Mother Jones has exclusive super secret video of Romney from one of his fundraisers and their big beef with him is how he describes Obama voters:

There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what…These are people who pay no income tax.

Um…I guess they hate to hear the truth.

Here are the videos in succession. They are all pretty short and so far I haven’t heard anything I didn’t like:

Mitt Romney on Obama voters:

Mitt Romney on treating Obama gingerly:

Mitt Romney on his consultants:

Mitt Romney on what wins an election:

Mitt Romney on the economy:

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  • Joe

    All of this is simple common sense


    • Joe

      I am a little concerned at how this video was made

      It is setting a new low for entrapment –

      Who set this up? –

      If this were a private affair – It doesn’t seem right and may be illegal depending on the State –

      Seriously the SS screwed this up – Suppose it were a devious weapon

      Not good!

      • smmy33

        That’s the problem why does he have consultants that do elections around the world, they don’t know the America mind, abortion , God guns that’s only American, that wouldn’t fly in any other industrialized country.

        example of a ecomnic difference,
        Cape and Trade, that’s still Obama’s desired legislated wish to pass it, not just on the House like in 2010, in most Europe that would fly , but not in America

        why doesn’t Romney do ads about Cap and Trade, with Obama saying energy prices will sky rock it, and Obama not approving the key stone pipeline, and Obama standing in the way ( show statics) in the of drilling, that he used the oil spill to not not allow new permits, and then show the price of gas at almost 4 dollars , doubling under Obama , and if he gets under 4 years it will be even worse.

        Axlrod hit each group and sub groups with the right ad, Romney brush stroke that the 47% who don’t pay taxes are Obama’s voters , that not true in 2008 Obama won the suburbs, that the tax payer, and he won then on culture issues, which we have to do, turn a runaway debt a culture issue , a administration that wants a dependent society with more on welfare, food stamps, that will be paid by them, a culture issue, college graduates who wouldn’t get a job because of a stagnate governemnt econmy a culture issue.

        Reagan made the liberal polices a culture issue, that Carter’s policy were government was managing a declining America , not a America that had a new century, that didn’t need nor want a all powerful governemnt.

        gallop poll today, 39% think the government doesn’t do enough….. That’s in America , other nations would be a 50% to 60% on that question…

      • 3seven77

        My guess is that this video was taken by one of the serving staff at this function. Notice the carafe on the right hand side of the table that keeps getting picked up and set down. The camera/cell phone was on the serving table. Who are waitstaff affiliated with? Why I believe it would be Obama’s purple shirted minions, the SEIU, that’s who.

        I’ll bet they are just pounding their collective chests over the fact that Romney is not giving them anything they can “run with” like Obama’s infamous “Bitter Clingers” quote. Romney is well aware that there are recording devices in the room. HA! HA! HA!

  • Soooo – what’s the problem!!

  • 4Hoppes2

    Each video sounded like a pretty good assessment to me, I guess the truth does hurt when it comes out of the politically opposite side of ones philosophy.

  • oh no those videos will doom Mitt lol. really he is speaking the truth.. not hading behind Michelle’s skirt

    • keyesforpres

      Well, there is A LOT of room to hide behind that skirt!

  • Made me want to support and vote for Romney even more. Is there supposed to be something wrong in those videos? Sounded fair and truthful to me.

    • Rightstuff1

      Yes my friend. But, and yes there is an ugly old “but” hanging out there, the lamestream media will spinnnnnn this for every ounce of mileage to support their manchild Barry “the whinger” Obama. This will hurt Romney, I hate to say it but it will. It wont hurt him with Conservatives but independents who lean a little left, yes it will impact.

      • You are right it will hurt Romney with Libtards… But for me, as a Conservative… I’ve been waiting for this Romney to show up! The kind of stuff he said in those videos… He SHOULD be saying in his campaign ads! If this is look behind the curtain of Mr. Romney… I, for one sure like what I see! I think these videos will play well with the Conservatives and even Independents. I don’t give a damn if it plays well with the libtards… Shiny objects entertain them for days on end!

  • Wow, Romney sounds gooooood in these vids. Wish he’d sound like this in public…..

