Pathetic: “Obama the C-in-C who finally led the mission that brought Osama bin Laden to justice”

Obama surrogate and Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), introducing Obama yesterday in New Hampshire, really poured it on thick which she said this (via Weekly Standard):

Totally disgusting. What Obama won’t say (or have his surrogates say for him) to win election. I can’t wait until November gets here.

Just. Can’t. Wait.

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  • nibblesyble

    I can’t wait till November gets here too Scoop..the Romney/Ryan victory will be an answer to many prayers.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Amen nib!

  • PovrlaChasse

    And so shortly after taking office, *I* directed Leon Panetta, the director of the CIA, to make the killing or capture of bin Laden the top priority of our war against al Qaeda, even as we continued our broader efforts to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat his network.

    Then, last August, after years of painstaking work by our intelligence community, *I* was briefed on a possible lead to bin Laden. It was far from certain, and it took many months to run this thread to ground. *I* met repeatedly with *my national security team* as we developed more information about the possibility that we had located bin Laden hiding within a compound deep inside of Pakistan. And finally, last week, *I determined* that we had enough intelligence to take action, and authorized an operation to get Osama bin Laden and bring him to justice.

    Today, *at my direction*, the United States launched a targeted operation against that compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. A small team of Americans carried out the operation with extraordinary courage and capability. No Americans were harmed. They took care to avoid civilian casualties. After a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body.

    This is a link to the new initiative by the Navy Seals and others to expose Obama’s unauthorized release of classified information in an effort to aggrandize himself.

    • NYGino

      I need a bucket.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        …make that two.

        • maynardb50

          Hand me another beer!

          • Conservative_Hippie

            Bud Light? LOL, I’m watching too much preseason football.

    • tshtsh

      He is not admitting the real “i”‘s. I directed bin laden to have a respectful burial. I betrayed our source to the Pakistan officials.

    • TLaMana

      But he forgets to tell us he said NO 4 times before that.

      • Conservative_Hippie


    • It’s always ‘I’, and ‘I’, and ‘I’, and ‘I’. -and people buy the hoopla.

  • opinionatedhermit

    Obama killed Osama …. and he killed Camp David too!

    • librtifirst

      I was hoping that “Dreams of My “Real” Father” would become a best seller.

      • opinionatedhermit


        That’s funny.

        On the other hand, I’m pretty sure Dinesh D’Souza has beat him to the punch.

    • Cindy09

      And he built those roads and those businesses too!!! NOT!!!

      • opinionatedhermit


        And, I also have it on very good authority that he and Valerie Jarret locked themselves in the basement of the Whitehouse, eating veggie burgers the entire time, while they hand built the exact catapult that chucked Osama’s ass into the sea.

        I’m tellin’ ya’ We are soooo lucky to have our own version of McGiver as our supreme leader.

        All those foreigners, I bet are jealous…..

  • XXIIFan

    All I can picture is that shot of our C in C sitting on the edge of his seat planning who to blame if this thing fails.

    • conservative58

      … while he was still wearing his golf shirt!

      • p m

        Wasn’t that a photoshopped insertion of him?!
        They didn’t even tell Zero and Jarrett it was going down, for heaven’s sake, cos she would have vetoed it a fourth time.

        • Conservative_Hippie


      • Rightstuff1

        You bet – after all he is a man of the people, right? Sarc !!

  • Brave Obama! After Valerie said it was okay.

  • poljunkie

    November can’t get here soon enough.

  • conservative58

    And let’s not forget, that this is the Commander in Chief that passed over several opportunities, then finally had to be dragged off the golf course in time for the photo opt to bring Osama bin Laden to justice!

    After which, he sold out the SEALS!!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Yep, obama basically did it all by his lonesome (sarc) because he’s the most intelligent president ever (sarc2). He could out-Rambo Rambo (sarc3), but he’s really more comfortable on the golf course (fact) and I firmly believe that’s where he should be all the time starting in January 2013 (fact2).

  • I’d be far more impressed if she could have introduced him as the president who brought unemployed people back to work.

  • Tell me about it. I’m so axious to vote this November, I think I’ll be camping outside the voting center the night before so that I can be the first in line. That clip is such a load. The people (and note that I said PEOPLE) that got bin Laden were are intelligence services (probably the CIA AND the NSA) as well as our special forces troops, in this case Navy Seals. The Seals came up with the attack plan and they carried it out. All Obama did was say “go.” We need to give credit where credit is due, and it belongs to the Seals and to our intelligence services who worked for literally years to hunt bin Laden down.

    • WordsFailMe

      I plan to park outside all day as a witness. De-electing a traitor will never be enough satisifaction.

