(UPDATED with Video) Obama: ‘That’s The Good Thing As A President, I Can Do Whatever I Want’

UPDATE: Here is the video.

President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande toured Monticello in Virginia on Monday as part of Hollande’s two day state visit. During their time on the grounds, the Presidents were viewing the terrace, which resulted in the following pool report:

At 4:45 POTUS and president Hollande walked out from a portico and strolled in Front of your pool with Leslie Bowman, president of the Monticello Foundation. Looking at a terrace she said that Jefferson loved to admire the landscape from there. POTUS said that he’d like to take a look and seemed delighted to “break the protocol”.

“That’s the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want” he quipped, walking to the terrace with his guest and Ms. Bowman. Pool now in the mansion as the leaders will come and visit Jefferson’s study.

I can do whatever I want.

Aside from the obligatory “what if Bush had said it”, it’s particularly tone deaf for President Obama to make such a remark within earshot of reporters. The President’s ongoing “phone and pen” declarations, his assertions that he will enact his agenda “with or without” congress, make him especially susceptible to ridicule on the point of presidential privilege.

President Obama does indeed seem to think that as President he can do as he wants. Just today he once again delayed the Obamacare employer mandate with his mighty pen. The often repeated defense of Obamacare has been ‘it’s the law.” Apparently it’s only the law inasmuch as the President happens to be “feeling it” that day.

President “I can do whatever I want” has made no secret of his intentions, touting his go-it-alone strategy in the State of the Union and in multiple Weekly Addresses in recent months. Democrats in Congress have literally applauded this posture, and media elites and talking heads can hardly conceal their glee.

As far as the “What if Bush had done it” narrative goes, it is all but certain such a remark on his part would have been late night and Saturday Night Live sketch fodder. With Leno gone, one can only wonder if the same will be true for President Obama.

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  • Come on, Republicans. He’s DARING you now.

    • come on Zim. I wish you were right, but I trust the Republicans less than the Democrats. They are equally bad

      • I didn’t say they were going to do anything about it. I suspect they won’t. But he’s daring them, nonetheless.

        • aposematic

          He doesn’t need to dare Congress, they have already shown they are sheep waiting to be slaughtered. He is daring US, the American people!

          • Pfft. He doesn’t give two sticks about the American people.

      • To the two of you who down voted me. I don’t know about you, but I would rather be shot in my chest by my enemy than shot in the back by those who are supposed to be my ally.

  • badbadlibs

    Actions speak louder then words, in this case they match.

  • He’s getting to the point of full-bore Stalinism now. Good snag, Caleb!

    Something that fits right in with this totalitarian freak in the White House is Stacy McCain’s latest in a series of metaphorical beat downs of some pro-Communist idiot that writes for Salon.com (I know! I was surprised that website is still going, too!).

    Anyway, today’s beatdown was very instructive of exactly where barack is taking this nation, now that “he can do whatever he wants.”

    Expect disappearances.

    • Nukeman60

      He has oh so much more flexibility now that the elections are over.

      • I wonder if old Vladimir thinks that’s a good thing, like barack implied it would be.

        Of course, Vlad is far more popular around the world today than barack will ever be.

        • Nukeman60

          Sad, isn’t it?

  • giveususfree

    This comment is being blown WAY out of proportion. It’s obviously just a small, offhand comment. It’s in red on Drudge, and in a context that makes it look like Obama’s talking about the health care law when he’s not, and now it’s here. I can’t imagine the size of the flamethrowers that will come out if Obama ever gets overheard that he likes the color red….
    We can drill this guy every day on 100 different legitimate things, but this is just stupid, and when you have the truth and reality on your side, is unnecessary.

    • Pat Howe

      “Many a true word is said in jest..” It is not an offhand comment. It is obviously exactly what he thinks as he did not even hesitate to say it.

    • Coralchristie

      “Way out of proportion”? Mr. Obama has shown complete disregard for the limits of his Constitutional powers and is “ruling” by executive order.
      The health care law is just that…a law! It is outside the bounds of his constitutional power for him to change it without the consent of Congress…but he does so anyway. Congress hasn’t done its duty in impeaching his actions.
      He actions are anti-liberty and we will rue the day that we didn’t stop him.

    • Nukeman60

      This is a small comment. A piranha has a small bite, but a thousand bites together will kill you.

      Obama has shown in so many different ways that he has no regard for the Constitution whatsoever. The more we say it’s a small thing, the more often he will do (and take) more and more until there is no Constitutional Republic left.

