Out of Control! Two 6-year-olds suspended for using fingers as imaginary guns during recess

This is nothing more than the feminization of our little boys. And it’s insane. It’s bad enough that some parents won’t let little boys have toy guns. Now school administrators are saying they can’t even use their hands as toy guns. Do they think banning finger-guns will stop massacres?


ABC 2 – Two 6-year-old elementary school students were suspended from White Marsh Elementary School in Talbot County on Monday for using their fingers as imaginary guns while at recess. They were playing a game of cops and robbers on the playground.

One of the boy’s father, Army Staff Sergeant. Stephen Grafton, says the schools decision to suspend the boys crossed the line. Some parents on the Eastern Shore agree with him.

The Talbot County Board of Education released a statement on the suspension saying, “It is frustrating for school systems because a complete explanation of events cannot be provided due to confidentiality requirements under the federal educational rights and privacy act.”

Some believe gun play of any kind is not appropriate for school. They say in today’s world it’s hard to tell how far is too far.

Educators say parents can use this as a teaching point and talk about the importance of not shooting at one another.

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  • PVG

    Parents need to start pulling their kids outta public schools for this kind of nonsense. Home school and charter school retaliation is the answer.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on.

    • snowshooze

      I shudder at the thought that I might have to face sending my girls to a Public school…

      • then don’t!!

      • Don’t. Just don’t.

        If they go to a public school, they’ll be exposed to finger-based dangers of a different kind.

        Private, charter, home. NOT public.

    • PatrickHenrysBody


    • snowshooze

      Well, you know, if I had some property tax relief, it would certainly make this more affordable.
      But as it stands, I will pay for Public schooling if I have Kids, or not, and I will pay pay for the Public school even if I pay a Charter and never utilize a Public school..
      I wrote my Governor on this point, but I am not certain I am barking up the right tree.

  • DebbyX

    Oh my word. It’s a wonder that we all survived the evil finger gun shooting when we were kids. How do they feel about those weapons of mass destruction……….water balloons?!

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Don’t forget the deadly light sabers. They can cut off people’s heads, ya know. (That was the weapon of choice for my boys when they were 6…)

      And besides, they probably can’t have balloons in school anymore anyway, with all the latex allergies, right?? Ugh)

      • NYGino

        Balloons, no good; prophylactics for grammar school kids, good. Go figure.

      • DebbyX

        LOL!!! How silly of me to forget the light sabers 🙂

    • davienne

      NOOOOO…..no water balloons….. someone may drown..

    • colliemum

      Heh – and how did we survive the bows and arrows, made of twigs and string? we could’ve died!!!1!Eleventy!!

      • NYGino

        Baseball! Baseball should be banned! All these kids swinging those lethal clubs around and throwing things. Somebody is sure to get hurt.

        • colliemum

          And rubber bands! Think of the damage they did when used for firing paper balls wet with ink – we could’ve gone blind!

          Oh – and those sponges for wiping blackboards with – but I think they’ve been discontinued already. Sadly.
          A dripping wet sponge, aimed carefully, was a pretty good missile.

          (I don’t know how we all didn’t end up suspended for life, for the things we did in school.)

          • NYGino

            You bring up a very scary point mum. Those sponges. Germ and bacteria hotbeds just sitting there waiting to pass along heaven knows what from child to child. A potentially lethal bio hazard if there ever was one and up to now there has been no chalk board eraser bio hazard commission formed to deal with this. Shameful!!

            • colliemum

              Oh indeed!

              But hey, didn’t we have fun in school, even though we had old-fashioned, strict teachers.

              One of the best sports on rainy days, when recess was indoors, was racing around the class room, not touching the floor with our feet …
              Ban school desks and chairs immediately!

              How on earth did we survive in that life-threatening environment called ‘school’.

              • NYGino

                Even High School. I was fortunate to go to an all boys prep school run by the Irish Christian Brothers. You didn’t get away with anything with them, act up and you’d be sure to get at least a good slap across the back of the head, a bit harder than an NCIS Gibbs slap. Act up again and you’d get JUG (Justice Under God). This consisted of standing in the auditorium after school for an hour with your hands at your side, perfectly still, no movement and definitely no talking or then you would really be in trouble. JUG would be anywhere from one day to two weeks. Try doing that today.

                One thing for sure though, you got a really great education.

                • colliemum

                  Aww ….

                  Ours weren’t that strict – but there were detentions, and letters to the parents, so that one got another drubbing at home.
                  And there were pages and pages of punitive writings: pretty handwriting one hundred times that being late was wrong. Or learn a page of vocab by heart, to be recited flawlessly the next day – that sort of thing. And always the parents got to hear of it, or had to sing off on the punitive writings, so we got it from both ends, as it were.

