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Obama says we gotta stop having crisis manufactured every month because it’s not a good way to run the country:

As if Obama isn’t the very reason we are having them. What a lying hypocrite. There wouldn’t be a freaking sequester if he would have compromised in 2011. There wouldn’t have been a crisis at the beginning of the year if he hadn’t demanded tax increases and said it was his way or the high way. This is the most uncompromising president I’ve ever seen, and yet he acts like it’s not his fault.

Look, you want to know what this sequester battle is really all about? It’s not really about raising taxes, at least at the moment. No, it’s about establishing in the minds of voters the permanency for big government going forward. It’s a strategy to trick the American people into believing that we really can’t cut the size government at all because if we do everything will fall apart. It’s a strategy designed to integrate big government as a necessary component to American life in the minds of as many Americans as they can convince. It’s a strategy to turn big government itself into an entitlement! And it will be used by Democrats, just as they use all other entitlements, as a political tool to beat Republicans with in the elections.

That’s what this is really all about. And instead of countering this message, Republicans are going right along with it as if this 2% sequester is a terrible cut.

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