Obama supporter believes Romney is a socialist, communist

MRCtv has found Cinnamon, and Obama supporter, who is the definition of irony:

Consider this an open thread.

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  • mediaaccess1

    Can be personal, right?

  • GEDouglas

    I had the same look on my face that he did. Lord save us….

  • WordsFailMe

    Was that an Obamaphone on her hip or was it a payphone? If this story get zero comments, I wouldn’t be surprised. How does one digitize “jaw drop?”

    • Rightstuff1

      I sat there gobbed-smacked !!! Such people exist, clearly they exist. One can only darkly fathom what kind of brain processes occur within this person to arrive at her beliefs.

      Words fail me, wordsfailme….

    • Rightstuff1

      OK time for me to say it. We need to go back to a time when you couldn’t vote unless you were a property owner above a certain level. Why? Because these idiots are just that, idiots. It makes no sense to give idiots the vote because they are too stupid to know what to do with it.

      • WordsFailMe

        Good point. I’d be satisfied if you just had to produce a copy of your last Federal Income Tax form or a W-2 from last year showing that you somehow have a vested interest in this country and its government.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          There are a lot of people who are not property owners and a number who don’t pay federal income taxes who are conservatives and care about this country.

          I do think a certain IQ level ought to be met, however, in order to be able to vote, and I’m not sure the interviewee would meet it.

          • WordsFailMe

            You are of course correct and the probelm is not easily solved without adding another 9,000 federal jobs…

            At least we agree that something beyond just breathing should be added to signify eligibility to vote.

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              Maybe just asking people when they go to vote a simple math question would do?

          • Orangeone

            Even those that receive SS retirement benefits have paid federal income taxes otherwise there wouldn’t be a distribution.

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              They have in the past (as have those on social security disability), but those who don’t get enough income who are on social security are not required to file a federal income tax return.

              Additionally, there are those SSI for reason of disability who don’t pay federal income taxes… I have a conservative family member who falls into this category.

              • Orangeone

                I don’t think I was clear.  To receive SS today, you had to pay fed taxes in the past.  I would put these individuals into the retired taxpayer category.  For those receiving SSI, and knowing how many are on SSI as their new form of Unemployment, we need to scrub that clean and they the fall into the disabled taxpayer category.  For those on SSI that really don’t qualify, prison for them and the acknowledging physicians and no votes.

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  Initially, Words Fail Me was speaking of a W-2 from last year. Now, I understood that you were saying they’d paid in the past- and was agreeing this is true of those who are retirees on social security and those who are on social security disability.

                  But those who are disabled who did little to no work and are on SSI for disability reasons, they do not have the same requirement to have paid so many years into the federal income tax system as do Social Security disability recipients. This is the category a conservative family member of mine falls into.

                • Orangeone

                  I absolutely understand the SSI.  There are many, many, many Americans that are on SSI for absolutely legitimate reasons and they should for certain be able to vote.  We need to clean up SSI because it has been contaminated by a cesspool of liberals that are using it when unemployment runs out.  Those funds need to be protected for the disabled like your family member.  And I am personally outraged that our gov’t has allowed that to happen and put your family member’s support at risk.

          • warpmine

            I’m very certain.

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              You are very certain the person would meet the intelligence IQ requirement if one was put in place?

              • warpmine

                I’m very certain this one would not.

          • UnCL3

            I am…she wouldn’t pass a 3rd grade reading wxam.

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              So, you are sure she would not meet it! She did seem quite child-like the way she nodded and went off besides evidently not listening to Romney’s rhetoric about getting tough on China.

      • Orangeone

        Couldn’t agree more. And while we are at it, repeal the 14th Amendment.

      • WordsFailMe

        RightStuff1–I just wish there were more like buttons on this post.

    • PicklePlants

      ” How does one digitize “jaw drop?”

      I know! – I know! Pick me! – Pick me!


    • SineWaveII

      Well she’s big enough to have a payphone on her hip, but I think that was an obamaphone. >>> 8–O

  • PChandler

    Psychological projection from an Obama automaton.

  • Ranger1325

    His look at the end is priceless.

  • Rob_Bryant

    Dude. Every day there are more and more stupid people that speak. What’s worse is that they vote. First we see a video of Obama supporters that don’t know what happened in Libya, now we have someone that thinks Romney is a communist? Do whaaaaaaaat?!

    Good gravy, someone get this lady a history book!

    • WordsFailMe

      Mrs. WFM says that trying to expose the lies about four dead in Benghazi uis useless because this pink-striped buffoon (loon?) is a typical example of a Democrat voter.

      I try to ignore her. Both of them.

