Open Thread: NYPD Officer Larry DePrimo’s act of kindness


Jennifer Foster of Florence, AZ was visiting Times Square with her husband Nov. 14 when they saw a shoeless man asking for change. She writes, “Right when I was about to approach, one of your officers came up behind him. The officer said, ‘I have these size 12 boots for you, they are all-weather. Let’s put them on and take care of you.’ The officer squatted down on the ground and proceeded to put socks and the new boots on this man. The officer expected NOTHING in return and did not know I was watching*. I have been in law enforcement for 17 years. I was never so impressed in my life. I did not get the officer’s name. It is important, I think, for all of us to remember the real reason we are in this line of work. The reminder this officer gave to our profession in his presentation of human kindness has not been lost on myself or any of the Arizona law enforcement officials with whom this story has been shared.”

“I didn’t think anything of it.” – Police Officer Larry DePrimo (seen here in 2011, when he was assigned to Midtown South Impact).

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  • Army_Pilot1967

    It’s good to read something so powerful and positive about a police officer. So many times we read about a “bad” cop and that often leaves a lingering negative impression of all cops, even though it shouldn’t. Way to go, Officer Larry DePrimo!!!! We could all learn something from your example.

    • warpmine


  • Matthew 25:40 “That which you did for the least of my brethren, you did for me.”

    God Bless Officer DePrimo.

  • DCGere

    Great man!

  • sDee
    • That is SCARY!!!

      “Remember, the first step in establishing a dictatorship is to disarm the citizens.”

      • sDee

        Yes! Obama had to wait until his second term for this.

        The catchall list is the same insanity that the Clinton “assault wepon” ban did and the California ban did. But is goes even further by specifically banning guns like the AR-15 (grip, magazines) that can be modified to conform to those laws.

        “Assault Weapon” is a made up term to scare people. As is the constant use of the term “AK-47” by the talking heads. Once again the media will lead the way with mis-information and fear mongering.

        “It is going to come hard, its going to come fast, its going to come soon.”

      • sDee

        john jay asks why be afraid?….

        “lots of people afraid of “gun control” in the u.s. imposed by u.n. “treaties” …. embrace the fight, and thank god you don’t have to die in your bed w/ i.v.’s stuck everywhere and lying in a puddle of your own feces and urine.

        i think any conflict more likely to be initiated now, than later. now, and the leftists/progressives can say, the right is loonie tunes and whacko, and we need to treat them like terrorists. later, as the prospects for the loss of liberties are more obvious even to the densest among us, they will have a harder time explaining why their restraints on liberty & right are not precisely that. by which time they hope fervently that we are to be disarmed.

        personally, as far as i am concerned, the sooner the fight, the better.

        right now, the military are with us (or, just as importantly, certainly have no love lost for obama). right now, we are armed.

    • Kelly60

      sDee…that Part II on Benghazi has posted at Canada Free Press…thought I’d let you know.

      • sDee

        thanks – headed over there now!

      • sDee

        Intriguing. Seems to hold together and answer questions that were being asked all along, doesn’t it?

        “Just imagine, our men and even the bad guys never expected team Obama would leave our people twisting in the wind, fighting for their lives”

        • BikerHoop

          “Just imagine, our men and even the bad guys never expected team Obama would leave our people twisting in the wind, fighting for their lives”

          There was never any doubt in my mind DuhOne would do just that. Like many others here, I knew before his first coronation that he was spineless and would not back America (and her military) under any circumstances, especially if it meant offending his muslim brethren.

        • Kelly60

          It all makes sense…I knew something fishy was going on and the media just keeps on calling it a consulate. So no sovereign soil which would mean no immediate response anyway. Evil, just evil to the core.

    • DCGere

      Over my dead body. This is scary!

    • Good luck getting those guns. The people who own them know why they have them.

    • Maybe I should stop building my reloading room. (not)

    • Jazzee

      thanks for info
      does this surprise anyone? wait until the rest of the idiots who voted for this jerk figure it out …..told ya so told ya so

  • God bless the police officers for they protect and serve.

  • It’s good to see that people are still basically decent, as long as they aren’t embroiled in politics.

    I have a few links to share today.

    First up is Bob Belvedere’s post over at TCOTS. I’m curious what you folks think. All I can say for certain at this moment is that I will not be dragged into voting for another “moderate” ever again. If the country goes down, I know I’ve done my job, and the pro-moderate camp let us down, not me.

    Bob Belvedere: GOP Delenda Est – Now Is The Time

    Next comes a sad commentary on how the media is pushing everything through a lens of outright Jew hatred. Looks like the Neo-Nazis have won the day, folks.


    Finally, I leave you with some tabloid fodder on what happens when “butt” implants go wrong. Nevermind the sad focus on body distortion that seems to affect so many.

    Daily Mail Online: When butt enhancement goes horribly wrong: Woman left with hideous bulge after implant ‘flips inside out’

    For no particular reason at all, the phrase, “nice cans!” comes to mind.

