii in January 2013; and together they can bemoan the failure of their propaganda machine to win the Kenyan another term.

  • But he just can not resist when Samantha Power whispers war.

  • MatsPT

    Well, you are stuck with this liar because you let him. We in Europe are stuck with marxists bkz we let them.

    There’s no point in complaining and do nothing about it. VOTE THEM OUT. There is no other way.

    I repeat: V.O.T.E.T.H.E.M.O.U.T.

    • sDee

      Yes – our problem – our responsibility to fix it. Voting them out is but a temporary reprieve because the natural slaves among us will always circle back to fascism like moths to a flame.

      One thing many Americans have been given by Hussein is a sorely needed refresher course in the fundamentals of a Constitutional Republic and that the Second and Tenth Amendments are our last line of defense. Millions now understand that we live under a Marxist regime and a puppet Congress. We all know deep in our gut that if Hussein is reselected, we will have no choice but to use that last line of defense.

      Hussein Obama and his globalist cabal know this. Most of what Hussein has pursed is designed to undermine the First, Second and Tenth amendments. Those who replace this regime MUST be held accountable to reverse the damage to the Constitution and the Rule of Law. That will be no easy task because our political establishment is wholly corrupt with the goal of Central Government.

      Progressivism is a global assault. America and the Constitution are the last stand.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Bias from the interviewer and lies from the poser. Disgraceful how he treats and talks about Israel. Sickening.

    Obama is one of the direct causes for the termoil in the Middle East. In the vacuum of power left by his incompetence, the terrorists and Muslims see an opportunity here that they have never had before. Obama just intensifies it with each softball interview he does. And especially when he is nonchalant or disrespectful to Israel, they become further inflamed and emboldened.

    He is a national embarassment and a major danger to this country. Fire him and the world is suddenly a safer and more balanced place.

  • toongoon

    When it comes to our national security decisions, any pressure that I feel is simply to do what’s right for the American people. And I am gonna block out any noise that’s out there.

    What’s right for the American people as BHO sees it? That’s the question that should scare the bejeezus out of us. What he feels is right is that we should be living as the stepchild to the world. Without kool aid, you see it in every action he takes, from healthcare to energy to TSA to the Middle East.

    • I’m sure people like Stalin, Mao and Hitler also had the ability to “block out the noise” when it suited them… Didn’t end well for them or for their countries. NObama learns nothing from history.

      • toongoon

        That’s true, he learned it from Frank, Ayres, and all the others he surrounds himself with.

    • sDee

      spot on toon

  • GEDouglas

    He certainly takes Islamic pressure seriously!

  • mrterry50

    “And I am gonna block out any noise that’s out there.” If indeed Obama was referring to Israel and Iran I want to know if you can “block out” the “Noise” of the shock wave rolling over Tel Aviv? You might not hear it on the golf course though. Americans had best better get this crapweasle out of office or else.

  • sDee

    It is far worse. LA County’s Sheriff Lee Baca has already submitted to to islam. He has opened the department up to islamic supremacists and uses the office to intimidate critics of islam.

    He is a aligned with CAIR

    • Whoops, you removed it after I “liked” it, but I’ll leave the like on for you! 🙂 (something like that hotel ad or something)

  • sDee

    Exactly. Progressives are committed to globalism and undermining national sovereignty.

  • Steve Croft would rather ask Obama for a date then report the news or inform the American People. It is a joke….NOISE…..the only noise I hear is Iran building Nukes and radical Islam on the move…we have the Deceiver in Chief being allowed to mislead and distort by the Pravda media. Again when the Jewish hear this either they have wax in the years or just do not care….I am sorry but God sends signs all the time….I hope someday the American Jews will actually understand the signs instead of waiting for the inate desire for others to destroy them played out on the Global Stage.

  • Yazz55

    This is a campaign commercial. It’s not an interview. Its too well scripted.

