Obama refuses to delay Obamacare’s medical device tax despite bipartisan support against it

The medical device tax that was created to help pay for Obamacare is also a job-killing tax, and because of the outcry of the medical device industry there is bipartisan support against it. Here is what Politico wrote about the tax last month (h/t: Hotair):

Medical innovation is key to providing cutting-edge, lifesaving technologies to patients. Between 1980 and 2000, new diagnostic and treatment tools helped increase life expectancy by more than three years. But the new tax will take money from our research and development pipelines, reducing our ability to discover and develop lifesaving medical devices such as heart valves, molecular diagnostic tests and MRI machines. …

Many of the novel, cutting-edge medical technology innovations come from small companies with very few employees. Unfortunately, the medical device tax will hit these small companies and startups hardest, because it will be applied on sales, regardless of whether a company is making any profit. Small businesses often suffer losses in the early years of operation when they are investing in research and development on new products. Paying a sizable new tax while incurring traditional startup-driven losses will be more than many small businesses can bear. …

This innovation tax also targets an American manufacturing sector created by companies choosing to locate in the United States even as markets grow beyond our borders. … The U.S. accounts for 40 percent of the global medical technology market. We have a $5.4 billion trade surplus because American workers create high-tech, top-quality medical devices…

And yet, this tax threatens these gains. At least three studies have estimated the tax will cost tens of thousands of jobs — by one estimate as many as 43,000 jobs.

Despite all of this, Obama refuses to delay it saying that these companies will get tons of new customers so it’s all good:

(h/t: Weekly Standard)

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  • Everything is right on plan to bring down this economy. Obama isn’t budging. He loves it actually and is fast tracking the intended collapse. The thing is, the left will go down too and they will not be able to hang this on Bush no matter how hard they try 😉

    • You must not have met the competition…the Left can ALWAYS blame the GOP for America’s problems, thanks to a complicit media and the fact that the Left doesn’t care about facts!

      • sDee

        Actually every problem is automatically the fault of republicans, white people, and Christians. Presenting facts to the contrary confirm guilt.

        • You forgot to single out the single men in those categories! It’s always the fault of Republicans->White people->Christian->Single Men

          • Orangeone

            Single men and single women!

            • No, remember there’s a “war on WOMEN by MEN”…the Single Men are the lowest denominator. EVERYTHING boils down to us as the problem, women are SLIGHTLY higher up on the totem pole.

              • Orangeone

                It’s the Republican WaronWomen and there are women in the Republican Party (ie Sarah Palin) who are also demonized.
                Now, when it comes to workplace preference, single white men are at the very bottom to hire….which is disgusting!

                • Yep!!! The Government actually PROHIBITS a company from hiring “too many” of us White guys…which absolutely sucks. Sometimes I wish I was black, because I would make excellent use of all the advantages they have in society today. Gosh, I’d be unstoppable!!! But as a White guy, unfortunately, my options are restricted by the Government based on whether a minority is either willing and/or qualified to do my job, and then I can only get hired AFTER they do.

                • Orangeone

                  Employers have to hire minorities even if they are unqualified or we will be sued. That’s another reason unemployment continues to rise. It is cheaper to not hire and to layoff for lack of work than defend against the malicious lawsuits filed by [email protected] minorities.

                • Oh, I know!!! Often times, they hire the minority (who SUCKS at his job and knows it), then they hire the White guy to do TWO jobs at less pay…

      • Pyrran

        Yep, you dumb down education, produce a bunch of idiots, control the media, and these morons will believe anything that comes over their television. To quote from Omega Man, “We were warned of judgement. Well, here it is. Here, now.”

      • pdxlady

        That is because the Communist trick is to accuse their innocent opponent of the illegal activity they themselves are involved in.

    • pdxlady

      You are so right, Robin. This is BO showing his true colors. His agenda WILL go forward; democrats be dam*ed.

