OUCH! Romney supporter eviscerates the media

This happened at a rally today in Virginia and it’s short, sweet, and directly to the point (h/t Weekly Standard):

Consider this your open thread for Friday.

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  • Yup, short but SUWEEET! Good for her. Thanks Scoop. We needed that 🙂

    • marketcomp

      Yea ABC, at least we know they get it! There is a God!

      • I’ve never doubted God, but yeah- it’s good to see others get it 🙂

      • of course we get it…..other than 2008 (which I contend that Obama cheated to win here) we’ve only elected a dem once since 1952!! We have elections every year and in the 3 we’ve had since BO was elected, conservatives won overwhelmingly…..I have to admit, though, noVa makes me nervous cause the people near DC are a bit odd at times but down here in Va Beach, it’s rare that the dems bother to campaign at all!!

  • wales777

    HAHAHA Sucks ups is right.

  • Nukeman60

    Wow, I didn’t know Newt’s mom went to Romney rallies. Good for you, sweetie.

    • wales777

      Newt’s mom? uh uh sweetheart. That’s your sister. Or should I say your lover… 😉

      • Nukeman60

        I’m not sure what your point was, but mine was a compliment to her, as she has Newt’s fire against the media.

        • wales777

          HA HA HA!! Sorry. I thought you were dissin’ her…or Newt… 😉

          • Nukeman60

            I love Newt. Shoulda been our man, but I reminisce. I realize Newt is probably about her age, but I took a little poetic license there.

            If Romney would take his cues from Newt, Sununu and Sarah Palin, we would all be a lot happier.

            • wales777

              This should give you warm fuzzies…


              • MaxineCA

                WOW….. I sure miss Newt, and his honest opinions which are always informative and right on target. He doesn’t participate in the PC stuff which I just love. I sure wish he had his own show, I certainly would watch it to get his take on the news of the day.

                Thanks for the link. That was a great article!

            • hoping maybe in vain but i’d like to see newt in romney’s administration.

            • Betsey_Ross

              I am beginning to think that Romney is being all nicey nice and letting his surrogates go after the Libs and media. This situation is so dire that he is being as soft as he can by playing on the disappointment of Dems because Obama didn’t do what he promised. We’re mad as hell and Sununu and the Newtster can go out and attack, attack, attack. Our choice is between Deconstruction or Restoration. He knows we will choose Restoration. The soft hearted(soft brained) Dems who are just realizing that their party and Obama do not have the same values as they do may or may not be able to pull the lever for any Republican. He wants their votes. Maybe he will get them because the brain dead also watch ABC. IDK. He keeps making our job so much harder. We must win this.

              • Nukeman60

                Interesting analysis. I think you have something there. As I always tell my daughter-in-law, when she’s trying to convince my son to do something he doesn’t want to do. Don’t try to change him. Get him to change himself.

          • Skye Lowry

            I’m a little confused… So because you thought someone was dissing her you decided to defend her by slinging your own insult her way and accuse her of being someone’s lover?
            I know it’s super close to the elections, but conservative commenters (on every website) seem to be a little too eager to pounce on every comment they misunderstand and hurl insults. That’s what the left does, we should be better than that.
            Leave the Tamara Holder crap to those who do it best – liberals.

            • Nukeman60

              It’s all good. Newt has gotten a lot of unwarranted criticism in the past. It was a simple mistake, plus we’re all a bit tight with many of the trolls that seem to pop in. We’re good.

      • RCraigen

        Newt’s Mom could beat Obama.

    • proudhispanicconservative


    • That goes back to the 90’s when Connie Chung coaxed Mrs G into revealing on camera that Newt told her Hillary is a Bee-Eye-Itch.

  • mike3e4r7

    She put a smile on my face! First smile I’ve had all day.

  • destroyer_of_moonbats

    extra padded knee pads.

    • crosshr

      he he ! love her !

    • I don’t think they worry about the padding while they service their master.

  • buzzkill59

    “I think you’ve been suck ups,I think you’ve got your embroidered knee pads from the White House buddy”! Bwahahahahaha!

    • PFFV

      ROTFLMAO! That is the sweetest bitchslap I have seen in a long time! Love Her Passion… it reminds me of myself…lol!

      • p m

        Loved that ‘buddy’ at the end – withering!

  • Howzah123


  • It’s time the patriotic American people, like this woman, stop being the silent majority, take to the streets in mass protest against Obama and his crony media propagandist accomplices, and his radical arab islamist Muslim Brotherhood buddies in Egypt, Libya, and Iran and Syria, aka the enemies of America !!

  • NYGino

    There’s a great bumper sticker here somewhere.

  • Linky1

    Yowza!!! Game,set and match to this lady!

  • Now if only Romney could embrace her tenacity then . . . . .

  • rightathome2

    Oh yeh lady! You are awesome. Go tell it to Obama’s medea flunkys . We need more like you out there on our side. Every one of us should be on tv every day putting there feet to the fire.

