OWS yells at little kids in their latest ‘Day of Tantrums’

Yesterday was another exciting day in the Occupy Chronicles. Just another day of peaceful protest consisting of cutting police officers, shutting down bridges, breaking through baracades, throwing ‘unknown liquids’ into the eyes of law enforcement oh, and shouting at little kids on their way to school.

You know who should be proud? President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, John Boehner, Mitt Romney and half of Hollywood, seeing as they support the Occupy ‘movement.’

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  • Anonymous

    How many of the occupy terrorists harrassing the kids were their teachers?

  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of bastards! These people spit on GOD everyday and this is becoming very disconcerting. I just pray that violence does not grow but I think it will.

  • L B

    According to the protesters, they are “the children of the 1%”… hence, they deserve what is coming

  • Linky1

    Now you know why the Occupier-in-Chief supports these parasites……..

    Controversial Professor Bill Ayers Speaks With Occupy Chicago Protesters


  • What an absolute disgrace. Of course for those who support mob mentality, there is nothing wrong with this. Good grief, I hate to see how our society is falling apart.

    • It’s starting!!! Next year ought be interesting, seeing as how these DBs are tripping all over themselves trying to beat their “peers” in the race to the bottom…Yelling at kids, blatantly assaulting police officers, shooting, drugs, hatred, contempt, violence, etc. Can’t wait to see what happens next…

  • DCGere

    These people are the most self-centered lazy bums I’ve ever seen. They really don’t care one ounce how much they are destroying the lives of citizens trying to go about their daily activities. When are they going to find a more productive way to change what it is they don’t like (through laws, voting, etc.).

  • “Come one step closer to my son and I, and I’ll gun you down. Its in your best interests not to test me on that one.”

    • Anonymous

      This is where we draw a line in the sand with these idiots and they just crossed that line.

      • KenInMontana

        And we enforce it with a 34oz white ash Baseball bat.

  • Anonymous

    If this were the Tea Party it would be “breaking” national news.

  • Anonymous

    The Scumbaggers are no different then a terrorist hiding behind women and children in a school,hospital or mosque.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, children mean nothing to Liberals.

    Liberals: Great at denying their denial.

  • Anonymous

    Oddly, if one of these kids had shouted a racial term she/he heard in a rap song in response to these idiot adults, he/she would have been expelled from school and may have been charged with a “hate crime”.


  • Anonymous

    The school didn’t cancel classes? For pete’s sake, they cancel classes for snow!

    Does this remind anyone else of the first days of integration?

    Those EVIL Occupiers! They’re more desperate every day. Just when you think they can’t get any lower they do. It is not right that they were allowed to do this. Anyone terrorizing children like this should have a fast, rough ride to jail and be forgotten for a few weeks. Evil scum. It is not right that they were allowed to do this.

    Justice is a fast-moving nightstick.

    What’s the matter with parents? Those who don’t abort their children let them be molested by TSA scum, and now this? It is not right that the Occupiers were allowed to do this.

    I’m going to leave it at that. I’m getting too close to saying things I really want to say. It is not right that the Occupiers were allowed to do this.

  • Anonymous

    They shame this country. Can you imagine how these stories are written and interpreted overseas. These stories more atrocious than the Greek protests. It shames us.

  • I’m trying to get my head around these people but I simply can not. They want FREE everything and feel they shouldn’t have to pay back money they borrow. What the? They are complete scumbag losers and what worries me, is that there are “normal” people who sympathize with them. I work with a few. Like some others have said, I do feel that this is heading to something much worse. I blame Obama for one but war is coming.

  • Anonymous

    That would be funny if OWS attacked a Tea Party rally. Except for all the casualties the little punks would sustain, of course.

  • hmmm, isn’t there another point in history were a bunch of democrats were yelling at school children trying to get into school and being escorted by police?

  • Anonymous

    When the lawsuits start rolling in from decent citizens these crackhead anarchists will be history. Obama and Van Jones will put them back out there next year to stir up a bunch of mess so that Obama can attempt to shut down the election.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This OWS is going to explode one day soon and its going to be very ugly.