      He doesn’t give a darn about D’s or anyone else. Now they find out. He was assured of his re-election by the powers behind the curtain to finish the job. It is full speed ahead now.

  • NYGino

    He is attacking this country from any angle he can and most of the people are too ignorant to see this. The Criminally Negligent Media are aiders and abeters in the plan to destroy the United States of America.

    • warpmine

      …which means that after the war, we can round them all up, try them and shoot them.
      Anyone disagree?

      • Diogenes_wy

        You are referring to social justice?

        When the last Socialist is put up against the wall and shot, justice will have been served.

        Social justice.

        • warpmine


      • aposematic

        Hmmm…reaping what they sowed–the destruction of the Rule of Law…

    • mark1955

      Most people can see it and the only way Obama got in is because of massive voter Fraud. The numbers don’t even come close to making any kind of sense. You have to believe that. Both political parties are trying to make us think we Conservatives are increasingly alone and isolated in our own Country,when the opposite is true. They are doing this to dispirit us and destroy our morale so we won’t Fight back against our enslavement. That’s why the spate of articles immediately after the election showing graph’s about how many people were on government assistance. They don’t mention that a large share of those people are on government assistance for the first time and know there is no future in it. Those people despise Obama as much if not more than we do.

      We have to also realize and maybe more importantly,the repubs part in all of this and how they could have stopped almost all of Obama’s agenda in committee at the very least. The good news is if you follow other sites,people are starting to see through the repubs charade and their Treasonous complicitywith the dems, in helping to Bring down The United States of America from the inside. This knowledge of what’s goinmg on should motivate people to realize there is no change in site through either party right now,therefore making it easier for us to start a legitimate Third Party alternative,so we can get our Republic back,along with our individual Liberty and Freedom! So Hang Tough Paisan,we’ll win this!

    • aposematic

      MSM/Press are much more than aiders and abeters, they are the primary reason why we are where we are after over a Century of their Marxist propaganda and lies.

  • johnos2112

    This is why companies like Stryker kiss Obama’s ass. These large companies will buy them out. Do you think these and other large corporations pay ANY taxes? This jackass is gonna to destroy competition. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer apply directly to the progressives. This is all by design.

    • Exactly right. One very large company is much easier to control than hundreds of independent small companies. Socialists fear independent citizenry.

    • aposematic

      Most large companies never pay taxes. Taxes are expensed; i.e. passed on in the price of goods and services. Consumers of those goods and services pay what taxes these companies do end up paying on their profits. GE paid none, Google $10B shelterd from taxes in Burmuda…tip of the iceberg for Obuma cronies–big gov. sycophants.

  • You stupid Dems voted for a law, now you want to find a loophole. These folks are the scum of the earth. We tried to repeal this law 30 times.

    “We need to pass the bill first before we know what’s in it.”

    • warpmine

      Which reminds me…we can round them up shoot them and then find out what they’ve done wrong and let’s be honest, it won’t be that hard.

  • syvyn11

    If there is a man who knows less on how a economy works than Obama, I’ve yet to meet him.

  • white531

    He thinks he is King. What did you think he would say?

  • sDee

    Medtronic, for example in Minnesota, is an invaluable, cutting edge medical device company. The asshat progressive senators of Minn are getting their asses handed to them now that Minnesota has figured out that they sold their state and their country down the river for Obamacare. Invaluable intellectual property is going to be abandoned as Medtronic moves to India.

    Barack Hussein Obama does not care. He is happy. His goal is to destroy and dismantle great American companies like Medtronic.

    And we are still only in year Four of the Reign of Obama.

    • white531

      I shudder to think, what year eight, will look like.

      • warpmine

        Perhaps in year five, most of his followers will have died in the bloody mess that is the second civil war and he’ll be held up in his homeland of Kenya.

        • Orangeone

          Or cremated ashes located under his birthplace marker in Kenya.