  • Sandra123456

    Everyone should pay taxes in this country. So we all should have some concern on ever higher taxes.

    Flat tax for all, take the class warfare argument away from the Dims, everyone has skin in the game.

    If the Dims ever succeed in getting the number of people not paying taxes over 50% the country is gone.

  • There’s nothing in these videos that will hurt Mitt Romney. Everything he mentions here is the truth, and never once vilifies the president or impugns his character. These videos will help not hurt him. The public will realize and see how honest and sincere a person he truly is.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Lol! I hate to say it, the “Hater” must be truly hated.

  • marketcomp

    Character is what you do when no one is looking!

  • SO WHAT!!! The Entitlement Society….BINGO!!!! And there is where the problem is….you know what these videos mean nothing….YAWNER!! BORING….next?

  • I want to know more about this Romney character. He sounds interesting and poignant in these videos. He’s on point.

  • BMartin1776

    Ya know I saw this vid about a month ago on some other site claiming it was a smoking gun. Myself and others tore into the poster because everything they eluded to was the complete opposite. Nothing here Romney is too clean actually which will be his undoing! Too nice and refuses to put brass knuckles on to the BHO campaign wielding broken bottles

  • The RINO media talking heads are panicking.

  • If Obama is reelected (I think he will lose), the TEA party will enter phase II. From history Thomas Jefferson wrote letters and Ben Franklin traveled to England to protest English taxation. After 4 years England didn’t budge and we know the rest of the story. It is only a matter of time before the Americans who pay the incomes taxes will move from the written and verbal protest to active resistance.

    I’m serious, how is it not a violation of my civil rights to pay a higher percentage of my labor than they typical Obama voter? How is that not a violation of equal protection?

    If the debt in our country is because we consume more than we produce, why don’t we tax consumption more and production less?

    I am so glad Obama has made me aware that people are not paying their fair share. Guess who is not paying their fair? The typical Obama voter. I am for a variation of the 9 9 9 plan.

    National sales tax, flat income tax with no deductions expect for charity and dependants. Especially no deductions for state and local taxes why should I subsidize high income tax states such as California and New York? You wanted the fair share argument Obama. I’ll give it to you.

    • keyesforpres

      No national tax. They always go up. I especially don’t want one along with an income tax. Cain’s 999 plan would have raised taxes on most Americans. I’m with ya on the LOW flat income tax though.

  • This is the best they can dig up? We have nothing to worry about. To me these sound like Romney campaign videos. All it’s short is the “I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message at the end”

  • Joe

    Unfortunately – The “peoples” can’t handle the TRUTH >>

    from Breitbart >>http://www.breitbart.com/system/wire/DA1BQDQ00

    and you know the PRESS will run with this !

    • SO WHAT! I mean that 47 percent is NOT VOTING for Mitt! God see how cowardly peope are….the press will run with it…GOOD!! Mitt is SPOT ON!! The press will be speaking to the CHOIR…this will FIRE UP OUR BASE!

      • I certainly hope so! We’ve not had a real boost since the announcement that Paul Ryan was joining the ticket. And man, do we need a boost!

  • Mitt sure does not understand Conservatives. Many are part of that 47%. Many that get benefits know that they are unsustainable. That eventually the money tree will dry up and die. They understand there is not just unlimited borrowing. That we are nearly bankrupt as a country and Obama is making it far worst.

    • 3seven77

      And your point is?

  • I’ve already seen Liberal bloggers claim Mitt Romney has overtones of racism in his comment about 47% of Americans not paying taxes, thus not willing to vote against Obama.

    Statistically this liberal talking point cannot be the case since minorities only make up 27.6% of the population.

    • keyesforpres

      I wonder if they get that it is they that comes across as racist? It’s like they are assuming all the folks not paying federal taxes are minorities!

      • 12grace

        In obama’s America, it seems only white people are racists. Such nonsense. Move on and talk about the real issues. America is in the fight of her life, it equates to the politcal camps of Mao VS George Washington.

