Open Thread – Howling Hounds Edition

Content is hard to come by tonight so I thought I would create an open thread and briefly explain to you guys why I haven’t run the Arpaio investigation. I’ve been emailed every day multiple times asking me to post it, or why I haven’t.

It’s really simple. Nothing can be done about it except voting in November and it’s a loser issue just because it can’t be completely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, proven. Yes I know Arpaio’s guys reasonably proved that the last submitted birth certificate was a fake. Still, how do you prove he wasn’t born here? Even if the Supreme Court ruled that it was a complete fabrication and the Obama Administration failed to produce a legitimate version, Obama isn’t going to be impeached with Harry Reid protecting him in the Senate.

Bottom line is that it is a loser issue that isn’t worth the time of day this election cycle. And Arpaio’s investigation really isn’t helping the issue. We’ll kick Obama out in November and then we can investigate the crap out of him.

And now I present the piano playing hound:

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