Open Thread: “By peace he will deceive MANY!”

I’ve never posted Walid Shoebat’s End Times Today Bible prophecy series as I haven’t watched any of them yet. But last night I managed to finish this one and found it to be very interesting, learning mostly about Hudna and the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah between Muhammad and the Quraysh tribe. This ties into the 7 year ‘peace’ treaty that the Bible says will be signed with Israel.

But even just as a matter of understanding more about Islam and Hudna, it’s a great lesson.


The threat of Islam is predicted all over the Bible, read and study Walid Shoebat’s incredible work that explains all. Click here for more information.

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  • wales777

    Awesome. Thanks scoop!

  • MiketheMarine

    Hasta manana, mi hermanos Y hermanas.

    • sjmom

      Hi Mike, glad you’re back 🙂

  • Susitna

    I wish more people would listen to what Walid Shoebat and his son have to say. He normally gets very few comments here and I don’t understand why, as they explain everything that is going on now: Obama’s Anti-Americanism, the Arab Sting (and not spring) and the infiltration of the White House, Congress and UN by the Muslim Brotherhood. And, why Obama is throwing Israel under the bus.

    • Marridge

      Thank you Susitna, you are so correct in pointing all of this out.

      All, please listen to Walid Shoebat’s videos on Youtube. You will learn a lot of amazing things. Also Mr. Shoebat has written a book titled “God’s War on Terror, Islam, Prophecy and the Bible”. Reading this book will put a lot of things in perspective and help you understand what is happening in this world. The fact that we are saddled with that shady character Barack Hussein Obama fits right in.

      • lilig

        He also has his own website: It’s where you’ll find all kinds of great articles on the Muslim Brotherhood, obummer, and many, many others!

      • Martin Carr, PhD

        Just about completed the study of “God’s War On Terror” and I agree with your (Marridge) assessment. Another shocker is the “Muslim Mafia” which names names in the administration. That being said, it comes back to the Oath of Office and the lack of a congressional backbone. I posted this video on Facebook, and did not receive one comment or like. I do believe the truth is scaring folks more than they care to admit. It is almost as though they think that if they don’t call a spade a spade, it will turn into a loaf of bread. Only this bread will be poison.

    • aposematic

      And our Military, especially the Pentagon. Thus, ROE and new Manual paying tribute to Islam.

      • TimeForAnarchy

        It was nauseating enough when we had to have an Islamic ceremony to dump Bin Laden’s body over the side of a Navy vessel. How many crewmen threw up, I wonder?

    • c4pfan

      Well, I don’t really don’t know much about it.

    • A) Scoop almost always has a link up to Walid’s content somewhere on the main page or in a post.
      B) It’s hard to comment on major, densely-packed, high-volume content. The content says it all, for most folks.

  • Orangeone

    Woo hoo! Target’s stock has been downgraded based on “soft sales” and “margins”. For those that read my post last night, Target is one of the advertisers for the NY paper that published the interactive map of gun permit holders and on the list to boycott. This is likely from holiday sales but Karma!!!!!

    Edit: Stock price target slashed from $74 to $59 / share. That is huge. Retailers generally end their year in January, which Target does so it will be mid-March before their Annual report is filed….

    • aposematic

      That is huge, 20%+ decrease in projected Stock price. Must have missed sales and/or price/margin targets big time.

      • Orangeone

        I shouldn’t be so giggly but it’s time Target takes a hit.  I think Conservatives are speaking with their pocketbook (gotta love Judge Judy’s coined words) and are shopping elsewhere. Target chose their “groups” to market to, insulted us with their advertising and have now aligned with a newspaper that puts targets on gun permit holders and frankly those that do not have permits yet Target has not yanked their advertising.  They are a corporate bully and karma is an itch.

        • 57thunderbird

          Too bad we can’t get conservatives to boycott Hollywood.It has been years since I went to the movies.It is easy for me to boycott Target.I have never shopped there.

          • Orangeone

            I know boycotting certain actors is going around Twitter.  I have been to 1 movie in 5 years. I’m also very, very careful about DVDs I purchase or rent through Netflix.  My $$$ is not going to liberal holliweirdos

            • 57thunderbird


          • I only watch movies that have a lot of guns and stuff blowing up in them, or anything from before about 1970. Once in a while the “bad guy” is Eeevil Corporations or “The Military.” But usually not.

            • 57thunderbird

              Sounds like the same line up that I watch. 🙂

            • Almost anything by Donald_Bellisario, too. NCIS is great!. Reruns of Magnum, PI are great, too. I freely admit, the K-Missus seems to like those more. I’m not sure why. Perhaps the Shield Maidens of the RS corps could enlighten us poor, befuddled, Axe-wielders of the RS shock troops.

          • 1endtimes2020

            We can begin by re-naming Hollywood ‘Follywood”.

        • TimeForAnarchy

          Her Honor is one tough Lady………..

