Open Letter to Jon Stewart: Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop Hurting America

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  • He is hurting America but the author of that piece only thinks so because he dares to question or disagree with him. He writes apiece for all of the wrong reasons.

    And BTW…as one who shot trap and skeet competitively for years…Obama’s photo is staged at best and juvenile at least.

  • Watchman74

    “This plea comes after Stewart crossed over the line this week during a segment on President Obama and guns. In it, Stewart rightly called out the media for questioning whether the President fabricated a story around his recently revealed affection for skeet shooting.”

    Isn’t it the media’s job to ask questions and determine the truth? If only they would do that more often with Obama. The question itself was legitimate, we never saw Obama skeet shooting or even talk about it before. Golf and Basketball yes, but never skeet shooting.