          Edit: funny spelling error…

      • Imagine a gold dome on the White House and you will have it 😉

    • Orangeone

      St. Jude Medical, Guidant, Mayo Clinic, to name a few more plus hundreds and hundreds of medical device startups! MN is losing med tech and med device to Israel and God bless Israel for their intelligence and ingenuity.

      Plus, the drunk Dayton has promised to raise taxes on millionaires (>$200,000) and businesses again plus the ObamaCare exchange we have to pay for so watch for the mass exodus out of here, again.

    • demographicallychallenged

      I think we can now safely say,” The light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train”

  • white531

    There is not a person on this planet, who has a larger ego, than this man. He looks in the mirror and says, “Damn, I just can’t get any more beautiful!”

    • Remember that old country song?

      “Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble
      when you’re perfect in every way.
      I can’t wait to look in the mirror,
      cause I get better looking each day.
      To know me is to love me,
      I must be one hell of a man.
      Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble,
      but I’m doing the best that I can.”

      I cracked up at this song when I was a kid. Now I feel sad how much of an Obama theme song this is.

  • repubboy

    This man is the most arrogant child ever to be in the office of the POTUS. A fanatic and an unstable egomaniac. A true I love Me and nobody else but me.. I am the way and the light kind of fool… Boy some one has got to snap him out of his maniacal and questionable behavior as supposed leader of this country.. Can’t he see that for once he just maybe wrong..??? He has no soul, he has nothing but hate thats all. He is pure hate.

    • The Bible says “Pride comes before the fall” and he will not be an exception. He is NOT above this country nor is he above God’s control. That keeps me sane

  • SineWaveII

    Here a wrote nice little uplifting Christmas tune for ya.
    (To the tune of “Over the river and through the woods”)

    November 6 came and people were stupid
    so over the cliff we go,
    Obama’s re-‘lected, Romney’s rejected
    by commies, liberals, and hos

    Come next year early, taxpayers be surly
    as over the cliff we go.
    Factories are closin’ and jobs they are goin’
    even democrats starting to moan.

    News media lied and did all to hide
    the truth that we should know.
    Obama’s a commie who waste lotsa money
    and did tons of choom and blow.

    The new year is coming
    and big gov’ment’s humming
    looking for new kinds of cash.
    Printing the money, to keep ‘bama’s honey
    from having to work sling-in’ hash.

    Come Janu-ary, for a deal done with Barry
    over the cliff we’ll go.
    The networks are all sayin’ in fact they are prayin’
    that repubs will take the blow.

    November 6 came and people were stupid
    so over the cliff we go
    Obama’s here for four more darn years,
    and high taxes we’re gonna owe.

    • NYGino


      • SineWaveII

        Thanks, Gino :–)

  • Jaels_Song

    Uhh huuuh, and tell me you bumptious brainiac… exactly, how many of these thirty million will be seeking those types of services from these small businesses?

    • Obama is right, since he is most likely referring to medical marijuana devices. They will have plenty of new customers.

  • UnCL3

    They wanted it, they should bend over and take it like the rest of us…

  • Diogenes_wy

    2014. Republican take-over of the Senate. All of these Democrats are really worried about THEIR jobs when the jobless workers in their states decide to oust them.

    • mark1955

      “Republican takeover of the senate”. The repub party is fully onboard Obama’s agenda and could have stopped everything from Obamacare,to Dodd/Frank,to the “Food Safety and Modernization Act”,to Start 2 Treaty at the very least in committee. But some repub alway’s steps up to push Obama’s agenda through at the last minute. That’s not stupidity or fecklessness or cowardice,but Treasonous complicity and it is being done by design.The repub party is fully onboard Obama’s agenda!

      This little pretend protest by the repubs and some dems is nothing but political theatre,to make us think they are putting up a fight. It’s an absolute FARCE!They know Obama has no intention at all of cancelling this tax. They are all Traitorous lefties in both parties,almost every last one of them.

