Obama Style: Christmas vs. Ramadan

Misfit Politics has put together a video with a very astute observation about how Obama looks at Christmas vs Ramadan:

Surprised? Me neither.

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  • Anonymous

    I dont like it one bit. But both were cut up and edited so much..I dunno.

    The guy is a bad dude. He’s got to go either way.

  • Joe

    This Bonnie and Clyde team makes me sick

    I could only watch a fraction of this junk

    He should call it like it is –

    99% of terrorists are MUSLIMS

    99% of the victims are NON-muslims

    The math seems pretty simple to me

    What a phony – I mean phonies !

    I had to cleanse out my head with this GREAT MAN –

    The REAL DEAL >>>>>


    Please try and limit the Obama stuff – I get nightmares – really

    • Anonymous

      Your point is valid except for one little thing. Muslims very often end up being victims as well.
      Like when the peaceful Muslims while practicing their peaceful religion and are peacefully attacking someone else and some nearby Muslims become collateral damage. (But they earn instant martyr status and go straight to the garden so “who cares”)
      Or when one group of peaceful Muslims peacefully attacks another group of peaceful Muslims. Like when the peaceful Sunni Muslims while practicing their religion of peace attacks the peaceful Shia Muslims (who are also practicing their religion of peace) by peacefully blowing up their mosque while everyone is in it; then the peaceful Shia Muslims peacefully retaliate against the peaceful Sunni a couple of weeks later.

      • Anonymous

        They really are the religion of Pieces aren’t they.

        • Anonymous

          You got that right.

      • I don’t believe there are any peaceful muslims as they get their marching orders from the same book as the rest. There are just a lot of muslims too stupid to learn how to load a weapon or detonate a bomb or wield a knife to butcher someone. Then, there must be a lot that are just too lazy. It’s not a culture known for it’s intiative. There is little to be learned from muslims other than the art of mass murder.

      • Yes, and there were some good Germans in 1940.

        • Anonymous

          Not all Germans were Nazi’s. All Muslims are Muslims.

        • Anonymous

          My great grandparents were born in Germany. They were very good Germans. I’m sure you know a broad brush stroke when you use one.

          In the spirit of the Christmas Season, no offense was taken 🙂

      • StNikao

        There is an inner conflict built into Mohammedanism that can never be resolved. Mohammed’s own writings completely contradict one another. The Koran is his spiritual journal and reveals his journey from rationality and respect for human life in the Mecca period and his devolution into mental torment and insane hatred in the Medina period. In other words, there can be no peace in the religion of peace.

        Islam is in the same spiritual kingdom as Assyria/Babylon in Scripture. The same spirits as the gods of the Philistines, Caananites, Baal, etc. It is the same evil kingdom of the world, flesh and devil that opposes Christ and His Kingdom and the Gospel of Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

        This same evil spiritual kingdom always rose up in Scripture when the Children of Israel rebelled against God, began to compromise and intermarry or worship the idols and demons of the pagans surrounding Israel.

        The US and Western world has become unbelievably corrupt, immoral, inhumane. We are guilty of innocent blood through 55 million abortions. Bloodguilt is very serious to God, but the blood of innocents is worse in His eyes. Our rebellion and abandonment of God and His Law/Commandments/Word are the reason Islam has risen up again to take us captive today.

        We cannot defeat the evil within ourselves or any external spiritual or military enemy without God’s power and help. This is a spiritual battle and requires spiritual weapons (Ephesians 6:10-20, II Corinthians 10:4-6)

        Isaiah 31:8-9 says that only the sword (Word) of the Lord can and will destroy it. The Sword of the Lord would defeat the enemy when His people repented of sin and false worship and returned to His Word. Israel retained their freedom and prosperity when they were faithful and kept God first in their hearts and lives.

        In II Kings 22:8, II Chronicles 34:14, Nehemiah 8:1, the Israelites rediscovered God’s word and repented and the Lord defeated their enemies.

        II Chronicles 20:12 – Israel was surrounded by an overwhelming enemy, but they turned to the Lord and depended on His strength. They were told in II Chronicles 7:14…humble themselves before the Lord, turn from wickedness, return to God and He would heal their land.

        There really is no other way.

      • Anonymous

        It’s odd (and ironic) that the peaceful Muslims that are being attacked and killed never seem to speak up about their brethren. I can only wonder why the vast numbers of “The Religion of Peace” never say a frikkin’ word about their “brothers” that insist on blowing things up; like a Catholic Church in Nigeria.

      • Anonymous

        “Muslims very often end up being victims as well.”

        From what I understand, radicals kill more Muslims than non-Muslims. They put the fear in their own people as well. I dunno, but your point is correct.

        I liked your repeated use of the word “peaceful”.

  • Anonymous

    How come Michele didn’t join him in the Ramadan clip?

    • Anonymous

      Probably goes against some obscure sharia law.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, the president does seem to be far more comfortable speaking about the Koran and ramadan than he and his Mrs. do speaking about Christmas and Christianity. He could also probably explain why the Mrs. was not with him in the ramadan clip, too.

    • Because her non-covered face would insult all Muslim men and he knows the rules and reason for that religion and holiday. Where did he learn Christmas=Service?!

      • Anonymous

        Spits in the face when she come on with him, I mean she’s absolutely frightening.

        It is telling that he knows five times over what Ramadan means in relation to what he thinks he knows about Christmas. Truly astounding.

    • Anonymous

      Good observation.

  • Anonymous

    Catechism – 3%
    Jama Masjid – 97%

    Interpretation: Priceless!

  • Anonymous

    i’m starting to really hate these guys.

  • Anonymous

    What, no Jewish recognition?

    • Oh but he did! He lit all 8 candles on the first day of Hanukkah, but then again, he “celebrated” Hanukkah about a week early because in his words, any time is a good time for a party!

      • Anonymous

        Obviously not quite in an Orthodox tradition.

      • Anonymous

        That’s right, I forgot. He made a wish and blew out all the candles. What do you think he wished for?

        • Oh! I don’t think I could repeat that here! I’d be banned! 😉

        • Anonymous

          Netanyahu and Israel’s demise of course.

  • Anonymous

    I’m starting to think that slip up to George Stephanopoulos was not a slip up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKGdkqfBICw

  • Gaaah! Their deep souless eyes are frightning!! D:

    But because of this video I now know the meaning of christmas AND ramadan. Christmas=social justice aka “service to others”
    Ramadan=Pull out of Iraq so al-queda can finish their Quran!

    Oh i am so going to vote for him again in 2012!……..NOT! 😛

    • Anonymous

      What, you voted for this jackass the once before? Holy sh!t.

      • lol, oh please, don’t make me barf! Even I can’t keep a straight face with a comment like that!

        Rest assured I was the smart one and voted without my “hope and change” no matter how “cool” it was in ’08. (hence the NOT) 😉

  • Anonymous

    Christmas means service, but Ramadam has a history?

    Sounds like Christians should be in servitude to those Allah loving peaceniks.

