Open Thread: Stephen A. Smith defends Ray Lewis from ‘murder’ attacks

Considering the Superbowl is upon us I thought I’d do a little something different with today’s open thread. There are many who feel that Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis never got what he deserved from an incident in 2000 or so where he was involved, however tangentially, in a murder. They feel that he was given special treatment and are now attacking him because he’s headed to the super bowl.

Stephen A. Smith, a man I have high respect for, defended Ray Lewis yesterday on his show from these attacks. You can watch the full clip if you want but the part I like best starts around 9:30:

Remember, this is an open thread.

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  • cabensg

    All music and all kids and the message is vital to their future.

    • BlueGood

      Good Vid Cab…I especially HATE the fact that BOYS of all ages are being drugged for ADD all over North America and have been for years….

      • cabensg

        It’s tragic really. Some of these have been drawn into other drugs because of it to. Ritilin is very, very addictive. I think the stuff they’re giving them now is even more dangerous as far as mind altering. I hope you pass it on so parents at least have a clue before they allow a teacher to force their child into therapy and onto drugs for being….a kid.

    • davienne

      that was great … that should go viral

      • cabensg

        Help it along if you can.

        Is Socialism the handmaiden of Psychiatry or is Psychiatry the handmaiden of Socialism? Which ever it is they’ll be the downfall of society’s everywhere.

  • Steven A is such a hypocrite. He has a thing for Ray Lewis. Skip called him out in another segment on Monday. After ripping Tebow almost daily for months about how public his faith is, he defended Ray’s crazy statements following the AFC championship game. Ray claimed that they won because God wanted them to due to the sacrifices Ray made for his team. Steven A stated Ray gets a pass for his constant, and at time bizarre, faith comments because he is fall of famer. So by Steven A’s logic, if you are a future hall of famer you can talk about God all you want, but Tebow can’t say a word because he is not that great.

    Memo to Steven A and Ray Lewis: God neither cares who wins football games, nor picks winners and losers.

    • objective123

      I agree on your last statement. What God wants us to do is honor him and give our best and what outcome comes will come to those who EARN IT if they believe. David did it against Goliath. Other teams have done it. Ravens and Ray lewis were able to believe and put forth their best effort to beat exceptional teams (Colts, Broncos, Patriots). The journey of how they have done it to me is amazing. They never quit and in life that is what any God fearing person wants people to do: Never quit and play to the end.

    • m0r0

      A very well crafted response! All points appreciated and true. The only difference is Ray has had an illustrious extraordinary 17 year career and can therefore “get away” with all the G-d talk without judgement from the sports media. Not to mention that he is a “brother” redeemed by faith. Something for which I admire him greatly!

    • PhillyCon

      Yes, it’s funny how all of a sudden, religious expression is OK now.

      • warpmine


  • objective123

    Guys, I like Ray Lewis. Being said, everything in his life is fair game especially since he is going out with his Superbowl game. The folks forget that in 2002, the talk was worse especially after he had the trial and settled.

    He handled that and will handle this. He hang around some bad folks who he thought were his friends and got an obstruction of justice charge and civily settled lawsuits to the families victims because he knew it was the right thing to do.

    It is like a version of Saul to Paul. Also, I have no problem with Ray Lewis and his religious tone. He has done that all his life. Like David against Goliath, he and his Ravens have rallied against all odds (injuries, public perception, pain) and got stronger. I would not bet against this team.

    49ers are good, but there is something to say about the road the Ravens have gone through to get to the Superbowl. They played against 3 good teams and quarterbacks. To shut out the Mighty Patriots in the 2nd half was just unbelievable. Ravens defense and the emergence of Flacco and the offense is a sight to see.

    49ers offense has not gone against a tough defense. Packers, Falcons defense is horrible. Ravens defense will find a way to not break against the 49ers. They will get tough and they will put some wood on them.

  • aposematic

    The third of a three part series helping explain the Marxist takeover of America’s Government over at AT. If you havent had the chance to read them yet:

  • PhillyCon

    I like Stephen A. Smith alot. However, he’s just wrong on this one.

  • I’m sorry but the way Welker’s wife attacked Lewis, just shows a spectacular display of unsportsmanlike behavior. That’s how sore losers behave. Remember Brady’s wife saying, “My husband can not pass and catch the ball at the same time!” Sore losers and spoiled brats. I’m so happy the Pats are out. Good riddance.

    • DebbyX

      Totally agree. Money certainly doesn’t buy you class. Brady’s wife irritated a lot of people last year. We hate the Patriots and they gave us another for that again Sunday night. Classless coach, classless owner, spoiled brat QB!

  • I for one will not be watching this football game. No one cares what he did as long as they can watch him run around the football game.

  • aposematic

    Just received bad news on VA HB2223, an anti-Agenda 21 Bill, has been sent by the VA House Speaker Howell to his Rules Committee to die. What a Government!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I love Steven A. Smith, to be honest he is one of the few in Espn in which his opinion matters to me, plus mark levin likes him, so I like him.

  • Orangeone
  • Orangeone

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  • Orangeone

    Great patriot site with new posting on Dems War On Women

  • kssturgis62

    I Agree with you Scoop, he hit it right on the money. Ray Lewis is not a murderer. I looked it all up after Welker’s wife opened her mouth.

    I am so excited for this Super Bowl. A HARBAUGH BOWL !! I want the Ravens to win, one because of Ray Lewis, Two because of Michael Oehr, Three and most importantly Joe Flacco. I have been watching Flacco since he played for Delaware. That guy has one heck of an arm, and he puts every ounce of his heart into the game. He did fantastic things at Delaware and he was exciting to see play.

    I love Jim Harbaugh Coach of San Fran because he was Michigan’s Quarterback. Them Wolverine boys can play football but they can also coach. they were taught by the best !! Ever hear Of Bo. Then when Jim Harbaugh was done with his career as QB in the NFL, he took a Job at Stanford. When they beat USC and started coming up under his Coaching, Wow Stanford was fun to watch. Look at Andrew Luck today. Playing for the Colts, and made it to the Playoffs.

    I am a Michigan Fan, I have my season Tickets to the Michigan Wolverines, and I love my boys. I have been a huge Patriots fan since I was a kid. But this year I was just tired of the Patriots, even though Tom Brady and Zolton Mesko are on that team, I was just tired. Then when I saw Tom Brady standing on the Sidelines during the National Anthem and acting all bored and Spoiled, you know what it was time for them to lose.

    I Love the fact that the Ravens won, I love the Fact that when the National Anthem was playing RAY LEWIS WAS PRAYING, He was thanking the Lord, and he was giving him all praise and Praying, He was emotional and it was GREAT TO SEE. After all these games he was Giving praise to the Lord, and he said if you Thank God, God is good.

    Oh I want those Ravens to win. If San Fran wins it will be okay, But I want the Ravens to win. And Stephen Smith has it right, HE IS NOT A MURDERER, He obstructed Justice.

    NOW ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO RAVENS !!!!!