    • You saying minorities make up only 27.6% of the population is racist! LOL

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    This was covered on the NBC Nightly News tonight, as if what Romney said was scandalous. They compared it to when Obama said his “bitter clingers” thing, like it was even remotely the same. My husband and I were like “AND?” when we heard what Romney said. It’s the truth!

    I was disgusted with the report (as usual!), but like I’ve said before, my husband insists on watching each night so we know what the enemy is saying. And apparently, the truth is scandalous!

  • poljunkie

    I agree!!!!

  • scrubjay

    I suppose that the people who recorded it thought that they were exposing some terrible, horrible, dirty secret. They don’t realize that Republicans say the same thing in private that they say in public. We don’t have a hidden agenda. We don’t have say something that we are not. Only the Democrats do that and have that problem. So, they sought to make the recording based on a projection of what they themselves are about. They had to be terribly disappointed that there was no there there.


    After listening to this I’m even more excited to vote Nov 6th. Romney/Ryan..the only way to vote. The more I hear Romney the more I like him. He seems to be a very good man.

  • Oh, sweet little leftists. They think they’re shooting at the other guy when they’ve really just shot themselves in the foot. Maybe if we let Mother Jones loose again, they’ll find a SOOPER SEKRIT video of Romney meeting with Netanyahu about Iran.

  • David Santacroce

    Gee. The truth! What will the liberals try next?

    • geoffmartin7777

      The truth is the more people know about Mitt Romney the less likable and less presidential he becomes.

      • How much do you get paid to troll here? Just curious.

  • 12grace

    It is true the obama voters think of themselves as victims.

    • geoffmartin7777

      So who’s the chronic victim of the big, bad “liberal” media again?

  • p m

    According to Zero’s campaign:

    “It’s hard to serve as president for all Americans when you’ve disdainfully written off half the nation,” Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said in a statement.

    Well, they would know, wouldn’t they? They’ve written off republicans, the TEA party, the military, the churches, and so on ad nauseum.

    • Amen!! I mean for him to act like Obama gives a darn about conservatives, republicans, workers, small businesses, religion and so is BS!! Messina is a jerk…Obama cares about himself!

      MITT STAND TALL this was beautiful and so true!!! Let peole know you are trying to save the ones that PAY THE BILLS!! The leeches are the leeches. AMEN SOMEONE SAID IT!


  • lambfound

    Liberals hate truth, morality, ethics, history, facts, reality – Mitt has accurately described the Democrat base. Even they would admit this. Republicans are the producers, Democrats are the parasites. Democrats have no shame – they don’t mind being called parasites – as long as they get their free stuff.

    • Well said! I couldn’t have said it better! And I tried…

    • This is by far the most stupid, ignorant statement I have ever heard. Who the hell are you calling parasites and who producers? Are the wall street crowd that crashed the economy and then got their bonuses anyway (at our expense!) the producers or the parasites? I’d go with parasites on that one. Is the guy working two jobs and making $35k a year a producer or a parasite? You tell me….
      I’m a Democrat and I don’t get anything for free from the government – believe me – I pay plenty in taxes, and except for debacles like the Iraq war, I’m glad to do it because this is a great country. So don’t go on with your imbecilic statements about Democrats as parasites. Not only is it insulting and untrue, sadly it seems to be Mitt’s stupidity as well.

  • BMinPA

    We are really boxed in by this 47% argument. The premise of the Republican party for several generations has been cutting taxes. Well, when you cut taxes people end up not paying much taxes. When it happens we grumble that half the country doesn’t pay taxes. But as as soon as you do you open yourself up to the accusation that you want to raise taxes. That’s why Romney will never use this argument in public or in debates.

