Obama’s SOTU Address drew lowest ratings since 2000

Obama’s SOTU Address ratings have plummeted every year, with last night being the worst since the year 2000:

Nielsen Wire is reporting that nearly 33.5 million people tuned in to President Obama’s first State of the Union Address for his second term. That is the lowest viewership since 2000.

These numbers include 15 cable and broadcast networks: FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Azteca, Univision, MundoFox, CNBC, CNN, Fox Business, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, Current, Centric and Galavision.

Click to see the chart going back to year 2000. You might be surprised which SOTU Address got the highest ratings.

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  • nosilasunny

    Less ears for his lies. Good!

    • 1endtimes2020

      Americans are catching on to him. “You can fool all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time”

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      Indeed. I would venture to say that more people knew he would spout lie after lie and therefore found a more efficient use of their time and attention as the fallacy fest occurred.

      • Don

        As more Americans begin to understand Obama is totally incapable of the truth, his role as being a mouthpiece for an anti-American gang of thugs becomes more evident. I easily admit there is a fairly large percentage of those who have been indocrinated beyond the point of return for understanding reality. They will always be pawns for the progressives, but they are not the majority. Obama’s job is to increase their numbers by amnesty for illegal immigrants and increasing more subservience by massive government hand-outs. 2014 elections MUST be a repeat of 2010.

        • PatrickHenrysBody

          Well-put, Don!

  • clockwindingdown

    Of course it did!

    Somebody want to explain to me again how he won the election, because I’m not seeing the support the media is claiming. The people sure aren’t showing support, just like they didn’t at his little pep rallies leading up to the election!

    • OneThinDime

      Voter fraud for one. People stayed home for two. Military votes “lost” for three.

      • clockwindingdown

        Forgot GOP complicity…

    • Garym

      Mitt Romney sitting on his thumbs and not fighting.

  • c4pfan

    It’s not surprising to me. Fewer votes, fewer people watched the inagural, and Bush had Sept 11th.

  • las1

    This is a great quote from Kirsten Powers on the SOTU. She says:

    “It was so hackish, so devoid of any theme or purpose, that it makes one wonder whether part of Obama just wants to see how bad he can be before his cultists in the news media can see it.”

    This is a stunningly brilliant comment. Hats doffed to you dear sweet lady. This definitely goes into the QUOTABLE QUOTES file.


    It’s just too bad she’s incapable of making the full leap out of liberal crazytown. But baby steps there Kirsten… baby steps.

    • NYGino

      Kristen, more and more, speaks like a conservative double agent. Don’t tell anybody.

      • nosilasunny

        I’m certainly not a Kirsten Powers fan, but she has seemed to be have lost the liberal blinders several times lately.

        • TLaMana

          She’s lost that Liberal Feeling.
          Ooo Woah That Liberal Feeling.
          She’s lost that Liberal Feeling,
          now it’s gone, gone, gone, gooOOOoooOOoone.

          And before you say it: No, I have not been drinking.

          • NYGino

            Righteous comment TLaMana.

            • PatrickHenrysBody

              LOL…*rolls eyes*

        • NYGino

          Yes, she has surprised a lot of people quite a few times lately. Have to give her credit for not allowing herself to become Debbie Whatshername Shultz Jr.

          • bornfreeamerican

            I thought that was “Was a man” Shultz!

        • bornfreeamerican

          Once you start to see that glimmer of truth…curiousity gets the cat! Now let’s just hope the cat gets out of the bag!

      • deTocqueville1


      • poljunkie

        I agree Gino, Ever since Anthony Weiner duped her, she has been more cautious with her assumptions and declarations.

    • deTocqueville1

      I tell you folks, Kirsten is coming around. She sees through this sham of a man.

    • clockwindingdown

      Problem is a large number of his supporters could be classified as codependents or spousal abuse victims, no matter how bad he destroys their lives they will stick by him.

      Kirsten believes in leftist ideals, she just happens to see’s through the fraud that is this chief, and that is what eats at her!

    • proudhispanicconservative

      I love Kirsten she is my type of democrat, the one that challenges the status quo, and is not afraid to voice her opinion, The fact that she is pro-life makes it even better. Unfortunately the democrat party is taken over by the radical statists.

      • OneThinDime

        I don’t really know her but do you think she might be more libertarian than democrat?

        • Suzyqpie

          I think she is more capitalist. One of these Lefties will race for the publishing cash register when the 0bama Basij, aka MSM, can no longer conceal the debris field that WDC has become.

