OUT OF THE BUNKER: Mark Levin campaigns for Allen West in Florida

Mark Levin went down to Florida yesterday to campaign for Allen West and they both gave great speeches, hitting on the major theme of how urgent this election is in November to stop Obama and the left and to reelect patriots like Allen West.

Levin noted at one point that of the many reasons he wants to see Allen West reelected, one of them is to see West in higher office one day. The crowd erupted as you might imagine and even I clapped for that one.

Here are both speeches below.

Allen West:

Mark Levin:

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  • Oh my GOD! This is historic! God bless Mr. West and Mr. Levin!

    • Don

      This election will be historic. All patriots must come forward if our people are going to be able survive this totally incompetent attack on our economy and energy resources. Mark and Colonel West are definitely making their voices heard in taking our country back. There is just too much to lose by not voting. The polls seem to be trying to suppress the vote by skewing their polling numbers. Don’t pay attention, pay back. Its now or never.

    • bobemakk

      Ditto, a go zillion times.

  • poljunkie

    Two great men. This is one for the books.

  • This is way O/T so I’ll make it short: Tomorrow, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket takes off for the International Space Station. 8:35pm EDT.

    Thanks, Barack, for killing the Space Shuttle.

    • Nukeman60

      I agree with you that Obama believes that NASA is better served doing Muslim outreach than reaching out to the stars (I suspect that he was actually disappointed NASA didn’t fly to Hollywood – but I digress). But the Space Shuttle was old, it’s time was up, and we now need private industry doing the grunt work (with NASA as a co-ordinator and overseer, perhaps).

      It’s nice to see SpaceX doing it’s part (along with all the other small, individual companies struggling to survive in the industry). Let’s hope it picks up. There are tons of jobs to be had for us, tons of innovations to be gleaned from it, and tons of benefits for all of us by reaching out into this vast Universe that God created.

      • The problem for me is they cut off the Shuttle, with no viable alternative “ready to go” or already running and proving itself. Leaving us thumbing lifts from Russia (Who gain many rubles out of it) is both disappointing and embarrassing.

        • Nukeman60

          Very true. The replacement (the Constellation program) was cancelled and that was a shame. However, hopefully the new program involving SpaceX’s Dragon and Orbital Science’s Cygnus will be moving along fast enough to eliminate the need to thumb rides with the Russians (if only Obama doesn’t cancel that before he’s gone).


          • Good points! And thanks for the link, very interesting reading.

            • Nukeman60

              You can always track down a lot of individual articles, but there is nothing like WikiPedia for the overview (even though people say Wiki isn’t necessarily accurate, no article is necessarily accurate either).

              • I treat it like most things I read. Trust but verify! 🙂 Another expression I’ve heard before! 😉 I like wiki for stuff like this too.

        • NJK

          And they’re beside themselves about cutting off funding to big bird. Bird brains is what they are. They seem to think their cell phone just operates without the use of satellites, all from the Space Program. Democrats, the party of the stupid.

      • Yeah, I`ve been wanting to see them privatize space for decades. I hope SpaceX gets so wealthy doing this they can afford to buy Apple and Google and Exxon, just to help preserve capital.

        • Nukeman60

          Thanks, btw, for the heads-up on the launch tonight. I would have missed it. I haven’t payed a lot of attention to anything but politics for a while. If anyone else wants to watch tonight’s launch, NASA TV has it:


  • Absolutely great words of wisdom, inspiration, and truth by two great patriotic American men.

    Democracy, Freedom, Liberty, and the restoration of the US Constitution as the law of the Land by patriotic American leaders like Rep Allen West, who will support, protect, and defend the US Constitution and America against all enemies, Foreign and Domestic- ie; Obama / anti-American liberal progressive socialist marxism, as well as Al-Queda, Taliban, Iran, Muslim brotherhood / Radical islam.