  • This comment by Romney is ignorant nonsense. Lots of people (myself included) will vote for him despite a long and successful history of employment and achievement, mostly, in my case, in the private sector. We understand what Romney pretends in this statement that he doesn’t – that America doesn’t succeed when everyone successful ends up behind the walls of their gated communities – that we have to build a country that is for all of its citizens. Romney understands his obligations to the poor. He is playing to the worst in the crowd, however.
    The Christians and Jews among you know it well – Jesus pictured people from all nations gathered before him, separated into “sheep” and “goats.” (Matthew 25:31-46) To the “sheep” he says, “Come you blessed of my Father, for I was hungry and you fed me…” In their astonishment they ask, “When did we do that?” And he answers, “When you did it to the lowliest of my brothers (and sisters).” http://www.jesuscentral.com/ji/life-of-jesus-modern/jesus-poor.php). Also, consider Isaiah 58:7 – Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him, and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh?
    This is the kind of society – not an entitlement society, but a compassionate one, that understands the obligations of success, not merely the rewards.

    • 12grace

      People often emphasize the first part of the bible verse ” Give unto Cesar’s what is Cesar’s” and ignore that last part of the verse “and give unto G-d what is G-d’s “.

      When Government gets their greedy self-indulgent hands on G-d’s domain it never works and in fact, disastrous results are to expected.

      Copeland: The Devil is Trying to Destroy America with Progressive Socialism
      Submitted by Kyle Mantyla on Thu, 08/02/2012 – 11:53am
      While addressing the “Under God: Indivisible” rally ahead of Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Love” event, televangelist Kenneth Copeland declared that he doesn’t need to form opinions about things like the Supreme Court’s health care ruling or the state of the economy because he trusts in God.
      As such, Copeland declared, if Christians would just put their trust in God, they would know that it was “our time to rise up and overcome all that the Devil has been trying to do to destroy this nation with progressive socialism for over a hundred and fifteen years – it is finished, it is done!”:


      Host: Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy, Jerry Newcombe
      Speakers: Bishop Harry Jackson, Dr. Richard Land, Steve Forbes, Wendy Wright, Jay Richards, Chuck Colson, David Horowitz, Marvin Olasky, Al Mohler, Kay Arthur, Del Tackett
      As the United States has recently moved toward more European models in health care, government control of banking and industry, and ever- increasing regulation of the marketplace, there is concern that socialism—and the philosophy behind it—is extending its tentacles into American life. Often, this socialism is even advocated by professing Christians, who claim that it more closely accords with the teaching of Jesus Christ than does free enterprise, which is sometimes called capitalism. Socialism essentially is the redistribution of wealth. Is this what the Bible teaches? To understand, we must first define socialism and see why some view it as a serious threat.

  • GuessWhoFan

    Stay with it Mitt. You will energize the base, and the other bums aren’t voting for you anyway so screw ’em.

  • General_Stuck

    Any of you geniuses ever taken the time to look at the numbers of federal tax dollars collected as taxes, and paid out per capita for social welfare spending? The reason we are laughing at Romney (and you) is that red states pay the least in per capital federal income tax, per get getting the most fed tax dollars for per capita than blue states. Regarding social welfare spending. These are state mostly run by republicans. The exception is Texas, but you fall on bad luck down there, they just let you die off on the street. And there are more poor white republican voters in the south than there are black ones. So Mitt was largely dissing his own voters/

    • 12grace

      “mostly run by republicans”…

      Please include reliable sources to back up your assertions.

  • Romney is absolutely correct. He is rational and logical. You can see how he became so successful.This is going to be a fight to the finish.

  • ObamaPelosi

    You all do realize that MSNBC and AC360 CNN are rabidly talking about this as though it were the biggest secret they have uncovered for this election and how this video is going to destroy Romney’s chances of being re-elected. It is sickening how the media runs with the story when there is a conspiracy going on in the Middle East and the Obama Administration is trying to cover it up by blaming everything on a You Tube trailer rather than on Obama’s own failed foreign policy. I don’t know how many people the press is going to convince to be against Romeny because of this video. I’m guessing about 47%?

  • karenfromny

    I heard about the video on Greta’s show. I am thinking, what did Romney said that he had to do a news conference. I just listened to all these videos, can’t figure out what he had to clarify. He was just talking about his strategy from a campaign point-of-view.

  • And the point of the left’s manufactured outrage is what, that Romney tells it exactly how it is.