    • Anonymous

      That’s what I got out of it, toon. Servitude (& Jizya) from the infidels.

  • It’s not surprising at all. Dear leader has always looked at Christianity- True Bible believing Christianity as bitter, divisive and intolerant. Christmas is about some baby born who grew up to be a great leader (?!) and Easter is a time for eggs and bunnies- oh, and a great leader who showed love for all mankind. Silly us- why would it be about the suffering servant who left His place of Glory and Honor, His thone in Heaven to be born into a smelly stable as a human? Why would it be that this baby would grow up for one sole purpose- to offer Himself as the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of the world? Why would it be necessary to talk about something so divisive and inclusive as dying an excrusiating death on a cross if there is really no such thing as SIN? Besides, everyone knows mohammud is a greater prophet than the Creator… Is it any wonder America is in the shape it is with such a blasphemous, evil “leader”?
    I still pray for this man and his family. Some day he will understand just how “obscure” the Word is- and He will bend his knee and confess that the Word is Lord. I hope though he comes to understand this while he has the choice…

    • Anonymous

      I hope it’s while he can still bend down on his knees.

    • He will always have the choice, when, will determine his fate.

  • Dan

    one word about Christmas ..service…that’s it… just service…and then the pig gives the real meaning of Christmas and that is Ramadan…the religion of filth and death and child rape and slavery and lies…that’s the mooolsim filth being spewed out around the world….. way to be true to your real region you lying pig sucker…

    other that that i have no real feelings on the subject…..

    • Anonymous

      Aww come on Dan we know you have SOME feelings about it…don’t hold back.

      • Dan

        well OK… I’ll tell you how i really feel…………some day…. when this poser is out of office…and in jail…paying for the fraud he has perpetrated on the American people..a life sentence is not enough for this demon in a suit this scum on stiroidies needs to be pounding rocks… doing hard labor in a desert prison camp wearing a pink thong and no sun screen ….

        he he and i mean it too………….

        • a pink thong and no sun screen. You paint quite the picture there Dan 😉

          • Anonymous

            Hey, I know that thong! It goeth a little thomepthin’ like thith… 🙂

        • Anonymous

          …and without a bead of sweat.

  • I took one for the team and watched both original videos.

    The simplest view; Christmas gets 3 minutes, Ramadan get over 5 ???

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your courage.

    • Nope, no favoritism at all people!

    • I gave him 1 minute.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, our Dear Leaders Muslim faith shines bright every Christmas season.

    So Christians are about ‘service’, inspiring, so I guess that means Christians would make good slaves.
    This is making me think of the old twilight episode, “To Serve Man” , it doesn’t end well by the way… the Mooslims and the Aliens have much in common, they both make a show of their ‘respect’ for U.N., they both use lies and subterfuge to put a smiley face on their image, and neither have any respect for human life.
    Spoiler Alert… “It’s a cook book!!!!”

  • Dan

    i just notices something……his ears are getting smaller………..no i was wrong…his head is getting fatter making those elephant ears look smaller…and that nose of his is getting bigger in the same proportion as his head is getting fatter…pretty soon all that sh-t is going to explode and get air force one all messy and that will mean the next POTUS will have to clean that mess up too….this guy is a once in a life time lesson on what not to do if you want t fix something…boy im i glad this idiot doesn’t have any duct-tape…could you imagine the damage he would cause with that stuff…..WOW!!! the thought makes me nauseous

    • Anonymous

      He doesn’t need duct tape, he’s got executive order power. Works about the same though.

    • dangrant27

      My name is Dan and after listening to your B–LL-Sh–t I am ready to change my name, what your dumb ass can not comprehend is the administration prior to this one is the cause of all our problems and the worlds problems, We would have been better off if Barbara had aborted him. You are the only Dan that I have ever encountered that I did not think was nice, please go by some other name and spare us other Dan’s the shame that you perpetrate on us.

  • I just don’t know for the life of me why he’s so ashamed of his faith? Why can’t he just come forth and proclaim he’s Muslim. It’s glaringly obvious in everything he says and does.

    Be a proud Muslim Barak. Just be who you are.

    • Proud muslim, indeed. There is no such animal. That’s tantamount to saying proud butcher. Muslims are devoid of pride and dignity.

  • There is nothing ambiguous about this:


  • It is a 2000 year old -> Story… Of love, life, faith, etc and such…. and it is ALL about the service/love/care/, etc of OTHERS, have any of you ever read the Bible before?

    What’s funny about this though, is the comments here…. most of you are doing the exact same thing to him, that you claim he is doing to you. A slight misguided double standard that is lined in bigotry.

    • Let he who is without sin, throw the first stone.

    • Anonymous

      The “story” is about peace, love and joy. Afa “service”. You surely are’nt naive enough to believe Owebama’s meaning of service is the same as Jesus’ meaning?

      • You’re calling out Obama on his meaning of service, when chances are very good that you do not service humanity to the level that Jesus was speaking of. Again, a slightly misguided double standard that is lined in bigotry.

        • Anonymous

          I’m not “calling out Obama on his meaning of service.” I’m just stating that his meaning of it is a twisted and bastardized version of the Bible’s. And it is safe to say that we have NEVER seen someone open with a description of the Christmas “story” with such a generic, phony and odd word as ‘service’. Who in their right mind would go on about ‘service’ when talkng about the meaning of Christmas? You were’nt uncomfortable watching that video? Look, you and I know it was a designed use of the word. It’s very produced and very obvious. You and I know the capacity Owebama says it, means it, intends it. You are smarter than that.

          “…when chances are very good that you do not service humanity to the level that Jesus was speaking of.”

          Wow. Way to make a “slightly misguided” laser bomb drop there pal. You don’t know me. You don’t know how benevolent and charitable I am. Tell you what…replace the word Jesus with Obama and you would be spot on with your verbage. Then your insult turns into a compliment. 🙂

          • Sad that I’m replying to this….

            You’re drawing your opinion based on a highly edited video.

            Your focus on the word service, or even the idea that he twisted or bastardized anything, is pathetic, sad, and a prime example of what is truly wrong with America. Stop being a sheep.

            Try watching the address, actually listen to it.

            You’re basically bashing helping our troops through community support and those that need help during the holidays – that’s what was edited out.

            Anyway… let’s ignore those facts and focus on another.

            I do know that you’re not Jesus, no matter how benevolent or charitable you are. It is kind of funny that you half attempted to rank yourself with Jesus though,.

            • Anonymous

              I watched the entire videos unedited. The troop thing was good, but notice it was in the Christmas one.

              “I do know that you’re not Jesus, no matter how benevolent or charitable you are. It is kind of funny that you half attempted to rank yourself with Jesus though.”

              You are the one that brought Jesus into a comparison with me when you said “…chances are very good that you do not service humanity to the level that Jesus was speaking of.”