      • Rob_Bryant

        haha Both.

    • Dukehoopsfan

      Once she figured out that she could not eat it she would throw it away.

    • NYGino

      If you’re looking for a history book I’ll save you a lot of time, don’t bother looking in our public schools today.

  • poljunkie

    I dont have anything nice to say about her comment so I will say that Cinammon is color co-ordinated nicely. Pink hair, lipstick, and sweater! Its like cotton candy!

    • detectivedick

      Code Pink member

    • 2besusie

      I hate to be unkind, but I think the cotton candy resides where her brain should be.

    • Joe

      ——————-Are you in LOVE?????

      • poljunkie

        Ha ha no thanks. Im happily married 28 years to my HUSBAND.

    • NYGino

      Airy and lacking substance?

      • poljunkie


  • p m

    OMG. The look on the guy’s face…lol.

    • marketcomp

      One of those LGBT types, maybe?

      • p m

        Well, before she spoke, I was thinking it could be a guy…

        • WordsFailMe

          What do you mean, “..before she spoke?” lol

          • p m

            Yaknow what I mean, Words – looked like a guy. Sounded like a woman. Or maybe the estrogen treatment was too aggressive!

  • marketcomp

    What a freak!

  • Cindy09


  • Galatiansch2vs20

    What a sad situation- a very confused individual.

    • WordsFailMe

      There may be some fashion blindness here, bu she obviously doesn’t suffer confusion when it comes to cheeseburgers–lol

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Spiritual blindness, factual blindness, fashion blindness, and likely blindness to increased physical health risk caused by a lot of extra pounds.

  • KenInMontana

    Cinnamon is a prime example of everything that is wrong with our public education system.

  • WordsFailMe

    I just saw “Runaway Slave” yesterday online. I thought it was a very important message for a people who have been very sadly used and abused by tyrants, communists, racists and anyone else who is an iota smarter.

    This video demonstrates how the Democrats have been so successful for the last 50 years.

    Martin Luther King would roll over in his grave if he hadn’t already rolled over years ago.

  • Fireplug52


  • cheezwhizz

    I’m just guessing but she looks like a typical welfare ” mom” , who dutifully goes to her neighborhood church of social justice to collect the schedule for the next week’s protests,
    where she gets her t-shirt, sign, food and drink ticket, bus schedule and a bag of weed for each protest she is booked for .

  • theresaaa

    Good Lord ! Somebody smack her , wake her up. Try shock treatment , put a mirror in front of her .

  • Rshill7

    Where do I go to get my IQ points back? I felt them flee.

    Dear Cinnamon;

    I’m going to kick Obama’s ass in an historic landslide. Nanny nanny boo boo.

    P.S. Nevertheless, if you’ll whisper the names of your clothing consultant, dietician and hairdresser, I’ll see if I can’t get my friend Mr. Trump to fire them all for you.

    President Romney

  • Unreal…. I will reserve my comments… Holy cow.

  • Her name is Cinnamon? What on her resembles cinnamon? If that name doesn’t work out for her she can be Cotton Candy or Hubba Bubba.

    • Hey Tim, did you know that cinnamon is a mild male aphrodisiac. I’m guessing this particular brand of cinnamon has gone bad.

    • warpmine

      I thought it was Cinnabon and that name works better.

  • Kitty Myers

    Poor Michelle. She must feel threatened by Cinnamon.

    • NYGino

      And just when he convinced her that Whoopie means nothing, and Oprah is just “a friend”.

  • famouswolf

    I absolutely, categorically deny that that is the same species as myself.

    It shouldn’t be let out of it’s cage, much less allowed to vote. We definitely need to tighten up voting requirements, or we really are toast sooner or later.

    Democracy is a sure road to destruction. The only interest this alien creature has in the process is to make sure she/he/it continues to get it’s handouts. We won’t be the first Republic by a long shot destroyed from within by bread and circuses and ‘democracy’.

    I have to go throw up my breakfast.

    • NYGino

      I was just going to say the very same thing, verbatim.

  • JoelDick

    Romney campaign needs to hire this woman as a spokesperson! Or put her in one of his ads.

    • sDee

      Just take it as-is and add “I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message”.

      • JoelDick

        Better yet:

        “I’m Mitt Romney, and I don’t know what she’s talking about.”

        The campaign show do a series taking statements from the Obama camp, and ending it with that line.

        Then they gotta do one with Uncle Joe, and end with “I’m Mitt Romney, and he’s out of his mind.” Actually, have Paul Ryan do it.

      • Boris_Badenoff


  • AlabamaPatriot2

    Nice hair. If King Barry had (another) daughter, she’d look like……..

