Obama: My apology to Karzai “calmed things down”

Yeah, I’m sure the lowlifes who killed our troops over some burned Korans are mollified now because Obama said “sorry”.

But then why is Karzai himself demanding that our soldiers be put on trial? Sure sounds to me like it’s plenty dangerous over there for them, despite anything our Global Healer may have said.

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama said on Wednesday that his formal apology last week to Afghan President Hamid Karzai for the burning of copies of the Koran at a U.S. military base had “calmed things down”, after the incident spurred protests against U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan.

“I think the reason that it was important … is to save lives, and to make sure our troops who are there right now are not placed in further danger,” Obama told ABC News in an interview before a dinner to honor U.S. war veterans.

The president wrote to Karzai to apologize after Afghan workers found charred copies of the Muslim holy book at the base near Kabul. Muslims view the Koran as the literal word of God and treat each book with deep reverence.

“It calmed things down. We’re not out of the woods yet,” Obama said of his apology. “My criteria in any decision I make, getting recommendations from the folks who are actually on the ground, is what is going to be best to protect our folks and make sure they can accomplish their mission.”

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  • Conservative_Hippie

    I’m speechless. What a disgrace.

    • kessi7

      Either we don’t understand what Jihadists are able to do or we are fooling ourselves after all they have told us that they would do in certain situations. So while like Dr Krauthammer says, an apology might be right, if done through the right channel, in this case getting the commander on the ground to do the apologising, I would expect that The Commander in Chief of the United States’ army, whose first and maybe most important job is to uphold the constitution and defend the people of America, would state it clearly that He would not take the loss of any American lives lying low. Like the parody of the Apology to Hamid Karzai on Youtube, I would say:
      ” You may burn a Bible in retaliation, you may burn the
      American flag, You may even throw Molotov cocktails at
      our embassy (ies). But any attempt at the lives of any
      American will be met with decisive response.
      You may even kill your own people. But to kill any of
      ours is an act of war.

      • Trust1TG

        This is the proper response and bears repeating:
        “You may burn a Bible in retaliation, you may burn the
        American flag, You may even throw Molotov cocktails at
        our embassy (ies). But any attempt at the lives of any
        American will be met with decisive response.
        You may even kill your own people.
        But to kill any of our troops is an act of war.”

        Not to have responded this way shows our abortion-Islam-Marxist-minded President’s lack of respect for human life. His roots are showing.

        Since Obama has been micro-managing our military campaigns, casualties have escalated horrifically.

        He is as intentionally destructive as a Commander-in-Chief as he is as an economic, political and social leader.

        Ruin and chaos is his goal. This is the Marxist Islamic credo.

        It’s easy to destroy, kill, rape, murder, loot, steal. That’s the way of the world, flesh and devil.

        Godly people build, create, give, love, respect, help, serve, teach what is good and true.

        Obama has intentionally done the opposite. He has looted, lied and destroyed since taking office.

  • This is the most maddening thing I have seen. To think that this administration could go no lower, they have not even commented on whether they will not permit our troops to be tried by these Afghanistanies. This is reprehensible, on top of Obama’s desire to increase the expense of healthcare costs to our military.

    It is time to tell the LEFT to leave the greatest military alone. I did not serve my country so that my fellow vets and compatriots can be left out to dry while defending our country.

    • Thank you PuritanD71. Thank you for your service.

    • kessi7

      Second point to ponder is why did we get caught? How come the most elite force in the world does such a shabby job of this? Aljazeera actually has a picture of one of the Qurans about 20% burnt. What kind of incinerator was used? I can’t imagine that the military that raided Bin Laden’s home, caught him, killed him, ransacked his house and made away with all they wanted to take away, held a burial service for him according to Islamic injunctions, buried him at sea and then returned home and had dinner with their families while we watched Super bowl or something, can botch such a sensitive assignment. Much as I love and respect the men in uniform, something needs to be said as to why such a sloppy job was done. How did anybody even know that we were burning anything?

      • mrcombi

        One word, infiltration…

    • kong1967

      You should have driven a bus for Obama’s union pals. You would be getting over $100,000 a year, more benefits, and a pension that you could only dream of having now. I say that jokingly, of course. This administration (and the Democrat party for that matter) puts unions way before the military, and it’s disgusting.

  • Do not know the accuracy for this article but it would seem that the Obama administration desires to unionize the military. I would not be surprised but this does make my blood boil.