    6 Nov cannot come soon enough !!

  • sybilll

    I teared up during both speeches. My two favorites all in one place. Christmas came early.

  • Rob_Bryant

    Okay man, it’s serious. I paused Michael Jackson. My wife rarely gets that treatment! haha I hope this is worth it!

  • Rob_Bryant

    Wait what????? Is Mark there?

  • A_Truism

    Allen West and Mark Levin over for dinner = Awesomeness!

  • Rob_Bryant

    Yes! Mark Levin people! Allen West, Mark Levin, you can’t go wrong!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Simply excellent! Thank you for posting these!!!

    Allen West should be our President.

  • Scott Brown/Allen West 2020!!! :):):)

    • tshtsh

      Is there another Scott Brown, conservative, out there?

      • I’m supporting Scott Brown here in MA because I don’t want that fake Indian Warren Spreading Bull getting in. Romney is going to need as many R’s behind him as possible once he wins the Presidency. Compared to Warren, Brown is a dyed in the wool Conservative. So, he’s got my support.

        • Nukeman60

          Agreed. I would support Scott Brown over Pocahontas any day. But he’s not the caliber of Rep. West when it come to being President. I see no man better suited to be our CiC than Allen West. It’s the future of our core beliefs, our new party, and our great country.

          • I’m not calling for President Brown either! 🙂 Now Allen West… YES WE CAN! er… where did I hear that before? 😉

            • Nukeman60

              Sorry, didn’t mean to imply that you did. The poster above you just kind of surprised me by putting someone like Brown above the quality of someone like West.

              We are on the same page (with West, it will be, “Yes, we will“).

              • No need to be sorry. 🙂 It just a mixup because this is text.. And does text often leave a lot to be desired when trying to communicate an idea.

                We will indeed! Ironic isn’t it that if West were a Liberal, the media would be all over him writing flowery and fawning articles lauding the very grass he walks on. His bold stand, his no nonsense, tell it like it is manner would be hailed! But he’s a Republican, so he’s “off the plantation” and they would rather destroy him than play the usual “proud African American making a difference” card.

                I’d vote for him for President in a heartbeat!

              • PVG

                How about Ryan/West in 2020?

                • YES! I wish it was Ryan/West now! I wish it was Ryan/Romney now! 🙂

                • Nukeman60

                  I like any combination of West/Palin/Rand Paul/Ryan, but for 2016. I have more agressive goals than waiting 8 years. If Romney does above and beyond what I would expect, that’s good. But I don’t think the pain that’s needed in the next for years to recover will be conducive to either Romney or Ryan for re-election, even though they will be instrumental in it.

                • StandingGround

                  I’m with you, Nuke, I think what it will take to begin to turn things around the next four years will make Romney unpopular either way he goes. If he trips up and happens to do what conservatives really want/expect of him, it’s going to mean painful surgeries. Lots of people talk big about cuts until it actually causes them discomfort. If Romney turns out to have wishy-washy RINO policies, no true conservative would vote for him again.

                  I don’t know who in their right mind would want the job this next go-around. I believe R&R are doing it mostly because they love our country and think they can actually make a difference. Regardless, I don’t think they can win a popularity contest even for their best effort.