  • Dramamama54

    Come on now, even Demo-rats cannot allow him to get away with this! What’s that you say, they already do? Time for impeachment….Congress needs to act and act now!

  • Coralchristie

    When will Congress finally do what is Constitutional? This President is “dictating” and superseding the powers given to the Executive Branch and NO-ONE is stopping him. Are we really so spineless as a people that we allow this to happen?

    • Terry

      That’s a good point. It is the constitutional OBLIGATION of congress to take legal action. They also must uphold the constitution, which they swore to uphold.

  • Subie201

    That’s what you think!!! You are too big for your head! 2014 is just around the corner when you will surely lose your majority in the Senate….then you will be a definite lame duck nobody!

  • aposematic

    Drug Cartels declare war on ObumaNocare for infringing on their drug profits.

    • aposematic

      I can’t believe no one on this site gets this…

  • Sentinel

    Just today he once again delayed the Obamacare employer mandate with his mighty pen.

    Let’s see, how can I address this lawless evil without screaming out loud and kicking a hole in the wall? Hmmm… My wife came in and with great anger told me what he did. My thought is what most of you are thinking… WE KNOW as well as he and Karl Rove and the world knows that Obamacare will be front and center for the next two elections for sure. So why not defang the snake before those elections to ‘fix’ the election and steal our thunder? Lemming Americans have a short memory… most of them don’t understand how they’ve been screwed by Obamacare – yet. But they will… AFTER the 2016 elections. After Demoncraps can slide under the radar and spew their lies without the awful shadow of Obamacare dogging their steps on the campaign trail. And Obama will slide out of office on his merry way once it fully kicks in with the full poison it’s full of. They blamed Bush for EVERYTHING! But if God is merciful and we have a conservative as the new President, they’ll forget that it’s all Obama’s fault and blame the new President for the tragedy that is soon to follow. Obama should be impeached and jailed… but we know the GOPe will NEVER do that. AND WE KNOW the MSM will NEVER call the monster-in-chief on his lawlessness… so once again, he gets away with his many crimes.

  • aposematic

    Why would Obuma not believe he can do whatever he wants? Hello! With both Congress and the SCOTUS letting Obuma do whatever anti-Constitution thing he wants (example: ObumaNOcare)…why would Obuma shy from admitting he can do whatever he wants, Constitution be Damned!

  • He’s giving Hollande ideas.

    • sDee

      Or perhaps, we’ve become French?

      • Crassus

        At least the French had the balls to throw their tyrants out back in 1789. They went overboard in doing so but that’s beside the point.

        • stage9

          Yeah, they threw God out too, and now they have a socialist as a president. Ideas have consequences.

        • Another problem they have is that in their national motto is the term “egalite“. I’m sure you know what that means. So even if they defeat this guy, they will be struggling with their national identity for years to come.

    • faxxmaxx

      Hollande is very unpopular in France. He’s also pushing the Gay agenda. The stupid French, as in America, are just now realizing they voted in a fascist. And just like here, the patriots are seeing red.

      • Yea. I’m really shocked as to how his unpopularity rose so quickly. I didn’t think the French were awake. The scandals, the millionaire tax, gay agenda, porous borders…the French can only take so much.

      • 12grace

        It’s too bad that we, the people that didn’t vote for obama or the other leftists in office have to suffer because of the uneducated voters stupid votes. And too, it’s very likely that the vote was fixed last time around. Who counted the votes? And why did they count the votes?

  • sDee

    Obama is a puppet. What good does it do to ridicule or criticize the puppet while ignoring those pulling his strings?

    A big difference between Bush acting outside the Constitution and King Hussein, is that Bush always made sure he had Congress go along with him.

    We failed to stop, or even protest Bush’s Federal expansion of power, so the oligarchs figured they’d just skip over the whole Congress thing. The peeps seem just okey-dokey with that too.

    The problem lies not with Bush nor King Hussein, it lies with us, the people, who fail to act.

    • 57thunderbird

      Agreed sDee!

  • NanNJ

    Keep laughing dirt bag, you will get yours.

  • Crassus

    John Boehner, John McCain, and Eric Cantor (bending over): “Thank you, Mighty Obama, may we have another.”

    • aposematic

      You/we could easily add another 400+ Congress Critters to that…just being real!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Just a bit arrogant??? He’s an example of an Ugly American in soooo many ways!!!