              “Your focus on the word service, or even the idea that he twisted or bastardized anything, is pathetic, sad, and a prime example of what is truly wrong with America. Stop being a sheep”

              Sir, take off your hope and change glasses for just one minute. Obama focused on the word service for three minutes and then his wife pimped some gubment website. Some Christmas message huh? The people on this thread who dont wear said glasses picked up on the utility prostitution of the word service. Sorry, that’s the case.

              Oh.. and way to call names with the jab at the end there pal. Way to stay true to the typical liberal progressive way.

              • That’s because helping others, like our troops, is part of what Christmas is about. I should post my Reverends Christmas rant where he went off about giving to others, before giving to yourself….. but hey, it’s only bad when Obama says it.

                It makes no difference if I brought up Jesus, you compared your charity to his, which is funny.

                If you’re going to talk about changing glasses, how about attempting to use facts that would change a persons view point first. The entire speech is 3 mins long, mid way through he thanks the troops/vets for the service they’ve given, and in the last paragraph, which is the actual reference being talked about – it’s not the entire speech and it’s not all all 3 mins, it was a micro part of it.

                Being that he didn’t rant on the word service with some skewed meaning applied to it, I would have to say; Yes, it was a perfectly fine Christmas speech.

                When you take others false-twisted information, and repeat it, you’re sheeping it… I’m not calling you names, I’m stating a fact.

                And a liberal progressive, lol.. two totally different ideals and I’m both of them, brilliant.

                • Anonymous

                  Again, you brought up the Jesus comparison. But we agree on that. No one can live up to His example. You are the one twisting information. Everyone is for helping the troops. Obama used his Christmas message to essentially talk about ‘service’ while he used the other messsage to explain that religion more and convince you (if you were a Muslim) about all theh things the US has done/ is doing for American/Isam relations. As well as also appease to the Arab Palestinian groups.

                  “I should post my Reverends Christmas rant where he went off about giving to others, before giving to yourself….. but hey, it’s only bad when Obama says it.”

                  Well then post it. If it’s about people helping people, I want to hear it..and am for it. If it’s more along the lines of Obama and Rev Wright’s idea of “giving”, then I don’t need to hear it. We hear enough of that crap.

                • Lol, yes I’m the one twisting things, yet you believe Obama has a hidden meaning with the word service… it’s easy to ignore him saying “It’s why so many of us, every year, volunteer our time to help those most in need; especially our hungry and our homeless.” and then twist what service means…. I guess.

                  Yes, I understand he was talking at a different time during the other video and that the shown video has cut out what was actually said, for the purposing of twisting its true meaning.

                  My Rev and what Obama said are basically the exact same thing, they expressed the exact same type of help-giving to others, with almost exactly the same words to describe those in need.

                  Anyway, I’ll let you get back to your hate….

        • Service for service’s sake or for political gain is meaningless. The point here is this man’s claim to be a Christian, but his words and fruit tell a completely opposite story. As for serving others, do you know all the people here? Have you super powers to know what kinds of service people here do? I can almost guarantee that these people here who do for others do not do it for show, for recognition, for any other gain, do do it in Christ’s name and because of people such as dear leader, are most likely the ones to get marginalized for doing what they do.

          • Well, I will take his words directly saying he is a Christian, over a highly edited video twisting various aspects of his words to skew its meaning.

            And if we’re talking about service to the level of Jesus, I don’t need to know anyone here or have super powers to know, not a single one of you does anything to the level of Jesus, period – that was the point.

            So you’re fine with others not seeking recognition, etc for things they do in Christ’s name, but you expect Obama to spill his guts every time he speaks to prove he is Christian, and by not saying anything he’s not a Christian, when others are….. okay.

            Again, a slightly misguided double standard that is lined in bigotry, and I would add a hint of hypocrisy too.

            • Anonymous

              Again, with all due respect. you are very naive.

            • I don’t base my opinions on this bit of video alone. I have seen and heard the man speak many times about Christians, Christ, and his beliefs- and about Islam and muslims. He is not a Christian. Do I believe he’s a muslim, not necessarily, but it’s apparent by his many speeches that he holds islam in higher regard than Christianity. I’d venture to say that he is more of a secularist, with communistic goals, with enough islam mixed in because of his father and step father’s religious backgrounds.
              As for being fine and not fine about seeking recognition, I have no problem with giving or doing for others- but when it’s for a person’s own glory or edification, for political reasons, go for it, but don’t attach a christian title to it if it’s not in Christ’s Name.
              I agree that none of us do anything on the level as Jesus- as that is impossible. No one has ever matched Jesus. All we can do is try to do as much like Him, but we will never get it perfect.

              • If he was Muslim, or whatever, everyone would still expect him to give us Christians a Christmas wish on our day, even if it wasn’t done in Christ’s name. And being that his Dad was Muslim, I would expect him to show them some respect too.

                I would greatly support any President that was a secularist, and no part of Obama or his actions could ever, even a tiny bit, define him as a communist.

                Yep, that was said, it fits perfectly for those that compare themselves to Jesus or expect Obama to do something, they do even do…. which we can see all over these comments.

                Stating what I can clearly see and read, is not me passing judgement, it’s me observing the facts around me.

                • Anonymous

                  “…no part of Obama or his actions could ever, even a tiny bit, define him as a communist.” (Mad)

                  Observe this: Aaaahahahahahaha!

                • Anonymous

                  I know! EL OH EL!!

                  The tiny bit of respect I had for him evaporated instantly into thin air.

                  Like I said. Naive.

                • Now that’s the rebuttal I expected! To the point, inarguable logic, backed up with factual haha’s…. Trs should hire you, asap, you’re good.

                • Anonymous

                  Is it? Good. ‘Twas great ab exercise for me. I now have an 8-pack as opposed to the normal six 🙂

                  By the way, why do you ignore O’s communism? You know, the way he was raised…his mother, his father, his mentors, his appointments, actions, rhetoric, etc.

                  What’s wrong with communism? If he was a communist ideologue, which I believe he is, why would that be a problem? You don’t like communist theory? Marxist theory?

                  You seem to be in league with him regardless of what he does or is. Answer these little questions if you please/can, before you head back to wherever it is you came from.

                • His father being friends with a communist, does not make Obama a communist, nor does it make him one for listening to socialist speakers in College, or America would be filled with Communists.

                  Lol, if that was the case every kid born with bad parents would never have a chance of improving themselves, as it would already be judged that they what the parents are….

                  Let’s at least try to use some basic logic, please.

                  Your questions…. I never said Communism was good. I don’t believe he is communist, so I can’t answer your backwards question. Nope don’t like either. I don’t see how answering these questions shows any tie to what Obama says, but whatever.

                  Soooo, what policies has Obama put into place that supports your hypothesis that he’s a communist?

                • Anonymous

                  You haven’t answered anything, but I see you’ve morphed into something madder than before, and have lost the hat…what a trick 🙂

                  You first mmkay?

                • Lol, you want me to list what is wrong? Okay… you’re asking me to compare an Economic, a Political and Social systems. The problem is, they vastly different from each other, heck some are theories with proven facts and unproven ones, basically, if you understood what each actually was, you would never ask such a lowly question.

