Obama mocks Ed Henry question about high gas prices

Obama apparently likes to open mock and belittle what he thinks are dumb questions. But we know he’s just trying to distract from what he actually said and what he’s subsequently done over the last 3 years:

To quote Michelle Malkin, Jerk!

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  • Just watched that clip and was not surprised by the retort. However, he can only dodge so long before his words, his record will get to him.

    That maybe Ed’s last question to the president before the election.

    • Besides fawning debate moderators, do you think he’ll take questions from members of the press again before the election? I don’t see it happening. He lets his guard down and throws a tantrum every time. He’s probably getting an earful from his handlers right now.

      • NYGino

        He might take questions but be assured they will have to be submitted for approval first an the responses rehearsed.

        • p m

          Yeah – like he said, elections first, families second. A little problem with priorities there eh?

          He speaks, he lies, simple.

          • Rshill7

            “Him need ventriloquist training so we no see lips move.” (Tonto)

      • Rshill7

        Yep. A handler could get half an arm into those elephantitis auditoriums. He is not audio-impaired that’s for sure. He is marching to the beat of a diffeent ear-drummer though.

    • keyesforpres

      Let’s just hope Ed doesn’t die from “natural causes”.

  • SpikeT

    O is “operating on the margins” regarding credibility.

    To quote BO; “eeh eeh eeh eeh”.

  • BMinPA

    What a snob!

  • kim

    Refuse to watch this.

  • dk_in_tn

    Excuse me. I have to go and throw UP.

    • kim

      Can you imagine how many things he says that will make future politicians want to puke?

  • “But change would not mean rejection of the past. Like a tree
    growing strong through the seasons, rooted in the Earth and
    drawing life from the Sun, so, too, positive change must be rooted in
    traditional values—in the land, in culture, in family and community—
    and it must take its life from the eternal things, from the source of
    all life, which is faith. Such change will lead to new understandings,
    new opportunities, to a broader future in which the tradition is not
    supplanted but finds its full flowering. That is the future
    beckoning to your generation.”
    -Ronald Reagan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yS4yf723kmY

    • Wow Steven that is just a perfect quote.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Words to live by!

  • LadyLiberty2000

    Just “love” the look on dear leaders face as he’s listening to the first part of the question (before the scoffing begins). He can barely conceal the contempt.

    • You wouldn’t expect anything different. Carney does it, too, and he’s much worse. Gibbs look of disdain wasn’t as bad, but you could see the hamster wheel in his head spinning once he began to get the gist of the question, so he could mockingly tell the questioner what he (Gibbs) wasn’t (“I’m not a petroleum engineer…”). It really makes me miss Bush, Snow and Perino.

      • LadyLiberty2000

        True enough! I “almost” forgot about Gibbs because I became adept at turning the channel whenever he came on.

  • StrangernFiction

    Pure Evil

  • Amy

    Saw it live… I’m stuck someplace where CNN is the only option. Everyone’s reaction was pretty much the same. What an arrogant [email protected]@.

    On a separate note – if you’re a conservative, watching CNN all day long can certainly be considered cruel and unusual punishment and in certain circumstances it’s downright torture.

    • sDee

      I have to say watching TV period is impossible. There is nothing that has escaped the mind shaping and political correctness.

    • CNN is unwatchable. It amazes me it’s still on the air. Probably wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for hotels and airports that don’t carry FOX.

    • It’s Lent…I consider watching Obama- on CNN no less- as penance. “Offer it up!” my dear old Grandma would say.

      • Rshill7

        I just “offered up” my dinner.

        It was a winner.

    • NYGino

      It came out this week that even Ted Turner, the founder of CNN doesn’t watch it anymore, and hasn’t in years.

  • Yes, Mr President. I do believe YOU want gas prices to go up. Just like you want energy prices to go up…..since you said before you were elected president that you would bankrupt the coal industry.

    • Dennis Echols

      Man you are right on. Barry Obama will never get it….He’s just totally STUPID!!! I would love to know how this hoodwink idiot PUNK, got in office in the first place. Gasoline prices are going to continue to go up, until 2012 elections. Even those ARABS hate OBAMA!!! And he thinks that the payroll tax reduction extension, is going to help Americans. WHAT AN A-HOLE!!! The gasoline price increases so far this year have already eaten up what Americans saved on their payroll checks. How in the world, will this idiot Obama get reelected in 2012?? He is going to bankrupt, not only the coal industry, but every American on the planet. AMERICANS, WAKE UP!!!! OBAMA HAS GOT TO GO!!!