                  Still, we did learn a lot, especially the three ‘R’s.

                • NYGino

                  Two more days to go, Junior year. I get called down to Brother Kelly’s office (he’s the Dean of Discipline). He gives me 5 days of JUG for forging my mothers signature on an absence note. I’m laughing to myself because there is only two days left.

                  Very first day, Senior year. Get called down to Brother Kelly’s office. “Uh, I hope you didn’t forget, you owe me three more days of JUG.” Bada Bing!

                • colliemum

                  Oh dear!
                  Of course Brother Kelly wouldn’t have forgotten – he and the other brothers probably knew more about tricks and malfeasances which pupils can and did get up to, than any of their pupils.

                  In this day and age they would of course not be allowed to do such things, that would be against the human rights, or sumthink.

  • Betsey_Ross

    Such BS. It looks as if the people in my old profession are totally lacking in any common sense. It was not very good when I left. It is out of control now.

  • 3d81

    That last paragraph is hillarious.

    This fight against Hollywood hypocrisy might just back fire. They might end up banning all John Wayne movies and cowboys and Indians.

    Probably be defined heavily racist movies these days.

    • Sober_Thinking


    • I think the Lefties will be more than happy to ban any movie that shows how good was once important and that it should triumph over evil. They also would be happy to get rid of movies which show American Exceptionalism, so your thoughts aren’t far off the mark.

  • Ban Fingers, Do it for the children!!

  • keninil

    I’m sure the kids wouldn’t have been suspended for giving the teacher’s their middle finger — that’s free speech !

  • aposematic

    These “teachers” are insane… Their actions demonstrate how far is too far in today’s world.

  • Sober_Thinking

    If these kids gave school officials “the finger” there would be less outrage.

    Flaming liberals = the wussification of America.

    • NYGino

      If they did that S_T they would probably be facing statutory rape charges.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Lol! 🙂

        It’s so ridiculous… that you may be right.

  • WordsFailMe

    Tomorrow, every American will be like one of those two little boys.

  • peew* peew*

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Missed me!

      • NYGino

        Actually I have been missing you ISC.

        • Is_Sense_Common

          Aww shucks Gino. Things are just so bad out in the real world of politics… It’s been hard to dive in to the stories. I read ’em & weep. :'(

          It’s always good to “see” you though – you always provide a bright spot!

          • NYGino

            Thank you I_S_C. Know exactly what you mean. Sometimes we just feel like listening, don’t have to talk. Glad I help brighten your day at times, you do the same for a lot of us here.

  • Lives4Freedom

    Excuse me while I point a finger gun to my head…

  • WTF is going on?!? HOW does a “hand gun” look ANYTHING like a REAL handgun?!? Last time I checked, a “hand gun’s” trigger was the thumb or “barrel”, which is NOTHING like a handgun!!! Next, they’re going to say we can’t POINT at people (which I understand is “rude” to some people, but still…).

    • Godisright

      …and the forearm is and endless magazine.

      • Was it wrong of me to laugh out loud just now?

        • Godisright

          If it was a make believe laugh, your ok.

  • Just another step down the road to becoming France. I wonder what the world will be like when we are gone and no better than a failed European-style social welfare state? I’m “sure” it will be much safer than it is now. Want to take any bets on that? I didn’t think so.

  • DCGere

    Face plant…

  • sjmom

    This is ridiculous and the parents should make hay out of this one. Suspending 6 year olds is cruel and unusual punishment just for being boys.

    • Godisright

      The six year old doesn’t even know what the word suspension means ! Lol

    • i agree what kind of trauma did this do to these innocent boys hell in my day we would all have been expelled for doing things like this becuse we always did it

  • NYGino

    …………….RIP AMERICA…………

    Born 1776
    Died 2013

    Cause of death, terminal case of liberal political correctness.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      It’s been circling the drain for awhile. I actually haven’t seen so much as a twitch since 2010.

      • ’08 Is_Sence. :-/

        • Is_Sense_Common

          Well the 2010 elections were pretty amazing.

          But then, crickets.

          • OK. I’ll give you that for the little spasm. 😉

            • colliemum

              ‘Twas a dead-cat-bounce, sadly …

              • NYGino

                Great name for a rock group mum…”Dead Cat Bounce”.

                • Is_Sense_Common

                  Is that anything like the “Stray Cat Strut?”

                • NYGino

                  You’re feline pretty feisty today is see I_S_C. Good for you.

  • BeyondPolls

    The government is no longer qualified to take care of our children.