                • Anonymous

                  Wow, that’s kind of a lowly answer. Let’s stick with communism then. What’s wrong with it?

                • How about we stick to a point that matters?

                • Anonymous

                  What is wrong with communism or socialism? Take your pick.

                • Anonymous

                  “I would greatly support any President that was a secularist”.

                  “I should post my Reverends Christmas rant where he went off about giving to others, before giving to yourself….”

                  Please. Just what church do you go to. ..to support those two comments?

                • My Church has nothing to do with who I am, what I think, how I feel and it dang sure doesn’t define my faith in god.

                  I fully support total separation of Church and State, to an extreme. At that, I don’t care what religion, if any, a President follows. I don’t expect them to be Christian, and if they are, I don’t expect them to have my values, as they are mine and mine alone.

                  I’ve heard many religious leaders say give to others before yourself, of course logically that’s targeted towards those that can give over those that need it.

                  The message of Jesus is that to an extreme…. if you’re a member of a Christian Church that says otherwise, I would think about leaving.

                • Anonymous

                  Hey that’s a capital G in God bud.

                  I think you, just like Obama, are a charlatan. He pretends to be a Christian when it’s politcally expedient. When he wants to get his social justice idea of Christianity over. If he and Rev Wright are Christians, I hate to see Hellions. Tell me, what message of Jesus Christ has Obama demonstrated? I see he finally took the family to church Christmas day. He broke away long enough from golfing for the 93 time, to go.

                • Anonymous

                  He can’t answer anything. He goes to church but it has nothing whatsoever to do with anything about him. I guess he goes there to troll or something.

                • Anonymous

                  Which is one reason (see above) I called him out as a fake. Either that, or he’s spiritually dead.

                • Anonymous

                  Could be both. Fake and dead. It’s tough for a commie to call out a fellow commie or explain why communism or socialism is not a good system. It’d be like sawing off his/her own arm, or removing another lobe of his/her brain.

    • Anonymous

      In his remarks he gives the secular version of Christmas never mentioning Jesus or god.
      The same cannot be said for the Muslim message now can it? It is this simple fact that is the heart of the offence.

      • Quote from Obama from his Christmas Address: “It reminds us that part of what it means to love God is to love one another, to be our brother’s keeper and our sister’s keeper.”

        He does mention God directly, moving on… God doesn’t say we aren’t the keepers in Genesis 4:1-10, thus we are… and Jesus even hints to us being spiritual keepers in Matthew 12:50.

        Oh, and in 2010 Christmas address, Obama starts with the birth of Jesus, and he talks about troops again and they talk about helping others, feeding people, etc…. and in 2009 they go over the Christmas tree and Jesus directly again. Of course that’s ignoring Easter and other times.

        The Ramadan speech is from 2009 and is directed towards American Muslims – not “Muslims”… and he does bring up him being a Christian, and again he talks about helping others, donating time, food, etc, and then he goes into about a new begging and trying to work with Muslim nations rather than wage war – another words, it’s not all Muslim/Islam love as you guys like to twist it to be. It’s not favoritism, when he has spoken far more often to Christians and longer, and has brought up everything you say he hasn’t….

        Truly, you can’t all be this blinded by your hate.

        • Anonymous

          It isn’t hate. It’s disdain resulting from his failure in every area measurable, including his long-dwelling over whether or not to let our S.E.A.L team kill Bin Laden. Please tout his laudable accomplishments if you can locate any. I am waiting with baited ears.

          I don’t hate him, I hate his failure. I hate his ineptness. I hate his ideology. I am one of his bosses and I want him fired.

          Junior here thinks ‘hate’ is his magical trump card/word doesn’t he? He hasn’t much else in his little quiver 🙂

          • Topic twist?

            Even Presidents I dislike have done some good, if you’re unable to spot his accomplishments and see the good in them, then that kinda says something about you….

            But to point out at least one thing: Removing no child left behind and letting the States decide what to do, as long as the option is better, is a very good and smart move.

            Blinded by your hate doesn’t mean you hate him, it means your ego blinds your faith, thus your mind invents a delusional world to satisfy your egos desire to feed on your misguided emotional attachments to this false reality.

            • Anonymous

              But Doc, it hurts when I do this: Aaaahahahaha.

              • I love it when I shut people down to the point of repeating trash and not being able to inject any new logic into the topic at hand. ~ Thanks!

        • Anonymous

          Funny just re watched that clip and didn’t see any of that? Curious huh? Though I guess I am just clinging to tightly to my guns and religion.
          People like you amaze me. You over look his failures, associations, statements and his own actions in your devotion to this fraud. They guy ran for senate unopposed and then ran for president through his entire term. President represents the only job he has ever had and still you people worship this fraud like a god. It’s pathetic.

          • That’s sad, when you could have just did a quick Google, then you wouldn’t have been confused anymore.

            Transcript: http://www.whitehouse.gov/photos-and-video/video/2011/12/24/weekly-address-president-and-first-lady-thank-our-troops-their-ser

            I’m glad I amaze you, but using Google isn’t really anything special. No, I didn’t over look his failures – all Presidents have them. Yes, many Presidents throughout history have had associations I didn’t agree with.

            Hey, if I worship him, then your a racist… of course I haven’t shown him any actual worship support just like you haven’t shown that you’re a racist, but hey…. you’re not really into the facts, so let’s keep those out of the way.

            • Anonymous

              Thar she blows! I knew the ‘racist’ word would emerge to join the ‘hate’ word. Yay!

              This guy is a walking, (assumed) talking, tired cliche’.

              • Anonymous

                Hey he’s doing a good job following along in that koolaid talking point play book.

                • Anonymous

                  Yeah, he’s travelling incognito. Deep, deep undercover from “think”progress or some such. His disguise, Saran Wrap. He’s/She’s every bit as “transparent” as O’ 🙂

                • Incognito? Undercover? Says the guy with a fake handle, no website in his profile, and posts only on TRS sites… Yeah, I’m the deep undercover one here.

                  Of course, you can see my site in my profile, who is it, reverse ip it, get more sites I own, even find my real name in public records…. but hey, I’m this big transparent undercover secret spy dude here to make you people look stupid.

                  Well okay, the last part is true.

                • Yeah, sadly he is.

              • Umm, yes I said If I worship him, then you’re a racist… that’s not me calling you a racist, but rather you’re calling yourself one by saying I worship Obama.

                And talking about cliche’s? Hello, worship Obama?

                Lol… truly, lol.

                • Anonymous

                  Neither of us are “racist” or “haters” here. Is that all you’ve got? We are quite strange in this aspect though. We demand results that are not complete failures.

                  Call me Ishmael, but whether this guy is a white whale or a half-black failure, it is his performance that we criticize. It is also his hard-left philosophy. Why can’t you sink your fangs into that? Seems like standard fare to me. Basic reasons to oust the guy.

                  How do you feel about his class warfare mantra and his OWS rabble?