  • wales777

    The media don’t use knee pads. By skinning their knees they can claim to have ‘skin in the game’…

  • Bucketheadbaptist

    Love it…

    Somebody’s gonna make a million dollars selling Knee pads that say “White House Press Corps” on them.

    • chatterbox365

      I’m suggesting a slight modification: “Obama White House Press Corps.”

      • Arrrggghhh

        I’d use “Corpse” for a little extra zing

        • pdxlady

          Oops, didn’t see your post. Just popped into my head & I posted it.

          • Arrrggghhh

            Great minds…

      • pdxlady

        Do you mean Obama White House Press Corpse? 😀

        • keyesforpres

          We have a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AbdulBX

    This needs to be on Drudge and every other site.
    I hope more people wake-up and see what is going on….

  • chatterbox365

    What a stinger, but it’s the truth. I love it!

  • The mainstream media have lost my respect. I haven’t watched CNN, for instance, in years.

  • wodiej

    LOL…say it sister.

  • p m

    O/T There’s new ad out, soon to be playing in Florida and aimed at Jewish voters, “Whose Democratic Party”. It’s set to music by Wagner.
    Ends with that photo of zero glaring evilly at Bibi.

    • mike3e4r7

      Every day I go to work, the only ad I’ve heard playing on the radio here in Florida is an SEIU ad with a man and a woman talking. One of them says

      “Have you seen what Ryan and Romney want to do to Medicair?”.

      “They want to cut medicair for seniors. It’s true”
      “Really? I’ll have to make sure to remember that this november”

      (I’m paraphrasing)

      And everytime I hear it my blood boils. It plays on a 70’s, 80’s oldies station. Not the kind of station I suspect most seniors listen to. Still, with Romney’s money advantage, I’m dissapointed that the only ad I’ve heard here so far has been that one for Obama.

      I’d love to see an ad that highlights the fact the Obama refused to meet with Netanyahu but had time to set up a meeting with Morsi, of the Muslim Brother hood.

      No more playing around Romney. We need to get this arrogant, punk traitor out of office!

      • p m

        That’s gotta be infuriating – what about all the money they said would be used now the RNC is done? There’s so much, a very rich field of targets, for the R&R campaign to choose from. I get tired of second-guessing the timing on their ad releases. Most of the ones we see are here on TRS, and many of them are web ads! They’ve got to get this stuff out there.

        • mike3e4r7

          Yeah, It really is infuriating. And I agree about the web ads that we see here at TRS. There’re alot of really good ones that could be running. I can only speak for myself. I’ve talked to others who say they’ve been hearing ads for both Romney and Obama, but as far as this one station which I is playing at work everyday, it’s just been the one.

          Message to Romney – Florida is a key battleground state. Obama is vulnerable, but it aint gonna happen on it’s own.

  • Yazz55

    Need to place a pair of those marxist, islamist embroidered kneepads bowing to the empty chair, who’se reading the teleprompter.

  • 911Infidel

    “Suck-ups” and “knee pads”. Obama ain’t the only Dhimirat that blows. :p)

  • tshtsh

    I do not understand how and why the apparently lunatic press blindly follow the lunatic leading from behind b.o.

  • JoeMontana16

    Screw the damn media!! When will the Republicans get it. Breitbart was a genius cause he knew exactly who is responsible for the chaos in this country. The media. Obama would be twenty points behind if not for them. Its criminal and they should be gone after. Relentlessly. Romney, screw the media. Go around them and go to the American people….the same way Reagan did.

    Mitt Romney, watch Reagan’s entire campaign against Carter and do the SAME thing!! You have the manual in front of you. Its like a football team that ignores their scouting report for the next team and game. Screw the media.

    • WordsFailMe

      Good good points! and…she IS Breitbart!

    • keyesforpres

      …and with the new media it’s much easier to go around the old media and reach us.

  • tshtsh

    Perhaps, b.o. statement about “Romney shoot first and aim later” is not all that clever at least he would be shooting at the enemy and may hit a few. You dear leader would not be allow to even have one bullet in your pocket less you shoot your v.p. (would you be able to not say allah akbar.)

  • WordsFailMe

    It is interesting to note that liberals genetically disposed to thicker skin and fat deposits on their knees. Notice how, in every photo, Michelle and Debbie Wassermelon Schlutz hide their saggy knees?

    • AlabamaPatriot2

      They are the women that burka’s were designed for.

  • KansasPatriot

    The Media is owned by George Soros’ Many Foundation’s Money. Google it!

  • NCHokie02

    In the “BuzzFeed” article about Romney blaming the media, two things.

    1. Why in the world did they ever think they would get a fair shake with the press in the first place? I’m sure they didn’t think they would and are just being PC about the whole thing now and just saying “oh we thought you would be fair but it’s obvious you’re not.” But still.