          • It is inspiring that some of the most eloquent Conservatives on the scene today are of black heritage. I worked for the nomination of one here in Memphis, TN, but the vote was squelched by and election commission that preferred to reward that nomination to one of their good old boys in the local party, violating requirements required for every applicant who ran. Well, no sour grapes here. I think we’re all done with even mentioning skin color, but I will do it one last time on this forum. I was in the core team for Charlotte Bergmann who underwent the most vile, racially based smear campaign I have seen at close view and up front and personal. I also experienced the underbelly of the Republic an establishment, which we are faced with in TN. Do not deceive yourselves about the big “R” in front of someone’s name. While we all know we MUSt HAVE A Romney win and to keep Congress and win the Senate, it will not stop there.
            In TN we have a turncoat internationalist R senator in Alexander, who is absolutely for not only Big, but International governance programs, and another one, Corker, who is limp, to say the least. TN has been designated a “haven” for Islam countries in the “refugee” programs all over this country. It is called “creeping Sharia” folks, and your state has had it going on for a very long time. Florida is facing the same thing, I believe. Conservative and Liberty groups all over the state are fighting the present Governor’s move to have an international business program headed by a Sharia lawyer. So never stop your vigilance, and I’ll be watching for more on election fraud in Florida AND TN as the stories keep coming out. Keep pounding your officials to throw out the rolls of dead voters and illegal donations, etc. These people KNOW how to lie, manipulate and deceive. We have to let them know that WE know what they’re doing and stop them in their tracks. Liberty Legal Foundation dot org based here in TN and headed by a real patriot and Constitutionalist lawyer, Van Irion, is doing a hero’s job of fighting the ugly, costly background fights that never hit the headlines and cost years of grunt paper work that wears down ordinary men. This type of bravery is the kind our forefathers exhibited. Look up his foundation, if you know to put it into a browser intact 🙂
            That said, I will end this obnoxious, long tome with one statement. I have for years regarded Allen West as the most Presidential of any “politician” in recent history. Because of his courage, his intellect, his quick on his feet response to liars in the media and elsewhere he may be similar to Ronald Reagan, but he is something even larger and newer. He is a rebirth of that spirit capable of dealing with evils Reagan didn’t have come up in his administration. He is someone I truly love and trust and the only politician I have ever been inspired by so completely is he a “Whole Man” as Jesus and God instructed. Rarely do we see such men as this… maybe not even once in a lifetime. If we can all pray to turn this country’s people “against their evil ways” and keep pushing against darkness I hope my grandaughter and her parents will see this man where he truly ought to be someday soon, and Mark Levin nominated to the SC under his administration

        • proudhispanicconservative

          Lmao I would not like to have to make that choice but you are right there is no contest a Hard core liberal liar, versus a Moderate republican, I would vote for him in a second. Too bad you have to be surrounded by 90% liberals in your state, We would welcome you here in Florida whenever you are ready to get out of there my friend.

          • Have never been to Florida yet. 🙂

            • proudhispanicconservative

              You should come we need more patriots here, and you my friend are a great patriot, I know it because you always make so many good points.

              • Ha! I post enough that some of ’em have to be good! Even a stopped clock is right twice a day! 🙂 I might go, but I think my wife might have something to say about it! 🙂

            • There are, I think, at least TEN states, and probably maybe more by now that have NO
              INCOME TAX, which was the First plank in the Communist Manifesto. We got the monstrosity imposed Nationally, through fraud, in 1913, Along with the Seventeenth Amendment as well as the fraudulant creation of the Federal Reserve–a Private Banking Cartel responsible for most of our monetary woes through the decades.
              Florida, Tennessee, Alaska, Texas–I Think, Nevada–and some several more have no state income tax. So yes, come to TN as did Art Laffer (the author of the Laffer curve theory about diminishing returns on taxation beyond a certain amount). whose disgust with his state’s tax policy brought him to relocate near Nashville, TN a few years back. My advice, wolfie- GO. GET OUT. Come to the warm south. Move to states who still have common sense, but PLEASE leave any liberal or misguided ideas about the joys of government control of much of anything behind when you get where you want to be!

              Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma are all lining up legislation to alter their laws to make them income-tax-free states as well.
              By the way, if we pass the Fairtax, no payroll tax, no deductions, lots more hardworking people keeping the money they make by the sweat if their brow, and, by the way. . .TONS of angry, disappointed, corrupt people churning through the system BECAUSE of this income tax code, will have to face looking for doing something worthwhile for a change. I’m talking about Lobbyists, folks. Not honest tax lawyers working for businesses that will still be advising them about ways to save and accounting procedures, etc. End of Rant # 2, sorry about that.