                  I’ll probably move along now. You bore me.

                • Anonymous

                  Here’s his hero. Now this guy is a fine Christian man!

                  Can’t you see? It’s obvious!

                • Lol, another cut up video, a rather bad one at that, to make it seem like he attacks Jesus… this might reach a new level of pathetic.

                  While that speech was controversial, it was not what that video said. Maybe you should read the transcript, get the whole truth rather than your skewed perception of it, but then again – facts seem to scare some of you.

                • Anonymous

                  Ummm I did. He seems just as much clueless about the Bible as I thought he did. Evidently he didn’t learn much Bible as he did the Koran studies in school in Africa.

                • Okay… that’s a far cry from attacking Jesus. Basically you have a problem with a possible, non-Christian, being President. Okay, while I don’t agree with your view point, I accept it.

                  He probably doesn’t know as much about the Bible, then again I know plenty of so called, weekly service Christians, that are totally clueless as to what the bible says, they go through and repeat the motion, but they have no real notion.

                  I don’t really care what he believes or doesn’t or if he has to pretend to make people happy. No matter what, he isn’t pushing through bills to support any cause, ideal, of any religion/faith, etc… as long as he – like other Presidents, some what accept separation of Church and State, then I’m fine with whatever he’s doing in the area of his personal faith.

                • No he’s not pushing through bills- he’s using executive orders for everything he wants, or uses the bully tactics and media to get what he wants. Everything for the collective- even salvation. Spread the wealth around hmmm. As for separation of church and state- there is no such thing.

                • Then why does he have bills killed all the time, if he just pushes through what he wants? Yeah ol’Obama, the inventor of bully tactics through the media, the man is borderline genius or something.

                  Yeah, he’s totally spread the wealth around, those dirt poor Americans clearly don’t know how rich they are.

                  I see the separation all over, but sadly the line is getting blurred more and more as religious groups try to strip away our natural rights and replace them with moral values masked as rights.

                • Then equally I don’t worship him…. and if you claim that I do, then I you’re a racist, it’s very simple to understand.

                  What are his hard-left philosophies?

                  The class warfare topic isn’t new, the media has been going hardcore on it for years, really like 40+ years…. and it’s not like we don’t have class warfare happening, in all directions. So what’s your issue with him talking about what has been in the news for 40+ years and even more so in recent years?

                  OWS and the Tea Party both have valid complaints, which is what Obama said. I can agree with that, but would add, both have plenty of stupid to go with them.

                • Anonymous

                  “What are his hard-left philosophies?”

                  You have GOT to be kidding me!?

                  I give up! It’s pointless.You are hopeless. Please just stay home next November.

                • Yes, I’m asking you, that’s how questions work. But I respect you as well, while you have nothing, at does appear you know when to shut up, and that deserves respect.

                • Anonymous

                  You still here?

                  1. I never said anything about you worshiping Obama, and even if I had it would still not equate with racism. No it isn’t “simple to understand”. It’s BS, pulled out of thin air, or your own arse.

                  2. If you want someone to answer your questions, figure out how to answer them from others. It’s called The Golden Rule, perhaps you’ve heard of it, stepped over it, on it, around it, ridiculed it, or something.

                  3. Is sending don’t ask don’t tell back to the unions, er, states the only thing you can tout about O’s record?

                  4. What is wrong with either communism or socialism? My theory is that you’d have a tough time arguing against your own beliefs, so you non-cleverly avoid it.

                  5. If you want to be a salesman for someone, why not find someone who has accomplished something, anything, that is praiseworthy? Currently you are trying to sell coke-bottle glasses to folks with 20:20 vision. How stupid is that?

                  Get used to this word: Landslide. C-ya.

                • If you’re going to jump into my conversion with someone else, then keep up with the conversion… seriously.

                  1) See the conversion. Yes, calling people b.s. names is the same no matter how you wish to twist it.

                  2) I’ve answered plenty, I can’t keep up with all your twists, it’s not possible.

                  3) Nope, but you asked for one, I gave it… he’s done several other things I agree with, and plenty I don’t… as I said, typical for a President.

                  4) My own beliefs? Lol…. that’s like me calling you a racist, but hey it’s not like you understand that.

                  5) What am I selling? It must be glass cleaner, cause your 20:20 vision is a bit hazy.

                  Okay, landslide, to the current Republican field? Maybe if we combine them together, and Obama quits, then yeah that would be a total landslide… but until then, the Reps have some serious work cut out for them.

                  Always nut cases like you people that will believe anything your side says and dismiss anything against it, period. All of you combined are a micro percentage of votes, but your ego is telling you that you’re voice is larger and it’s hard to swallow your ego.

                • Anonymous

                  “Always nut cases like you people that will believe anything your side says and dismiss anything against it, period.” (Mad)

                  Here’s some preaching you could practice. The old pot/kettle thing.

                  “My own beliefs? Lol…. that’s like me calling you a racist, but hey it’s not like you understand that.” (Mad)

                  If you do it, it must be great. I’ll be wanting a compliment here.

                  “What am I selling?” (Mad)

                  Obama obviously, progressivism in general I suppose. Obama is your crap product so far here. I’m surprised you can’t see that. Having some haze problems of your own is another thing I clearly see.

                • Wow, pot met kettle when facts are ignored, lol… fail.

                  Are you saying it would be a compliment to call you a racist or did I read that wrong?

                  Oh Obama, blah. Sorry, my facts are free, I’m not selling them or anything, and I don’t consider progressivism bad, but yet – I’m not selling it either.

                  Bah, stupid question… all systems have problems, flaws, good parts and bad, and like wise, they are all subject to greed that can overtake, influence and corrupt them.

                  No system, idea, form of gov, etc, etc, etc… is perfect, a balance is needed for it all to work.

                  So to answer your question, nothing is wrong with them until greed takes over.

                • Anonymous

                  Far Left philsophies: You mean big gubment stuff like Obamacare? Like his record stimulus spending? Record deficit spending? Like his politically correct (need I say dangerous) DOJ? Like his dangerous view on Isreal and it’s borders? Like his stand on Iran (or lack thereof). Like the US turning it’s back on Poland afa the missle shield protecting it from Russia (one of his first acts). Like his DOJ sueing Arizona and other states preventing them from enorcing their immigration laws because his administration (and Bushes) have refused to do so? Like his DOJ sueing states voter ID laws? Like his appointing the most progressive judges to push devient homosexual rights, marriage etc? Like his pro union anti- business NLRB? Like his anticapitalist, businesss killing, job killing EPA and the hundreds and hundreds of regulations they have already put in place without any nary a peep from the mainstream media or approval from congress? Like being in bed with anti business Big Unions and ACORN? Bill Aires? Like repealing Don’t as Don’t Tell? Like his DOJ anti gun polcies? Like the congress dragging him kicking and screaming (this time last year) to extend the Bush tas cuts for EVERYONE? Like his failed Keynsian economic phliosophy? Like his cozying up to communist dictators like Chavez? Like his apologising to the world blaming the US? Like his constant blaming of the previous adminstration? Like his constant preaching class hate and class envy with just about every other speech? Like his class warfare and dividing rhetoric against the producers in this country. Pitting the haves vs the have nots (like that will get us somewhere)?