    • 12grace

      Yes, but he is NOT America and therein lies the problem.

      President Obama’s Uncle: “WE ARE ALL MUSLIM” (Caught on Video)

      • Army_Pilot1967

        Maybe I should have written a “fake ugly American”…. I certainly don’t believe he’s an American. He’s a fraud and the Dimocrap Party knew he wasn’t qualified to be president, but that didn’t stop them from pulling off the biggest scam in American history!

        • 12grace

          You are so right AP.

  • stage9

    Someone look up the word “president” in arabic. Is it the same word for dictator?

    • aposematic

      Anyone want to bet Obuma didn’t already know that?

  • c4pfan

    Well, with this Congress, he can!

    • 57thunderbird


  • Gary Dickson

    So Mr. Obama thinks he can do anything he wants.

    The implication in his words is that no one will stop him!

    Perhaps that is what he is realizing more and more.

    Keep an eye on the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution.

  • mcgurn

    Like a diabolical child off his meds Obama has been & will do as he wants. No one sans a very few will call him on anything. There is a virus that has taken over the republican party Obamanitis or in layman’s terms.. A.Disease that eradicates ones testicles until virtually useless.

  • Terry

    Though I agree with everyone on here about his lawlessness I think a little context here is needed. He was joking about going off the tour because he’s the boss. (Please, I despise Obama too.)

    • Dr. Strangelove

      As I said above, it may have been a throwaway line, but it was telling nonetheless.

      • Terry

        absolutely telling. It shows what his opinion is regarding who he thinks he is

        • Dr. Strangelove


          • Poptoy1949

            and Plus 2

  • Hillary Shackley

    dumb donkey

  • tinlizzieowner

    Oh I’m sure the French President got your message, Napoleon. 😉 😉

  • kimber1911

    This guy is a punk ! thats all he is a spoiled punk !
    You know all they have to do is stand up to this punk.. He’s hollow..Congress grow a pair and confront this punk. !For the good of whats left our country !

    • Dr. Strangelove

      Yes, but he’s a punk with power. That makes him dangerous. Until the people wake up and put some real men in congress he’ll do what he wants.

      • Poptoy1949

        Very well said. That was worth 1,000 At a Boys.

        • Dr. Strangelove


    • 12grace

      Hitler was a punk but looked what happened to the world because of that son of Lucifer.

  • Nukeman60

    …“That’s the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want”…

    No, Mr pResident. The good thing about being a President in a Constitutional Republic is that you CANNOT do whatever you like. That’s what checks and balances are all about.

    And speaking of checks and balances, We the People are about ready to check your sorry a$$ right out of the White House. So you might want to start getting ready for your next vacation — to Kenya.

    • J1950

      All this crap about the constitutional abuse and Obama and Holder’s lawlessness. Why don’t the schemers in congress do something about Obama and Holder. ARE THEY AFRAID OR COMPLICIT?

      • Nukeman60



    • HCTUB

      I HOPE SO .

      • Mike Wilson

        Good doggie.

  • Aine

    He said this, no less, at Monticello. Monticello, home to the man who wrote our Declaration of Independence. This tone-deafness might possibly be entertaining if he weren’t already by-passing Congress and rearranging law to suit his political whims. He isn’t kidding and I, for one, am not amused.

  • J1950

    Cowardly buzzards who conned many of us into sending them off to Washington for lifetime positions of wealth,power and destroying this once great nation. We the SHEEP of this country deserve everything the ELITE do to us. BILL AND HILLARY WILL BE WORSE WHEN THEY TAKE THEIR ROYAL POSITIONS BACK IN 2016.

    • 12grace

      Yes they will be more dangerous than obama. Hillary is smart and evil.

  • Poptoy1949

    Ok, Now we have it on Tape. He thinks he is a friggin Dictator or King..BUT the Constitution says NO.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      It sounded like a throwaway line, but telling nonetheless.

      • Poptoy1949

        Very telling . At least it is on tape and it can be played oh so may ways. His arrogance will be his downfall I truly pray.

  • 12grace

    His arrogance is his greatest weakness. Pride goes before the fall, obama.

    Keep in mind, leftists have no friends when it comes to securing their own power. And if the right doesn’t convict and imprison him, the left will take care of him, eventually.

    When hillary competes with obama for presidential office in 2016, obama better watch his back because she and her criminal husband have a long list of people that “disappeared” or turned up dead, when they disagreed with the Clintons.