    • BlueGood

      Yes…I did NOT watch O’Blamo last night, can you blame me??

      However….no doubt I am not the only one to be able read between the Liberal Lies..oops lines…

      So I think it went like this…

      I, YOUR President & Queen….blah blah blah…blah Me. me me, and then I did…blah blah blah…me me me me…..And them I’m…me and me gonna and uh…I did….

      (Liberal Code for : “You’re Fu*Ked America” and you don’t got no choice until you get rid of Me”

      SARAH????????? SARAH?????? (ala Rocky calling Adrienne)….

      • Mary Sieg

        O’Blamo should be where O’Blago is….behind bars. Oh God, if only I could live to see that happen. (I’m praying here)..Have been for 4 years now.

  • NYGino

    He might as well put his SOTU Address on an audio/visual loop and next year just hit the “play” button. Will save lots of time and money.

    • deTocqueville1

      Hah! Exactly.

    • nosilasunny

      If he could get TOTUS to talk, he would probably let it give the speech for him.

      • NYGino

        He would but TOTUS has a screen saver that prevents the same image from burning the screen.

        • nosilasunny


      • PatrickHenrysBody

        Why not? He has outsourced much of his job to the leftist idiots in his panel of czars and his joke of a cabinet. He gets more golfing time, dinner dates, and vacations on the tax payers’ “dime” that way.

        • OneThinDime

          Speaking of vacations, he’s off on another one. This time to Palm Beach. It’s been a tough 7 weeks since the last one.


          • PatrickHenrysBody

            Poor Zero. Country destroying is so very hard. If anybody else were to take as many breaks as he does, they’d be on a permanent vacation from their jobs.

          • Mary Sieg

            I wonder if Rush left town when he came in…to avoid the stench.?

    • PatrickHenrysBody


  • deTocqueville1

    Not surprising, it was just regurgitated claptrap!

  • I take it as a badge of honor for not being included in that rating.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      Ha! Me too.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I love this, it means that only robots and drones watched it. I wonder if Rubio’s response got more then Obama, that would really make this story even sweeter.

  • HarrietHT2

    Lowest ratings since 2000? I’m appalled; should be lowest ratings since viewership numbers were first compiled.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      LOL. Don’t lose hope. He does have a couple more to go.

  • poljunkie

    I didn’t watch.

    I haven’t watched one of his.

    ( I have watched clips over the years tho’ on sites like RScoop)

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      You haven’t missed a thing. It’s the usual blah, blah, blah and lies that he usually discharges anyway.

  • white531

    I’m sorry, but I refuse to watch the Idiot. I consider it an insult to Monkeys, and I like Monkeys.

    • OneThinDime

      Good one! I consider watching those in the audience clapping like seals an insult to seals and I like seals 🙂

  • fishmonster

    Obama is no more than a petty titular head of a once great nation and he follows in the line of other notable leaders like Daniel Ortega, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

  • What there was a SOTU speech? Where and when? I did not know a fibulation of the condition of our country counted as such.

    Even so, why test someone’s sanctification in watching that garbage.

  • Reruns always draw lower ratings.



    • Conniption Fitz

      But obviously McCain loves him as we saw in the video on the earlier thread.

      • cabensg

        Sickened me to the core.

  • Sandra123456

    The Lo info voters didn’t know it was on, and since it wasn’t broadcast in 43 different languages, that turned many people away.

  • Rshill7

    The Federal Government just wants to replace Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” with an iron fist. What’s wrong with that? Oh right…everything.

    The guise of “creating jobs” attempts to mask the redistribution of our hard earned tax dollars to O’s cronies and contributors.

    Besides, every quid needs a pro, and every pro needs a quo. If they would simply all join hands, we’d have quid pro quo, brought to you by Larry, Curly and Mo.

    Al Capone would love it. He’d open a solar panel company, just as long as he didn’t have to allow any sunlight into the whole shebang, bang, bang.

  • Kordane

    Listening to Rush Limbaugh’s “honest condensed version” of the SOTU was FAR more palatable than listening to the actual SOTU – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEEfrOnhhKY

    • Mary Sieg

      Thanks so much for that link, Kordane! I love hearing Rush’s interpretation. He’s always spot on!

      • Mary Sieg

        Rush’s version was hilarious! Just got done listening to it….only 3:45 minutes…everyone should listen. Thanks again!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Well, many people do get tired of reruns.