  • PChandler

    This delusional bastard is so full of himself, typical libtard.

  • But, but, AFTER he apologized things exploded. So…how…Ah. He lies.

  • NoToTyrants

    When you reward the behavior of these barely hominid ignoramuses with capitulation, appeasement, and weakness, you encourage more violence and hostility, not less.

  • johnos2112

    Come November Romney will look pretty good compared to Obama!

    • no. sorry he won’t.

    • Nukeman60

      Yes, beheading is bad. But cutting off my arm is still bad, too.

  • tvlgds

    We need to pull out every single member of our military and let the savages kill each other as they have done for centuries. AMF!

  • Joe

    This POS really takes the cake

    I am convinced he is getting sicker by the day

    This is the crap the GOP should be pouncing on – not personal whinny stuff

    BTW – His butt buddy Sec. Chu of Energy – ADMITTED that the WH

    Has NO INTEREST in getting gas prices down >>>>


    http://youtu.be/NRuvsvFpYwU ( ff to 2:30 – would not say to lower price)

    I am having a full glass of rum right now

  • SFCDeano

    Definition of appeasement – feeding an alligator hoping he will eat you last.

  • I’m sorry Dan, but I don’t think I’ve calmed down since this garbage spewing, marxist piece of (fill in your own words) antiAmerican muslim loving, military lothing piece of (fill in your own words) first grovelled to the enemy to beg forgiveness. I don’t think I’ve calmed down enough to post a comment of what I think of this (insert your own words) evil dictator wannabe, spawn of SATAN, butt smacking (insert your own words) dear leader. I really can’t. I haven’t calmed down. What an (insert your own words here)!

    • StandingGround

      Exactly! Once again, thanks for venting for me too!

    • Lord love you! ABC

    • PFFV

      Likes to infinity ABIC 🙂

      We couldn’t agree more, you are a great patriot, thank you. I enjoy your posts; don’t let Obama make you as mad as he makes me…lol! I swear I could walk right up and sock him the nose for his idiocy/evil plan. People called Bush evil? Obama is more sinister than even we know. Loads of crap is going to hit the fan for long time after he has been gone. Oops preaching to choir again… sorry.

      I hope you and yours are healthy and happy, god bless you all.

    • denbren52

      Why don’t you tell us how you really feel ABC?

      • Because Scoop would ban me and you’d never get to hear my rants 😉

        • NYGino

          I’m pretty sure you’d get a pass.

        • denbren52

          That’s OK. I filled in the blanks and then I really really really liked your comment!

    • NYGino

      ABC, after taking your advice and filling in my own words I feel like I have to repent.

      • StNickao posted below- very appropriately, Psalm 139:19-24

        If only you, God, would slay the wicked!
        Away from me, you who are bloodthirsty!
        They speak of you with evil intent;
        your adversaries misuse your name.
        Do I not hate those who hate you, LORD,
        and abhor those who are in rebellion against you?
        I have nothing but hatred for them;
        I count them my enemies.
        Search me, God, and know my heart;
        test me and know my anxious thoughts.
        See if there is any offensive way in me,
        and lead me in the way everlasting


        • NYGino

          Thank you.

        • Trust1TG


          The Word of the LORD.

          Thanks be to GOD.

    • Nukeman60

      Insert word, insert word, insert word, insert word. There, I feel better. But it appears ‘dear leader’ is still in charge, so it must not have worked.

    • anneinarkansas

      I have not calmed down since the election in 2008.

  • detectivedick

    Wait until you hear about the deal LIAR Obama is making with Egypt. 19 USA hostages for the Blind Sheik…..

  • grenadiadrian

    If this administration set the bar any lower, they’d strike oil………then they would wage war against it for doing so. Worst 3+ years ever.

  • poljunkie

    ANY of our candidates are better than this GUY. NOVEMBER cant come soon enough.

  • Alborn

    Liar Liar pants on fire. And there are still freedom loving Americans that say they like this fraud in the WH. Release your college records you fraud.

  • I totally agreed with POTUS, “We are not out of the woods, yet”. We have not yet had to fight in the streets of the USA, oh sorry, we have. We have not been bombed on US soil, oh sorry, we have. Our system has not crumbled, oh sorry, yes it has. We still have our law, but many people are trying to change it to a foreign law. Why does our entire government, overworked, underpaid, underappreciated, still do the will, of appointees, so willing to destroy us? You tell me, I give up. I am still trying to figure out, how FDR so easily removed so many of our freedoms.