    • NCHokie02

      Yeah Ed should have used one of BO’s quotes about it against him and then should have quoted his own energy secretary in stating that the “goal is to get gas to European prices”. I would have directly asked him about that and then asked what specifically he is doing to solve the gas problem. Because whatever he is doing it isn’t working.

  • c4pfan

    Yet, the American people don’t seem to care. Go figure.

    • K-Bob

      Figuring is hard.

  • johnos2112

    You want an energy policy? Here is on Mr. Obama!

  • Sure, he meets people it hurts, but does anyone really believe Obama is capable of empathy, or any emotion that would connect him to other humans? The only emotion he’s ever expressed openly is petulance. Remember, he’s above the rest of us. The fact that his job requires him to deal with the opinions of the proles is endlessly frustrating to him. It would be so much easier if he was the supreme dictator and he could just “disappear” those of us who challenge his superior intellect.

    • Rshill7

      Surely, came it to that, he’d give us the opportunity, in a “by your leave sir”, fashion, to allow us to say something like, “Seacrest Out”(!), before we, uh, took one for the Gripper 🙂

  • poljunkie

    This man clearly walks around feeling he is better than everyone else in the room.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    So, in other words, he didn’t answer the question.

    • I loved the, “I’d have to be stupid to admit doing what you’re accusing me of doing in an election year,” non-answer.

      • K-Bob

        He’s got that Stalinist approach that just amazes in it’s openness.

        This is a guy who’d take the tip money you just put on the table, put it in his coat pocket, while telling you right to your face he never touched it.

    • steprock


      I think a better question would have been to start off quoting the Energy Secretary himself saying he didn’t HAVE a goal to lower gas prices.

  • 36Free

    If he feels that way, he needs to have a conversation with his Secretary of Energy that has the complete opposite view. I can’t take much more of these daily lectures thinking we are fools. Please, when it comes time…get out there behind whoever it is against this disgrace. I have my preference, but the stakes are too high. We are not going to recognize this country anymore if we don’t.

  • I jumped in and watched it. He’s just playing politics at this point. He doesn’t care about anything else. He has the look of someone that doesn’t even want to be President, but because other people do want that position and it’s of importance around the world, he’s staying put.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Obama is a high maintenance President. He just wants recognition by ensuring he destroys everything and blaming others.

    • toongoon

      I think you nailed it.

  • warpmine

    The look on his face regarding the lack of visit to Israel is one of “you effing bastard”. Lying sack of shyt!

    • GiantM

      Yah…he gave him a look alright, but then he went ahead and avoided the question of Israel completely. If his convictions were honest regarding Israel, he would of first defended his stance concerning “having their back”.

      Clearly he does not have Israel’s back!

      • Rshill7

        Yeah. One can see the bones of the grim reaper underneath. I thought I saw a couple of horns telescoping in and out too, along with a ghostly effervescent, iridescent presence, of a pitchfork and demon sidekick.

        • NYGino

          Moochelle was in the background?

          • Rshill7

            Nope. She was probably off nourishing that rich rump o’ hers. Baby got back! She’s also got bish, only spelled differently.

            O’s just an actor and protractor who should’ve smacked-her…and she him. I know I want to. The Junior Senator from Illinois is going down, and I’m going to dance on his political post-mortem. I want to see him try and open a lemonade stand. He’s damn sure got experience selling lemons.

            An on-the-job education in tar and feathers would narrow his horizons. We need a few more tutors though.

            • GiantM

              Careful…she’ll steal your lunch and replace it with brussel sprouts!

        • GiantM

          ROFL!! Thanks buddy for my daily laugh! I needed that one. 🙂

      • warpmine

        Yes, what he should have said, we’ve got the knife in the back of Israel.

  • PChandler

    “Does that makes sense from political perspective?”: Obama

    Of course, that’s what politicans do in countries like Norway. And there’s many people -libtards- in the U.S. that wanna turn America into an European country, like Norway.

  • The – worst – president – ever.

  • To his first statement: “You already said that you wanted gas prices higher, but you wanted them to go up, gradually. I’d say that 4 years is pretty gradual. If anything sounds politically ridiculous, its your own, televised statement. If you want to contest it, I have a smartphone with access to YouTube. I can play it back for you, right now, if you’re going to pretend you never said that.”

