Open Thread: “I feel like I found a fossil”

Today’s open thread, brought to you by Johnny Dollar:

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  • Sober_Thinking

    Is that a phone in your pocket or are you trying to reach out and touch someone?

  • jgilman1

    Blackberry Brian, Really?

    • I thought that was the fossil.

      • tinlizzieowner

        That’s exactly what Brian call it. I use one too but then, I am a ‘Fossil’.
        πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  • sjmom

    Leave it to the woman on the set to fix the problem. πŸ™‚

    • Nukeman60

      If the breastpocket had a hole in it, he could have taken the coat off, put his hand in the pocket with the hole and tipped the phone to it, rather than cutting another hole in the bottom of his coat.

      Then again, at the salaries of these people, why not just get another coat. πŸ™‚

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Aww Nukeman, there you go again, being all logic-y. We don’t need no stinkin’ problem-solving skills. We got Obama cash! πŸ˜‰

        • Nukeman60

          I got a bunch of that Obamacash. It was put away when I stopped playing Monopoly, but I could get it back out, dust it off, and buy a loaf of bread. πŸ™‚

    • Patriot077

      She should have asked Nukeman first. I cringed when she asked for the scissors, but maybe that’s because I do my own mending πŸ™‚

  • Nukeman60

    When the LameStream wants to make fun of Fox network, they always use Fox and Friends and say this is Conservative journalism – and the idiots that follow Stewart’s The Daily Show fall for it every time.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Well obviously John Stewart is the serious newscaster on the scene these days… He’s to be taken very seriously, along with Stephen Cobert.

  • 27Words

    Is it just me or are those three not also part of the problem? Not a bright group, although they excel at creating material for John Stewart.

    • tinlizzieowner

      It’s just you. For Christ’s sake, lighten up. I’ll have to take your word for what John Stewart uses for material.

  • He probably did that so that he could get a cheap thrill while the phone was on vibrate!

  • MeanGreenBeret


    • stage9

      Between he and Dewsey the two of them haven’t got two brain cells to rub together.

      • MeanGreenBeret

        Maybe if they rubbed the two cell phones together it would amount to one brain cell.

        What are the options? ABC NBC CBS? Ghetto rap on MTV? Personally I let The Scoop drown them all out.

        • stage9


        • MiketheMarine

          Right on, Brother. When I go a day without my Scoop quota, I’m a little pissy. I’m sure you guys understand. Scoop and my couple of email Angels keep me upbeat.

    • cathmom

      Brian can be a dope for sure, but a harmless dope.

    • How about here for now? At least for a little while, until I take over with all my yapping πŸ˜‰

      • MeanGreenBeret


        • Good. Thank you. Hope all is OK with little Ramboette prayers go for them too.

          Have a Blessed evening Porky. Thank you for everything.

          • MeanGreenBeret

            He told you her nickname? It fits her personality.He adores children and they take a natural liking to him.Like a moth to a lightbulb.Someday he will be an awesome Dad.
            Until that day arrives he will have the honor of being my child’s Godfather when it’s born.

            • Yes he did. I thought it was sweet. I bet she’s precious! He told me about his time at halloween too, taking the kids out. And what some kids left for “Jesus” in his nativity scene he made. That reminds me, I want to see a picture of that, but I don’t know that he would or not.
              He will be an excellent dad some day- and He’ll love his Godchild too. I’m glad he’s got such a close friend in you. He’s been an incredible friend to me.

              • MeanGreenBeret

                I am taking care of his house and will try to get you a picture.Someone stole the animals he had made.The baby Jesus,Mary and Joseph are still in tact.The ball is still there.He said a child left it for Jesus.He loved that a kid sacrificed a toy for our savior.Porky

                • THat’d be awesome! πŸ™ Makes me mad that someone took his animals!! I’m glad the others are still there, including the ball. I thought that was so sweet!!

                • MeanGreenBeret

                  It was sweet.I have asked a few of the neighbors but nobody saw anything.I never saw it with the added animals so I don’t know what he had made.I only saw the Manger after he had first started it.Do you know? I would like to replace them for him.One neighbor thought it had a Camel and a lamb or a donkey?

                • MeanGreenBeret

                  I need to turn in for the night Ma’am.If by chance you recall what he said with regards to the animals let me know.I will speak with him tomorrow and tell him you inquired about his well being.Thank you for the nice conversation this evening.

