Occupy Chicago joins Destroy Israel Anti-war Peace March

RebelPundit shows us how the Occupy Chicago group certainly isn’t just interested in demonizing the rich:

Organizers and protesters from Occupy Chicago joined these groups and provided support to last Saturday’s anti-war gathering. The protest carried a strong anti-Israel/anti-America message, a theme that both served as a rallying cry for the day and, more ominously, a call to action for the organization of massive demonstrations in Chicago next May during the G-8 and Nato summit. Bringing more socialist economics to the United States, was also high on the agenda for the day.

Visit RebelPundit for more on this.

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  • im just amazed at the amount of stupidity that encompasses this large group of people that they would just stand there like sheep.. what a horrible display of ignorance..

  • Anonymous

    Be a non violent activist and Destroy Israel? Here it comes people. Revolution and then violence!

    • B-Funk

      [add gobs of sarcasm here] No one saw this coming a mile away…

  • Anonymous


  • Duncan Heard

    The saddest part about all of this pro-Palestinian garbage is that hardly anyone knows the history of this conflict. Anyone who objectively studies it will see that there have been wrongs committed on both sides, but Israel is far from the horrible “occupying”, innocent killing, evil country it is made out to be. Israel has made several serious attempts to make peace but as long as Israel stands there are groups that will not stop their aggressive attempt at destroying it and so peace seems like it will never come. This whole mess is such an unfortunate situation for Israel and any honest, good-natured Arab. Learn your history before believing the kind of garbage you hear in that video.

  • This shows the ideology of the entire “occupy ____” movement. They are dedicated leftists and they hate freedom in any incarnation.

  • Anonymous

    The New Tone just called. It says, “You know you want some.”

    Which proves that nobody understands the New Tone.

  • Josh

    End the occupations now! Get the militant Palestinians out of Israel!
    End the occupations now! Get the militant Palestinians out of Israel!

  • Anonymous

    Satan is alive and well in this decadent world! And he will be until Christ returns again. How else can you explain the stupidity, ignorance and arrogance of the far left, progressives, communists, anarchists, unionists, socialists and all other radicals.

  • You did know that there is a strong alliance between Radical Islam and the far left didn’t you?


  • Anonymous

    … Glenn Beck has predicted this irrational thinking was coming back in 2009.
    NOW !
    WAKE UP AMERICA ,ELECTIONS DO HAVE CONSEQUENCES as we are seeing first hand .”

  • Philo Beddoe

    Enough of this “Palestinian” BS. They are not the “Palestinians” The inhabitants of Judea (the Roman province of) are. they became Palestinians when the Emperor Hadrian decided to name Jerusalem for himself and the Provence for the then extinct Philistines (Greek sea people–not Arabs from Arabia) The inhabitants are the Jews (Judean’s at the time) and their appellation changed with Hadrian decree, just like the Persians became Iranians when they renamed their land Iran. The appellation changed again to Israeli when they renamed their land Israel.

    Incidentally, the term Palestinian (Philistine) has its root in the Hebrew for foreign invader. that is what these Arabs are. The West Bank (so named by Hussein of Jordan) or Judea and Samaria might very well be occupied, but it is Arab occupied Israel– the Jordanians invaded and occupied it in 1948, and remained there until they were thrown out by the Jewish “Palestinians” or Israelis.

    It is by the good graces of the Israeli people who are willing to accommodate them that the Arab interlopers will get a State of their own.
    Maybe then, they will be willing to give the Kurd’s (a true nationality) their own state. Don’t hold your breath.

    Finally, if Abbas and his ilk refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state (That was a UN mandate too, you know), what is there to negotiate about?

    No more Por Glall (Arameic term that’s close to BS as it gets)

  • Anonymous

    Genesis 6:12

    • 12grace, this time the Earth would be destroyed by fire.

      • Anonymous

        Do you think it will be a nuclear war?

  • Anonymous

    These occupy “wherever” have a plan, and it will become clear tomorrow. None of the protests are going to end tomorrow, they want police to use force on them. They want to make our government look like the oppressors, the ones who used force first, and so on. They want to make this into a revolution.

  • Anonymous

    more ominously, a call to action for the organization of massive demonstrations in Chicago next May during the G-8 and Nato summit.

    If the rhetoric stays on the same upward cycle it is going right now by next May Chicago will be in ruins. So far I have to give the LE agencies kudos for restraint.

  • Anonymous

    The Dream of a Socialist Utopia alway’s requires the destruction of a free people first. Of course, socialists must have absolute power over everything in order to build UTOPIA, the WORKERs PARADISE! Imagine that! And they want the destruction of Isreal well, only because its Isreal! Hmmm? Socialist aren’t quite sane, are they!!

  • This sort of thing is going to get Obama voted out of office.

  • Anonymous

    One of these days (sooner rather than later I believe), Israel is going to have had their fill of all the hate that has been directed towards them; at that point, they will rein down fire upon the so-called ‘palestinians’, and the other sons of Edom.
    “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem;
    May they prosper that love thee”
    (Psalm 122.6.).

  • Anonymous

    The biggest irony that I see is how the liberal extremist element is populated by liberal extremist jews. They are deeply involved with the unions and are some of the biggest brains setting up and strategising these multi-city occupy communist operations. Their religion of liberalism makes them blind to the anti-semitism. Anti-Zionism is only anti-semitism relabeled. To one extent or another, they believe that their involvement in these communist operations will buy them protection.

    For many years I wondered how the jews of Germany were blindsided by Hitler. Now I think that I understand how it happened. Also, if my understanding of history is correct, Lenin and Stalin were in part enabled and helped by various jews in Russia with their revolution against the Czar.

    If I had the authority, I wouldn’t waste a second excommunicating Soros.

    • I wonder how many card-carrying Nazis were closeted Jews. Most would have done it to conceal themselves, I guess. But, how many, like Hitler as 1/4 Jew, suffer that self-loathing or whatever, that inspired them to participate in atrocities. (along side George Soros)

  • Anonymous

    The Iraqi people will win their freedom??? Well we’re drawing down there bud, there are little to no operations that go on carried out by US forces. The Iraqi gov’t had just asked that roughly 10,000 (I believe) troops stay for a while longer. They are free idiot.

    The Afghans are free. There are thousands of areas that are undisturbed by the US and NATO troops. That country will never be like the US it is what it is. We should have set up a different type of government there because of the tribal relations there. The Afghans will side with the flavor of the day and who they believe is winning so they don’t themselves or their families killed. Without Pakistan taking a serious interest in the Taliban and Haqqani networks in the FATA then we can never really root coming the Taliban. 90% of insurgencies end because they become a part of the legitimate government.

    That guys an idiot. If the Palestinians were so poor and neglected where is the rest of the middle eastern countries trying to help them out. They definately aren’t supporters of Isreal but I don’t see them rushing to the gates to defend “Palestine” or the Palestinians either. Hypocrites.

  • The time to stop Israel’s formation was 1949. I think the Jewish people should have been given Alsace-Lorraine in Europe, to be the site of “Israel” I think the UN should have generated a secular government for the “Holy Land”. Ensuring all religions equal, peaceful access.
    But, alas, Israel is in the “Holy Land” now. They aren’t perfect but they are successful. They’re a free society, a democracy. There are many rich arabs there.
    Fomenters of rabid ideology are there only enemies.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Well, the name is correct, Hatem fits his attitude. Why wasn’t this [email protected]@ shouted down? Shaking my head. And more corruption from the BO regime to boot. Giving tax derived funds for this criminal and his enterprises is anethema to everything America stands for. It makes me wonder when his visa expired.