    Not good for the economy: “Well, if you’re so concerned about economic injuries due to rising gas prices, why hasn’t he allowed the US to use it’s own resources, cutting the costs of imports from terrorism supporting nations, and denying them petrodollars. You keep making statements that drilling won’t get us out of this crisis, and yet while your opponents and critics show reason as to why it will, you just stand there, and expect us to take your word for it, that you’re right, and they’re wrong, all without a shred of proof. Why is that?”

    About the recovery: “Its common knowledge that leftist pollsters have warned you not to say that the economy is picking up, because even Ray Charles, who is not only blind, but dead, could see that is not the truth. Gas prices are rising, everything connected to those prices, ranging from transportation to groceries, is going up, too. This economy is nowhere near recovery, and in your own letter, written in your own hand, you said that the economy was nowhere near recovery, and that it was at least two years away. Prior to that, you said that if this was the case [with the economy], you’d only be a one term president. Which is true, and which is not?”

    Believe me: I’d have no trouble throwing his words right back in his smug face, on national TV, right in his own house.

    • I agree with you except for one thing. I was interviewed by a local TV station 30 years ago, that TV camera lens turned me into a blathering idiot! (The reason for the interview was for an academic achievement, yeah I know ;-]. Miraculously, and I do mean miraculously, the editor took the time and made the effort to make me look reasonably sentient. That wouldn’t happen today. A camera can flat out vex any man, however intelligent they may be on paper.

      • p m

        But Floyd – that means that he should ace those cameras. As you’re intelligent and found it unnerving, ergo, 0bama should find it a breeze.

    • Rshill7

      “…because even Ray Charles, who is not only blind, but dead…” (Virusx)

      I liked all of this post sir, but especially this.


      • NYGino

        I always was under the assumption that dead and blind kinda go together, guess not.

        • Rshill7

          I’m going to see so much better than ever when I’m “dead”.

          I will in fact be alive when I’m dead. More alive than I’ve ever been before 🙂

          ‘scuse me whilst I grab my guitar and perform a little “What A Day That Will Be”. It’s an old southern gospel number we used to sing in church. Be right back.

  • Been_There_BT

    O makes a mockery of the Presidency. He disgraces everything we hold sacred.

  • sjmom

    The next questions should have been is why haven’t you released from the oil reserves and why did you nix the XL pipeline. He will pay dearly in November at the polls if gas prices don’t come down so he better get off his high horse and do something if he wants to win.

  • barney59

    Sanctimonious bastard.

  • NYGino

    This clip is a great example of one of Barry’s go to defensive moves, the “my how you sound like an idiot” chuckle quickly followed by enlisting others to back up the assault on the one posing the question. “Is there anybody here who thinks that makes a lot of sense?”

    Personal attacks are not professional but then who has ever accused him of being a professional. He’s a back alley mugger on the world stage and he embarrasses us.

    • Rshill7

      Right. The real idiots are what we commonly call, his base. He’s hamstrung by them. He’s also hamstrung by his hatred, his ideological bent, his racism, his arrogance, and how profoundly wrong he is regarding all of those things.

      He’s trying what has been tried several times by others, but he’s expecting a different result. (?) Einstein had a name for that.

      • NYGino

        True, and that name is relative to his base.

    • thoughtsrfree

      U r spot on in this post!

  • Follow up question…

    Would higher gas prices be OK if it wasn’t an election year. You know, like the way they’ve been higher every year before this year? how ’bout $20.00 a gallon in 2013?

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      EXACTLY what I was thinking when I heard his snide answer!

  • sybilll

    Ed got this one right this time, but he cannot shed his CNN agenda. He actually RT’d a link to Think Progress a little while ago. The one boasting about advertisers leaving Rush that in fact have not advertised on Rush for years. He can bite me.

  • Pyrran

    Is he really that stupid? No way. He’s just bs, pure and simple.

    To paraphrase, “The only way we’re gonna solve this problem is if I don’t get re-elected”.

  • NYGino

    Ed Henry should have stopped after he brought up Israel and the question of watching their back. Instead he brings up the gas price question and completely lets Barry off the hook. Don’t ‘package’ questions. Ask a specific question and wait for a specific answer. Not that you’d ever get the truth out of our traitor in chief but his false answer would be left to twist in the wind all by itself.

