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This is classic OWS stupidity. One of several protesters complains to Citibank about loans that she voluntarily took out for college, loans that amount to over $100k, and now that she’s going to have a $1600 payment every month and doesn’t have a job, she blames Citibank. But how is this Citibank’s fault? She even said her parents allowed her to take out these big loans because they wanted her to have a great education. But now that she’s jobless, instead of showing up at the White House to protest, she shows up at the bank to blame them. How ridiculous!

When I was looking for a college to attend, I saw some that charged $20k per year. I quickly did the math and realized I didn’t want $80K in loan debt after I graduated, so I chose a much cheaper state college and ended up with around $21k in debt. In reality it was me dabbling in the real world, living paycheck to paycheck before I went to college that gave me enough wisdom to make a better choice for myself. I wanted a way out of poverty and finally made the big choice to go to college. The last thing I wanted was a huge amount of debt.

Now I don’t know this one girl’s story, but I’m betting that she wanted to go to a college of her choosing and after months of whining about it, her parents finally yielded to her choice since she was all growed up. And now look at her. What a fine ignoramus she has become. Obama would be so proud.

There’s more whining in the video below:


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