  • WordsFailMe

    President Cringe led what?

    • Rightstuff1

      President “man-child”

  • Freempg

    I loathe liberals.

    • librtifirst

      I was looking back at the crowds to see what people looked like. It looked like mostly women, with a couple of men who would probably qualify as sixties experimental drug users who became college professors.

      It takes practice, but you can get pretty good at picking out the liberals from a distance on the street. 🙂

  • And this is the Dear leader who waited, played a couple of rounds of golf so he could think about letting our brave and outstanding military kill bin laden

    This is the dear leader who is making sure every kind of social experiment can be implimented in our military

    This is the dear leader under whose watch more soldiers have died than under the previous years of Bush

    This is the dear leader who apologizes to the enemy while our soldiers get murdered

    This is the dear leader who demands ROE which gets our soldiers killed and won’t let our soldiers fight to win

    This is the dear leader who hates our military

    This is the dear leader who is NOT a commander and NOT a chief of our military

    GOD Bless and protect our Troops!!!!

    • conservative58

      This is the dear leader who wants to slash the military budget to bare bones and issue ‘post-election’ pink slips to our troops!

      This is the dear leader who is more supportive of the Black Panthers than our military.

      This is the dear leader who does NOT deserve to be Commander in Chief!!!

      God Bless and protect our Troops!!!! AMEN!!

      • YES! THAT dear leader 🙁

        • conservative58

          Remember when Obama was soliciting his civilian army (that would be as strong as the military)?

          Perhaps his plan all along is to implement his dream ‘civilian’ army once he is finished weakening our military.

          Got news for you Obama — it ain’t gonna happen!!!! Don’t mess with our military!

          God bless our troops!

    • badbadlibs

      You mean this dear leader (the second one naturally)

      • conservative58

        badbadlibs – That was classic!

        • badbadlibs

          I never get tired of watching that video. I showed it to my son one day and he wanted to know if that was real, considering the stark contrast! It’s real alright….the military despises bo.

          • StandingGround

            I Love that one too, bb. I just showed it to my husband and he thought there was going to be a joke attached to bo’s portion of the clip. Once he realized this was real, he said what he always says about dear leader…”He’s a goat”. He got that right (no disrespect to goats!).

            • badbadlibs

              Right, no disrespect to goats!

      • That was perfect. Thanks badbad!

        Note as well, giving medals of honor:

        dear leader, it’s all about him:

        Yep, Bush is no longer the Commander in Chief, but he still honors and spends real time with the troops.

        • p m

          Good Lord! In that second video, Zero refers to his ‘service’. That’s as far I got. Never could watch the phoney b-d.

          He means his corrupt terms as a politician. Damn cheek to use the word in front of real patriots and heroes who knows what it really means.

          Thanks AbiC – watched the first one again to get rid of that jackas$’s image. Love that GBW greets these service men and women, and so modestly.

        • badbadlibs

          What a contrast between real men, real leaders and real heros.
          bo shouldn’t be allowed to be in the same room with those men, nor is he in the same league as President George W. Bush.
          Thanks, American I enjoyed seeing those videos.

      • Dukehoopsfan


    • WordsFailMe

      THIS is a righteous indictment.

      • Thanks Words. I loathe dear leader because of the way he uses and treats our troops.

  • Sober_Thinking

    What’s interesting is that many of the planners, operatives, and heroes who carried out this mission are condemning the C-in-C for taking all the credit. Obama is shameless.

    And if I’m not mistaken, Obama waited some 16 hours before “making the tough call”. To him, a tough call was how to answer the fluff question, “Red or Green”. Killing Osama was a no-brainer. One last point… he picked red… the color of communism? Certainly the color of “stop” not “go” (Green). Let that sink in for a bit.

  • MaxineCA

    Who didn’t see this coming? He just happened to be the POTUS at the time it happened, he didn’t lead squat! She must have been limited on time, as she left out the part that immediately after that he leaked all of the secret details of the mission.

    Thank goodness for the OPSEC Team for the video exposing all of this. I understand they will be using part of the video and put ads on TV this election cycle. For those that haven’t donated yet, I would encourage you to do so. Here’s their website:

    • NYGino

      Lib/Dems use the military for political purposes only. Carter, Clinton, Kerry, Obama,Johnson. The list goes on and on. Anti Americans all, to the core.

    • badbadlibs

      They’re going to make ads? GOOD! I cant wait to watch Larry (you’re a lying liar) odonnel have another major meltdown…that was so fun to watch! Maybe they’ll have to send him back to the nut house! 🙂

    • bayway48

      Thanks for the link.