        • tshtsh

          Oh, I would vote for Scott Brown over Spreading Bull too but to continue the native American narrative re: the presidency only if he was the last survivor of a modern day “Custer’s Last Stand”.

  • p m

    Wow – thank you, what a fabulous post, my two favourite men in the same room. Very happy to hear them both say how important America is to the whole world – it certainly is. Amazing to have ML come out and speak for you in person. Just stunning. Didn’t know Rush was a constituent – he’s lucky! Thank you for posting this RS.

    PS Wonder of our friend proudhispanicconservative was able to attend. Hope so, and that he’ll tell us about it tomorrow.

  • wodiej

    I like that Levin is inclusive of all people. Wish all conservatives would adapt this Christian attitude. There would be many more Republicans in this country.

    I can see West as president some day too along w Gov. Sarah Palin. Wouldn’t that be a ticket.

  • aZjimbo

    AW and the great one. WOW.

  • Good to see the great one out of his bunker. Would love to see him more…

  • Pity the cameras were shakey, but this is a great one-two conservative punch right to the gut of Liberalism! I’d much rather watch these videos than O’Reilly/Stewart video… Which I hear broke down so nobody could watch it live anyway.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      To have the guy that is there for the “folks” O’Reilly defending conservatives is like having Pelosi defending liberalism.

      • I like O’Reilly for some thing. His advocacy for children’s rights. His standing up for Traditional Marriage, and for Christmas come immediately to mind. But he’s a blowhard that’s for sure and often annoys me. Wish he’d get off the fence about NObama though… Even a blind man can see that NObama is a Socialist and a dictator wannabe!

        • proudhispanicconservative

          You are right about his causes that you mentioned, but with Obama he has been a total nut case, if you remember he was calling for the massive stimulus package, saying that the government has to do something, or we will fall into a great depression, also when he said that he doesnt think Obama is a socialist because socialists seize property from people, we know that you dont have to take physical property to deny people what is rightfully theirs, he has tried every conceivable way of defending Obama’s Policies. Also on his shows he started having two liberals to talk about a specific issue, and not having both sides like before, thats why I stopped watching him a long time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KL6Fsp3i5yU

          • You’re correct, he has a complete blind side for NObama. No matter what mounting evidence, he still defends him. It’s like defending a serial killer on the grounds that he’s nice to the neighbors. I still watch his show, but I’m not as big a fan as I used to be. Sometimes his guests (when he lets them talk) are interesting.

          • IwjwI


            My reply to wolfie above:

            “You could see a big change in BillO right after he went to his first ‘get-together’ with Obama at the White House.
            I don’t know what happens to people when they get together with Obama in the White House, but they come out changed and not for the better.

            BillO was so full of his own ego that he got to party with the Preezy that he couldn’t be objective, even defended Obama as being a “nice guy,” and more.

            It has taken a long 3 1/2 years for BillO to get over whatever he drank at that first get-together and he still hasn’t fully recovered.”

            In addition, many people have come out of an Obama meeting at the White House changed for the worst.

            I don’t know how Obama does it, but it happens.

            • proudhispanicconservative

              He is a harvard student I think that is part of the problem, every student from harvard come out a liberal.I dont know if you heard Mark Levin calling him out, on being an idiot for calling for the big bail out.

        • IwjwI


          You could see a big change in BillO right after he went to his first ‘get-together’ with Obama at the White House.
          I don’t know what happens to people when they get together with Obama in the White House, but they come out changed and not for the better.

          BillO was so full of his own ego that he got to party with the Preezy that he couldn’t be objective, even defended Obama as being a “nice guy,” and more.

          It has taken a long 3 1/2 years for BillO to get over whatever he drank at that first get-together and he still hasn’t fully recovered.

          • LOL! Good assessment. If BO has that effect on Bill’O, I hope I don’t come within 50 miles of him.

