Obama walks out – leaves Bill Clinton at podium

Obama met with Bill Clinton this afternoon for around 90 minutes and then had a press conference with him to sure up the Lefty base around this tax deal. But then something weird happened and Obama decided to leave and left Bill Clinton at the podium all by himself.

What in the world was he thinking? This does not look good.

Seriously, to use his wife as an excuse to get out of a press conference? Oh man. What a joke.

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  • moonbatkiller

    this guy is going to hang himself in the whitehouse bathroom before his 1 term presidency is over.

  • yeah let’s not say stuff like that man. I get you, but it’s just not appropriate.

    • moonbatkiller

      sorry bout dat. emotions got the best of me. wont happen again.

  • Anonymous

    That’s hilarious. Obama couldn’t be the new Clinton, so they just bring in the old Clinton to try and put his cred behind this Obamanation.

    You can’t polish a turd.

    • Bfunk221

      I’m gonna have to keep that last comment to use sometime! That was stinking hilarious!

    • Bfunk221

      I’m gonna have to keep that last comment to use sometime! That was stinking hilarious!

  • chaswv

    Just wow. Michelle rules! Time to delegate power to WJC!

  • Yeah, right, time for cigarette break…

  • Yeah, right, time for cigarette break…

    • DCG

      ha, good one!

  • Amazing. I’m speechless.

    • Anonymous

      This Activist-in-Chief chump does a great injustice to the OFFICE of POTUS; speechless and disgusted are mixing equally in my outraged mind….

  • I caught the press conference on Cavuto at 4:30 before Beck.


    Barry is so lame he had to get his “DADDY” to come and tell all the rest of the kids on the play ground to STOP kicking sand at little barry!

    He’s trying SO hard!

    And if you don’t play nice with barry all those MEAN OLD NASTY republican will come in here and beat you all up AND take you lunch money to boot.

    I did’t catch the end of it until now. Gotta run, the wife’s got dinner,.. and you KNOW HOW “SHE” IS.

    Poor little barry, he is so lame he makes carter look competent.


  • Just how stupid do they think we are?

    • kes

      apparently very.

  • That’s too conspicuous for it not to have been planned with an intentional reaction- While conservative talking heads will talk about this Monday and Tuesday- what else is happening next week that he needs the distraction? Is he just trying to create a dogpile on himself to sell his victim state on the American people and that mean old Republicans will not accept any compromise?

    Any one give the issue some thought? Interested what ideas others may have on why a POTUS would ever ever ever do something so stupid.

  • HubbaBuba2

    Who gives a Rat’s? Shows how you’ll make anything partisan cause.

  • Extremely Right

    Bill doesn’t look too healthy.

    • Anonymous

      No, he doesn’t.

    • Anonymous

      No, he doesn’t.

  • Extremely Right

    Bill doesn’t look too healthy.

  • don

    maybe you should post the ENTIRE video. Because Obama already stated at the beginning of this press conference, that he had to leave and that Bill Clinton wanted to make a few comments on the subject, so everyone was well aware.

    • It doesn’t matter. Yeah, he started at the beginning, but it’s HIS press conference. He left early, which is just odd.

      to quote @jtLOL on twitter:

      Say what u want about Sarah Palin quitting her job, but at least she finished her own press conference.

      • kes

        good to see you around scoop.

      • Anonymous

        Clinton understood. He was just the front man for Hillary during his presidency.

    • kes

      yes he did don but for those who are getting used to the tactics of using someone they like to let him extrapolate on his platforms-and there were a few with billy-boys opinions they seem to take as gospel when those within rebel. heck(pardon the expletive) they even have used carter and andy griffith to push their agenda. spackling a crack when there is a big hole in the wall not repaired is futile.it looks good until someone bumps into it. then you got a bigger problem.

  • Cheryl~

    Not very presidential of Obama!

  • Paula

    I think we have just witnessed the slam dunk failure of the next 2 years for obama!!!!!

  • Obama just revealed to the world who really is President… hint, it’s not Clinton.

    • kes

      and it ain’t obama either.

      • Extremely Right

        George Soros. The man on the other end of the blackberry.

        • Guesst

          Well, after all, it was Soros who busted Barry’s lip for talking out of turn. The basketball story was a way to cover it up… ;^]

  • Goldni007

    Had that been Dubya that pulled that the corrupt bastards of the WH press pool would be throwing a freaking hissy fit over it.

  • kes

    so wifey is not to be upset? what will happen if she does? she gonna stomp out and pull him away by his ears? pulling ole billy-boy in may backfire if that is his strategy, shows he cannot even “make” his party go along with him now. i have a low opinion of clinton also. this reeks of opportunism .

  • oic

    Whats this? Can’t keep First Lady waiting? Looking for an excuse to get out of there

  • Mark Pinkard

    What a joke we have for President. He should have thought about his time concerns before he made an appointment for a press conference.