    • WordsFailMe

      Ed: “Your critics is Washington have said you want gas prices to go higher…How do you respond to that?”

      Who is Ed working for? FOX News? This is like putting a worm on the hook then straightening the hook so nobody gets poked.

      What if he had asked. “America holds its’s President responsible when gas price go higher? What will you do about it?”

      I had high hopes for Ed as the White House Correspondent but this was a question so inept that even a first year journalism student could have done better. Maybe the heat is getting too much for Ed both at the WH and at FOX HQ. And O’Rielly’s getting closer to retirement…

      • NYGino

        WFM, you get my point. How you phrase a question is important.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Let’s all have a rousing laughfest at what brilliant disdain maobama shows towards legitimate questions about his deplorable decisions and lack of leadership. Whoo… not only did I wet myself… I’ve got a cramp now. He’s a funny guy… (wiping tear from eye)… clowns really are funny! This is the best of both worlds… a laugh riot and damn scary.

    • Rshill7

      Really. Maybe GM should rethink the Volt, shrink it down to the size of a Shriner’s car and have O’ ride around in it during the campaign. It might reach it’s much-touted 40 miles per charge lie then.

      I have a red sponge microphone spit guard that would well double a clown’s nose.

      Giddy yap! Come Jan. 20-some-odd, this clown could escort the new conservatives into their varied and sundry offices first, then escort the new Oval Office occupier (Newt) into that lovely space, before he putt-putts off to the western shores of Lake Michigan, family in tow. I’ll be happy to remain on the eastern shores of Lake Huron, where I will have cornered the market on fireworks and party favors of every variety, under a new Big Top.

  • capelady

    Well, Obama talks a good line but we have learned over the past three years that you cannot listen to a word this man says – you have to watch what he does. He should check out Newt’s American energy plan, and he would learn how to bring gas prices down!!!

  • nibblesyble

    Hey all,
    I am not sure when Scoop is going to put up the election night post, but just want to shout out to all of the ABR supporters; watch CNN, already their coverage is better than Fox/Romney News. Indeed, one such reporter has the nerve to say that a win for Newt in Georgia was essentially a win for ole’Mittens. Brace yourselves fellow conservatives, we are going to be hearing all night how Mittens will be the nominee after this, in spite of wins for both Rick and Newt and even Ron Paul.

    • RosiesSeeingRed


      • nibblesyble

        I know..it was nibblesyble seeing red! LOL

  • KM

    Wonder if a ‘drone’ has been assigned to Ed…

  • There’s never a dumb question only dumb answers and most of them are coming from the bozo in the WH.

  • doncarter

    He should stick to singing. He’s not a very good comedian…nor POTUS.

    • kong1967

      I was quite impressed with his singing, too. Maybe we should impeach him and hire him as the choir boy. Oh, wait….that won’t work. That would require he go to church.

      • NYGino

        He’d do a great Muslim call to prayer at sunset, his favorite sound in the world.

        • kong1967

          He was a Muslim earlier in his life….fact. He “supposedly” converted to Christianity…..uh…fact? I’d like to hear him explain why he hasn’t been given the death sentence with the Muslim community. They have done the opposite. They like him. That doesn’t make any sense, other than the Muslims believe he is still Muslim and his Christianity bit is a hoax. I tend to believe that, too.

  • Has Obozo said anything about the tornado victims?


    … did you all hear the ECONOMIC GENIUS in that answer know wonder your once GREAT ECONOMIC PROWESS is being flushed down the TOILET with this COMMUNITY ORGANIZER as your President.

  • welltempered2

    What a great economist!

    What a campaign strategist!

    What a creep!

  • kong1967

    I think Obama had an excellent answer. Too bad for him that he’s lying. He forgets how he has stated that he wants higher gas and electric prices. The “all of the above” strategy is a conservative approach. He just adopted it for the election and is taking credit for it. If he believes in an “all of the above” strategy, he’s going to have a tough time explaining why he has done everything in his power to shut down oil production and expansion in this country. Yet, he promoted it for Brazil. Newt would be the best option for destroying Obama with this argument.

    • alex1913

      Yep. Well said.
      This should be one of the biggest campaign blitz ads from the RNC. Use Obamas own words on how he wants higher prices so his “green energy” campaign donor cronies will prosper and average americans will pay more for everyday energy use.