  • PVG


  • 911Infidel

    Yeah sure and you calmed the seas and healed the planet too didn’t yah sparky? The troglodytes murdered four of our troops. Did Karzai apologize yet for that? You schmuck.
    Your constant kowtowing to Islamic supremacists makes me believe that you are a closet Muslim and really care nothing for the troops who are bleeding and dying for a corrupt and backward people.

    “Military policy requires troops in combat zones to burn their trash. […] In 2009, the military confiscated and burned unsolicited Bibles sent by a church to Afghanistan. In this case, the Bibles were intended for distribution, not for enemy intelligence purposes. Christians did not respond by rioting and shooting US troops, and neither the military nor our government apologized. The military simply burned them and stated that it was policy.

    That is how exactly how the military should have handled the Koran incident. Once the burnings were reported, announce that prisoners were using them for intelligence, and we disposed of them as per policy. And let Muslims know that if they don’t want non-Muslims to destroy their Korans, then they shouldn’t desecrate them in the first place.

    Why the constant appeasement of Islam? If we are truly a nation of religious freedom, then what works for the Christians should work for the Muslims.

    We can’t please everybody, but all these serial apologies have done is pour fuel on the fire – and the Afghans have responded by murdering even more of our troops. At such a rate that ISAF decided to no longer report on casualties caused by Afghan soldiers or policemen.

    Trust me, I understand the threat that jihadists pose to our country. However, we can’t defeat these barbarians if we are continually showing them weakness. Sure, we have the finest military ever assembled in human history, but if the political masters lack the will to win, what does it matter to our enemies?” – Crush 2/29/2012 “Blackfive”

  • 3seven77

    Funny how those islamofacists don’t seem to mind when *they* are the ones desecrating their precious korans by throwing them into sewage:


  • John_Frank

    Obama is full of it.

    Why Is Obama in Bed with the Muslim Brotherhood?

    Because birds of a feather flock together.

  • This is not as pathetic as it can get…oh no..wait till the troops are handed over to the UN or worse an Afghan Court with the tacit approval of this Dick Head in Chief.

    In his heart of hearts…Obama is a Muslim first.

  • PFFV

    The arrogance of this Marxist fits right in with his teachings and hate filled sermons from his self-proclaimed father figure Rev. Jeremiah Wright. He is so full of Sh!! he actually believes it? The really sick problem is many in this country support this insane ideology. We are surrounded by stupid people, I hate to say it but it is absolutely true. Why do people refuse to see the facts and the truth? Conservatism is the only solution and many support a person who created his own government monster in RomneyCare. We are supposed to believe he will do away with ObamaCare when he said he wanted something like it in 2007? Rant over…lol!

  • Obama apologize this ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

  • kong1967

    Oh, yeah, Obama….you saved 1,000 lives. Shut up dung breath!

    Why didn’t you apologize to Occupy Wallstreet for screwing up the economy so bad? Moron.

    • JoeMontana16

      I wonder how many lives have been saved or created because of his apology? Haha

      • kong1967

        I don’t know, but I’m sure a few have been aborted.

  • Been_There_BT

    If he got “recommendations from the folks who are actually on the ground” I notice he didn’t say our “soldiers” or “Generals” or the “military,” he said “folks” so who did he consult? Did he consult our guys on the ground or the guys who are trying to destroy our guys?

  • GEDouglas

    The man is a fool!

    • Trust1TG

      The man is acting with an evil intent. The foolish part is thinking he and his cohort can oppose God and sin with impunity.

  • Dan

    i wish the hell someone would occupy this idiots brain ***** other than a lie a second the destruction of our economy, collapse of the dollar ,real inflation at about 12% ,real unemployment-underemployment at 16%,gas doubling in price , corruptions out of control in Washington D.C….unions running the government,enemies in our government planing our demise—shall i go on….MAYBE WE SHOULD POST A BIG SIGN OUT SIDE DC—–“PLEASE WASH ME” OR BETTER YET “VIRUS FUND…FILE CORRUPT….PLEASE DELETE….THEN FORMAT”

    other wise the virus spreads and wipes us all out……..

  • Every one calm down…..The Imbecile In Chief has sorted this out, no need to worry people, the frenzied mobs in Afghanistan have abated and gone home with the assurance that the troops who dared commit such a heinous crime as to burn a book full of ink and paper, which apparently they have no problem burning themselves will be handed over to the compassionate and merciful Courts in Afghanistan.

