Obama: Republicans must raise rates to create revenue

Didn’t Obama admit to Jay Leno that he’s not all that good with math?

YAHOO NEWS – President Barack Obama and the White House on Tuesday continued to pressure Republicans to agree to raise tax rates on the nation’s highest earners, saying a “fiscal cliff” deal is impossible without it.

Their “math doesn’t work,” the president, in his first post-election interview, told Julianna Goldman of Bloomberg TV. “We’re going to have to have higher rates for the wealthiest Americans.”

Obama said of the middle class that he “can’t ask them to sacrifice and not ask anything of higher income folks,” and once again claimed tax rates for families making $250,000 or more must be raised to increase revenue. …

Obama rejected Goldman’s suggestion that sitting down to meet with Boehner will help accomplish a deal. “I don’t think that the issue right now has to do with sitting in a room,” he said.

The president later added that he’s aware he won’t achieve “100 percent” of his deficit deal, but said he’s not willing to agree to revenue that’s “vague and potentially comes out of the pockets of middle-class families,” seniors and other vulnerable groups.

We know Obama’s a pathological liar and his math doesn’t work, yet everyone just seems to let him get away with it. Raising the top rates will only amount in nominal increases in tax revenue compared to our deficits and debt. It’s HIS math that doesn’t work.


I hate this media.

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