***UPDATED*** Obama: I’m all for mothers having the choice to murder their babies even in late term pregnancies


This is a reprehensible and disgusting admittance by Obama back in 2003, that he wants women to have the choice to murder their babies even in late term pregnancies or partial birth:

Oh yeah, I forgot:


UPDATE: Another video of Obama in 2003, explaining why he voted against a late-term abortion BAN:

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  • Sandra123456

    Pathetic. Disgusting.

  • kong1967

    Lol, he doesn’t want them punished with an STD at 16. Hey, dude, if you get an STD you get an STD. Take responsibility and you won’t get an STD. Just like a liberal. Behave however you want and Democrats will take care of the consequences for you. Have a baby..that’s fine, they’ll pay for it. Don’t want the baby, that’s fine, too. They’ll pay for that, too. Hell, don’t worry about responsibility or the consequences of not having any.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Kinda weird… he’s their father and he’ll take care of them. He’s our current pResident and he also wants “to take care of” America (Government control). Just ask Julia.

      • Nukeman60

        Question: “What do you get when ObamaCare allows Elizebeth Warren to get a free sex change, seek out and marry a contraception-laden Sandra Fluke, and they mysteriously have an un-aborted child?”

        Answer: “Julia”

        • LOL! The Eternal SLAVE! Have you noticed that NObama is Emperor… no King… no… President for the entire lifespan of Julia? Dick-tator wannabe!!!

          And for those who haven’t seen it yet: http://www.barackobama.com/life-of-julia/

          Take several deep breaths before visiting and swear up and down that you will NOT smash your screen! Trust me, You’ll thank me later!

          • Nukeman60

            I will not smash my screen, I will not smash my screen, I will not smash my screen. Okay, I’m going in.

            Edit: I need a new screen.

            • nibblesyble

              too funny Nuke…er-I just bought my screen..maybe I should wait when I am medicated before watching eh?

              • Nukeman60

                You mean you haven’t been medicated for the last four years? How have you survived?

                • nibblesyble

                  LOL! Just like you survived Nuke..your faith in God!

                • Nukeman60

                  Thank you. Absolutely no argument there. Bless you.

                • nibblesyble

                  : )

            • ROTLF!!! 🙂 Best laugh of my day! I needed that… Thanks!! 🙂

            • SierraBear

              Use the force, Luke!

        • Sober_Thinking


      • kong1967

        I did talk to Julia. She thinks it’s great tanning on the beach while Obama pays for her living expenses. That gives her plenty of time to contemplate and bitch about how unfair it is that someone has more money than her…..like doctors and lawyers.

        • Sober_Thinking

          If you talk to her again, let me know… I’ve got a few choice words for her.

          • kong1967

            Lol, I will. This reminds me of a true story I saw on Fox. You may have seen it.

            There was a lady that did exactly like I said. She spent her days on the beach not worrying about a job because the government supported her. One day she started her own magazine, it was a success, and now she is a conservative. She saw the light. I wish I could link to it, but it was cool.

            • Sober_Thinking

              I like to hear stories with a happy ending like that. 🙂

    • Is_Sense_Common

      My question was, “How does getting an STD relate to abortion or a woman’s right to choose [to murder her baby]?” So is Barry ok with women choosing to get STD’s? [as long as it’s not his kids]

      Gee, I wonder why he tries to redirect the conversation away from the heart of the issue – murdering babies. It’s not about intelligent women making difficult decisions about “dangerous pregnancies.”

      • kong1967

        You know, come to think of it putting STD and an unborn child in the same conversation as something you have to “get rid of” was pretty disgusting. It’s as if he’s looking at the baby as an inconvenience.

        • I once stumbled upon a website that had a picture of an innocent child and labeled it a “Children the STD that keeps on taking and taking until 18” or some such… I blocked that website (Stumblers 🙂 ) and never ever visited it again. There are many sick people in this world, I try to avoid them.