                  No. No..he’s not a hard left guy.

                • Anonymous


                • Obamacare is hard or far left, but Medicare is…..?

                  You mean like record spending that started with Republican, Reagan, was pushed above the limits with Bush, and continued with Obama? Now it’s left?

                  So when Fed departments totally screw up, that makes the President left?

                  Yes, I know pretty much all recent Presidents failed on immigration, several even let illegals become citizens, however I don’t blame Obama for it, and I don’t now consider it left of what has always been happening.

                  I don’t support his stance on Israel, he hasn’t totally cut them off in all aspects, that’s part of this Gov’s problem, spending is way out of control. My view is left, Obama’s is bit more center.

                  Yeah, some States have infringed on peoples rights, it’s understandable, but these type of legal fights aren’t new to the Obama admin, and are far from left.

                  Sorry Poland, we aren’t the World Police, build your own shields, if saving money is left, then them damn liberals!

                  Being that gays don’t hurt me or my family, I don’t really care what they do. You complain about Gov size, yet wish to increase it to make yourself happy, to protect your own ego, thus more regs. I don’t consider this a left issue, rather than a Christian view that is extreme in nature, really no different than a Muslim forcing what they believe on others.

                  Anti-business, lol…. Obama is a Corporatist, pure blooded, just like Reagan was. Regulations help the big boys make billions more, well today trillions more, they force create monopolies with regs, it’s not anti-business, it’s super mega business…. you need to really find some new reading sources.

                  I’m a Marine, I 100% support stopping don’t ask don’t tell, educate rather than regulate. A left policy would be to openly allow gays and let them be gay, that’s not what is happening, his view point is center.

                  Anti-gun policies, lol, now ignoring policies is anti, you guys are funny.

                  Is extended or not extended the tax cuts left, it’s hard to tell if you’re saying lower taxes is now bad, ie left, or less regs is now bad or left, either way, you can’t twist your way out of the double standard on this one.

                  I don’t believe any economic policy is totally correct – at that, I don’t think any of them are totally proven either. And Obama, is one of many, Keynesian Presidents, it’s not an end all card, as you assume.

                  Lol, Chavez, apoligies, blaming, class hate/envy… I thought this was a topic of Obama being left, those are left things now? Oh my….

                  Clearly your understanding of left policies, left actions, and more directly Obama’s is very limited, and rather funny. Far Left, lol.

                • Anonymous

                  “Obamacare is hard or far left, but Medicare is…..?”

                  Yes. Show me precisely where either is in the constitution. Your fine Christian right wing president Owebama is a nanny stater. He is a big gubment entitlement whore. Prove he’s not.

                  “You mean like record spending that started with Republican, Reagan, was pushed above the limits with Bush, and continued with Obama? Now it’s left?”

                  Yes. That’s what I mean. So the ole “they did it first” meme makes it okay for Owebama then?

                  Btw,you mean the same Reagan presidency that had big gubment democrats controlling congress his eight years? The man had to compromise as well single handily end the cold war ya know. And you mean the same Bush presidency that had the budget deficit at a very managable $161 billion Jan 2007 (unemployment 4.6%) as Nancy Pelosi took office and then a year later the houseing bubble busts? Bush spent $1.1 billion per day vs Owebama’s $3.87 billion per day. That is 3.5 times more spending every single day from Obama(he wanted more). But hey, you’ll get no argument from me about spending, but Bush did it at least in boom times. Owebama is doing it while in a terrible recession. Owebama has increased the size of the federal gubment big time. It’s already 30% larger in his first two years. Pretty much no matter how you slice it, Obama is a big government socialist out to bankrupt America faster than anyone who ever came before him.

                  “Anti-business, lol…. Obama is a Corporatist, pure blooded, just like Reagan was. Regulations help the big boys make billions more, well today trillions more, they force create monopolies with regs, it’s not anti-business, it’s super mega business…. you need to really find some new reading sources.”

                  No sir. Owebama is a big gubment crony corporatist. He’s got more czars and lobbyists than Michael Moore has twinkies in his pantry. And no fool believes “regulations help the big boys make billions more..” Ask BP why they were having to drill 5k ft down in the freaking ocean in the first place. Ask the Keystone pipeline guys. Ask the loggers and farmers that have to put up with the EPA’s constant piles of shit regulation. Seriously, that paragraph shows you are a fool..make that tool..no change that back. A fool sounds app. However, I think you and I may find some agreement on Big Government’s corrupt power. I’m not for Gubment picking winners and losers ie, Detroit bailouts and pissing our tax money away on things like Solyndra etc. Ask yourself, If DC has the power to create monopolies then shouldn’t we support trying to NOT EMPOWER GUBMENT WITH MORE OF IT? The Fed is the whore…better yet pimp. Some of their big corporation buddies are the clients. As long as the gubment is struttin it, the boys will keep lining up.

                  “I’m a Marine, I 100% support stopping don’t ask don’t tell, educate rather than regulate. A left policy would be to openly allow gays and let them be gay, that’s not what is happening, his view point is center.”

                  No. A ‘real’ Commander in Chief listens to what his Generals/ Officers tell him. That’s the definition of “educate”. Instead Owebama went with politics instead of what the Army, Navy, Air Force professionals advised. He turned down the “educate” part and went with the “regulate” part. He overturned what had been a long time standing precept to appease the homosexual lobby.

                  “I don’t believe any economic policy is totally correct – at that, I don’t think any of them are totally proven either. And Obama, is one of many, Keynesian Presidents, it’s not an end all card, as you assume.”

                  It is you who needs to “find some new reading sources.” Try history books first. Keynesian has never proven to work. Never. And again, just because Owebama isn’t the first Keynesian president, doesn’t justify his loser economic philosophy in our current fiscal barrel over the water fall ride.

                  “Lol, Chavez, apoligies, blaming, class hate/envy… I thought this was a topic of Obama being left, those are left things now? Oh my….”

                  They may or may not have always been “left things”, but the left has surely worn those arguments out lately. Owebama and gang pull that worn out old stinky shit from their sack at every venue.

                  “Clearly your understanding of left policies, left actions, and more directly Obama’s is very limited, and rather funny. Far Left, lol.”


                  This is obviously getting us nowhere. I’m done here. Thanks for playing.

                • Nanny state, Lol, Yes he’s one of many presidents that help take care the people.

                  Yes, the who’s done it before game, as I said, once Obama did it, it was bad, but when others did it, you didn’t care.

                  LOL with your completely stupid made up numbers.

                  Yes, regs help big boys make more, that is a fact. Regs may make it harder for companies like BP to do things, but it makes it impossible for smallers ones to do it at all.