  • In April 2010, the Tax Policy Center tried to straighten out Republicans and conservative media who were continuing to misuse their research, “Let me explain—repeat actually—what this means: About half of taxpayers paid no federal income tax last year. It does not mean they paid no tax at all. Many shelled out Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes. In fact, only 14 percent of Americans didn’t pay either income or payroll taxes….It is a powerful emotional argument. It is also flat wrong.” – From the Article

  • crakpot

    It’s actually 47% of the 41% of the total population who actually vote. 19% of the general population. I doubt the Colonists had better odds.

    • Jay

      Are you counting the dead people in Chicago?

  • Jay

    I went by an ill-maintained house yesterday with an Obama 2012 yard sign and said to myself: “A check goes there every month.”

  • DINORightMarie

    So……..what?! This is reality, folks. And, as Romney said, there are many who are in the tank-no surprise to anyone, I think. Also, there are some who will respond to his not-attacking-Obama, perhaps. Where is the surprise, the “gotcha” or “smoking gun” in this?!

    Losers. And they know they’re losing. Grasping at straws!! Fitting for those who love to build and parade straw men 24/7/365…..

  • What makes up that 47%? 4,000 millionaires did not pay income taxes becasue of loopholes and deductions. The elderly and receiving Medicars and Social Security. THhe working poor who after deductions do not qualify for income taxes but pay state and payroll taxes.

    This is just stereotyping from rich people who have an ignorant view of the rest of society. It isn’t true becasue you believe it. As the buddhist say, “don’t believe what you think”

    • Not_Phyllis

      Well said.

    • internet_user

      Don’t forget the military in combat zones.

  • Social justice wins all the time. I just hope that some of them wise up instead of looking for handouts and get off their butts and go to work.

    • internet_user

      Yeah, the elderly, the disabled, multi-millionaires, injured veterans, and military personnel in combat need to get to work!

  • Linky1
  • HypeandFail

    Of COURSE the Libtards and Usual Suspects are going bananas about this! Romney only spoke Truth to Power, which they cannot tolerate. Since they have nothing to offer except failure and vitriol, they’ve been serving both up in buckets.

    HypeAndFail.com–get the Obama Facepalm FAIL t-shirt and show the world how you feel about Maxine Water’s President!

  • internet_user

    The problem with Romney’s statements are that most of the 47% he’s referring to vote Republican.

    • kong1967

      How do you figure? He was talking about people that have the entitlement mentality. The ones that believe government should provide our healthcare, a house, and pay our bills. Those people do not vote Republican because that’s very opposite to what we believe. There are people getting government checks for SS, retirement from the military, or whatever, but he is not referring to them. He specifically pointed out who he was referring to, so you can’t lump all people getting a check from the government within that group.

      Regardless, he was only talking about convincing groups of people to vote for him. He’s saying the entitlement group is a lost cause….and he’s right. People that collect welfare or want socialized medicine will vote for Obama. He’s just saying he can’t convince them to vote for him. He never dismissed them as people and never said he would not care about them as President.

      • internet_user

        You might want to read or watch his quote again. He was referring to the entire 47%. Maybe he intended to say something else, but he didn’t.

        • kong1967

          This is much ado about nothing.

          • internet_user

            He dismissed half of the population, many of whom vote Republican. I wouldn’t call that “nothing.” Especially since his poll numbers have gone down as a result.

            • kong1967

              The way I look at it is he talked about the specifics of who he was talking about. When he said the 47% figure he was just making a point that a massive segment of our population isn’t paying taxes, and the majority of them vote Democrat. There’s not a definite 100% in any group. If Romney were to say that he’s not going to try to lure the black vote because they vote Democrat, he would generally be right although there are blacks that vote Republican (5% to 10%). The black Republicans would be smart enough to know that he’s referring to the demographic in general as a whole, not the black Republicans. On the same notion, the people in the 47% that don’t have an entitlement mentality should know that Romney wasn’t referring to them. He specifically said he was talking about the entitlement class that expects government to give them handouts.

              You know Romney wasn’t talking about others that may also be in that 47% group.

              • internet_user

                Only 18% of that 47% don’t pay taxes because they are too poor. If he was referring to them, he would have said so. Note that he has never attempted to clarify his comments, merely support them. He was specifically referring to the entire 47%, which includes the elderly, veterans, military, blue collar workers, and billionaires; five groups that consistently vote Republican.