  • sDee

    Meets all the criteria of the SEIU. These are the people who will be administering Obamacare.

  • MsContrary

    Ooooooooh, is she dyslexic or what??????? She is processing info Barackwards!!!! I wonder is she thinks Obama is a fabulous capitalist who is bringing down the deficit?

  • lambfound

    The face of the Democrat party.

  • Don’t forget to vote early, Wednesday November 7th.

    • NYGino

      No rush Stewie, Obama gave an “executive order” declaring that, if your votes have a “D” after them they will be accepted and counted up to November 10, but under no circumstances will they be recognized after that date.

  • tsturbo

    Ignorance is truly bliss!
    This is the poster child for requiring a United States government and history test be passed in order to vote. You have to pass a test to get a drivers license, so why not to vote?

  • Nukeman60

    …who is the definition of irony‘ – Scoop

    Not to be critical here, but I think you misspelled idiocy. 🙂

    BTW, the look at the end, by the interviewer, said it all.

  • OH sweet Jesus! THAT gets a vote? (shakes head) It’s almost too depressing to think about.

  • shield1

    Rod Serling moment.

  • PhillyCon

    Is this right up there with Obama’s stash?

  • MominNV

    Can’t fix Stupid!

    • Even alternative medicine couldn’t help that brain damage.


    …NO you Americans cannot be that DUMB ? “

    • It would be nice if there was an American gene therapy that could solve these problems.

  • sjmom

    He should have asked her to explain the definition of a socialist. Her answer, I am sure, would have been interesting.

    • She did seem to be in a hurry to exit after answering. Maybe she isn’t as dumb as we think.

  • I think I just went blind watching this. Thanks a lot, guys. Ugh.

  • Dear Lord, Save Us From These Stupid People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • This is when “power to the people” becomes a real problem.

  • searcher0

    you can not get a better example of the moron vote.

  • What’s amazing is that someone this stupid can still figure out how to walk and talk!

    A whole 250 pound bag of stupid right there!

    • The extra blood vessels that have to support all that are stealing vital oxygen and nutrients from her brain.

  • wodiej


  • freenca

    Was this person spoofing? If not, where and how did she arrive at those opinions, Who told her those things? Has she been going to Rev. Wrights services? Does she even know the meaning of the words she is using and if so her reasoning and deduction skills are at best absent and should be remediated pronto. US History would be a good start with vocabulary tutoring to go along with it.

    • In the old days doctors would be prescribing a lobotomy.

  • Major914

    Is this Cinnamon Crowley, a first cousin to Candy Crowley?

  • 12grace

    Another “Race over Reason”, obama voter.

  • Landscaper

    She is smoking HOT, wonder if she is single?

    • hbnolikeee

      You gotta thing for blondes don’t yah?

    • NYGino

      Single digit I.Q.?

  • 2besusie

    Words fail me.

  • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

    I shop at Wal-Mart all the time and I’ve NEVER seen anyone who looks like that.

    • It definitely is taking much, much more to be original nowadays.

  • Rocco11

    Was that the Obamaphone woman?

  • DebbyX

    Obama must be SO proud!

    • NYGino

      Right now he’ll take anything he can get.

    • I would love to see a compilation of Obama supporter videos that parallel the theme of this one.

  • celestiallady

    I just can’t add a thing after reading these posts. You all said it and it’s great!!!

  • keninil

    Then woman has no idea what she is talking about. Calling Romney a Communist/Socialist is nicer than than calling him something else.

  • are you kidding me?!!!!!!

  • bartman99

    These are the democrats people. Dumb as a bag of rocks. Assclowns.

    • Debbie W. Schultz is on the top tier of democrat intelligence, and this woman is in the middle.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Whoa, is Cinnabon spot-on about trillons of dollars of debt to China or not? We wouldn’t want Romney to do that……..on top the trillions of dollars of debt her hero, obama, has burdened our country with in four short years!!!

  • This is a typical Obama supporter, and government school indoctrinated democratic voter. This is our tax dollars at work, and she (Cinnamon) is what we got to show for it.
    And from the words of the immortal Forest Gump. ” Stupid is what stupid does!”

  • Christopher Stephens

    This is traumatizing for me. Don’t blame her for being fed lies about Romney, blame Obama. But she CAN be blamed for accepting anything the Obama Administration spouts. She is an uninformed voter, and that is sad. But in her mind she believes she is right because Obama’s media men are intentionally spreading this mess. Its disgusting that ANY politician, regardless of party, would intentionally deceive American citizens for their own agenda.

