O’Keefe Medicaid Sting, Part 3: Unemployed plumber in NYC named “Mario” seeks aid

Oh, and his girlfriend’s name is “Peach” and he sells “mushrooms” on the side to get by.

Here we go again.

Has the media paid any attention to this yet?

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  • Anonymous

    O”keefe is OK..I love these vids. a pregnant (exotic?)DANCING peach. I do love these eposes.

  • Anonymous

    A guy named mario, who sells mushrooms and has a girlfriend named Peach, how dumb are these medicaid workers LMAO.

    • Anonymous

      Dumb enough to be highly qualified for their “jobs” enabling deadbeats.

  • Anonymous

    O’keefe should have his own show on Comedy Central… ooh wait comedy central only pushes liberal ideas 🙁

    • Uh, he does. The WHOLE INTERNET!

      • Anonymous

        Ya but unlike tv, you have to do a good amount of searching to find videos like this on the web… unless you are a regular visitor of this site ;D

  • Anonymous

    Is this Hogan’s Heroes here? Like Sgt Schultz “I know nothing”! This is where our tax dollars are spent, the front line, sad, so sad. Mad, so mad. O’Keefe is a hero.

  • Anonymous

    O’Keefe is a patriot! Love him.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone is paying attention. I love O’Keefe’s work, but I wonder if he should have waited until this debt ceiling story finally dies to release this.

    • I can understand that line of thinking that it probably would have been better for him to wait to release these but really it is also the perfect time because Medicaid is a sacred cow for the dems whose funding cannot be touched.

  • First, I condemn myself for being racist beforehand, so let me be just perfectly racist here: blacks in government have repeatedly shown a level of incompetence and criminality that has infected every government bureaucracy, state and federal. The Constitution-shredding President, the lawless Attorney General, the cheating teachers in Atlanta, the criminal Medicaid employee in the O’Keefe video – all black. My sister Jean, a pharmacist, worked for Georgia Medicaid for the last ten years of her career, after careers in hospital pharmacy and in surveying long-term care facilities. She was hired at a high level, by a white man, due to her experience and expertise. Jean was one of just two white people in the Georgia Medicaid department at the time she left. Then there was one. She was under constant attack from the beginning from “The Sisters”, who eventually succeeded in forcing her out, to be replaced by another “Sister”, as had all the other white people driven out before Jean. Jean’s first political mistake, as new head of “Rebates” (those millions paid back to Medicaid by pharmaceutical companies based on drug purchases) was to discover almost $50 million in uncollected rebates from the year before, now uncollectible, due to the incompetence of her predecessor, now promoted. The head of the department, despite the State’s dress code, declared her garish African outfits to be “part of her belief system” and insisted office celebrations include the faux-African days, with African themes for other events. After nine years and repeatedly making “The Sisters” look bad while catching their dropped balls and defying their stupidity, Jean filed complaints of discrimination and harassment. Ten years service and 65 made Jean eligible for retirement. With Jean and her legal representative, I attended the final meeting of the legal representatives of the GA Department of Human Services and of the Division of Community Health/Medicaid, before the Administrative Judge hearing Jean’s case. The Judge was very severe in his comments to the State’s representatives regarding their trampling of my sister’s rights, and gave them 24-hours to settle with her, but being Friday, he extended it to 72 hours. The written agreement, signed by The Administrative Judge, was that my sister’s accumulated leave would be applied to her service to complete the ten year minimum for retirement benefits, she would take her State retirement, and she would not return to her Medicaid office. Jean went home, applied to Georgia’s State Retirement for benefits, only to be informed that The State Retirement Plan didn’t attend the hearing or sign-off on that Administrative Hearing and Judicial Ruling, so, Jean,you are s-out-of-luck, scammed by those artful dodgers: The State of Georgia and The Sisters. No retirement check, no medical benefits, no job to go back to and work a few more weeks and file retirement papers with The Retirement System while still on the job. Jean’s written appeals are completely unanswered by every State agency and official, and she doesn’t have the means to sue The State of Georgia. She’s just screwed – by a bunch of racist blacks – for being white and competent. Having worked for private industry in public health much of my life in Georgia, I have witnessed the malignancy of black racism spread through every government office and facility it gets into; once in control, the black bureaucracy becomes a fortress impervious to inspection, accountability, or character. America has seen the pattern repeated in many “chocolate” cities across the land with criminal mayors and crony city councils committing fraud, raising taxes, growing the dependency class, driving away business/jobs/decent citizens of all colors. America having Medicaid is not the problem; it’s that Medicaid and other such government bureaucracies have become affirmative action havens of cannots, willnots, and donots on both sides of the counter. For Marxism to defeat The Republic that was America, the system has been overloaded with entitlements to non-producers. The Marxists want us all to be equal, just equally poor, equally dependent, equally submissive. We must fight back, those of us who would be judged by our character, not our color. This video is indicative of the sickness that has infected America’s soul.

    Revolution is the solution. So saith The Founding Fathers.

  • mike morrison

    Does anyone get that he’s taken all this from the Super Mario Brothers video game??? This is PRICELESS. Mario is a plumber with Princess Peach as his girlfriend who eats mushrooms to get big enough to fight the big monsters in the video game.

    I’m sorry, folks, but we’re doomed.