  • TickedWhiteDude

    Awww…Is Woodrow “Mocha” Wilson losing steam?? What a pity.

  • Suzyqpie

    I know everyone has been anxiously awaiting the sqpie analysis of SOTU. Ok, stop laughing, here it is. I’m 0bama, today I’m in WDC house chamber reading words. Tomorrow I will be reading words in Asheville, NC. On Fri I will be reading words in Palm Beach, FL. On Tues I will be back reading words in WDC. In March, or is it April, I will be reading words in Israel. My very successful career has been built on one skill, reading words. Thank you very much.

    • TimeForAnarchy

      Another campaign to bloviate in all 57 states……….

    • Mary Sieg

      Great post Suzyqpie….thanks for the chuckle! You are absolutely right.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Ya think more and more people are beginning to understand what a devious, ineffective president obama is…that is except for the low information people? He is awful and just plain no good. He’s a snake-oil salesman because that’s all he’s got….that and an administration full of losers….Hagel, Kerry, et al.

    • sDee
      • Army_Pilot1967

        Clearly that’s the way obama/liberal supporters think. “We keep voting democrat, but we’re STILL poor.” There were a lot of good examples on that list of how those people think….or don’t think to be more precise.

    • TimeForAnarchy

      I’d like to live another 200 years just to hear what the historians say about King Barry.

      • sDee

        A dozen historians have been working on it since 2009 (seriously, they do this for all presidents). These select teams of academics and “pre-historians” write presidential history real time, like a narrative.

        For Hussein Obama the narrative is one of a sincere populist president who inherited with such a tumultuous and wrecked state of national and international affairs, combined with a near immortal level expectations from the people. He will be declared the president who reversed great disasters on all fronts, but was judged by the people as far less than his greatness because the expectations of his adoring populous set an impossible high bar of expectations.

        • TimeForAnarchy

          ………and caused the oceans to recede……

      • Mary Sieg

        Me, too! Now that would be interesting, but probably a sad story. It’s going to take decades for us to undo his unraveling of our country. I just pray he is stopped soon.

    • Mary Sieg

      The people who voted for him don’t watch things like the SOTU address….they have their free stuff and now they’re good for another 4 years. Those of us who actually are interested in our country and the government turned this loser off a long time ago. I had it on but muted….I was interested in the body language and to see who gave the standing ovations..then turned the sound up when Rubio spoke.

  • sDee
  • Conniption Fitz

    People don’t listen because they know there is a disconnect from reality in his words. Science research shows it distresses the human brain to listen to lies.

    For example: Gay activist Obama didn’t mention this syndemic (beyond an epidemic) in his SOTU:

    That’s because Obama is a Fact-denier, Evidence-denier, Science-denier, Reality-denier and Truth-denier.

    He lives in a state of illusion and delusion.

    • sDee

      I believe we have gotten to the point where it is reality, truth, that truly disturbs and upsets people. Half of America now seeks refuge in the lies, in being told it’s not their fault and everything will be OK.

      The choice of self determination, self responsibility, choice to set ones’ own destiny is truly disturbing to many people. And many of them are already take serious medications for the levels of stress and anxiety that freedom invokes for them.

      • Conniption Fitz

        Statistics show that half of the people in Western culture are addicted to a substance or behavior.

        • Mary Sieg

          Well, this guy might just drive me to drink too. I already have changed my behavior…throwing things at the tv and such….talking to myself, cussing at the tv.

  • bornfreeamerican

    Obama not filling up stadiums…Obama can’t sell-out hotel for his immaculation, now we have the lowest ratings on SOTU since 2000! Obama’s thrill is gone! …and it has been gone! We are all now living in Obama’s America…and it’s not going to get better because he doesn’t want it too. He wants our children to suffer! He blames America for all of the world’s problems and he wants to hurt us where it will hurt us the most and that is hurting our children and making them suffer like the rest of the world has suffered. Do your research about Obama people….it is the only conclusion you can come up with if you are honest about it. He wants to destroy America has we know it…he’s 4 years in…a lot of our kids only remember Obama already….they don’t remember when it was great. He is already robbing our kids futures…burying them in debt! Obama said he wanted to change our foundation…and why would you do that if you really loved your country? Obama hates America…he’s been taught that since he was a kid…groomed if you will. He was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis through childhood years! He traveled to Pakistan in 1980 when Americans were not allowed to go to Pakistan! Obama is NOT the good guy everyone thinks he is. And what he plans for us is not good either. With all the thrill being gone…and the recent stories of the fraud in Ohio and Florida it has me wondering if he really did steal this election. He is from Chicago…and stealing and corruption is the old Chicago way!