    I know I am not the only person here to think this way, after reading many comments. As if you needed any further pushing, PLEASE for the love of our Democratic Repuplic, get out there and vote and encourage others to cast their votes! Romney is not the greatest candidate to ever run, but he may very well be our last hope!

    • BOPOS

      Nobody is pushing Romney as a communist, she is just un educated. Voucher might have helped her.

    • I don’t think that her brain can even begin to decipher the liberal programming, because I have never heard that one before.

  • Joe

    Is that THING from Sheriff Joes’s PRISON in AZ?



    WAIT! -WHAT?

    ————————————————–Romney’s a Commie?

    I knew it

    Now I have to get back my FIVE votes and VOTE TEN times for ZERO!


    Maybe abortion is the answer. (just kidding) Cut off her funding and go with survival of the fittest.

    • You made me think, this might have been damage done at birth. She may have been a crack baby.

  • NJK

    Typical Obama voter, stupid.

  • NYGino

    Come on guys, don’t be chuckling about her outfit, it’s October and she’s just giving her Halloween costume a dry run.

    • iHeartLife

      Hahaha! Good one 😀

  • NYGino

    Unfortunately for our country the word ‘typical’ comes to mind.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    I would say unbelievable, but it’s NOT…lol

  • kcast2011

    These types of videos makes me embarrassed to be black

    • PVG

      No worries……the similarity ends there!

    • white531

      kcast2011, intelligence does not reside in the outer skin layer, covering your body. For proof of that, all you have to do, is listen to Colonel Allen West or Mia Love.

      This woman had the same opportunities they had, except for one. Allen West and Mia Love had great parents. If you would change anything in this woman’s environment, growing up, that would be a good place to start.

      Allen West and Mia Love, and even Condoleeza Rice, are always talking about their parents, and the powerful influence they had on their lives.

      • white531

        While I’m on that subject, I have a gripe. A big one. No one in the black community, ever gave George W. Bush much credit for appointing two strong black leaders, General Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice, to important positions in his Cabinet.

        Actually, both were among his closest advisors during dangerous times, especially Connie Rice. The Democrats never came close to doing anything like that. They give it lip service, but George Bush actually did something about it.

        The Democrats have never embraced the intelligence of black people in this country. Instead, they have used them to get votes, while keeping them on the plantation. Black people in this country, have not been given a chance, in the true sense of the word. They have been given a handout, which is not exactly the same.

        All welfare does is enslave people even more. It does not lift them up and make them better. It holds them down, and destroys their self esteem.

        But things are changing in the black community.

        The speech Connie Rice gave at the Republican convention, was one the most inspiring I had ever seen, up to that time. I fell in love with her vitality, her strong convictions, her intelligent presence on that stage. I fell in love with Condoleeza Rice.

        That hasn’t changed to this day. Yeah, I know she voted for Obama. So did Colin Powell. I give everyone, one big mistake. After that, I hold them to task.

        The next one to inspire me in that fashion, was our beloved Sarah Palin.
        No need to explain that one.

        And now we have Allen West and Mia Love.

        If good, decent people like this, keep coming along just when they are needed, we’re going to win this thing.

        We’re going to defeat the Liberal mentality, that is holding this country back and preventing it from being the shining light on the hill that it used to be.

        You can help us, or you can hinder us, but you won’t stop our progress.
        You may set it back, even slow it down, but you won’t stop it.

        Because God is on our side in this matter.

        Last time I checked, God is color blind.

        • You’re absolutely right; they preach it but in reality, they don’t believe it. The dirty little secret that the Democrats don’t want anybody to know is that the KKK was actually a spin-off of the Democrat party. The Democrats were the ones resisting congress and their civil rights bills to end slavery. When you do honest, objective research regarding racism and slavery in politics, it becomes clear who the racists are.

          Old “quiverlips”, Robert Byrd was a KKK member and the Democrats didn’t have an issue with that. Trent Lott mentioned he voted for Strom Thurmond on the “dixiecrat” ticket and the left had a dramatic tizzy fit. It was only since the Kennedy administration that the Democrats suddenly became the “party of blacks”. They feigned concern for MLK when he was locked up and they consoled his mother. This was an advised political move to garner black votes, and it worked.

          The fact is, when you constantly point the finger at others, there are 4 fingers pointing back at you and in this case, it holds true. The left embraces blacks for one reason; to hold them hostage as well as their votes. The sooner blacks realize how the left is intentionally keeping them dependent, the sooner they can free themselves from the shackles of social welfare manipulation by the Democrats.

        • I was in a comedic mood when I read your comments about Powell and Rice, thought of some things to say, then decided to refrain.