  • colliemum

    Having both Allen West and Mark Levin in one place, giving a speech each, must be the best evening for all who were lucky to be able to attend.

    Mark Levin is one of the best, but Allen West – he is simply formidable.
    He is so outstanding that I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that he’ll be president, sooner rather than later.
    I do envy all who live in his district.

  • FANTASTIC, that’s all I can say! I wish more celebrities would come out and support conservatives like West. Even Clint Eastwood got into the act at the Republican convention, but we need a lot more of it. There is just too much in the balance in this election for anyone to sit home and remain silent.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Allen West reminds me of the guy that said this:
    “Government is never more dangerous than when our desire to have it help us blinds us to its great power to harm us”.
    —————-The Great Ronald Reagan————–

  • Freedomswatch

    Great to see Levin helping West. People need to get off their rear ends and be sure and vote. If you don’t live in West’s district send his campaign a donation. I did. Even a small donation from his many supporters throughout the country would help. D-Day approaches.

  • daisy_mae

    At this moment I’m listening to Representative West’s speech. He makes me cry! And I believe him when he says he will continue to charge that hill for our country. God bless you and your family Rep. West!

  • daisy_mae

    BO is the counterfeit of Representative West! Higher office one day? Hell yes!!!

  • When I can afford to, I contribute to West and other conservative candidates running for office that the left are trying very hard to destroy. I wish I could do more. Best thing to do is get out and VOTE. I admire Allen West, he is a man of honor and strong conviction. Folks, let’s all get out and VOTE, that may be are only hope to take back this country.

  • Wow, I would have killed to have been in that room to hear Col. West and Levin speak- it doesn’t get much better than that (add Rubio and then it’s perfect).

  • BHliberty

    Love both men! Thanks for posting!

  • SKL53

    Mark knows what a great man Allen West is! He is an intelligent, articulate hero who served in our nations Armed Forces. He is a true patriot and Mark LOVES patriots! America needs MORE Allen Wests!!!

  • It was great to have two of the most patriotic constitutional and declaration loving conservatives Mark Levin and Allen West in the same room talking about our great republic and why it must be saved. “There are people in this country that don’t love this country. You talk about fundamentally transforming America. Transforming it into what? If you love the constitution and the declaration of independence. If you love our individual rights, our principles, our history. Why would you want to fundamentally transform America?

    You don’t want to fundamentally transform America. What we want to do is throw-out the people who try to fundamentally transform America.” M. Levin

    Here’s a quote from my favorite Founding Father and 3rd President of the United States Thomas Jefferson. On which he is quoted on almost every stump speech by Congressman -Lt. Colonel Allen West.
    ” The greatest danger to American Freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution.”-T. Jefferson

  • Simply awesome!

  • marketcomp

    This was the best ever! Two favorites of all, Allen West and Mark Levin. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

  • anneinarkansas

    What a Team, What a Team!!!

  • That’s a pair of guys with enough intelligence not to need a teleprompter, Just let your own ideas flow and this is what happens.

  • You know this race is serious if Levin showed up in person.

  • sjmom

    Great patriots both! May God continue to raise up leaders the caliber of these men who will stand up for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    The tide is turning and only 106 days left until Romney/Ryan are inaugurated.

  • NJK

    He’s flat out lying about the unemployment numbers. I hope that Mitt Romney is prepared to spell that out to people. Where and how they got those numbers.

  • NJK

    I think the word immoral says it all. I wish Romney would pick Alan West to head the Dept. of Defense. Thank you for this video. It was a good way to start the day.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    very nice that Mark came out for Allen West. we need Allen West.
    west 2016

  • jjsmntha

    they were awesome!

  • DINORightMarie

    Great speeches!! Both were powerful – I love both these two great patriots!

    How I wish the colleges and universities had Mark Levin and Romney/Ryan campaigning on their campuses (and Allen West in his district)! That would at least allow the Conservative message to be presented. I wonder how much the left would either push to stop them coming and speaking, or sending in their tools to protest by interruption and thus stopping the speech, stifling first amendment rights………..because THEY (the protesters) have first amendment rights – yet the could not care less about any one else’s, of course!