    • One more, from the Mail (thanks to CBS New York local news), for comic relief.

      Daily Mail: CBS news anchor accidentally calls Prince William a ‘douche’ instead of a duke

      • lol!!

      • Why did he correct himself? 🙂 I would have stuck with the first descriptive word.

        • Heh. Let’s just hope “Wills” is a typical rebellious kid, and thinks his old man is a (literal) royal twit.

          • These royals are corrupt immoral control freaks. Nothing has changed from the old days, except how they present things to the public. They are no better than the UN and the liberal left. They are NWO trash, and now that Britain has abdicated its democratic process to the EU, the people over there are totally screwed. I have been listening to Lord Monkton (good guy) and Nigel Farage for a while now, and they don’t hold back. The royals are involved in all kinds of sick, disgusting things.

            I can’t imagine that William is any different, but who knows. What I have seen is that he pushes the same Agenda 21 type garbage.

          • Since this is an open thread, I wanted to tell you about this heater I found on youtube. I am putting together the parts to build one. The guy had a burn chamber failure and gave up on it for now, but I believe that I can make it work.

            • Looks pretty neat. Why isn’t he using cast iron in the places where steel is failing?

              • I was thinking cast, or fire clay. I think that if I use a sheet metal interior pipe and a steel exterior pipe that is about two inches bigger, then pack it with a clay wire mix, that it would hold up to the temps. Otherwise, a cast interior pipe should work as well and would be less fragile. I am not sure about the sqaure burner tube being stainless though. It seems like it would deteriorate as well. If the square portion of the combustion chamber was removable, and the riser was self supporting, then it would be as big of a deal. If I could actually order a custom made cast square portion of the combustion chamber, that would be awesome. I also thought about making the pan cover more surface area in the sqaure portion, and slightly overlapping the riser in the back. The pan could be the removable and disposable portion. The riser and the pan take the brunt of the heat.

                I was also thinking about making a separate mass section to absorb the remaining heat that would hold it for many hours after you shut down the furnace. Rocket “mass” heaters is where I started, then found the oil version. I have lots of wood, if I ever ran out of oil.

                Edit: I would expect that the metal interior pipe would go a way, and the clay would be left. The interior pipe, with the clay version, would be sacrificial.

                • Wow, I just searched for “custom iron casting” and was surprised how many folks will do that. I think I’d have to retire to get up to the level of creativity you’re at. Few more years, I guess.

                  We have a backup generator that runs on natural gas, but wells do run out. I’m thinking of adding some solar stuff when the next gen panels come online. It’s finally getting reasonable, efficiency-wise. Still a beast, cost-wise, and those 25-year batteries kind of worry me. Looks like about $60k to really get something worth bothering with, but it can be done in stages, and I don’t need any contractors to help with it. I’d have to sell some stuff to get that on my budget, though.

                • I looked in to solar, but ran into the same budgetary problems, and I live in Oregon. (cloudy) I built a woodgas generator that runs on wood pellets that will run a 13hp engine all day long. I haven’t perfected wood chips or chunks yet, and can’t produce my own pellets. That is a pretty good backup power source for my area. I was looking into batteries that I could charge daily with the woodgas power generator. I didn’t know about 25 year batteries. I was going to run 12vdc LED lighting and a 3 way refrigerator on the batteries.

                  I am a single guy with a shop, so I have the time and ability to play with these things. They are a lot of work, but worth it in the end, and kinda fun too.

                  I need to upload some of my videos to youtube so that I can share what I have done. I have learned a lot from other people, but never put up the product of other peoples knowledge and experiences. Everyone seems to add a little something to other people’s designs, and they get better with time. The internet is an awesome thing for the hobbies, and preppers.

                • It’s nice to be good with tools. I keep tellin’ any young person who’ll listen to learn how to weld, but so far it seems to fall on deaf ears.

    • sDee

      Here is another I took the liberty of re-writing the headline for…

      “Jewish Community Embroiled in Charges of Religious Bigotry and Obstruction”

      • It’s going to come to all out war. Only a matter of time. Prepare, prepare, prepare.

  • Constance

    This was a very kind act b

    • tinlizzieowner

      I was thinking,’he bought this guy a pair of $100 boots?’ Then I got to thinking, this is NYC, you probably can’t buy a pair of sandals for under $50 and then that’s only if you could get through the ‘unionistas’ striking in front of Wall Mart.

    • tvlgds

      Or he’ll sell them for booze (if that’s what put him on the streets)

  • I saw this first thing this morning. This is what Jesus in action looks like. God Bless this officer, and the man who was touched by him.

    • Jerseygalnny

      And this is the first story I saw tonight on RS. Isn’t it great when the news is pleasant? God bless him, and the patriots taking the time to read and comment!

      • Hey Jersey. Yes, it’s real nice to see in amongst such crappy news a real story of goodness. 😀

  • 911Infidel

    An officer and a gentleman. How refreshing.