          I will say that you are correct, as far as I recall, that Bush was never given any kudos.

          I am glad that God has given me the gift of being color blind. I truly do not think about color when I see or hear commentary from anyone. It is such a distraction from what could be important otherwise.

    • iHeartLife

      No, no…NOTHING to do with color: http://tiny.cc/FailEd
      And they had book-bags to prove they were students…Blame MSM and public ed.

  • MaryUKtheScot

    YIKES!!!! Holy Mother!!!

  • PVG

    And Cinnamon, what is your definition of a socialist/communist?…………………crickets!

  • tshtsh

    b.o. supporters–“send in the clowns–don’t bother they are here”.

  • PVG
    • WordsFailMe

      That was absolutely perfect and unbelievable apropos!

      Congratulations PVG! This one will be come a classic

    • white531

      PVG, that was priceless! I advise everyone to take the time to watch that video.

    • Many thanks for that link. Awesome. I had to spit out what was in my mouth and couldn’t stop laughing.

      Edit: That deserved a “share”.

  • stage9


  • SineWaveII

    For some reason I keep thinking of those Hostess Snowballs.

  • UnCL3

    Just when you thought that people can’t get any more stupid, this genius (and those like her on the Left) shows up.

  • Cinnamon also thinks her pink hair looks natural, and when “First Dog” Bo peed on her leg, she actually *did* think it was raining because Obama said so.

  • I will be more than happy to provide free birth control pills for this brainless “pink slime”. Our country doesn’t need idiots like this.

  • They’re not called useful idiots for nothing..

  • iHeartLife

    LOL @00:43 – That was hilarious! Everyday is opposite day in Zeroland…Paul Ryan is black after all, hahaha.

    Flashback: http://tiny.cc/BlackPaulRyan

    • The more I see and hear these types of interviews, the more I understand about how we got here in the first place.

  • Germania Jim

    Hey cow, Obongo is a communist you stupid fool. Or does membership at a communist sympathizer not bother you?

  • Philo Beddoe

    Cinnamon’s attempt to be a hot chili pepper turned out to be a squash

  • wynnsjammer

    You know, I don’t even think this is a “Woman”. I think it’s someone who is “Transgender” and on his way to having the surgeries to become a woman. Something doesn’t seem “Kosher” to me about this individual. I mean this is one “ugly” woman.

  • I agree with the working theory that it doesn’t take much intellectual acumen to be a Leftist. There is so little room for reason when one gets to choose what is real and what is not.

    The pink wig infers a great deal about this person’s personality. She does like to hear the sound of her own voice.

  • skadams

    “Cinnamon” my friends is the epitome of all Obama voters. And what is truly scary is that actually believe what they say. This is a mandate on our educational system.

    • skadams

      I put “Cinnamon’s” name in quotes because we don’t know his real name

  • Yazz55

    Is this supposed to be an ad to support abortions for those who have obamaphones?

    • Orangeone

      Now if we could only insert a chemical in the phone that goes in their ear every time it’s used, it could be very valuable means of delivering birth control. Now that I’ll pay for!

  • bobemakk

    I never knew that cinnamon came in pink! Another politically uneducated person who wants the social justice handout programs to continue so the US can go the route of Spain and Greece, bankrupt.

  • AMR1960

    It’s no wonder Obama’s not smiling much lately…He has to get Re-Immuclated on the votes of insipid O’Zombies like that poor lady…

  • judyjet2

    Can people really be this stupid!!!

  • judyjet2

    Can people really be this stupid!!! God help us all!!

  • judyjet2

    Can people really be this stupid???? God help us all!!!!

    • Orangeone

      Yes and they are allowed to vote which is scarier.

  • sonofliberty

    wow..she is pretty hot for a dem ! lol

  • charliewalksonwater

    wow. She’s impressive.

    UNINSTALLING OBAMA…..……………. █████████████▒▒▒ 80% complete.

  • Parents PLEASE find the money to send your kid’s to private schools or home school them so they don’t turn into useful idiots like “Cinnamon”. A IQ / basic American History should be required to Vote . Welfare parasites looking for a free ride should also be disqualified.

  • I’m reading her mind “i’m so informed and intelligent”. HA HA HA All we can hope for is she is last in line and no off spring. Lord save us.

  • She is so intelligent and informed. Lord save us…

  • What else do you expect from a member of a race of knuckle dragging cretins….

  • Is that stupid groid a buck or a sow? These greasy, smelly apes are NOT Humans. Put the oar tuggers on leaky boats back to da mudland or break out the Zyklon-B and let’s finish things.

  • If socialism is bad, why does she support Obongo?