  • Lives4Freedom

    Can anyone else see these kids turning 21, and being denied on their background checks to purchase a handgun, because they were suspended from school at the age of 6 for playing cops and robbers?

    • NYGino

      The way things are going today? Yes.

  • NYGino

    Even Orwell couldn’t conceive of this.

  • aorobert

    They should have used a piece of school equipment or a tree branch, something provided by the school, pass the blame onto them.

  • 1972patriot

    The science of survival of the fittest. The simple obviousness of this simple science leads logical thinkers to question if it is the intention of the liberal educators to create a society of men who cannot defend themselves. And if so, do they understand the consequences?

    This type of herd mentality behavior within our society could lead to the takeover of our homeland by foreign invaders. Nations who have the good sense to teach their men how to value and defend their family’s sovereignty, not to mention blood line, have always been and will always be superior. Why do you think America has such a spectacular, liberating past?

    The boys of the last couple of generations have been severely neglected by our public school system. Equally responsible are the people who vote for politicians who do not challenge funding of public schools in spite of the un-American and anti-Christian bias blazing through them.

    These boys are being robbed of their natural identity. These are boys, being boys and the adults involved in this suspension… all the way up to the legislators… should be damned shamed. I’ve been saying for years that private and home schools are the last hope we have to return our nation to her prior glory. With every passing day there is new evidence that solidifies by speculation.

  • TitaniumEagle

    I think this is a perfectly reasonable demonstration of gun control! Who knows what those kids would have done if their guns remained unchecked?

    • NYGino

      Well at least their clips, counting both hands, have only ten rounds.

      • Is_Sense_Common

        That’s 3 rounds too many for Barry & the gang.

        • NYGino

          I’m pretty sure the ones protecting his children have more than seven rounds, but then I could be mistaken, sure.

      • Nukeman60

        Seeing how the thumb had to be the hammer, that left only 4 rounds per hand (one in the chamber and three in the magazine). This is well within the gun ban requirements and therefore these kids should not have been suspended.

        They should merely have had their hands registered, the kids neutered, and their parents sent to planned parenthood for consultation on how not to have anymore kids.

  • Sara

    These are the same idiots who scream “animal cruelty” if you de-claw a house cat!!!!!!!!

  • snowshooze

    Throw them Babies in Prison along with their Parents!!!
    This is just an outrage!!!!
    That’ll teach ’em.
    Good thing they didn’t pretend their fingers were a box-cutter or we would have them up on Domestic Terrorism charges…

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Who knows what’s in their underwear!?!?!

      • NYGino

        They will when they are seven. The school will give them all the graphic details along with the appropriate instruction manuals. Progressive education you know.

  • drphibes

    were they semi-automatic fingers?

    • Godisright

      We had machine guns – always the biggest and best.

      • Is_Sense_Common

        And perfect aim, too!

        • Godisright

          Some kids would not play by the rules and die right away, so that was why we needed endless ammo.

  • Godisright

    …. Brush your teeth and go to bed.
    Such fond childhood memories.

  • The sad reality is that the worst that will happen is some parental outrage, a shrug of the shoulders and then send the kids back to the school expecting a different result.

    Yep, American education system at its best. Parents claim that they are fed up, well parents….PROVE IT!!!!

  • Haywoodjbl

    I think the person who made the decision to suspend this kids should be suspended for life…….GUNS Freed this country and lots of blood………

    • NYGino

      From a sturdy branch perhaps?

  • Nukeman60

    ‘Educators say parents can use this as a teaching point and talk about the importance of not shooting at one another.’

    It’s too bad the educators couldn’t use it as a teaching moment ‘at the time’ to explain facts to the kids, rather than suspending them first and wondering where the ‘teaching moment’ was later (although, I personally don’t see a ‘teaching moment’ in 2 kids playing cops and robbers with their hands).

    Did anyone else notice that one parent was an Army Staff Sgt? Would the same thing have happened to a liberal school board members’ kid? I doubt it.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Your post just made me wonder – which side had the guns? The cops or the robbers? Was there a helpless storeclerk in there somewhere? Perhaps only the robber should have been suspended? (now that’s some good logic, eh? headslap)

      And really? Have we devolved to the point that we have to ask our “educators” to talk about the importance of “not shooting at one another?” I’m sure they’ll just give ’em a condom & tell them to make love, not war. Oh have mercy…

      • NYGino

        Have to wonder what caliber kids these are.

        • Is_Sense_Common

          Actually, I wonder more about what caliber these “teachers” are…

  • Good lord. The wussification of boys needs to stop. This “gender neutral” nonsense needs to be taken out of school. I’m not saying boys need to be blood thirsty killers Libs, but this nonsense needs to stop. Also, home school, home school, home school!