  • Conniption Fitz

    Maybe everyone was working on their job hunt resumes or getting extra sleep from working two jobs to pay taxes and Obamacare.

    Here’s the real SOTU:

    WSJbreakingnews – U.S. weekly jobless claims fall 27,000 to 341,000.

    11,000+ food stamp applications every day since Obama took office.

  • FreeManWalking

    33.5 million people tuned in

    Proves what PT Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute”!

    I haven’t listened to one of his STOU readings, his phrase “Fundamentally Change America” told me all I needed to know about his plans.

    • TimeForAnarchy

      He is clearly changing America. I’m not sure how “fundamental” it is, though……

      • sDee

        Since the brief respite of Reagan, I believe it has been a steady march to a central state based on the model of State Capitalism. Hussein is just the final catalyst.

        Just because it is a slow boil does not mean we’ve not been fundamentally transformed from free swimming amphibians, into the main course.

  • sDee

    Hussein & Hillary have already sent over $1billion to Hamas so far. Now Hussein and Kerry are planning another round of wealth transfer. Sounds like they have to go to Congress though……let’s see what the elephants do.

    Barack Hussein Obama is firing 20,000 Marines as part of his massive purge of the United States military to “save money”, he’s also fighting to send $700 million to the terrorists of the Palestinian Authority.


  • Conniption Fitz

    Another dangerous trick in the SOTU – Obama tries to redefine the meaning of CITIZEN:

    Ain’t nobody or nothing illegal if it votes for him or enriches and empowers himself and his cronies or furthers his Islamo-marxist ideology.

    • sDee

      The propaganda media did this with the term “illegal alien” decades ago. That is a term that has been part of a millennium of immigration law which we decalred as offensive to hispanics. Once we accept this small tactics we have lost the battle.

      btw Rand Paul did exactly this same thing by making up the term “undocumented citizen”

  • He was just preaching to the choir. Everyone else knows he’s full of it.

  • Conniption Fitz

    More exposure of Obama’s false SOTU premises here:


  • mikeinidaho

    Why were their 33.5 million watching? The lies that spew out of that communist’s mouth could fill the Library of Congress. I’m proud to say that we have successfully avoided EVERY speech and utterance that piece of filth ever uttered. A pox on him, his family and everyone who supports him and his communist agenda.

    • Yes. When the election was called for him, I turned to my wife and said, “well – there’s four more years of hitting the mute button.”

  • Conniption Fitz

    EVERYTHING Obama proposes, promotes and propagandizes is the opposite of what science, statistics and Scripture say is good.

    There is a MORE EXCELLENT WAY than the way of decadence, disease, and death that Obama promotes.

    It is the way of love, joy, peace, patience, meekness, kindness, gentleness, goodness and self-control.

  • I read that the subscriptions for his lectures as a law school lecturer followed the same trend – declining every year until it was dropped due to lack of student interest in him.

  • Less propaganda reached less people. Great news.

  • Stehekin912

    What does he care? He still gets to be King and do his damage.

  • tinlizzieowner

    “Obama’s SOTU Address drew lowest ratings since 2000”.

    He’s said it all before, we’re still going down the toilet, why watch him say it all again? 😉

  • I’m just surprised anybody tuned in. Who wants to hear the same liberal bile year after year? Personally, I watched some episodes of Boardwalk Empire, Season 2, on DVD. It was a heck of a lot more interesting than watching Obama and his minions, and it certainly made a lot more sense!

  • Yazz55

    SOTU low ratings…

    blame Bush!

  • There was a SOTU address???? 😉

  • California: In California the Democrats are acting like a roving pack of thieves, stealing the silverware from a collapsing state building. Much like the Clintons as they were leaving the White House, everything that wasn’t bolted to the floor went out to their U haul trailer. Positively lupine. (look it up) In Washington D.C. the Obama Kremlin workers are acting liken a roving pack of thieves, stealing the silverware from a collapsing federal building. Pelosi says, “Reasons? They say we can find our own damn reasons. It’s not that like we’re lazy, it’s more like the mentality of no longer caring.” The ship of state is sinking and the rats still want the cheese. And now in Missouri the local Mrxists are coming for the guns, guns that will defend the family from thieves, the same thieves that are steeling the cheese from the sinking ship of state. Jimmy Travis___