      Boehner as House Speaker has power of the purse strings and could have defunded Obamacare since he took over as speaker but has continued to submit every bill since then with continued funding. Boehner even personally added vetrinary care to it making Obamacare even more expensive.This play acting by Obama and Boehner on the debt ceiling ang “Fiscal cliff”,is going to result in the same thing we have seen every Christmas week since 2009…That is the caving to Obama and the dems on everything.Because the dems and Obama’s goals,which is the enslavement of the American people on the way to a “New World Order,One World Government”,so they can literally reduce the world’s population by 90% for the Rockefeller/Rotschilds Banksters.

      So knowing all that and also knowing about SCYTYL and the massive Voter Fraud that put Obama in,how can we even begin to think the repubs are any kind of a legitimate alternative toi the dems or that they are going to be able to takeover the senate with the Rigged election process? As a matter-of-fact,what makes anyone think the repubs even would like to takeover the senate?They have everything just perfect for themselves right know. They have a built in excuse for why they can’t stop anything Obama is pushing.

      The repubs have reached the same point as the ‘Whig’ party of the 1850’s,when they became a mirror image of the dems and then the Whigs had to be replaced by the repub party.The repubs are Rotten to the core and from the top down. They are not going to reform or change anything and their collaboration with the dems and the Rockefeller/Rotschild Bankster’s, have made another Civil War not only a possibility…But a Probability,as we are not going to allow ourselves to be willingly Enslaved and then Murdered!

      • Diogenes_wy

        1955. Apparently you did not learn anything from the 60’s counter culture movement. Attacking the system from the outside does not work. Easier to reform/destroy from the inside (which the liberal/progressives have learned very well). We have a ‘locked-in’ two party system that excludes the possibility of third party candidates getting elected on their conservative merits. The Tea Party movement realized this and thus ran their candidates in the Republican party. Those are the candidates needed to run for the Senate and house in 2014. The more of these Tea Party candidates we can get into Congress and the Republican Party the more we can effect meaningful legislative changes.
        This will not be an easy task what with Democrat chicanery and out right voter fraud and the lackluster backing by the old guard Republicans. But it is still doable and we must put forth maximum effort to make it so.

        • mark1955

          Apparently you haven’t learned anything that has just taken place. What did Boehner just do to the repubs in congress who had even a modicum of Conservatism? He just buried them in obscurity and removed them from any type of committee where they might have even a sliver of influence.

          Not only that,many of the so-called “Tea Party” candidates were lefty poser who were run by the repub establishment to co-opt and undermine the Tea Party and Conservatism in general. Marco Rubio,Renee Ellmers,Mike Lee,Jason Chaffetz,Christi Noem among others,not including Allen West. Forget their ACU Conservative ratings. Look at the votes on key issues such as the NDAA,opening up the skies to drones among other votes. They are not Tea Party let alone conservative.

          In addition,you just saw Bushies: Dan Senor,Sununu,Ginsberg and Boehner at the 2012 repub convention,just ram through rule changes in writing,which allow them to change on the fly,regulations to make it a done deal, for no one but Jeb Bush,to be the next repub nominee. If Jeb is unpopular in one State as MITTEN’S was in Virginia,they just changed the signature standards on the fly,which enabled only him and Ron Paul to qualify. Only this time rules like that allowing them to change at their whim are institutionalized and you expect “Change from within” given that? I don’t know if you realize this,but we are on the verge of the establishment trying to enslave us in a marxist/islamist dictatorship by design,with the almost full collaboration of both the dems and repubs. The end goal being our Genocide and you want to work from inside? Needless to say this would result in a Civil War as we are not going to allow ourselves to be Slaves and give up our individual Liberty and Freedom.

          THe repub party is a “Dead man Walking”. It has more than run it’s course. This isn’t 50 years ago or 25 years ago or even 10 years ago. The old rules of change from within don’t apply. Public backlash and furor will DEMAND a Third Party that sweeps aside the repub party.

        • Nukeman60

          Apparently, you have learned nothing from math 101. The system is about to collapse. It is unsustainable. No amount of media bias will change that and at the rate we are going, it will be very soon.