          • kong1967

            Good idea.

        • Is_Sense_Common

          As equally inconvenient as an STD perhaps? Or that both are diseases? I was just flummoxed at the attempt to combine the issues…

          • kong1967

            I didn’t even think about it until you mentioned it. Good catch.

  • EVIL!!! IN LEAGUE WITH SATAN! Simple as that!

    “Punished with a baby” That is the way a sociopath thinks! No value on human life unless it can vote to keep King Manchild in power! Disgusting!!! Just disgusting!

    • 3seven77

      You know what the worst part is? That baby that his daughter would be “punished” with… is his own grandchild.

  • Philo Beddoe


  • FutureOnePercent

    I’m watching my 9 month old son crawling around in front of me as I type this, and to hear the words “punished with a baby” is absolutely infuriating.

    It reminds me of when me and my wife found out she was pregnant, and the nurse’s first words after she saw the results weren’t “Congratulations” they were “Do you want to keep it?”

    We’ve come a long way from what made this country great…

    Remember what Breitbart said, “Politics is downstream from culture.”

    Gonna go give my lil man a big hug now.

    • “do you want to keep it”? She asked… that is SO SAD! What the hell is wrong with people!? Has the world gone INSANE that genocide of the unborn is somehow acceptable like it was “do you want fries with that”? I sometimes despair for this world, especially on issues like this. Jesus… Come back soon… Please!!! We need you!!

      • Unfortunately, the world has slowly slipped into incurable insanity. It has taken centuries to get to the point where we are at.

    • poljunkie

      WHAT? Seriously? I would of had some choice words for that nurse.

    • virginiagentleman1

      Give the little guy a hug from all of us too! WE treasure him, and you, and your wife!

      We have six children and 15 grandchildren, every single one of whom ARE a Blessing from God!

      • nibblesyble

        What a blessed man you are my southern gentleman…may God continue to bless your lovely family!

    • nibblesyble

      Awww. I remember when my son and daughter were 9 months not that long ago(he is 3 now and she is 2) that is a adorable age. After reading what the nurse said to you..I think I will go kiss and hug my son and daughter as well and thank God as I always do for the two best gifts he has ever given me.

      • Very touching. What normal parent wouldn’t do the same to their kids after viewing Obama’s trash? How does the man have two daughters? I guess he didn’t view them as punishment at the time. How can he even look at them? It’s very puzzling to me.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Your post just made me cry a little. Give that little dude a hug from me too. And your wife. Can you give the nurse a slap on the face? Ugh. That is really disturbing.

    • Martin2717

      What an idiot nurse.

  • Nukeman60

    My passion for this topic is too strong to reply to the likes of Obama’s beliefs. I’ll just leave this link and politely walk away, so I don’t get banned for saying something that might be inappropriate.


  • Sober_Thinking

    Alright… 1st, he’s breeding… great. 2nd, he’s going to teach them morals and values… how nice for them. And 3rd, he doesn’t want them punished with a baby (which is a gift from God)… does anyone see the problem(s) with this?

    He’s really got a warped view on this… for a self-proclaimed Christian. If rape is rape… murder is murder.

    • And this is why that bill is such a bad idea in giving the green light to murder the child in case of incest and “forced rape”. Never mind the need to define what rape is.

      • Idahoser

        abortion is homicide. Not all homicides are justified, but some are. A girl who’s been raped is being victimized at the expense of a baby, and that’s not right either. There’s where a choice can come into play.

        • So… Why punish the baby with death because of the means of his or her conception? Adoption is a honorable alternative to abortion.

        • “Not all homicides are justified, but some are.” ?! What, so not all homicides are justified, but murdering a baby is, to save the woman who was raped what? Pain? Fear? Anxiety…trauma… suffering? I hate to say it, but women who have been raped will have all of those issues whether or not she ends up pregnant, and if she does get pregnant, perhaps being told over and over again by society that it’s alright to murder the life she has growing, it will only ADD to the suffering she’s already going through. She won’t just have to live with a horrible memory of some ba$tard’s violence against her, but also the violence of an innocent bystander being put to death.