    What a relief! now the Imbecile In Chief can spend his time concentrating on other more important things like free sex change operations for Transsexuals…..Thank goodness the Dems are on top of the issues.

  • edwardlee

    Not only did it calm things down, but it helped turn back the tide and heal the planet.

  • Trust1TG

    TIMELINE of incident:

    20 Feb: Korans found by labourers on Bagram air base amid piles of rubbish reportedly sent to be burned
    21 Feb: Nato and the US apologise and officials say it was not intentional, but anger escalates
    22 Feb: 6 killed in protests around the country
    23 Feb: US President Barack Obama apologises;
    23 Feb: Two US soldiers are among 8 people killed in violent protests
    24 Feb: Deadliest single day of protests as 12 people are killed
    25 Feb: 2 Nato officers shot dead by a policeman in the interior ministry; US withdraws staff from ministries
    26 Feb: Other Nato nations withdraw staff from ministries
    27 Feb: 9 killed in a car bomb attack at Jalalabad airport

    6 were killed AFTER the first NATO/US military apology.
    25 were killed AFTER Obama’s apology.
    Total: 31

    Evidence shows deaths actually increased with number of apologies.

    Meanwhile THOUSANDS of Korans found in Pakistani sewer. No trumped up photo-op deadly violent protests from the Islamist hypocrites.

    Elsewhere killings continue unabated by apologies of any kind especially from Islamists:
    27 Feb: (Mogadishu, Somalia) – Mujahid bombers take out 3 people at a soccer match.
    28 Feb: (Yecheng, China) – 3 ethnic Chinese are hacked to pieces by a Muslim mob
    28 Feb. (Kohistan, Pakistan) – Jundallah fundamentalists pull 18 Shiite civilians off a bus and execute them in cold blood.
    28 Feb: (Baghdad, Iraq) – Sectarian Jihadis shoot 4 young family members to death.
    29 Feb: (Mogadishu, Somalia) – A journalist trying to open a radio station shut down by Islamists is murdered outside his home.
    Total: 29*

    * This list and the total is not complete because at 6:13 am EST, the Religion of Peace is still calculating and posting the last week and the month of February totals. I will edit and update numbers as they are added at the site.

    Wherever Islam is allowed to take over, there is suffering, rape, oppression, ruthless barbaric violence and political aggression.

    • Trust1TG

      Weekly Jihad Report – Feb. 18 – Feb. 24
      Jihad Attacks: 42
      Allahu Akbars: 6
      Dead Bodies: 247
      Critically Injured: 568

      To Hell with Islam.

      • Joachim14_1a

        Correction: Islam IS hell.

    • NCHokie02

      If you just submit then they won’t have to be violent….jeez

    • Trust1TG

      The Religion of Peace website was attacked by hackers. That is why the current data on Islam’s atrocities is not complete.

      “(Feb. 29, 2012) TheReligionofPeace.com is recovering from technical issues that appear to be of malicious origin. We are working to identify the source. Until then, we have temporarily truncated the remainder of our front page. Thank you for bearing with us.”

      • Trust1TG

        Besides the deaths averaging 250-300 per week, there are an even greater number of serious injuries caused by Islamic terror attacks.

        Less widely known are the cruel acid attacks:

        “Every year in Pakistan around 150 women are victims of acid attacks, horrific incidents where liquid acid is thrown on their face, leaving them permanently scared and disfigured.

        Many are left without access to proper medical care, while those that do have access often require up to 20 surgeries to properly treat the damage.
        In truth, the number of victims is likely much higher than those reported as many are attacks are typically carried out by someone close to them, such as a disgruntled husband or suitor looking for revenge.”

        Video and story here: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/around-the-world-abc-news/saving-face-horrific-acid-attacks-target-women-pakistan-035756661.html

  • Once again, the boy-king has shown his immaturity and impotence. Surrendering our national sovereignty, and the support of the best military outfit in the world, to an installed puppet king, and to the United Nations, is a disgrace to the military, a disgrace to We the People of the United States, and a disgrace to the very Oath of Office that this “shrunk-like-a-turtle” endowed moron has become.

  • NCHokie02

    Does he realize that the killings happened after his apology? Did he see the effigy that they burned of him? They could care less about his apology. Does he think the afghans are like..”Oh, well…I didn’t realize you apologized. I guess I can go back to my mud hut now.”