                • I’ll look through my e mails about the animals Porky, but I don’t rememeber if he told me. I’m sorry I missed you just now, I had a couple of things I needed to get done. Thank you so much Porky. You’re very easy and enjoyable to talk to too. Thank you for everything, what you’re doing for him, and for me. You’re a blessing. Have sweet dreams and a good night. God Bless. ((())s

                • I just checked through my mails, he never mentioned what he had made. I remember he told me about it on here, but I don’t know where. It’s a shame someone had to do that. I know he worked on it all. He’s got enough going on to have to deal with mean people.
                  Sigh. I wish I could find them. I’ll look around the site, but I’m afraid he’s 7nd them all by now.
                  Thank you Porky. Good night. xoxo

                • MeanGreenBeret

                  He enjoyed the poetry and the photo.Just unable to reply right now.Will attempt communication later.Oh and he likes the hat even if it’s not a Green Beret.

                • Sorry Porky, I have to reply here, there was no reply button down below. You made me smile for the first time this morning. Thank you so much. I understand- hope and prayer is what helps between cartoons. God Bless you Porky, have a good day. ((())s

                • This has been the hardest and longest 3 days of my life. I so miss him right now.

        • I can’t believe it was only a week ago. MyGB, this is where Porky and I stopped. When you see this, can you please tell him that I hope for him and his family a very Blessed, safe and Happy New Year? Tell him he blessed me. Thank you sweet one. Duckie

    • Good morning Porky. I hope you have a Blessed day.

      • MeanGreenBeret

        He told me to ask you to pick a number between 1 and 1,000,000

        When you have picked the number don’t tell me the number.

        He wants to guess the number and see if he is correct.

        Note; I’m not sure where he is going with this.Just following instructions.Porky

        When you have decided on a number reply here with the words,”All right I’m ready”

        • “all right, I’m ready.”

          • MeanGreenBeret

            Is the “Special” number 13990?

            • yes

              • MeanGreenBeret

                He thought it was correct. He said,”Christmas when he gets home”

                Nothing worth bringing home unless you like Lamb?


                “11 hours and counting”

                Nice talking to you.Merry Christmas if I don’t talk to you again.Porky

                • Aw you too Porky! God Bless you and your family, and have a wonderful Christmas. I do hope to “see” you still here though once in a while.

                • MeanGreenBeret

                  Maybe? Not quite sure yet. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

                • You too. πŸ™‚

            • lol I knew that already. πŸ™‚ Should I be a little curious about what just happened here? lol. My piggies are making me smile today and I love you for it.

  • kong1967

    A liberal guy I work with (a young guy) asked me why I was Republican because I’m not rich. Only rich people want to be Republican, Democrats aren’t rich, and Republicans don’t want to pay their taxes.

    I told him it’s about a system of government and not about rich people. Small government with a good environment for business that stays out of our lives. He started pointing out how rich Romney is and bla bla bla. I told him that there are more rich Democrats in the federal government than Republicans, and that many prominent RICH ones have cheated on their taxes. He didn’t know what to say to that.

    This is what we are up against. People that don’t have a clue what reality is or what conservitism is all about. This is what they are being tought in order to make sure they have a tainted view of the Republican party.

    • stage9

      You see, your colleague is living proof that propaganda works.

      Ask him, what’s wrong with being rich? Why is he working? To pay Obama’s salary or to earn his own? Did he go to college? Why did he do that? To work to provide government with the means to build roads and bridges or to make a better life for himself? What’s his end game? Failure or success? Is his goal in life to be the best that he can be at his job or the worst? If it’s the best, then why is he envious of someone else who’s worked their way up the ladder of success? Is it because he’s too lazy to do it himself?

      Furthermore, if he resents rich people, does he resent the fact that his rich boss gave him a job? Does your employer match your 401k contributions? Is he resentful for that? What about your company’s healthcare? Do they provide free healthcare for employees? Is he resentful for that? Your rich boss is paying for those benefits.

      It seems to me liberals need to spend more time using their brains and less time using their mouths.

      • kong1967

        Lol, I need to take you to work with me. I totally agree and that’s a good approach.

        • stage9

          A link to this was posted by Sober_Thinking on another thread, give him creds:

          Question: How much income do you have to earn in order to be in the top 1% of taxpayers?

          Answer: About $380,000 AGI per year.

          Question: What percentage of the income is earned by the top 1% of taxpayers?