          Think about it.

          • Idahoser

            adoption is an honorable alternative to abortion if the girl wants to carry a child she had no choice in conceiving. Victimizing the rape victim AGAIN is not gonna happen if I have anything to say about it. YES, the life and health of a young girl raped and impregnated is worth MORE than a baby.

            • While I know there are some women who claim to not care and don’t think of abortion as ending a life, and don’t have any problem that they’ve had abortions, but in most cases, there is a very real conscience thought later by women and a massive sense of guilt over having aborted a baby. Why would people advocate a young woman who has already been traumatized by rape only to subject her further guilt and trauma by killing an innocent baby? The life and health of a young girl who is raped IS important, but not more so than a baby… equally so. But there are potential ramifications to her health if she aborts a baby as well. Would you be willing to sentence a young girl to that?

              • A hearty amen ABC. I am perplexed by the idea Idahoser is arguing for. Life of the mother and child are equally important. It is not the baby’s fault that he/she exists, but the illegal actions of the father.

                One problem (granted, there are many) with our society is that we have for so long looked down on having children that it has come as second nature that we no longer think of the child as a life, as a fellow human being. We are told that having children is an inconvenience, they cost too much money, take too many resources, etc. It is no longer honorable to be married and raise a family while you are in your twenties.

                Large families are looked upon with scorn, ridicule, and contempt. I see it all the time. When we as a society decide that we will no longer wage war on family then we may be able to talk some sense into people that a life is a life no matter how the child was conceived.

    • Rightstuff1

      He is a christian like putin believes in freedom of speech!

      • nibblesyble

        Good comparison and so true.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Ouch… 🙂

    • virginiagentleman1

      If rape is rape…..murder is murder!

      Exactly! Well said ST!

  • The western world was punished with an Indonesian kenyan baby 51 years ago…

  • Yet more proof that Liberalism… Is indeed a mental illness. Only the truly mentally ill would consider a gift from god a “punishment.” What a sick and twisted mind!

  • sDee

    The role of the Federal government is not to grant, refine and remove rights. It does have a role to protect our inalienable rights.

    We keep being cornered in to asking the question of the Federal government’s role in abortion, or of other “rights” falsely declared by corrupt politicos.

    A question we should be asking is, at what point in our lives does protection of our inalienable rights begin?

    At first breath? We already know that is not the case because the government does prosecute death and injury to the unborn.

    So when exactly, does protection of our right to life begin?

    • That is a great question… And one we should demand an answer to! I’m with you on this… If a robber shoots a late term pregnant woman in a robbery, he is charged with 2 murders…

      BUT… But..

      If that Very Same Woman was, just the DAY BEFORE a visitor to an abortion “clinic” (death camp) and killed her child… Nothing… She is simply “exercising her rights”!!

      It’s just demonic… It has to be… God, our Heavenly Father is watching however, and they might get away with it here… but they will face their Judgement Day and they won’t have the ACLU and other Libtards there to argue in defense of the indefensible!

      • Nukeman60

        Be careful what you complain about. The libs will get a hold of that and drop the double homocide aspect. We don’t want that.

        Luckily, they have absolutely no say at judgement day. I wish it didn’t take till then for them to see the light.

        • sDee

          Nukeman, that is another important point in raising the question. To be consistent with their false reasoning, the abortionists should also be fighting to drop the double murder legislation and let the mother decide if charges are to be filed. Or, to apply the same 23 week argument.

          Of course they never would, because that is political suicide.

          • Nukeman60

            Yeah, I agree. The hypocricy is too much sometimes.

      • sDee

        If that woman survives but her child does not, filing a murder charge is not a “right” of choice granted the mother.