          Obama couldn’t get another stimulus, so he got the feds to unilaterally print $40 billion per month indefinitely. Once they found out no one was going to complain about that, they boosted it to $85 billion per month. Do you hear anyone complaining about that? Why not, do you supposed?

          We are about to collapse and the civil war is upon us. People are realizing slowly that the fraud of this last election will keep us from ever honestly winning another election. When our backs are put up against the wall, we have no recourse but to fight.

  • We don’t get to know where, when, or how, but history has a way of dealing with a$$holes like Obama. He’s going into his 5th year of stomping good people, and has had a great deal of luck on his side thus far. Political statistics suggest no one is as lucky as Obama already has been. I’m looking forward his inevitable reality check no matter what form it takes.

  • 12grace

    obama must be impeached and thrown out of office.

  • Rocco11

    Obama is an enemy of the State.

  • What Obama wanted to say: “No, because medical device taxes will enforce my Utopian state. I am a Marxist, after all.”

  • Obama, like all good far-left liberals, has the unltimate goal of instituting socialized medicine. Period. Obamacare is designed to eventually force out all private insurance corporations (which will go broke once the real cost of Obamacare is realized) and then the Federal government will step in to nationalize doctors, along with all the hospitals. Well, if you’re going to do that, then you’re going to have to also nationalize all of the companies that feed into the health care industry, such as those that make medical devices. Will this all happen this year? Not at all. It will take at least a few years for the entire health care system to collapse under its own weight, thereby allowing the government to step in and run it. Will it happen by 2016? Maybe, but certainly if a Democrat is elected president in 2016. By then the damage from Obamacare will have been done and the entire health care industry will have fallen under the control of the Federal government. And if you like the “efficiency” of the Post Office, the IRS, and the Department of Motor Vehicles, then you’ll LOVE socialized medicine. Let’s just hope you’ll be able to live long enough to “enjoy” it.

  • I would comment on all of this, but I have to get to work. Have a lot of Obama voters to feed this year.

  • Rocco11

    Boehner’s secretary should have the Articles of Impeachment on queue at all times, it’s inevitable.

  • BostonBruin

    If 18 of the most liberal Senators are really serious, they should be able to join with Republicans to get a veto-proof majority to repeal this tax.

    • LeonidasOfSparta1957

      absolutely! They need to put their votes where their MOUTHS are.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Um, he wants like expectancy to decline… it helps him if it does.

    This once again shouldn’t surprise anyone. This arrogant SOB is moving towards a dictatorship and defy’s the peasants or principalities to disagree with his highness.

    Obama has already side-stepped the Congress with EOs on immigration, Libya, and other areas where Congress said “No”. Obama wipes his butt on the U.S. Constitution and his takover in the auto industry, healthcare and education (school loans) are criminal…

    This poser is the single most destructive force to ever hurt America and he is successfully destroying America piece by piece… and foolish lemmings in America follow him and support him to their (and to our) doom. Unless this clown is removed from office, we don’t stand a chance.

    • Orangeone

      One need only remember what happened the last time a dictator tried to rule…didn’t work out so well for the dictator did it…When FL announces nearly 1 million conceal and carry permits have been issued, a loud message is being sent

      • Sober_Thinking

        Too true!

  • stage9

    Bill Whittle has it right. If you want to destroy America, these are the sorts of things you do.

    liberalism poses a clear and present danger to the security of the United States of America. Let’s stop asking WHY! Let’s stop trying to “understand” them. Let’s stop trying to give them the “benefit of the doubt”.

    liberalism is a philosophy engineered by domestic political terrorists whose goal is the annihilation of the United States of America as we knew it.

    Stop over thinking it. There is no other explanation. Liberals ARE the enemy. It’s disturbing, but it’s really that simple. Man up and just face it. Any other explanation is counter-intuitive and we know it.