                • kong1967

                  It was a mistake to use the 47% figure, but you have to dig up the numbers to nail him on it. It wasn’t his intent and he was just making a point that there is a group of people that will vote Democrat no matter what.

                  Regardless, one controversial statement isn’t going to outshine what Obama has done for the last 4 years, including lying about what happened with the terrorist attacs on 9/11.

  • kong1967

    I didn’t do my duty yesterday and I didn’t view this thread with these videos. I wish I would have because I got jumped last night by a liberal…who claims he’s not liberal…because Romney dismissed half the population and said he doesn’t care about them. I couldn’t set him straight because I hadn’t seen the video. I will do it tonight.

    He’s merely talking about people that he cannot convince to vote for him no matter what…..which is the entitelment group. People that want government to provide a life for them for free. A house, a car, socialized medicine, welfare, etc.

    Obama isn’t campaigning in Kansas because he knows it’s a lost cause. Does that mean he’s dismissing us? No, it just means he can’t get our votes so he’s not even going to waste his time trying. Every candidate does that because they have limited resources.

    That said, Obama has dismissed conservatives his entire Presidency and has ran his term specifically to cater to the entitlement class. Obama has practiced what he is accusing Romney of….dismissing large groups of people in his actual policies., not just the campaign.

    • internet_user

      Obama has a lot of conservative policies. Obamacare, for one.

      • kong1967

        Lol, yeah…them damn conservatives. Always trying to force socialized medicine down our throats and to redistribute wealth to the unproductive that don’t want to work. Whatever you say, bla bla bla.

        • internet_user

          OK, it may not be conservative on the whole, but has many conservative aspects, like the mandate. It was designed and originally written by Republicans and first implemented by a Republican (Romney).

          • kong1967

            Are you referring to the Heritage Foundation? They dropped the idea, and as far as I know no Republican in Congress ever proposed a mandate for health care. What Romney did in his state as Governor wasn’t a national implementation. He had an 87% Democrat legislature and probably and 80% Democrat demographic for voters. I would assume the demand for it was very high. If we had an 80% Democrat demographic nationwide, we would probably already have a single payer system even if a Republican President was in office when it passed. Not easy to veto when the overwhelming majority of the public demands it, and you’d basically be forced to work with the Dems on getting it done.

            Point is, socialized medicine is a liberal agenda, not a conservative one.

            • I live in Massachusetts and while it is certainly known as a liberal state, it is by no means 80% Democratic. Even when Romney was governor, while Democrats were the majority, independents were growing fast so that they are now more than 50% of the electorate. See:http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2012/08/28/registration-figures-show-massachusetts-voters-continue-abandon-two-major-political-parties/p0zW7Snj9R07DK913P36kM/story.html. Remember that we did elect Scott Brown for senator, plus Republicans Bill Weld and Romney himself for governor.
              By the way if you really wan to see what “socialized medicine” looks like, check out Great Britain’s National Health Service. People grumble about it (they always do…), but no one has suggested abolishing it. Our equivalent might be something like “VA Healthcare system for all!”. A less “socialistic” option is single payer or “Medicare for all”. The mandate system leaves the current system virtually intact, adding only the requirement that everyone participate. It’s by far the least intrusive method that still gets healthcare coverage for (nearly) everyone. It’s worked here in Massachusetts (a few grumble, as it’s hardly perfect), but it works for the vast majority of people and it’s basically well liked.

              • kong1967

                It might be liked there, but I don’t want the federal government to have that much control over us. That’s all we need….liberals trying to scare people every election. “The Republicans want to take away your healthcare and let you die”. Obamacare is already driving the costs for insurance up, and many businesses will drop their employer based health insurance altogether. Politicians will mandate insurance companies to provide more and more crap for free in order to generate votes (does free birth control sound familiar?), and the cost will push up continuously. Obamacare will put private health insurance out of business by design. Libs want to force a single payer system. No way. Not happening if conservatives have anything to say about it.