        It is a very hard question to answer for them. And that is why our politicians, philosophers, judges and clergy avoid it in the public forum. It is much easier to demonize and conjure up heated rehtoric about rights of “choice”, than to answer it.

      • When it comes to abortion, just like many things, liberals have their own definitions of “location, location, location.”
        I always wondered why it was perfectly ok for a teenaged girl to go to an abortion clinic to kill her baby, but when that same girl gives birth to her baby and leaves it in a dumpster, well then the girl is arrested. What the he!! is the difference? Location.
        Same thing with partial birth abortion. If a baby is fully born, that baby is allowed to live, however, that same baby, who is born most of the way except for the head, is allowed to be murdered by a “doctor”. Location.
        So evil!

        • EVIL – that’s the only answer I can comprehend. some days… OH nevermind…

    • I am presuming you are being rhetorical here. However, as part of the clergy, I would always firmly argue at the time of conception is when our inalienable rights are given to us.

      I am in a debate on another comment thread about this very issue over here: http://www.therightscoop.com/mark-levin-calls-on-akin-to-step-aside-slams-democrats-for-devastating-hypocrisy/#comment-626428982

      • sDee

        It may be rhetorical in that I indeed have an answer, but it is aimed that those who have no answer yet have forced us into a false choice.

        The government has already established that it is obligated to protect the Constitutional right to life for the unborn. I now say force them to say when that obligation starts – as Nukeman points out above, the abortionists are in a very difficult spot then.

    • Therein lies another problem. There are sick and evil individuals who believe life does not begin until after the age of 5, when children are able to communicate and start to reason. I think we have a problem even to ask when protection of our inalienable rights are because society has been so conditioned to believe that a) our rights come from Government and are not inalienable from God, and b) that truth is relative and whatever is best for the individual is OK. and c) the end justifies the means.

      Our society is evil, corrupt and diseased, so of course our government will reflect that because of so many of the evil, diseased and ignorant masses who vote them in. Until we can change the hearts of the people, the heart of our government will be corrupt still.

  • Sheya

    So lets see:
    Obama has left our kids and grand kids with sky rocket debt, he and the democrats are pushing for on demand abortion, they are actually basing the convention on abortion.

    I would say the Republicans should ignore the “War on Women” debate, coin the term “War on babies” and just run with it.


    • sDee

      Deficit spending and the resultant borrowing is taxation without representation.

  • las1

    America! Your choices could not stand more in contrast. Chose freedom and live, or chose Democrats and evil and death. Oh! I’m not supposed to say that! Shall I repeat it?

    They were evil from the beginning. Ask Nathaniel Grigsby… Abraham Lincoln’s childhood friend.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Wow, I did not know that babies were considered punishment..!!!! My wife and I have three grown children and we most certainly never thought of them as punishment. Take precautions if you don’t want a baby….but don’t murder the unborn because you were too sorry or too lazy to prevent a pregnancy!!!!

  • Rightstuff1

    The left’s thinking is so clear – they tell us themselves. Their own mouths speak their values.

    “I don’t want them punished with a baby” – since when did babies become a punishment?
    “I don’t want them punished with an STD at the age 16”

    So babies and STD’s are conflated…..

    How does anyone go from having a baby to an STD in the same sentence. In what way are they linked. The left sees babies as a disease.

    The left are repugnant.

  • NYGino

    He wants to teach them about values and morals and about killing babies.

  • poljunkie

    My son was premature by nearly two months, weighing just 2 pounds. The thought that some may have disposed of him in other scenarios while we sat vigile at the hosptial praying for his survival sickens me.

    • nibblesyble

      What a moving story..thank you for sharing. My sister had her twins early by 2 months too and it was the same thing you describe. They are happy and healthy 6 year olds now.

      • poljunkie

        Thanks nibbles. I could write a book about our 4 weeks while he was in the PICU. What a dedicated group of doctors and nurses.