    Bill & Hillary Clinton: Their Secret Life – #01 of 12

    Example: Whatever happened to Vince Foster?

  • ryanomaniac

    Freudian slip? I think so.

  • 12grace

    Because of obama’s policies, the Middle East is on fire, they are persecuting and savagely mass murdering Christians. While this is happening, obama continues to have the ” shari’a sweethearts” to the White House for dinner awards their barbarianism with special entertainment. obama supports those groups that are murdering innocent people all over the Middle East.

    Photo of Obama meeting with terror-tied leader of Muslim Brotherhood front group ends up on White House Flickr account


    OOPS! Barack Hussein Obama seems to have allowed ‘dozens’ of Muslim terrorists into the U.S. as refugees


    Obama’s Blitzkrieg Attack Upon America


    I don’t know how we can stop obama but i do know how we can And MUST help the Christians being persecuted.

    Also, note obama has been allowing huge numbers of muslims to come into America but he has refused huge numbers of persecuted Christians to come to America.

    A Race Against Death


  • harglide

    THE PEOPLE should have a say!!
    I-M-P-E-A-C-H, I-M-P-E-A-C-H, I-M-P-E-A-C-H!!!!

    • DHardy

      I bet I have signed a hundred impeach Obama petitions..and I have sent letters to the white house and to congress and the senate…face it folks our Congress is spineless and our senate is just as evil as Obama is…

  • DHardy

    He can do what he wants? I wish he would decide to pull his head out of his Butttt….


    When will our people wake up and hold him accountable for the destruction he has created , and why is congress afraid of him . It’s time to stop the pony shows , and do they jobs they were elected to do . This thing needs to be impeached .

    • kong1967

      Never. Not even the Republican party will do anything to hold him accountable.

  • kong1967

    I think this is much ado about nothing. Taking the context in consideration it means nothing and he was joking. He wasn’t referring to making laws on his own or ignoring the Constitution because he is King.

    We should be more worried that he DOES do whatever he wants when it comes to the Constitution and the law….even though that’s not what he meant here.

    • Susan Fink

      On the surface, I agree this comment is no big deal, however what is concerning is the insight this gives into his general frame of mind. He is not ‘a king’ but a representative of the People of the United States. “The majesty” is for the position he holds and what that represents, and he should be respectful to this country and the taxpayers who pay him to represent them in both WORD AND DEED. The “majesty” is NOT for this MAN… doesn’t seem he has realized that yet. Perhaps that’s why this country is still such a mess morally, financially, and otherwise.

      • kong1967

        I do believe he thinks he’s above everyone else and the law and that he should have the powers of a king (he really wants to be a dictator), but I think he was only referring to things like going where he wants and what-not. I don’t think he was referring to ignoring the Constitution, although that’s exactly what he does.

        On the other hand, you could be right that he slipped how he thinks in general on everything, including being the ruler over the people and not an employee of the people. I mean, we all know he thinks that way, but whether or not that’s what he meant in this comment I’m not sure.

        In any case, we know that’s how he thinks.

    • WebAntOnYouTube

      I disagree with that statement but I can understand how you have come to that conclusion. I suggest you look up laws ruled unconstitutional and check who usually enacts them. It is Republicans.

      • kong1967

        That’s because any law challenged that is passed by liberals is rubber stamped by liberals in the Supreme Court. You NEVER see liberal Supreme Court justices vote against constitutionality for a law passed by a liberal Congress. Obamacare is just one example.

      • friskyness

        you should study history…….who encamped Japanese-Americans during WW2? Democrat president…….who dropped 2 atomic bombs? Democrat president….who was the head of the KKK…..democrats……who was against civil rights? democrats..LBJ stopped Eisenhower from passing it, because he didn’t want the republicans to get credit for it. Then, JFK and RFK dragged their feet in the beginning…. …..republicans brought them to it……..who is the first dictator president? Obama, a liberal democrat……so most of the damage was done and is done by democrats! Open a history book instead of watching MSNBC!

  • WebAntOnYouTube

    Taking the president’s comment completely out of context doesn’t make you look smart. It just make you look desperate to criticize Pres. Obama for any little thing he says. Uggh.

    • friskyness

      Yeah, but it was ok for liberals to trash Bush for 8 years…….Obama should get trashed more than he does……you liberals can dish it out, but you certainly can’t take it…………Obama needs more criticizing………..and liberals can just take it………………