          • Orangeone

            Wouldn’t you love to see Judge Judy take on Congress on the debt????? Pay per view would be sold out in seconds.

            • TimeForAnarchy

              I’m in………

              • Orangeone

                I’ll tweet her but given what she’s paid on TV doubt she would do it.  She does take a swipe from time to time at welfare, wasted gov’t money, those living off the taxpayer, those having their kids supported by the taxpayer. Plus she tells it like it is, doesn’t mince words or boo hoo people’s “feelings”.  I think she should have been a debate moderator….that would have been awesome!

  • 1endtimes2020

    7 year tribulation is 3 and a half years of peace (while enemies regroup) and 3 and a half years of hell on earth.
    If my ‘1endtimes2020 is correct, the 7 years starts this year—2013.

  • Obama will be known as the greatest “sucker punch” ever dealt to man.

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      • bartman44

        IE8 has become very unstable and unforgiving on many websites. Microsoft doesn’t maintain it as they have moved on. I finally took the plunge and went Google Chrome. It’s much faster, safer, and never a glitch. Easy download and works instantly. No need to purge IE8, just ignore it.

    • I made a change. Not sure if that fixes your problem as I can no longer duplicate the problem at home, so let me know.

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  • Orangeone

    More good news! Democrat NJ Mayor puts armed guards in schools. He doesn’t support the NRA (boo) and wasn’t attacked on CNN (yea) but the real point is that these kids are protected consistent with the NRA’s recommendation. Hummmmm wonder when Christie is going to body slam him.

  • Susitna

    So we have to understand that the first four years of Obama were his Hudna and the next 4 will be his Jihad against America. His liberal entourage (MSM and Hollywood) thinks that he is a social justice leader and doesn’t understand that they are helping – like in the piece Biedermann and the Arsonists – to place explosives to destroy the American House.

    I still cannot believe that we Americans have elected twice a muslim jihadist and illegal alien as President. The negotiations regarding the Fiscal Cliff where a waste of time. He has decided to slowly kill us with tax increases and overspending and he already said that he is not planning to discuss the debt ceiling at all. Muslims don’t negotiate. They wait for the right moment to attack. Obama was raised by communists and islamists, two great schools of deceit. A recent example is when he said that he has reduced the deficit by 1 trillion last year.

    Our one and only goal should be to bring this man to justice.
    To maintain this guy in power is plain madness and if there are riots, so be it.

    Please also listen under Obama’s Wahhabi connection from Walid Shoebat on October 24th 2012.

    • bartman44

      Absolutely agree. As I posted further up, Obama, for us unfortunately, has become necessary to remove our superpower status which then gives rise to radical Islamic forces to challenge Israel and ultimately wage war against her. We have to trust in God that as this unfolds, in the end the Antichrist and his earthly satanic followers will be defeated — it will just get ugly and we have to persevere.

  • 911Infidel

    You can read more about this in Walid’s book “God’s War on Terror”. And oh by the way in case no one is noticing, more and more churches are changing their eschatological views from the western mindset to Walid’s eastern mindset.

    The whole series can be found on Youtube for free. He has other more longer lectures that are outstanding.

    Long life brother Walid.

  • 911Infidel

    Stack overflow again. It doesn’t matter which IE version that I use. I’m getting a stack overflow only on this web site. Did you migrate back Scoop?

    • Accidentally, yes. I hit the wrong button yesterday and it pretty much happens in the blink of an eye. I figured I’d try and solve the problem this time but now i can’t duplicate it.

      I’ve been researching it online but can’t find anything specific enough yet.

    • Try it now. Just went back to 3.4.2 so that should solve the issue.

      • 911Infidel

        Yeppirs. That did the trick.

  • Orangeone

    The Des Moines Register guest columnist published opinion on Dec 29th: repeal the Second Amendment, declare the NRA a terrorist organization and make membership illegal, and well, make violent threats to Republican leaders and NRA members.

    Read more:

    Sick and violent, where is the outrage!

  • Constitution Lover(underconsta

    I learn so much from listening to Mr. Shoebat and reading his posts/columns, yet I do not understand why he is not given a Governmental position or listened to by government for his knowledge and full disclosure. He is a landline of knowledge and contacts it seems. So far he has hit the nail on the head with many issues he has foreseen for USA. He appears extremely sincere and as if he yearns to be helpful to us.

    • Godisright

      Walid has put God first and acknowledged Him in everything he does. The Bible says, “The fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom…” Wisdom flows from Walid.
      On the other hand, we in America have elected and sustained a leadership and way of life that does not exhibit a fear of God. When we reject God and live void of Wisdom we call Wisdom foolishness.
      The fool says in his heart, “there is no God”

  • RKflorida

    I’d rather not use the demonic books of Islam to confirm/support/deny scripture. I will leave the study of Islam to others.

    • I didn’t take it that way. It seems to me that WS is using God’s Holy Word to reveal the lies of Islam and those who follow that path to hell.