  • Wait until Obama allows our brave soldiers to put on trial in a Muslim kangaroo court. We should then put him on trial for treason.

  • NYGino

    Obama’s mindset:

    “I think, therefore I am, I say, therefore it is”

  • destroyer_of_moonbats


  • Constance

    Not a word from this fool about the dead Americans. Not a word from this fool about the demands for putting our soldiers on trial. Just words to cover his fool backside. GRRRRRR

    • NYGino

      Nobody counts but him.

  • Let’s get this straight. He “calmed things down” and Americans were killed—which was tragic, and further weakened our heroic military forces.

    See http://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/2010/12/03/barack-obama-is-a-lame-duck-president-who-will-not-be-reelected/#comment-2028 (see also the article itself, as well as the footnotes and all of the other comments beneath it)

  • Joe

    TWO more American soldiers killed this Thursday morning

    Total of SIX Americans dead over a book of hate


    I say – Let’s get out now !!

    • Watchman74

      How little they must value human life to kill someone over a book.

      • Joe

        They do not value life at all-

        We always forget that – They want to meet the 72 Virginians

        • toongoon

          Joe, are you on facebook? I have an invitation for you.

    • NYGino

      Good thing he calmed things down.

      • Watchman74

        Oh yes, now they can go back to planting IED’s.

    • Trust1TG

      Actually 33 have been killed in Afghanistan over this ludicrous trumped-up incident.

      Other muslim killings this week number over 250.

  • Nukeman60

    I have to hope that Obama is just plain stupid. I have to hope he has surrounded himself with yesmen that tell him anything he wants to hear and don’t let him see the world as it really is. I have to hope that it is them telling him that the economy is getting better, algae is the solution to our energy crisis, oil independence is bad, and our troops are safer with this apology. I have to hope.

    The alternative, that he is just an evil, self-loving, self-aggrandizing, egomaniacal, marxist sociopath is just too much to bear. I have to hope we get rid of him either way.

  • MiketheMarine

    LIAR….How do you explain your ROE’s?

  • anneinarkansas

    Two more Americans have been killed since this ridiculous remark.
    Investigage and impeach!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Pull or troops out of there now.

  • StNikao

    UPDATE – 2 more American soldiers killed – http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/03/01/2-troops-killed-by-afghan-soldier-civilian/

    Hate evil Islam with a perfect hatred: Psalm 139:19-24

  • sjmom

    This is not only outrageous since our soldiers were killed after his apology but Obama himself is an outrage. The picture which accompanies this story says it all; arrogance, condescension, and pride all wrapped up in one facial expression.

    • I can understand why Scoop uses this picture, but I detest that smug “I am god” look!!!!!!!!

      • sjmom

        History is littered with the decayed remains of those who have mocked God.

        • Amy

          I just have to keep repeating this phrase – ‘Vengeance is Mine’ says the Lord. I know who wins in the end, but my heart breaks for the people’s lives destroyed by evil.

          • sjmom

            I agree and if we pray the Lord will hear and answer us; He always does because God doesn’t want them lost any more than we do. God IS Love.

      • T4Ut

        Have you EVER seen (or even known) of someone with more pictures where they have their nose in the air?

        THE classic look of pride.

        “Pride goeth before the fall.”

        Personally I’m hoping his fall will be this fall.

        • The only pictures I have ever seen of such a pride filled person was in photos of the old dictators. I hope this fall is the time we see that Bible verse come to pass as well.

  • NJK


  • denbren52

    2 more American killed this morning in reaction to his apology. So glad he calmed things down. Idiot!

  • NYGino

    me, me I, I, me, me, my, my, I, I, my, my…………………………….

  • Amy

    The U.N. is now calling for the prosecution of the soldiers who burned the Quran. They bomb us, shoot us, bury incendiary devices for us to drive over, strap on homicide vests packed with explosives and detonate them and WE owe THEM an apology! These are our children, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and loved ones who are dying because of extremists and then threatened with prosecution!

    Why are we not telling the UN to go to hell????

    I just want to stand out on a street corner and scream at the people who are sleep walking through this world. I am so angry today.

  • WestGAFlash

    “Calmed things down.”

    Thats why the power-headed members of the Religion of Peace killed……..that’s right, killed……two more US Servicemen today.

    Where are George Patton and Howlin’ Mad Smith when you really need them?

  • It wasn’t the apology that calmed them down, it was our dead soldiers.