      • kong1967

        Obama is on video saying he wants oil and electric prices to skyrocket. He’s on video saying he wants to put private health insurance out of businesss using a government option. Liberals flat out tell me I’m lying. My question is….why didn’t any of the candidates put these in their ads the last election, and why aren’t any of them talking about it now or putting it in their current ads?

        • alex1913

          Well. It is indeed a great question. If I ran the RNC those videos would be all over the frickin’ tv 24/7.
          Maybe some people should be let go that do all the tv ads for the candidates and the party! Thanks for the response kong. 🙂

  • Goldni007

    Notice how in his answer Obama first brought up the part about his running for reelection in answering the question. Then came along part about “gas prices hurting families.” Then lastly how it affects the economy.

    Shows our narcissist in chief’s priorities and his true order of importance on things

  • anneinarkansas

    He mocks Ed Henry because is FOX.
    Obama is fraud in every way.

  • scottgilbert

    If I come across this ass wipe laying in the street in a pool of his own blood dying … I would just keep on walking !!!

    : )

  • alex1913

    Just by seeing how annoyed Obama gets being asked this question ought to tell the RNC that hammering Obama on this issue is a surefire winning stategy.
    The RNC needs to run ads using Obamas quotes saying he wants higher gas prices like in Europe to ween the American people off of fossil fuels and secretary of energy Chus quotes as well.
    And if anyone can dig up video of these marxists saying stuff like this they need to run that on ads 24/7…
    Get on this RNC! Are you paying attention Priebus? Priebus?…. bueller?
    Gotta love the Obama stare down that took place there too eh?

  • NYGino

    Pretty much the same look he gave Netanyahu.

  • I guess Steven Chu didn’t get that memo Mr. President.

  • WordsFailMe

    Arrogant ponce

  • reason1984

    Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals: Vilify and demean all opponents real or imagined.

    BO doesn’t come off well at these press conferences; that’s why his handlers rarely let him play with an open mike. Do not stray from the script. Sorry Mr. President not all the questions will be coming from Brian Williams and KaKaKaKatie Couric. Peace out.

  • davidrugenstein


    You, sir, are a riot tonight!!! THANKS FOR SAYING IT JUST HOW IT IS!!! EVERY ONE PLEASE Note: BE SURE TO READ RSHILL’S COMMENTS… AS USUAL, most all of his comments hit the nail on the head….. , AND ARE SO FUNNY!!!! TRS & R7, THANKS AGAIN, AND HAVE FUN!!!


  • destroyer_of_moonbats

    his lies make me physically ill.

  • A reflection of his marxist socialist mind.

  • Jay

    He stutters like Porky Pig when he’s thinking up a good lie.

  • NCHokie02

    Typical Alinsky tactic….marginalize the issue, make fun of it, mock it. What exactly is BO doing to solve the gas crisis? He does realize that even his beloved Volt runs on gas doesn’t he? And when it’s not running on gas 80% of the time its running on Coal. Yup coal. Where does he think that electricity to “power” the volt comes from? And he wants to ruin the coal industry too?? Does he not realize God put these things in the earth for us to use and to prosper with?? Its ok to use natural resources, it’s ok to eat meat. All of these things of the left, enviornmentalism and such are counter to God and are in an attempt to get the all-knowing government being the only one you serve.

    Went a little bit on a tangent there but I would like for Obama to show what he is doing to stop the increase in gas prices? He says that drilling is at an all-time high but he has closed the majority of the off-shore sites for drilling on the east and west coast and in the Gulf. So drilling permits on public land have gone up but there is enormous amounts that can be tapped into off our coasts. I for the life of me do not understand how scientists say we have one of the largest oil reserves in the world underneath us and we refuse to use it for some reason. Again up the paragraph above. Enviornmentalism and the EPA trumps the welfare of the nation.

  • cheyennecowboy

    Yes, Mr. odumba, and about Israel? aaa—duh—aah—aah—duh—duh. “old stumbles” can’t hardly speak….cause he doesn’t know what to say. And YES, Mr. Camp…..
    The – worst – president – ever!

  • I find the comment “people have to drive a long way to get to work” telling. I expect the federal central planners will be instructed by B.O. that this is the true problem, not high fuel cost, and to begin planning housing projects for the masses so we can all walk and ride bikes to work.

  • ginerlou

    I just really take offense to his smugness, his elitist, belittling manner. He was a man who said he was going to “bring us all together”…we are farther apart in this country than ever before. It was a fair question, too bad he didn’t get a fair and honest answer.