  • Magicdixieranch

    ummm, all for family obligations….but REALLY? you duck as POTUS to Bubba?…. & let him continue for you to sell…what, the used car nobody wants? there’ll be a chevy volt in YOUR stocking! with NO battery!

    I am SO done with these posers…can the REAL POTUS pls stand up?? we’re waiting…really, put the gloves on….SURELY you can do better…aacck!


    It just looked like 2 men who didn’t feel comfortable in that situation. Obama decided to let Clinton do the press conference. Yes, it looked really bad on Obamas’ reputation, but if you look at it this way, he was actually being the “bigger Man” and leaving the room before his temper flared on National TV. I couldn’t have that strenght. DON’T GET ME WRONG….Obama has done NOTHING while in office, except for dress his wife in the most expensive jewels and dresses. His girls are also royalty. I see alot of vacations that they went on when really the President should be at the White house trying to send our soilders home. Honestly, enough is enough. You start to ask yourself is this really worth loosing my life and family when deployed and dying to only make about half of what I make in the army? PROUD ARMY WIFE AND MOM OF 3….GO CAV AND STRIKE HARD

    • Anonymous

      Yes, GO CAV!!! and God Bless our Warriors.

  • he’s just reverting back to voting present

  • Leel004

    Could Obama setting up Billy boy to be vp?

    • He he….I think it’s Clinton setting Obama up. The two do NOT get along; no way BO would have called Clinton in except as the result of some heavy pushing by his party. So he gave in, figuring Clinton would make a couple of remarks and then return the lecturn. Clinton used this opportunity to give Obama a slap, like “Watch how the big boys do it.” Obama obviously wanted the stage back, but Clinton ignored him and rattled on. Instead of taking charge of the situation, BO split. Impotent, passive-agressive fury on Obama’s part, smart politics and payback on Clinton’s.

  • This just shows the world how weak he is, “Michelle is waiting”??? The jihadist and real commies are salivating!!!!!

  • Sheryl

    Interesting body language on Obamas part. crossed arms = defensive; smirk when the question of ” what advice did Clinton give you” was asked = dismisive and arrogant.
    And then using his wife as as excuse to flee from further unwanted questions?
    Boys use excuses. Lying men use their wives.

  • Anonymous

    The imagery of the prez with his back to the room as he departs is stunning…outrageous and hilarious all at once. Just ain’t as cool of a gig as it once was, eh Barry?

  • Louis

    What is next? President Jimmy ‘Peanut Man’ Carter. Explaining the ‘Real’ reason why Iran was allowed to Bomb Israel?

  • Louis

    Monica Monica Monica !!!
    President Clinton…. Liar, Liar Pants on Fire….. Vast Right Wing Conspiracy !!!

  • A1nanny

    Obama is a poor excuse for a man, much less a president!!

  • Anonymous

    Allahpundit has a funny post up quoting a NYT piece that describes Barry and Bill wondering around trying to get someone to open the locked door to the press briefing room.


    Too funny. Not only does this guy have no idea how to act as Leader of The Free World, he has no clue how to behave in a corporate office environment. A Junior Vice President in charge or Emerging New Markets (I.E the CEO’s nephew) knows to NEVER do anything yourself that can get an underling to do for you.

  • Anonymous

    The whole thing was just bizarre. It is so frightening that this man is our president, I truly fear the day when we need a leader for a crisis i.e. terrorist attack. Hopefully he would turn to George Bush, bring him to the microphone, and say “here George, handle this for me”.

    The guy acts like being president is a part time job. You do not leave your own press conference as president of the USA, who runs his schedule? A party is more important than addressing the American people?

    And I am absolutely tired of his faux smile that he constantly flashes, it disgusts me. He has got it down perfect.

  • Karena Marcum

    Good for him. You have to juggle a lot of people when you’re president. You shouldn’t forget your wife. So I applaud him.

    • Give me liberty

      She can wait, it’s his job. Where the hell’s she going anyway?

  • ToniB


  • ToniB

    I guess if anyone is looking for Obama’s ba**s, they should try Michelle’s purse.

  • Anonymous

    You Know That Their Game Is Over , When They Start To Eat Their Own

    • I read somebody referring to the Democras in congress as taking part in a “clown car demolition derby.” That goes for the whole party. Oh, they’ll recover, and these things are cyclical, but power usually changes hands when one side goes too far. I think we’re seeing that happen right in front of our eyes. May you live in interesting times.

  • SpeakTruth

    Fragmentary report aimed to over-exaggerate the fact that he already stated he would not be staying for Bill’s press conference. It was Bill Clinton who wanted the press conference.
    Don’t be so gullible to buy into the Obama bashing.

    • Body language gives the situation away.

  • Give me liberty

    No matter WHO called the press conference, that looked really lame for the (P)resident to walk off. NO CLASS whatsoever!