Obama irritated over getting challenged on Dream Act

An undocumented ‘dreamer’ in NY sent Obama a question regarding the Dream Act. More to the point, he’s tired of Obama sitting on his hands waiting for some hot Latino girl to come dance with him to get the Dream Act passed:

Mr. President, I am an undocumented law graduate from New York City. I’m just writing to say that your message that you do not have a dance partner, it is not a message of hope. A real dancer goes out on the dancer floor and takes out his or her dance partner. You’re just waiting. You have the facts, numbers, dollars, and votes on the side of granting administrative relief for Dreamers. We are doing our part. It is time to do yours, Mr. President.

Obama wasn’t very happy with this, saying that he can’t just change the laws unilaterally and that it’s doing a great disservice to the cause of getting the Dream Act passed for people to get propagating this notion that he can do it by himself.

But I don’t think the person writing the statement to Obama expected him to do it unilaterally. I think they’ve probably seen Obama’s “pass the bill” campaign and probably wants him to stop hiding behind the fact that he doesn’t have a partner and get out there with his bully pulpit and find one. But of course, Obama translates that to ‘I can’t do it by myself so stop asking me to’.

Sounds like some of the dreamers still believe that Obama is a nightmare:

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  • Words from a man who is desperate .

  • Anonymous

    He is not Mr. President people, he is Mr. Musilim non American citizen fake that is trying to turn our country upside down and ruin it! If obama was a true American President he would not let the National Anthem be taken out of schools and prayers could be said anywhere just like they use to…Why can’t people see this??

    • Joe W.

      I see it, and I agree.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry but I think I agree with Mark Styens position on the whole ”fake american” thing. The problem is not that this man who may or may not be a US citizen is your president – the problem is that many millions of your citizens not only voted for him, but will do again.

  • Angela Wiltz

    Anyone else sick of hearing their president whine like a 5 year old? He’s frustrated – HA! Try living in the America you’ve created Mr. President.

    Shut up Barry. If you can’t handle it get out of the White House.

  • Joe W.

    Barack Obama cannot wipe his butt by himself, it seems…

  • Anonymous

    Sounds “thin skinned” to me. Time for an Alaskan woman in the White House!

  • Obama’s truthful response to “Dreamer” would have been, “I’d love to move forward with the Dream Act and a lot of other programs that would help bankrupt this nation. I have done as much damage as I can without seriously jeopardizing my re-election. Give me four more years and watch what I can do. At the end of my second term, the country will be wishing for an economy as robust as Kenya’s and a national debt as good as Greece.”

    • Anonymous

      james121, I sincerely wish I could read your post with an underlining sense of sarcasm, but I can’t. Unfortunately you speak the truth.

  • Do you know what I hear? *WHINES* shut-uuuuup, I’m gonna do what I want, you can’t stop me! Mommy, why won’t my illegal toys like me?? wwaaaaa-wwwwaaaaa!!

    Seems like its not as easy to be a dictator as Stalin made it to be, huh you POS?!!

  • Josh

    Please send the envelope with his name and address to INS and get this “undocumented” piece of crap sent back to his own country. Freeloader.

    “We are not going to enforce any laws, so … (wink, wink).” –Obama

  • Anonymous

    The Pimp-In-Chief feels like he didn’t pimp the Dream Act enough.

  • “Borders? Borders? We don’t need no stinkin’ borders.”

  • Anonymous

    New Gaff Alert!!!!!!

    Perpetrating or Propagating Mr. Law Professor? Do you know the difference?

  • Anonymous

    Mr. President, I am an undocumented law graduate ……just like you 😀

    • Anonymous

      cheezwhizz, if you have your law license then you are not just like him or Moochell.

  • Maxsteele

    I think Obama is hesitating on this because he believes that it will not have as negative an impact on the country as his other priorities. He wants to do permanent damage to the USA before he leaves so his priorities are on destroying the economy even more, ensuring that as man people are unemployed as possible and destroy any capital available by taxing it out of the bussinesses.

  • Anonymous

    Did someone say BO was “irritated”? Because, gee whiz, BO….you should only be that and walk in my shoes! You little….rotten president.

  • y’all better not be snap’n a this boys heels, ya hear?

  • This is a calculated move. Don’t be fooled. He & his cronies have a very specific plan.
    They’re hoping ‘days of rage’ will lead to the ‘revolution’ that will give them the momentum to unilaterally take over, slide right into socialism cuz the revolution will
    demand it. Everything he &his team of liars (satan’s minions) do is planned. Stop
    drinking the freakin’ kool-aid and get ready for the fight of your lives!! And God bless
    us all!

  • Anonymous

    Obama off script – a new malprop. He said, “perpetrate the notion.” I believe he was trying to say “perpetuate the notion.”

    • I doubt it. This is Obama we’re talking about! “Perpetrate” is all he knows 😉

      • Anonymous

        I’d like to see him do a perp walk.

  • cassandra/kes

    well geez, seems he can’t decide which he needs most those calling him to help his “kind” or illegals? this kabuki dance will be interesting………..

  • I thought Napolitano was effectively enforcing the DREAM Act by deliberately NOT deporting folks unless guilty of heinous crimes…

  • Anonymous

    Let me be clear Jose…..right after you re-elect me in 2012 I’m going to focus like a laser beam on the Dream Act and other Amnesty for illegals programs.

    And if that makes me a warrior for the illegal immigrant, I’ll wear that charge as a badge of honor.


  • Failed: Obama’s E-Verify Letter, Obama Selective Service, Social Security Number


  • Oh now it’s the pesky laws fault. Yes dear leader, there are LAWS ON THE BOOKS which state that it is criminal activity to come into America without proper documentation. AND NO DEAR LEADER, WE DO NOT LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY!!!!! It’s a REPUBLIC!!!!
    Is it any wonder that these illegals don’t have a clue about how the system works because they see their dream boy and all the rest who want to shove amnesty through, doing things that are borderline treasonous and unconstitutional?
    You brought it on yourself dear leader- for crying out loud, for once in your life OWN SOMETHING!

  • Anonymous

    He said he has “Laws to enforce”, how about securing the border? Oh and now his hair shows more Grey. A grey haired Communist is still a Communist. All he said here was that Congress is not going along with his dream act and that seems to bother him. “OH WELL”.

  • Anonymous

    he got obamacare passed without the dance partner all of a sudden he cant on immigration the reason is simple, he wants to use immigration as an issue in the campaign to beat the gop as racist and extreme