Obama spins on jobs report: We know it’s not good enough

Earlier today the White House said the jobs report is proof that the recovery is working:

While there is more work that remains to be done, today’s employment report provides further evidence that the U.S. economy is continuing to recover from the worst downturn since the Great Depression. It is critical that we continue the policies that are building an economy that works for the middle class as we dig our way out of the deep hole that was caused by the severe recession that began in December 2007.

On the campaign trail, Obama said this:

“Today we learned that after losing about 800,000 jobs when I took office, business once again added jobs for the 30th month in a row — a total of more than 4.6 billion jobs,” Obama said in Portsmouth, N.H. “But that’s not good enough. We know it’s not good enough. We need to create more jobs faster. We need to fill the hole left by this recession faster. We need to come out of this crisis stronger than when we went in. And there’s a lot more that we can do.”

2008: Yes we can!
2012: We know it’s not good enough!

That needs to go on a bumper sticker.

Romney responded to Obama’s jobs report today, but it wasn’t anything memorable. Here’s the interview:

I liked Romney’s statement this morning and wish he’d included a little more passion in this interview. I know he’s trying to win and seem presidential and all that, but I’m just in a ticked off mood today and want to see that reflected to some degree in Romney’s words.

Honestly, I’m just getting tired of this race being in a virtual tie when Obama is such a horrible president. Perhaps that will change with Romney’s aggressive ad buy over the next few weeks. I know things are shifting his way so maybe we’ll see him up by 5 or 6 soon.

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