        Our son is 24 and loving life!!!

        • nibblesyble

          You should write a book! Praise the Lord your son is happy and healthy.

          • poljunkie

            Thank you!

      • poljunkie

        That’s awesome! Twins are a special gift.

        We always say that preemies just wanted to get out and start early!

    • sDee

      Everyone should have the opportunity to witness the medical, spiritual and human miracle of a 23 week’er. It is awe inspiring, humbling and, if nothing else will make crystal clear the sheer idiocy of letting politicians anywhere near our healthcare industry and providers.

      • poljunkie


        They are a living breathing child.

    • What a precious gift!!!

      I could never imagine how women who either have had premies or those who couldn’t have babies feel about abortion, but I’ll never forget a story my ex sister in law told me about her sister in law. She was not able to have babies, and had just suffered her last miscarriage (had to get a hysterectomy at the time too) and was in the hospital recouperating. Well, they were short on rooms, so she was moved immediately after the operation into a room with 4 other women… who had all just had abortions. Lord, don’t people actually THINK? To say this woman was heart broken and disgusted is a understatement. I can’t imagine what she must have thought the whole time she was there.

      • poljunkie

        Oh how terrible.

        • I know! Life is hard enough without people not thinking about others.

          I’m glad your son is a strapping 24 year old Pol. I agree with nibblesister…. you ought to write a book. I bet you could! I’d read it!

          • poljunkie

            Thanks AB’s.
            Our son is an amazing guy. (spoken like a true mom)
            But really he is. HA.

          • nibblesyble

            Me too!

      • nibblesyble

        Good Grief…talk about compounding her tragedy.

  • GreenBeretWay

    Is there ANYTHING this man doesn’t have a problem killing?

    • Time on the golf course? No, he kills a lot of time doing that.

  • keninil

    He is still po’d that his mother didn’t have the chance to abort him — but under his plan, I don’t think it is too late, even at 51!!

  • giomerica

    MSM (once again) – “Move along… Nothing to see here”

    • giomerica

      …BTW – Great values and morals you’re instilling in those girls, Barry.

      • Rightstuff1

        Yes, agreed, such as reckless decisions have no consequences kids….

        Wanna have sex young, go for it. Contract an std, hey no probs we got meds for that, get pregnant, hey its no biggie just abort….


  • virginiagentleman1

    Something that one can learn from reading the history of civilizations;
    Those societies who considered the murder of innocents as a ‘right’ or ‘nessessity’, whether to placate a ‘god’,(Aztecs, Mayans) or just themselves through the practise of abortion, (China, most European nations and, yes, America ) every single one of those societies failed, as ours is doing.
    Governments that condone murder of it’s innocent citizens can be found around the globe today. Consider sharia law based governments,( have you stoned a woman today? beheaded a child or young man?) and marxist based governments. (Have you aborted a child today because you didn’t WANT it?)
    When a culture is based on death, the culture dies as well.

  • sDee

    If the secularists and intellectuals would at least start here:

    Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth — visualized

    • Awesome video! Saved on my hard drive because you never know when youtube will pull it**. It’s touching and awe inspiring to see the very Hand of God in Creation at work! This video should be REQUIRED viewing by any woman plotting to kill her unborn baby. It won’t save all of them, but any is better than none of them.

      **I’ve had lots of my favorite videos disappear so I routinely save them now. If you want to save videos (not only from YT) get Firefox and a little extension called “download helper” and you can save any (almost) video you can watch on your computer with ease.

      • white531

        Thanks, wolf.

  • Obama never ceases to disgust me; a disgust that is visceral. I have to change the channel or mute the volume when this person comes on TV (the TV is on mute a lot).

    • white531

      My wife used to throw anything handy at the TV, until I finally just got rid of it.

      • The wife or the TV? 🙂 (ducks under his desk! )

        • white531


  • The government not to meddle in this one thing, but everything else is gungho.