                  I never said Keynesian works, I said, NONE of them have been proven to work – they are ALL theories for a reason. Again though, chances are you don’t know this, you simply attached onto what others said, and now you repeat it.

                  You’re not ant-left, you don’t have anti-left ideals, you’re just anti-Obama… that’s it, you hate the man in office, even when others have done the same thing you hate him for, you ignore those things, and hate the man in office.

                  You…. have some serious mental issues along with most of the clowns here.

            • Anonymous

              Blah blah blah….. Why would I want to waste my time looking up Obama’s transcripts? The guy is a blatant liar, he says whatever is politically expedient. Continue believing whatever you need to to justify your devotion to this failure. As for me I have heard enough from this fraud to last a lifetime. The only thing worse than yet another presidential address (what are we up to 1000 now?) is his dilusional supporters trying to act like he is not a racist hack. November 2012 will end a terrible error. I only regret that like carter this tard will be espousing his opinions for the rest of his life as though anyone outside of the lunatic left cares what he thinks.

              • Okay… It’s not really possible to change a persons mind after they admit to not accepting the facts and would rather accept the false information to base a false reality around… how sad.

                I’m not an Obama supporter btw, sorry buddy, just because people show you facts, does not mean they support Obama… that basic logic is probably past your twisted reality though, so I excuse you.

                • Anonymous

                  Let this be our last posting as I value neither you nor your opinion.

                  First you have not provided any facts. You posted a link to Obama’s ministry of disinformation. These are the same people that refuse to fill out visitor logs, have been caught excluding guests names from attendance forms for state functions (think last years Ramadan dinner) and spin Obama’s policies as successful daily. I do not apologize for not trusting a single word they or their lap dogs in the media utter, write or print.

                  As to my twisted logic. How would you be able to tell? Reading through this thread you seem prepared to parley and defend all things Obama, kind of interesting for a someone who isn’t a supporter. My logic is actually pretty simple. Obama started his career in the living room of an unrepentant terrorist. He set in the pew of a racist anti-american bigot for 20 years. He has personally expressed his disdain for our history, heritage and civilization. See his speech last month or basically any during his worldwide apologize tour for evidence of which I speak. He has spit (figurative of course) in the face of our ally Israel while demanding concessions for the Muslims attacking and killing their people. He has himself made comments disparaging people of faith “clinging to their guns and religion”. So no a YouTube video depicting what any rational person has already deduced doesn’t require a lot of vetting in my mind. He has already proven the context himself. What is pitiful is little minded hacks like you trying to argue that because a single video may of may not be properly vetted we are all somehow “haters”, “twisted” or “racist” for accepting a proven message. Really you are a sad, pathetic little person (thinking gollum here) and I don’t excuse you. Now run along little troll and see if you can convince someone who doesn’t pay attention your intelligent.

                • Lol, a link to the actual video with a transcript is now disinformation, wow… okay buddy.

                  Yeah, I’m not much into conspiracy theories.

                  Clearing up misinformation does not mean I’m defending Obama on all things, even more so when I’ve agreed with others on several things with Obama that I didn’t agree with.

                  Again, I’m not much in conspiracy theories.

                  I truly feel pity for you, schizophrenia must suck to deal with. If you’re unaware, you have created a false reality based around lies, and you believe it so much, that even when facts are given to you, you toss them away as lies, the truth is twisted to the untruth, and the untruth is now the truth.

                  I truly hope that one day you wake up and get some help.

                • Anonymous

                  Blah (project own character flaws) Blah (spin) Blah (delusional rant) Blah

                • Yep, that’s about what I’m getting from guys, over and over… well and some crazy mixed in as well.

                • Anonymous

                  Blah Blah (inferiority complex showing) Blah Blah …… BLAH

                • Yeah… get called a schizo for creating your own reality on clear false info, then twist a psychological disorder back as your reply, wow… signature symptoms like no other.

                • Anonymous

                  Sliding into the standard condescension without a cause aren’t you? In other words, losing it. It’s expected. Don’t worry about it 🙂

                • It is sad that he admits to not accepting facts while developing new opinions based on false information…. kinda a whack job, perfect for this topic really.

                • Anonymous

                  Sad that you can’t comprehend that I wasn’t forming a NEW OPINION. I have been of the opinion that Obama uses his supposed Christianity as a political prop. There is ample.evidence to support the thesis of the video which is why I dismiss your desprate need to discredit both the video and those that accept it at face value. Of course your to busy quoting Obama’s campaign spin to actually see this.

                • Oh, that’s even more sad, that you judge him based on his religion, nothing like stomping on American values to promote your own moral values.

                  I discredit the video because it isn’t factual, I do however accept the full version as factual, and then draw my opinion from it, rather than what is already known to be false.

                  Does Obama have like a campaign spin site that I get this from? Just wondering what made up story in your head brought this about.

                • Anonymous

                  ARE YOU LEARNING IMPAIRED? Or are you just incapable of comprehending what your reading?

                • With your version of education, yes I’m 100% impaired. I try to avoid misinformation and instead gather the truth, then form an opinion, unlike what has been admitted here…

  • This is a sad day for Christian USA. Our president, praising another religion. I never thought our nation could fall so low. When I think how many people have died, just so this thing, could say his lies, I weep. The USA, once so strong, so Godly, is just another weak, Godless nation. Well, here, we get the kind of leaders we want. I repeat, Bush, “Miss me, yet?”

  • This is why I never visit Fox News unless it’s posted here: http://video.foxnews.com/v/1345655260001/mediscare-named-lie-of-the-year/?playlist_id=86858 – Sarah Palin ‘mistakenly’ used the phrase “death panel” (which was right – and stILL IS!!) Obama is going to be hard to beat, and on and on!! Pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    Well, he accidentally admitted he was a Muslim to Stephanopolis in an interview…this isn’t news, only confirmation…Jesus is the reason for the season mr. president.

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry, but I believe the guy is a closet Muslim. He goes to Christian Churches because he beleives it is the politically right thing to do to stay in office. Wait and see, after he is gone from office for a year or two,, there will be this big conversion story of how he becomes a devoted follower of Mohamed.

  • StNikao

    Nancy Pelosi (aka Marie Antoinette) is not having a cheap vacation either.

    She’s in a $10K per night suite in Hawaii where she has spend Christmas for the last 3 years – http://www.hawaiireporter.com/while-president-obama-arrives-in-hawaii-amidst-security-and-fanfare-former-house-speaker-nancy-pelosi-slips-quietly-into-big-island-resort/123

    Elite socialists feel entitled to their lifestyles, because they have to work so hard to redistribute wealth (from our wallets to theirs)

    Nauseating. Infuriating.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Watching the full videos (3 minutes on Christmas. 5 minutes on Ramadan). How many times did Owebama or Michelle mention the name Jesus? 0. Basically it was talking about our responsibility to help others etc. Then Michelle mentions some .gov website for ppl to visit.