  • He blocks out the “noise” by listening to his audio-book of the Koran, read by that blind sheik terrorist himself with an introduction by Karl Marx and Bill Ayers.

  • Nukeman60

    Isn’t it amazing that, even with softball questions and scripted interviews, Obama still manages to throw some deisel fuel on a burning fire. Calling Netanyahu’s comments ‘noise’ should rile a whole lot of people.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Bibi is far more interested in the survival of Israel than ‘inserting’ himself into American politics, as Kroft so stupidly proclaimed. The time is running out. Should he wait till after the election (and subsequently after the nuclear explosion over Tel Aviv) to seek a means to stop Iran?

    I would like to find out, and perhaps Netanyahu will divulge this, the actual number of times Obama has had phone calls with him. I’m betting the long-distance phone bill to Israel isn’t very large at all.

    • kong1967

      Netanyahu won’t divulge that information I’m sure. It would be helpful, though, to know if Obama is lying. Of course, I think he’s lying and there aren’t any phone calls.

  • Sure, Iraq is such a stunning “success.” We couldn’t wait to run out of there and as a result the country is literally falling apart. Sunnis and Shias are slaughtering each other on a constant basis, weakening the government, and Iran is basically running a bug chunk of the country. The only people who are not backing down from anyone are the Kurds in the north, which is turning into its own little country. If this is “success,” I’d hate to see what failure looks like. As for starting another war, who said that? But we do need to stand by our only real ally in the Middle East, Israel, and we do need to stand up against the Islamist who seek to destroy us (such as the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda). And we also need to stand up for OUR fundamental rights, such as freedom of speech. Unless an American president does that, he’s a failure, and Obama is proving big time that he is indeed a failure.

    • kong1967

      Looking at Iraq now, it kinda makes you respect Saddam doesn’t it? Not saying he was a good man but these dictators have to keep the peace. The only way to do that is to be more brutal than what will overthrow you…which is pretty brutal. I have a different outlook on dictators now in those regions of the world. Remove them and the people willingly put in more brutal regimes…ones that lash out at the entire world and want world dominance.

  • badbadlibs

    With the media on bo’s side, he can say and do whatever he wants and not face a single consequence. It’s just awful.

    • He’ll have consequences badbad. Maybe not for us to see, but he and others surely will suffer consequences.

      • badbadlibs

        Yep, he sure will, American. Not here, most likely as you point out, but one day we all will face a Holy God…. *gulp*

    • kong1967

      He’ll suffer the consequences in November.

  • Landscaper

    After Nov. 6, the noise you will clearly hear is your crap being packed up and being put in a moving truck you miserable excuse for an (a)merican.

  • anneinarkansas

    For someone so “smart” he surely does mess up our English language…”gonna” and “cuz” are words one hears from the street and young people, not, supposedly the Haavaaad intellectuals.
    I am a Southerner and I hear these words all the time but expect better from the so called brilliant scholars.
    I forgot to mention “stuff”….one of Bam’s staples.
    The use of “noise” toward Israel is insulting.

  • kong1967

    Lol, I need to start going through these vids in order. I start at the top and work down to where I was before. I saw a reference to “noise” earlier and I didn’t have a clue what the person was talking about.

    This is disgusting. He doesn’t even care what world leaders say. Yes, he has to make decisions based on what’s right for America, but going against Israel is not what’s best for America. Regardless of agreements, he should hear what every leader has to say….other than Mr. Dinnerjacket or the Muslim Brotherhood (which apparently are Obama’s advisors).

  • Emma_Goldman

    Well-done, POTUS. But I do notice that the entire interview was posted for Romney, with much approval because the clips could be unfairly edited. So, only a few short Obama clips vs the whole Romney interview. So much for fair and balanced.

  • SKL53

    That’s pretty amusing coming from Mr. Empty Suit! After killing us with all the noise he’s made in the past five years (it began way before the election) we are finally drowning him out!

  • deleted