    2. That article in itself is an article claiming that the Romney campaign is in disarray, plus it’s nothing but liberals commenting on it. But if Mitt’s campaign is in disarray then I’d like to see it when it’s not because right now he’s tied with the POTUS in the polls. So not too shabby.

    I honestly think that the polls are skewed towards the left. Even the ones w/Romney tied or close. I believe Romney and Ryan will destroy Obama come November and it won’t even be funny. The press will continue to push out that they are neck and neck and probably go to a heavily liberal area and do the exit polling and say that everyone they talk to is voting for Obama. Then they will act shocked when Romney wins in a landslide. I pray at least.

  • New press secretary! LOL

  • AlabamaPatriot2

    Knee pads that say right on them “Property of the White House. If found, return to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”

  • lcn1114

    It’s getting to the point where the coverage is so bad it’s criminal

  • tinker_thinker

    Yep, she said it!

  • toongoon

    Who is she? I think I’m in love.

  • Sounds like this good gal has been Levinatized… I’m with her!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Well said.

    The LSM is just as bad as the terrorists are… they are doing just as much damage to America. They are taking lives in a more sinister and overt manner. I appreciate those who are waking up and calling them out.

    • keyesforpres

      In many ways they are more dangerous than the terrorists….they helped get the usurper into office.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Yep, you eloquently summed up a previous rant of mine.

        I blame them for this buffoon in office.

  • conservative58

    1000+ LIKES for this lady!

    I just got my Romney/Ryan yard sign yesterday, so am hoping to see more popping up in the community! The media can pretend to ignore us but we will not go away.

    I’m praying Chic-fil-A day was just a preview of what’s coming on November 6!

    R&R 2012

  • 12grace

    Brave and truthful patriot, woman.

  • Gee, what was that old 60’s song lyric???

    Oh yes, “There, I’ve said it, again!”

  • OldmanRick

    That lady has grit. It’s too bad our LSM(lame stream media) doesn’t.

  • rich wojcik

    current USA MSM – good KGB/SS students. On their knees. With heads deeeeeeeeeeeeeep
    inside you-know-who’s arshe. Boot licking slaves.
    iiIii – my middle finger to all of you, garbage spreaders. Hug Gorbachev too.

    • MiketheMarine

      Mind if I borrow that middle finger symbol? It’s priceless.

  • Canadianlady

    LOL! Good for her!

  • Jim Gilman

    Sununu for press secratary. Newt for senior advisor since thats who really runs the country anyway.

  • Arrrggghhh

    You go girl! The MSM is officially now the KPM.

  • Botzilla

    Its no secret that the vast majority of media are leftist propagandizing scum, nothing you can do about it , seek out the truth yourself and let karma deal with these guys.

  • It’s about time somebody said it. Now all we need is for Romney to say it! Treat the media like Newt Gingrich treated it during the primaries and you will see a huge jump in support of Romney.

  • Turn this into an ad, Super Pacs!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    LOL…..tell it like it is!!!!

  • AlCashier

    YOU GOT YOUR KNEEPADS FROM THE WHITE HOUSE… and right AT the obamamedia ‘reporters’… God bless her!

  • James1754

    It would be nice if more people would realize that the media is so biased in this election. Of course here I am preaching to the chior.

  • Joseph ewing

    “knee pads…”


    • keyesforpres

      Personally embroidered.

  • tularockstar

    Thank you Lady! The lamestream media has knee pads on for Oblamer since 2007! And, they’ll stoop even lower to promote his failures, while attacking strong leaders like Romney!

  • I love her

  • keyesforpres

    Embroidered knee pads! Priceless!!

  • keyesforpres

    More like treasonous.

  • CDS in Manitoba

    Since this is an open thread on a Friday, I thought that I’d share this link with anyone who liked the Double Dragon arcade games / the 1980s / good and sometimes funny music, in case you missed it earlier this week:


    The artist is allowing anyone to download the entire album for free, so get it and play it.

    As for the new game itself, I have no idea if it’s any good or not. I don’t own any video game systems at the moment.

  • PVG

    Standing O!!! Well done!

  • MomsTalking

    CBC is a liberal biased media outlet!!It is funded by taxpayers and should have been neutral,but liberals just can’t help themselves!!I beleve they were also AGAIST the application for SUN NEWS TV (a FOX type) to be on the air…The ONLY right wings on air in Canada!

  • dlg1956

    A documentary everyone should see. it is about the muslim brotherhood in America… it will make your skin crawl…

  • PVG
  • Gotta admit………………………………….She has pretty good insite!

  • searcher0


  • repubboy

    yeah!!! love it.

  • Tonia Addison-Hall


  • Tonia Addison-Hall

    Woot! Honesty 🙂

  • aposematic

    The MSM/Press is in 100% denial of their bias and corruption of “News”; or they are just liars like this D Obuma Administration. Which, by the way MSM/Press, makes you nothing but slaves wearing your kneepads this lady rightly pointed out.

  • kong1967

    Lol, had to watch it twice.