    The Ramadan video mentions several things about what the US has done for Mulims afa outreach. He mentions his speech in Cairo and he talks about the “two state solution” for da Joos in Isreal and Palestine. Surpising he mentions thw words “..my Christian faith.” in the Ramadan video.

  • David Boyes

    a leopard cant change its spots …….. he is who he is ……….

  • Anonymous

    michelle’s face is drawn, her lips are pursed and she stumbles as she attempts to say something positive about Christmas ( in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming ) this indicates that she is deceptive. Obviously, she has no love or respect for Christianity.

    obama’s eyes are smaller than usual, his lips tight (like his wife’s) and he smirks
    (shows disdain). He states that Christmas is about the ‘service to others”
    (social justice) and goes onto to say for “people everywhere no matter what you believe”.

    Yet, when he talks about Islam, he loses the smirk, his face is more relaxed, he speaks with ease and authority. His voice is not choppy like it is when he lies or attempts to deceive us about an issue. And he is more animated. He uses no justifications as he gives a detailed account of Islam. We can clearly see what religion he believes in fully.

    It is unlikely that editing would change the NLP and other dynamics present in this video. And too, we have seen these same patterns in obama’s speeches and presentations, frequently.

    Some interesting links to obama covert and overt use of NLP, Hypnosis strategies and his body language.

    Obama’s Body Language Screams Hatred

    July 31, 2009
    Obama’s revealing body language (updated and expanded))

    Body Language Betrays Obama

    Paper: Obama Clearly Using Covert Hypnosis Methods

    An Examination of Obama’s
    Use of Hidden Hypnosis
    Techniques in His Speeches

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to take a vote from everyone here what religion people believe Obama is in his heart? My vote…


    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    As has been already commented on, the thing that jumped out at me was the fact that Michelle is missing from the Ramadan statement. By “jumped out” I mean I laughed out loud.

    I don’t know if Obama is a Muslim or not, but he sure as hell knows a helluva lot more about Islamic customs than he does about Christian and American customs.

    • Anonymous

      Wasn’t his earliest schooling in Indonesia in a Muslim school ? and , then he chose to attend Reverend Wright’s “church” in Chicago, in order to become a “Christian” ? From what I’ve seen of Reverend Wright’s teachings, it is absolutely a no brainer that BO is very, very, very confused about the whole of Christianity and therefore has little understanding of it as we know it. Oops, didn’t mean to double post.

  • Who’s on first

    Obama sux.

    His mind is a waste. His wife is a bich.

    And I cant wait to see them leave our wonderful White House.

  • Anonymous

    WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP, how can ANYONE SERIOUSLY BELIEVE HE’S A CHRISTIAN AND NOT A MUSLIM !!!! The evidence just continues to mount up proving this out constantly,last was he forbade Christian clergy from speaking at a Public Christmas function,HUH!, a few months ago he spoke a Christian COLLEGE and DEMANDED they take down all the CROSSES before he spoke or he was leaving!This SON OF SATAN just continues to praise and honor MUSLIMS while disregarding/INsulting Christians!

  • Anonymous

    I came here only to read the comments, I cannot watch B. Hussein and his Burka babe, I can’t even stand hearing their voices anymore–too much disguised hatred for all that is decent and good about America and Christians.

  • Anonymous

    I can not look at those 2 without wanting to throw up.

  • No mention of Christ nor the Bible in the Christmas greeting …… detailed references to Mohammad & the Koran in the Ramadan greeting …..

    Potentially instructive ….. I guess Christ is of little import in the Muslim religion …… gosh … ya think maybe his “Christian” faith is little more than political expediency …..?

  • No mention of Christ nor the Bible in the Christmas greeting …… detailed references to Mohammad & the Koran in the Ramadan greeting …..

    Potentially instructive ….. I guess Christ is of little import in the Muslim religion …… gosh … ya think maybe his “Christian” faith is little more than political expediency …..?

  • He sounds more like a Muslim then a Christian. His Christmas description was vague whereas this Ramadan description was spot on.

  • Words do matter, right?

  • Words do matter, right. Obama’s Christianity is thin soup. His appreciation of Islam is obviously much greater.

  • He mentions the Koran but not the Bible? Very telling.

  • Anonymous

    what an awful thing to do. Never once mentioned Jesus or his birth.
    Join me in my quest, for a warmer Earth, amigos.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm…no mention of Chanukah. Probably that how the obamessiah is showing the country just how much he really does support Israel.

    Oh, and I see that Michelle is now a trained teleprompter reader too.

  • Dan

    boy you really are as dumb as you sound when reading your comment…cause if you listened to me then you have ESP and we know that comes from Satan so grow a pair and find a bus you can walk out in front of…please make sure it is traveling at about 50 mph…then the job will be done once and for all…i don’t want to have to pay your doctor bills and some one as stupid as you should never reproduce we need to end your gene pool here and now…so do the world a favor and find that bus as soon as you can…OK Skippy…get-er done

    • Anonymous

      Listen I have been on this earth for 85 years and I am not as dumb as you think. In fact I fought in WWII, giving you the right to talk to one of the “Greatest Generation” like you are doing, have we won a war since then? what have you done for your country, nothing I’ll bet. How earth a working man could be for the Republican party is beyond me. Bush invaded Iraq for no good reason destroyed that country and murdered thousands of people, we have been at war for over ten years and if you want to reply please tell me what we have gained, we certainly have not made our country safer and don’t talk in dumb ass circles like you did with your lase answer, you seem to have been lost for something intelligent to say!!!!!!!

      • Dan

        “you seem to have been lost for something intelligent to say!!!!!!!”REALLY!!!!no that is how i answer leftist like you…if you did serve during ww 2 (which i doubt) thanks for your service….now 1 “have we won a war since then?” answer…YES…I served during Nam we “the soldiers” won that war it was leftist like you who undermined us back home and started rewriting history…it was leftist like you who called returning soldiers baby killers …murders and
        started the down word slide of America…its leftist like you we are now 6 trillion more in debt,,,it is leftist like you and your DemonCraps friends who have destroyed this once great country…you sir are what is wrong with this country…

        “We would have been better off if Barbara had aborted him” Really!!!!!

        If you did server(which i doubt) Abortion was illegal back then you leftist pig and thanks to leftist like you ….we have murdered millions and millions of babies…great work there commie…

        oh and you can thank me for my service to our once great country….your work in destroying it is almost complete…way to go there Skippy!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dan, the Vietnam war was like the war in Iraq all for naught. I did not spite the returning troops, I had a young neighbor that loved me like a father and I respected all the troops they were (even though wrong) what the POTUS told them to do. You cannot win a guerrilla war. We had no sane reason to invade Vietnam, we did in under the pretense we were stopping the Communist which is bull-hockey. We are now good trading partners with them. I just saw a show on the sixteen women and children that were murdered in cold blood by five Marines on night patrol. You may call me a leftest, so be it but it was not the leftest that sent all our jobs off shore that is what is wrong with this country along with us feeling we can kick any countries ass. We owe our ass to a communist country, namely China. How do you think Bush fought his murderous?