  • “If they would rather die,” said Scrooge, “they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.”

    Obamacare will still spring for pain pills.

    • iaintlyin

      you sure?

  • aposematic

    How do you crony capitalists like your bought and paid for Marxist Government now?

  • Orangeone

    Don’t be fooled. These Dems KNEW about the medical device tax and planned all along to feign outrage before implemented so they can use it for 2014 re-election ads!

  • Nukeman60

    I think Obama needs a new video tool that will automatically change the word he wishes to use in his “Tax the rich” meme. It could go something like this – “Tax the rich medical devices patients citizens lemmings. Whenever he desires to change the narrative, just push a button and the video would edit the proper word.

    I hate to break it to these “bipartisan” dissenters, but this was in the bill from the beginning. You should have read the [email protected] bill.

    All Obama cares about is that ObamaCare is instituted. It does not matter that ObamaCare will destroy everything that it was touted to protect and defend. It must be carried through.

    The plan must go on, in spite of the destruction of the American way of life. After all, he was given a mandate and, by Satan, he will see it through.

  • I Like Shooting, Too

    The whole bill sucks. Why should a few small sucky parts be delayed? Why not repeal the whole thing. Delaying one provision won’t make it any better. It reminds me of the time when Obama and Pelosi granted waivers for everyone and pretended that that fixed the problem. No, it just disguised the problem for a short time. Put the whole thing in action so everyone can see how much it sucks. Delaying the implementation just buys Obama time and makes it look a little better for him.

    • demographicallychallenged

      There is an idea, Lets strip out all the waivers for Obama care, more money in the pot for the Progressives(?)and their plan.

      • I Like Shooting, Too

        The waivers go to politically connected people. Nancy Pelosi gave waivers to her San Francisco fundraisers’ companies. The unions all got waivers.

  • demographicallychallenged

    Let’s get this straight. The persons who needs, say a wheelchair will now pay more for the device due to Obama care. Ms Pelosi’s Botox is exempt. Every *$$^@*+ Senator and %#&@&#G Congress person who voted for this without reading it need to be banned from public office for life.

  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    Hilarious– Al “the troll” Franken fawned and drooled all over Obama and NOW? LOL! He’s begging for revocation of this job killing nightmare because it actually hits him in his own backyard in MN and guess what? His choice, “One,” is giving him the “raspberry”– and stepping down, full throttle, on the accelerator to go over the cliff at break-neck speed.

  • bjohnson55

    The fact this guy is using strong arm tactics and will not compromise one inch on anything should not be a surprise to anybody. Republicans couldn’t take the time to vote this last election so just take it, sit back and watch as this country is destroyed. I will state it again if the 65% of registered Republicans who decided not to vote this time around had taken the time to vote we would not be seeing these Marxist A-Holes tear this country apart. Own it… TIME FOR A THIRD CONSERVATIVE PARTY!!!!

  • mikeinidaho

    Who is surprised by this decision? not me! He’ll eventually impoverish EVERYONE as punishment for our success as a nation and his desire to implement communism in the US.

  • froggy19510

    There never was bipartisen support to repeal part of obama care. The Democrats that said they wanted to repeal part of obama care are up for re-election. They know it wouldn’t pass and if it did, they know Obama would veto any attempt to pass it. This is just a cynical ploy to save their seats.

  • Suzyqpie

    As I travel about the web reading about 0bamaCareRobertsTax, I am amazed by the people who view the tripwires of 0bamaCareRobertsTax as bugs. “Oh, we need to correct this or that.” Please may we see these items as features, not bugs. 0bamaCareRobertsTax, by design, is a grow-government-control-people legislation. And as a side-bar, government picks up some revenue here and there. What could be reasonably expected by 2,634 pages that no one read. Bon mot to the republicans, none of whom voted for this debris field that mates thee HHS with thee IRS.

  • So let see the BHO decides “who is doing really well right now” what is great for business. What is ironic is he never ran a business so how would he know?