  • oregonproud

    Right, Time! And you nominate the first slut for person of the Year..

  • sDee

    Another great piece by Sowell. Elephants in DC might take note.

    A book that could have booted Obama from office was all but ignored. It shouldn’t be any longer
    “Unlike the Republicans today, John F. Kennedy had an answer when critics tried to portray his tax cut proposal as just a “tax cut for the rich.” President Kennedy argued that it was a tax cut for the economy, that changed incentives meant a faster growing economy and that “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

    If Republicans today cannot seem to come up with their own answer when critics cry out “tax cuts for the rich,” maybe they can just go back and read John F. Kennedy’s answer.

  • Hot off my computer. Video #5 The UN. UN Constitutional.

    Constitutional Freedom Party

    • sDee

      Another great piece ABC!

      The UN is best exposed by simply comparing two tiny nations. Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Same island. The half called Haiti is controlled for half a century by the UN, and is the example of what happens to a county used as a UN money laundering operation. The Dominican Republic flourishes as a free market.

      The UN’s ugly tentacles – the groups doing the dirty work, are NGO’s. The seemingly biased and selective “civil rights” cases pursued by the ACLU for example can be simply explained by knowing that the ACLU offices are operating as UN NGO’s.

      Oh, and there is the SPLC: “The SPLC has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for the ostensible purpose of “fighting hate” and helping the poor and powerless, but in reality has stuffed its own coffers, building one of the largest investment portfolios of any NGO in the country.”

      Hussein is demoralizing and cutting the US military because he knows our professional volunteer military will never were blue helmets – will never turn it s guns on its citizens.

      • Thank you sDee. Believe me, I could have made a 2 hour long movie, and I still wouldn’t have gotten everything in there that is wrong about the UN. But thanks for the extra info. When I have time, I’ll be writing blog articles to expand on the videos. That will help. 🙂 Thank you!

    • Brilliant!!! Great job!

  • iHeartLife

    Aww! Stories like this always make me wanna cry. THREE more weeks till Christmas…

  • Joe


    Thanks for posting this

    It’s a good news story – I need a break –

    Some people are just GOOD people

    Officer DePrimo is a great example of compassion and heart

    He MUST be a Conservative – I believe most Law Enforcement are anyway

    I am from NY – There are good people there – Even NYGINO

    We are tough, talk mean, but always willing to extend a helping hand to someone in need Conservatives anyway

    God Bless him and this Country

    We will need ALL the help we can get!

    • Joe- I MISS YOU!

      • Joe

        I miss too !

        I need a break from all the bad news

        I am so dissapointed


        I will pop in from time to time

        I really miss all the fun here !!

        You all are the BEST!

        • Don’t make me come up there Joe. It wouldn’t be pretty. 😉 I do hope you come back more! God Bless my friend.

        • Come back soon and often Joe. We need you as much as you need us. We are all disappointed, but we must go on… Somehow.

  • a good news item in the sea of sadness and misery of post Obama America.

  • You see things like this during the Christmas season and think that there still is some hope for mankind. We need more people like Officer Larry DePrimo.

  • “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren..that you do unto me”
    Good cop..better man

  • this story cant be true, this officer’s from az, aren’t they all rascist, cold &

    • Avspatti

      Did you read the whole thing? This happened in NYC and was observed by a couple from Arizona. The policeman is from NYC.

  • Here is another “good cop” video:

  • brendawatkins

    Sadly, this is such a rare thing these days. God bless you, Officer Larry DePrimo, and He will.. of that I’m sure.

  • Jazzee

    these are the cops I love…..they get it
    great job sir ….we should all do the same

  • I just look at this officer’s photo and think… “Look kids… right there is a REAL man.”

  • truth_vs_justice

    Much as I applaud the officers actions…..both he and the store manager stated that he had received a discount because he was a Police Officer. Slippery slope no?

    • James1754

      Just had to find something negative to say? And the answer is No.

  • Conniption Fitz

    For conservative readers, HERE is a list of The Politically Incorrect, ‘Inconvenient Truth’, on important topics. These books supply an antidote to the distorted, illogical, agenda fabrications that make up PC mythology that are spewed non-stop by the Soros/globalist-orchestrated liberal media, politicians IN BOTH PARTIES, academia, and federal agencies.

  • bobemakk

    I saw an interview with this police officer on FOX this morning. He is a dying breed in the “role model” category. I almost always stop and give money to homeless people and tell them to use it for food and not for alcohol or drugs. I hope they listen.

    This cop received a special pair of cuff links from NYC Police Commissioner Kelly. God bless Officer Deprimo. We need more people like him on this earth.

  • A truly class act by a truly classy guy. Wonderful Christmas time story.

  • gorgeous just gorgeous wish i wasnt married lol

  • A wonderful story

  • AustindPowers

    unfortunately the liberal approach of throwing money and material goods at problems doesn’t solve them…