  • pussies in charge.

  • Well if they’re going to ban children playing like that, it’s going to end up as a First Amendment issue. After all, are they going to ban Hollywood and all the video games that show the forces of good and evil fighting each other in perpetuity?

    It’s political correctness run amok, and the irony, well we’ll have sissified our society so much that Islam will come waltzing right in and get rid of the sissies, but keep the womenfolk for other purposes.

    The one kid’s father is in the army, are the schools trying to go after the whole concept of defense and arms? Because that’s really where this leads the country as a whole. Disarming the populace in deed and thought. Crazy and stupid. Leaves you weak and vulnerable to those in the world who would conquer.

  • davienne

    OH GOOD GREIF !!!! they teach the children racism , homosuality, oral sex with braces and when the kids play a game the gestapo doesnt like they get suspended… they would be having a total herd of cows if they ever saw the games my brothers and i played…. we would get our horses, a garbage can lid and a stick and we would joust…
    they are turning your children into a bunch of lockstep marching puppets

  • repubboy

    What the heck is wrong with these educators, Kids are playing with their fingers,
    This kind of foolishness is infringing on the freedom of six year old to be six year olds. My suggestion to these educators, Wake Up and pull your heads out of where the sun don’t shine !

  • keninil

    We need a federal grant to find out where these young boys learned about guns and punish those folks.

    The movie industry went “non-smoking” for a time, can they go “non-shooting”??

  • TitaniumEagle

    Sorry, somewhat off-topic but still pertaining to our educational system and I felt the need to share it: http://www.wfmz.com/news/news-regional-newjersey/Phillipsburg-School-Board-terminates-substitute-who-showed-Bible-to-student/-/132518/18128028/-/mhy4ev/-/index.html

    What the heck? Can teachers no longer say words that are found in the Bible? Whoops, I think we need an Obama-Approved Vocabulary now.

    • Good golly! It’s not like he actually said the Name….. JESUS!!! This is just one of those “obscure” verses that dear leader talks about.
      Now, if that teacher had have quoted a movie line with a bunch of obscenities, he most likely would have gotten a raise.
      I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or curl up in a fetal position. This is nuts!

      • TitaniumEagle

        I know. I was a bit speechless after seeing this. It’d be amusing if it weren’t so indicative of the direction of society.

  • Home school.

  • 57thunderbird

    The wussification of America continues

  • warpmine

    Attention, attention! Thought police to the White Marsh Elementary School in Talbot County to administer punishment.

  • warpmine

    Is it permissible to buck the AGW hoax or will children be suspended for that too?

  • SgtHorbath

    Sad when children can’t play anymore and can’t be kids. So much for having a childhood.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    I’ve got two words for the idiots who are driving our educational system into the ground and to the Earth’s core: HOME SCHOOLING.

    If they don’t like those two words, I have two more: PRIVATE SCHOOLING.

    Yes, I did not go to the Joe Biden school of reverse iambic pentameter and sentence fragmentation. Bowing down to the PC god is contributing in part to the emasculating of our country!

  • Fixall

    The Administrators of most schools just need to use Common Sense. But I guess they would rather be in the national news and perturb parents. Common Sense Folks, that’s all!

  • tinlizzieowner

    This is what the Women’s ‘Liberalization’ Movement has brought us.

  • ApplePie101

    Give the kids cap pistols, then they won’t have to resort to using their fingers.

    • NYGino

      EGADS !

  • As a teaching point and talk about the importance of not shooting at one another? Why didn’t they just chop their fingers off? That would have been a more appropriate lesson that a way out of control tibtard. Of course, out of control libtards could have just used their finger guns to eliminate the children. Thinking Americans who allow this leftist shool system to teach their children should have their heads examined.

  • The only “deadly weapon” on display in that school is the liberalism of the progressive/democrat/socialist.

  • bobemakk

    The system is ludicrous. Gun play when I was a kid was very common. This situation has been blown out of proportion to the point of no return. Put God back in the schools and let kids play the way they want like we did when we were kids.

  • Fingers don’t kill people; Criminals with fingers kill people.

    Finger control only keeps fingers out of the hands of law abiding finger-owners.

  • Da…let me use dis as a tichin point, normal kids, acting normally should not show any signs of physical activity, or enjoyment. Most of all they should not play games, cause ifs they do thens its goin be a tichin moment!

    What the Hell Is Wrong With You F’n People In The News Media? I’m sorry I forgot you are All OBAMA Lap Dogs and you just carry the water for OBMAA!, talking points! OOOBBBAAMMMA!