    That is one thing I’ve noticed has gotten worse over the last several years……burns me up, as my lovely Mom used to say! Thankfully, Romney and Ryan have been stopping these tools mid-sentence – along with the crowds! – by saying, “….we consider others and common courtesy, unlike you (people)….” while the crowds chant, “USA! USA! USA!…”

    Good!! Time to stop the Marxist/statist, Frankfort School-“educated”, Alinsky-loving leftists among us (and others who use the same tactics) from stopping OUR freedom of speech, and OUR freedom to listen to a presenter!

  • HarrietHT2

    Thank you, RS, for providing us some much needed encouragement, a rallying of the troops pep talk from Levin and West. Every person I talk to understands the serious peril the statist Infiltrator poses to our nation’s well-being. We also understand who is the number one controlling agent and financial source behind the efforts to subvert our nation for his own evil ends, through tentacles that reach deep inside the media, both Republican and Democrat Party officials, and a myriad of leftist “operations.” He is also the man funding the attacks on Allen West. We cannot let this Ian Fleming-like villain prevail; he must be made impotent by an army of voters of even stronger will and force than he.

  • Conservator1

    Two great men who represent the best of America. Thank you “The Right Scoop” for covering them.


    These are two men who love America with fervor. Way to go, Mark and get it done Allen!

  • PVG

    I love Levin! Made my weekend!!

  • TJinNJ

    Hopefully Mr. Levin did some homework on the Anti-muslim film maker over the weekend and rescind his comments from last week. If he’s still unaware of the facts, he needs to read Walid Shoebat’s articles.

    • WordsFailMe

      TJ –doesn’t seem like anyone is picking this up, at least publicly. Probably just to much info for most of us. I think most people have enough information to be able to vote there conscience on Nov 6 and this may be the first time in many decades when more people will be voting for a man and not just against one.

      For me, sometimes I get so angry these days, I can’t sleep.

      • TJinNJ

        I don’t let this stuff keep me from sleeping and hope you’ll be able to after Nov, if not before…it is what it is and He has a plan…but ‘we the people’ need to find the truth where ever it may lead and expect our conservative voices to be the tip of the spear on delivering the truth. Maybe that is naive of me, but we’re at a point now that could be the end of this great “idea” called America, so saturation in my estimate is the best medicine until we all are on the same page. Knowledge is power. be well.

  • LeonidasOfSparta1957

    When we read: “Arise, shine for thy light is come and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee” it doesn’t say “for the glory of the Government” is risen upon thee. When we take God out of the nation we are doomed to a nation of evil men who think THEY are God.The bigger the government a man seeks and loves, the smaller the God he seeks and loves.

  • Haywoodjbl

    Thank you Mr West and Levin…..you are both true Patriots…..thank you very much


    It is time for all the “Levins” to get out and campaign for the candidates. I want to hear from Newt, Palin, Santorum, etc. These people need to get off their duffs and get out and support these congressional candidates and Romney. I must say that I have seen Newt out there on the networks.
    Palin can get the tea party moving again, and support the team that can save America.

  • I beleive this.
    Teddy Roosevelt said ” speak softly and carry a big stick”.
    It is long past time we the people pull that big stick out, and start cleaning our own house out. Get the lib-communist out of our government.
    Then start put these tin pot radical muslins in their place, and let them know who has the big stick and that we know how to use it.
    First we get rid of the Kenyan communist, then we get our country back to work.
    Vote for the Americans Romney/Ryan……………

  • dennisl59

    Two men speaking without notes and from their hearts. Awesome!

  • bobemakk

    Allen West will get a big cabinet position whether or not he is re-elected, but I hope he is. Thank you Mark Levin, a true patriot just like Allen West.