  • Ick! My skin is crawling.

  • porightscoopfan

    This is from a 2008 article in Time “What’s next 2008-Future Revolutions-Common Wealth” by Jeffrey D. Sachs (a Harvard trained economic luminary now at Columbia)

    Here are four bold but achievable goals for the U.S. and the rest of the world:
    — Sustainable systems of energy, land and resource use that avert the most dangerous trends of climate change, species extinction and destruction of ecosystems
    Stabilization of the world population at 8 billion or below by 2050, through a voluntary reduction of fertility rates, rather than the current trajectory of more than 9 billion by midcentury
    — The end of extreme poverty by 2025, and improved economic security within the rich countries as well
    — A new approach to global problem-solving based on cooperation among nations and the dynamism and creativity of the nongovernmental sector.

    The Progressive agenda needs access to all forms of population control at all stages of the reproductive process in order to achieve the objective of “population stabilization”. The agenda is to promote ’voluntary reduction of fertility rates’.

    If you’re an atheist or agnostic and subscribe to the Malthusian theory of limited global resources, then I can understand this logic.

    However I am not. I believe in a God who intentionally created the world to be inhabited. I believe in the God of the Bible who decreed “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth…”

    “For thus says the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he has established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the LORD; and there is none else.” Isaiah 48:18

    • Guest1776rcp

      The progressive agenda is built on nothing more than opposite Bible mentality. The Bible says be fruitful and have children so naturally the progs are against that very idea.

      The state of Texas could hold the world population and not be as congested as NYC. The progs lie about resources, no surprise there.

    • (sarc-on)Hey, if it works for Communist China….(sarc-off)

  • white531

    It is the one issue that those of us who are on the right-to-life side find to be one of the most important, in terms of the future of this nation and us as a people.

    Roe v. Wade should be overturned. Any nation that allows the murder of unborn children may not even have a future. The unborn apparently have no rights. What’s next? The elderly?

    • “What’s next? The elderly?” That’s where the death panels will come in handy.

      Lord Jesus please come soon!!

      • You mean the death panels that El Presidente and leftards in Congress say will not exist and are not in the ObamaCare bill (aka the AAHCA)?

    • Yep, Roe V. Wade is not a federal law. It was a court case that was ruled on by the SCOTUS. There was no bill brought forth in Congress to make it law. However, ObamaCare kind of makes it a law with their abortion provisions contained therein.

  • Notice how the evil dictator calls it (as they all do) “Late term” and not Partial BIRTH… that makes them feel better in pretending that a baby is still a clump of tissue at 9 months. Well heck, we knew he wouldn’t care about babies being partially born so that they could stabbed with scissors and their brains sucked out. After all, he voted against allowing babies who are born alive during an abortion to recieve care, as he and others would rather them die slowly, painfully, cold and alone in a garbage can.

    Oh LORD help us and forgive us for allowing this!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AlabamaPatriot2

    “Punished with a baby.”

    Shoulda thought of that when your ankles were up in the air.

  • So much for men’s reproductive rights.

  • I have a 10 month old daughter and she is not a punishment as Obama refers to babies. Abortion makes me sick. The thought of killing something so helpless and innocent is horrible.

    However, if Obama’s mother would have had an abortion in the summer of 1961 that would have been ok.

  • Obama: “If they make a mistake… I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

    This burns me up. “Punished with a baby?” What about not punishing a baby with HER mistake, you piece of crap!!

    • michael carpenter

      Oh my gosh! No truer word have been said.

  • This guy is a monster that has voted four times to allow doctors to let babies that survive abortions to die. So this is old news for me. http://www.mcclpac.org/about_obama_baipa.htm

  • tootsyann

    Obviously, President Obama is a man with a cold, cold heart. Someone with access and a heart for the most defenseless among us, please show Mr. Obama an advanced 3M sonagram of the various stages of life of the unborn in the confines of their Mother’s womb, as well as the horrific pictures of dismembered babies at the hand of the heartless abortionists that are so readily available with a simple search of the Web. If he does not find these testaments to the culture of death disturbing and repulsive, ice cold evil must run through this President’s veins.

