Pallywood is back: Injured man in Gaza miraculously recovers in seconds!

It is known that if you want to be good at something, in most cases you have to have a good follow through. And in the case of the fakers in Gaza, it couldn’t be more true because the cameras are still rolling!

Watch the video below (there’s no sound):

Via Arutz Sheva:

Barely one day into the fighting in Hamas-run Gaza, the locals are hard at work playing the victim for the world’s press.

Footage from the BBC captured by watchdog group Honest Reporting shows a heavy man lying on the ground and being carried away by residents, apparently after being injured by an Israeli attack.

Moments later, that same man again fills the frame, except he is walking about and obviously unhurt.

The widespread staging of such victim situations is a favored tactic of Arabs fighting Israel and has come to be known as “Pallywood.” Because Israel is stronger militarily, the Arabs cling to the underdog image of poor refugees under occupation and siege by evil Israelis, thus eliciting sympathy.

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  • Darkbella007

    3,2,1 ACTION!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Lies and deceit are what made them the great movement they are.

    Evil has no shame…

    • tvlgds

      Just like our goobermint!

    • hventure22

      I believe the phrase is “Evil will always win, because good is stupid” 🙂

  • Haywoodjbl

    The world is but a stage…..

  • Yet so many ignorant people believe this crap. For those who don’t know Pallywood,

    • That was a real eye opener, thanks for posting the link! Now I will never again wonder what “Pallywood” means.

    • sjmom

      They’ll believe it anyway; they’re blind and deceived. When you’re as far gone as some of them you can’t recognize the truth anymore.

    • louisiana_mom

      I had never heard the term “Pallywood” until this week… it confirms what I have always suspected with the news coverage of the Middle East, in particular Israel. Thanks so much for posting this, I have past it on…

    • FreeManWalking

      If it wasn’t for the overkill they would be as convincing as 0b0’s MSM PACs.

    • JeffWRidge

      They don’t miss a trick do they? Thanks for the link. It’s an eye opener.

  • tsturbo

    Muslim terrorists, liberal progressives- what’s the difference?

    • sjmom

      I just made a similar point because they’re both driven by evil.

    • BlueGood

      Precisely, they learned that from O’Blamo and Feminists

    • louisiana_mom

      um….. give me a minute….. well, …. there’s…. Okay, I give, what’s the difference?

      • p m

        Non-existent, alas.

    • tsturbo

      I think we are dealing with two different religions, both created by Satan, both based on deception, both using Holy God’s truth to hide the evil intentions. One is Islam, the other is what we call “Political Correctness”. The followers of both use jihad and taqiyya as their primary methods of operation.

    • Jay

      The libs aren’t blowing themselves up… yet.

      • answer1776

        No, just reinventing nations.


    …as with Mao HUSSEIN Obama LIES, LIES and more LIES !”

  • Hilarious. Even the BBC producers, who are already hopelessly liberal, couldn’t even notice that.

  • I wish he was confronted about faking it. He doesn’t even need to say anything, just running off would be enough.

  • Arrrggghhh

    I’d like to thank the academy, Allah, Mohammed, mom & dad…

    • sjmom

      I just wrote maybe Hollywood will nominate him for an Oscar.

  • denbren52

    They wouldn’t bother with the theatrics if the press wasn’t so willing to cooperate with them by showing it as if it were real.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Ha. So they have a dishonest MSM too. Isn’t that nice.

    • 1mathteacher

      Well, they borrow ours sometimes. :-/

      • tvlgds

        They use ours against us!

        • p m

          Ours all use stringers, arab/pal stringers for all their ‘news’, regardless of who you see on camera. They have to, or else the western reporters get offed, as CNN admitted a few years ago. So there’s the LSM’s source of unbiased news.

  • Dukehoopsfan

    Now that the guy knows how to fall down and the israelis have his picture someone should “validate” his injury for him.

  • Landscaper

    Once Israel gets mad enough, he won’t have a fake anything because real jets with real bombs will be playing at a “theater near you.”

  • toongoon

    Religion of pieces, masters of deceit.

  • sjmom

    Perhaps someone will nominate this liar for an Oscar; he fits right in with left wing Hollywood.

  • Obama supporters?

  • p m

    They didn’t have my sympathy before attending the Gaza equivalent of the Actor’s Studio and they sure as he!! don’t now.

    Please, Israel, line up your tanks and bulldozers and push the whole sorry mess of them into the sea. The Med will recover even from that kind of pollution.

  • ryanomaniac

    Ya know if he was dead he wouldn’t be able to pull sh** like this!

  • Watchman74

    I just saw this clip on CNN, minus the man walking around later.

  • crosshr

    Bad act. Busted also Pallywood White Hose, heh the false narrative, evaded answers, false anger and coverups, welcome to Pallywood Benghazi, Pallywood Ecconomy & High Unemployment rate, Pallywood Lefts & Pallywood Rinos.

    Worseer than Pallywood actors are the shameless supporters

  • SurfinCowboy

    Breitbart lives.

  • Yazz55

    Oooops, they forgot the fake blood again – darn!

    Guess that they’ll just have to re-shoot the scene again tomorrow.

  • tinlizzieowner

    And there you have it folks, yet another staged ‘media event’ by the (so called) ‘victims’ and a media willing to suck up every bit of it they can get their hands on. 😉

  • kong1967

    They are known for carrying the same dead body to different locations to make an attack seem much larger and more deadly. They have learned how to play the U.N. and leftist idiots.

    • NCHokie02

      I haven’t seen it but Glenn Beck was talking about a video where they were carrying a coffin through the streets to the mobs of people. Before they got the crowds, the guys dropped the coffin accidently and they guy in it falls out. However, he gets back up and climbs back in. They pick the coffin back up and get to the crowds where everyone is wailing and crying.

      • kong1967

        Geez, it’s funny and disgusting at the same time. Half the war is propaganda, and having a live guy in a coffing to present a false image to the world is part of it.

  • Of course, they could never get away with this without having willing accomplices in the press.

  • U.S.S. Liberty , My How Soon The Sheep Forget