          Answer: About 20% of the income in this country is earned by the top 1% of taxpayers.

          Question: What percentage of income taxes are paid by the top 1% of taxpayers?

          Answer: About 38% of all income taxes are paid by the top 1%.

          Question: What is the average federal tax rate for all taxpayers?

          Answer: Taxpayers average about an 11% effective tax rate.

          Question: What is the average effective tax rate for the top 1% of taxpayers?

          Answer: Taxpayers in the top 1% pay an effective tax rate of about 23%.

          Question: If Republicans cave and Barack Obama gets his tax increases on the rich, how long could we fund the federal government with the revenue generated by these tax increases?

          Answer: Eight days, and that does not account for a change in behavior.

          • kong1967

            Liberal politicians know this, but they push it anyway…knowing it doesn’t do a darn thing to raise revenues and it hurts the economy. There can only be a few reasons why…that I can think of. They either want to fraudulently appear to their voters like they are responsible, or they flat out don’t like people to have economic freedom away from their control, or they do not like capitalism and want government to have control over everything. The last two reasons are generally the same thing.

            Whatever the reason is, it’s a terribe reason.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      That’s right kong. They just know they are supposed to hate repooplicans. (i kinda agree with ’em right now, but for completely different reasons!) Heaven forbid they ever actually delve into the “why” of anything…

      • kong1967

        Many of them will after they experience the real world for a while….and many will live blindly forever.

  • GiantM

    It’s moments like this that put Fox ions ahead of the rest. Simple real life moments.

  • denbren52

    I see nothing at all wrong with the curvy couch crew having a little fun on the set. News gets reported, great guests appear occasionally, not-so-great guests appear more often than I’d like, they have a little fun in between all the gloom and doom news that deal with. What’s wrong with that? Lighten up folks!

  • JeffWRidge

    I had a phone fall into the toilet once. It really got crappy reception after that.

    • MiketheMarine

      You should be ashamed of yourself, he said while laughing.

      • JeffWRidge

        I try to hang my head in shame at least 5 minute everyday, just for some of the things I think about.

        • white531

          So, you haven’t changed much since you were six? πŸ™‚

          • JeffWRidge

            Actually, I’ve gotten worse. I was the sweetest, most innocent child on the planet. Dang, I was boring.

            • That was a hilarious bit there! Thanks you guys for making me laugh! I needed that! πŸ˜€

    • white531

      Eeeewwww! More information than I needed.

    • Is_Sense_Common
  • sDee

    America Domesticated

    “Liberty is a responsibility that cannot be properly directed by the immoral and immature any more than a domesticated animal can be trusted to hold the leash tied around your neck…which is exactly where we find ourselves – government unleashed with a domesticated populous.

    You can no more blame government for their takeover than you can the dog for running wild. We’ve failed in our responsibility as individuals”

  • msverde1

    That’s funny!! What a riot!!

  • They were able to laugh at themselves instead of mocking others. How unlike liberal media.

    • tinlizzieowner

      That’s the kind of thing you get when you have a real show, with real people on it. πŸ™‚

  • Great fun spot. Thanks Scoops for posting and thanks fellow Scoopers for the comments which made me laugh out loud and was a great way to end my evening. πŸ™‚

  • tinlizzieowner

    I don’t know how many caught the part where Brian told Gretchen something about loosing her phone in her clothes and she said “I can make that happen” and went for the top of her dress. The director cut away from her real quick. With the kind of cleavage that gal’s got, she could loose a notebook pad in there.
    πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  • white531

    Since this is open thread, I thought you might get a kick out of this.

    53,000 Dead voters in Florida.

    And this is the state that always has problems with elections. Is it any wonder?

    • tinlizzieowner

      “How could 53,000 dead voters have sat on the polls for so long? Simple. Because Florida hadn’t been using the best available data revealing which voters have died.”

      And when the Governor and Florida Atty. Gen. Pam Bondi (R), tried to clean up the voter rolls before the election, they roundly criticized for it by the left and the media.
      I wonder how many dead people voted against Col. Allen West. 3,000 of those 53,000 would have changed the election.
      πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    • The Walking Voting Dead!

  • Is_Sense_Common

    317 area code – that’s Indy!

  • Funny prank pulled on attendees at the climate talks in Doha, Qatar by CFACT:

    CO2 Sequestration Masks: A Harbinger of Coercions to Come?

  • Lee

    Exact same thing happened to me yesterday! I had to cut my jacket….