    …may the God of Abraham Bless you Rs for posting the TRUTH , Rs ,Keep On, Keeping ON .”

  • 57thunderbird

    Thanks RS for putting Walid’s videos on your site.Very enlightening.God bless.

  • louisiana_mom

    Thanks for posting this video. The more I learn of this cult the more convinced I am that it was Lucifer who visited Muhammad… At one time, Western society knew the dangers of Islam, too bad many refuse to learn from history and others due to their Political Stupidness choose not to.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    I despise a religion that has 10 percent of its members who outwardly and unapologetically seethe with threat and murder. I abhor a religion whose remaining members do absolutely nothing while other members of like faith commit atrocities daily. In my eyes, the 10 percent who are full of hatred and lies and hold a propensity to murder rises to 100 percent because of the cowardly, do-nothing Muslims who sit idly by and allow death to be propagated by the despicable infestation of vermin within their own religion who profess that what they are doing is holy and God’s will. In my eyes, Islam is a religion of hatred, abuse, intolerance, lies, deceit, and murder. It is a religion of evil. There is nothing kind, benevolent, and peaceful about Islam. You can compare them to Christianity, but nothing compares to the discord and death that Islam has brought to this world since its inception.

  • NoTrustInMen

    Dear PatrickHenrysBody

    I am not replying because I disagree with what you said about the atrocities committed by Muslims. But because your very own words could be applied to Christianity also. You said ‘nothing compares to the discord and death’ committed by Islam, and here is where you are wrong. We have a very poor education system in this country which teaches us not to look inward but think we are good and everyone else is bad. But we do ourselves a grave injustice when we do this.

    INO (In Name Only) Christianity is the leader in atrocities committed over the centuries hands down. When it acquired the power of the state through Constantine, it became a very ruthless master. As it tried to coerce people to become christian it adopted the pagan practices of the people to make the transition easier and when that did not work it pulled out its sword. It skinned the sheep it was supposed to care for and became wealthy. It even made reading the bible by the common people a crime (otherwise people would see how wrong they were). War after bloody was sanctioned by Christ’s substitute on earth.

    There is not enough space to detail the crimes of INO Christianity in its first few centuries, but it is history there for you to read. Then the crusades and Inquisition, you could not stomach the torture devices created by men who were supposed to have the love of the Christ in there heart. Let me mention on. The opened end of a small metal box was put on the stomach of a victim, rats were put in the cage. Then hot coals were put on top of the box causing the rats to move away from the heat and the only way out was to dig into the victims stomach. Did you know that the crusaders were granted dispensation from any atrocities committed in the war. Stealing, rape, whatever it was forgiven by God. The men reported how they would take babies out of their mothers arms and bash their brains out (literally) against a wall or stone post.
    There really isn’t enough space. Even after the reformation, protestants were no better. War after bloody war. This is why Europe is less religious, they had centuries of religious wars. Many wanted to escape the oppression of religion. America. What INO Christians did to the Indians. What would you think of a Christian who came to your house and demanded that you leave. If you just read Christopher Columbus’ journals and his greed for gold. From the beginning he said the Indians would be easy to subjugate. On his second voyage he began to enslave and slaughter them. And we celebrate this man. INO Christians wiped out whole tribes. (100 million some estimate). The Native American Holocaust.

    Then we come to the African Holocaust by benevolent INO Christians. How would like it if your 12 year old girl is taken from you to the master’s house and he rapes her until she no longer wants her. This happened and no laws prevented it. Beatings and murder and separating of families. One visiting European described the beating of a woman and her screams until she could no longer scream. Again no enough space, certainly not enough space in our history books. We know about the Jewish Holocaust.

    Also how so-called Christian nations tolerated dictators in middle east and other countries for goods, oil, or influences. These dictators oppressed the people driving them into the arms of radical Muslims or in South America into the arms of revolutionaries.

    Have you seen the many pictures of lynchings, and all the INO Christians gleefully attending such atrocities. I feel ashamed that I cannot enlighten you even more. Because as I said the things you said could be applied and many times over to Christianity. A true Christian could never do or participate in such things, a true Christian does not discriminate against people they should be trying to help. It is the INO Christians that are dominate today, they are the weeds in Jesus illustrations.

  • bartman44

    I think that we are moving toward a “New World Order”, which is the first true step that diminishes the US as a Superpower and thus allows Islamic muscle-flexing and increased bravado and terrorism. The growth of radical Islamic states across Africa represents the first fruits of what has happened so far. President Obama has been an enabler of all this, a necessary player to bring this all to fruition. Do not be surprised when you hear about the rise in power of the Muslim Brotherhood and its increased influence throughout the Mideast region. It’s part of the plan, the first baby steps down the path of serious confrontation with Israel, which then leads to the ultimate false peace treaty.

    • NoTrustInMen

      Please stick to the bible and avoid all these ‘End Time’ false prophets.