  • “I don’t want them punished with a baby”….

    I want to puke when I hear him say that. For the record, I don’t want this country punished with his re-election. Let’s flush his presidency down the nearest sink.

    • white531

      Abort The President! I can see that on a bumper sticker!

  • tootsyann

    It’s apparent that the President’s compassion, morals and character, are as coldly, politically calculating as the ice running through his veins byway of his cold, cold heart.

  • michael carpenter

    Hmmm. Protecting innocent babies is the only “roll” he thinks the government should NOT take part in. All the while, Obama promotes governmental omnipresence in all other facets of life.

  • DINORightMarie

    This is the best counter-ad to this Akin flap, right here!! Obama is pro-infanticide. Make him own it – the DNC wants the conversation to be about abortion?!

    So, make them OWN it, and the evil ugliness of it all.

    Where are all those clever PACs now?! C’mon, people – this is low-hanging fruit. Stop them by allowing them to use their Alinsky tactics to take us off-message.

    Turn the tables on them………expose them for the evil, death-loving, woman-killing, racist/eugenics-embracing baby killers that they are!

    (For those who don’t “get” my last sentence, check out this link on Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger’s real history; and the statistics on abortion’s victims by gender.)

  • The real war on women!! Shocking! I wonder did he feel that way when his daughters were born??? This man has no conscience hence no convictions. He is an empty soul and pathetic human entity…not fit to be a human being!

  • publius1969

    this is an powerful find! the repubs have to hit this hard. obama’s demeanor during the vid is disturbing. he and his ilk will be called to justice in the future but we must do everything we can to stop this infanticide…it is an affront to God and all people of love and compassion. how can these people support the MURDER of innocent, undefended children? my heart cries out for the Lord’s vengeance upon these monsters

  • Martin2717

    Man…. how is this guy the President of the U.S.?

    • Because many people in this country care more about image rather than substance-there was nothing about Barack Obama prior to him becoming President to believe he knew anything about running this country in a Constitutional manner…but he was the first black President, he looked good, sounded better…and now we are where we are!

    • Because many people wanted to see the first black President of the United States. Style over substance.

  • Maybe he regrets his own life…who knows…but a true Christian would understand that God has a purpose for every life-even those conceived in the evil of rape. God is quite capable of taking something bad and turning it into good!

  • aZjimbo

    Punished with a baby? This man is the most disgusting human being that walks this earth.

  • Punished with a Baby as if the baby is a timeout.

  • Jay

    I’ll post this again: IL Sen. Barack “Present” Obama voted no on the Babies Born Alive Protection Act. Search that one if you want to find out what a real piece of human waste 0 is. While I’m opposed to abortion, I’m starting to think that maybe there was one that would have been justified.

  • These are things he said before he was elected back in 2008. I guess it just didn’t sink in, why with all of the people being mesmerized by his personality and the crease in his pants. That and wanting the first black President in history. I mean, this guy telegraphed who he was/is and what he was going to do, well before the first election. Why is this such a revelation to some people today? I guess many were put off by the McCain/Palin ticket. I suppose there was not enough energy and enthusiasm on the other side to generate large enough numbers of voters to ensure that Obama didn’t become President. It staggers the imagination. Oh well. What’s done is done. Fortunately, mistakes such as the Obama presidency can and will be corrected.

  • white531

    If they can go back in time and pull up Romney’s time at Bain Capital to try and smear him, then we should turn these early clips of Obama into campaign ads for our side.

  • B

    let him watch an abortion take place on video or what ever…. I bet obi would throw up, and change his mind

  • bobemakk

    Another BS statement by the self proclaimed messiah. HE HAS TO GO!