    • Rightstuff1

      Can you imagine how much the media would have turned this into a “non-event” if it was a Republican President who had been in charge when Bin Laden had been killed and not the current child in the Whitehouse?

      • badbadlibs

        And the very fact that anyone would dare politicize the event would have had President GW drawn and quatered!
        The left went off their rockers when there was a picture of Pres GW on Air Force 1 on 9/11 used for something….can’t remember what now.
        Hypocrisy is the lefts middle name.

  • CalCoolidge

    Bin Laden? Didn’t that program start under Bush?

    • conservative58

      If the operation had FAILED, it would have been Bush’s fault.
      But since the SEALS succeeded, then OBAMA deserves ALL the glory! (sarc)

      • CalCoolidge

        Heads,Obama wins. Tails, we lose.

  • PhilatelicOrotund5
    • conservative58

      Not appropriate. Post your ads somewhere else.

  • bayway48

    Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), you didn’t get the memo from Secretary Robert Gates regarding this————> “SHUT THE F**K UP!!!

  • tshtsh

    Doesn’t Senator it sound like one of those lisping cartoon characters?

  • MaxineCA

    I received an interesting e-mail from a friend yesterday. I’ve asked for the source and a link, but it was certainly interesting learning all of the details of the operation and how the WH lied to us. It said that Panetta made the original call and the operation was in full motion before Obama knew about it. Once I get the source, I’ll post it for you guys to read. It really gets down to the details (code names, and step by step of the mission, etc.).

    Here’s a short portion:

    “Chuck Pfarrer, the former commander of Seal Team 6, which conducted the operation, has interviewed many of those who took part, for a book, Seal Target Geronimo, to be published in the US. The Seals’ own accounts differ from the White House version,” …..

    After reading the entire e-mail, I had to sit back and just say – Wow. What won’t the Traitor in Chief lie about?

    • p m

      This is a pretty good inside version too of the “temporary Coup initiated by high ranking intelligence and military officials.”

      • bayway48

        Thanks for the link. Excellent read and info.

        • p m

          YW :))

      • MaxineCA

        Thanks p m. I remember that from the “political” side of the event. It’s always a great reminder, that their priorities have NEVER been national security, but political games and gains. It makes me sick!

        This article addressed some of the political aspects, but provides details of the actual military & intelligence mission and how the facts contradict O’s details of the mission.

        Guess Panetta (and a few others) pretty much told Valerie Jarrett where to stick her “October Surprise”!

        • p m

          Thanks for replying Maxine – and big thanks for the info you posted.
          Yes, that linked UM article didn’t have those tech details from the guys on the ground. I searched your excerpt on startpage and checked Chuck Pfarrer’s own website. The book was published November 8 2011 and is on amazon with a ‘look inside’ feature. Only 2 copies left as of right now.
          Of course, ‘government sources’ dismiss it as a fabrication. Rather a foolish thing to do with an accomplished former seal and author, who commands respect the like of which Zero’s crowd couldn’t even imagine, still less aspire to.

          • MaxineCA

            Wow, you really saved me a lot of time. I was going to do some research this evening. I went on Amazon and ordered the book, hardback on sale for $10.40. I noticed there are used ones available, but I’ve never ordered used books from Amazon.

            Thank you! Gosh, I’m so behind on my reading.

            • p m

              You’re most welcome, but it didn’t take long and you would have found it in a jiffy too by searching Mr.Pfarrer’s name. I have bought used books there before and as long as you get one that’s ‘like new’ they’ve been OK, just FYI. Mostly kindle now though…

              Anyway, am sure you’ll enjoy it!

        • p m

          And another thing Maxine – I’m convinced Jarrett wanted them to wait to get OBL because, if he’d been at that compound and protected by the pakistanis for ten years, she must have figured he’d still be there in October ’12. They spoiled her election surprise.

          Wouldn’t expect anything less from the scum who are willing to sacrifice an entire country, Israel, by asking Bibi to wait until after the US elections to strike Iran. Evil, just evil. I daresay you read the Wall Street Insider’s reaction to that at the time, eh? If not, it’s a must-read.

  • bayway48

    Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), You left this part out. I sent the reference to your Senatorial digs in DC.

    Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, shortly after 1:00am local time[195][196] by a United States special forces military unit. The operation, code-named Operation Neptune Spear, was ordered by United States and was carried out in a U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operation by a team of United States Navy SEALs from the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (also known as DEVGRU or informally by its former name, SEAL Team Six) of the Joint Special Operations Command, with support from CIA operatives on the ground.

  • PhillyCon

    I’ve seen this Lefty talking point on their blogs. They attack conservatives on sites like Yahoo saying, “It was Obama who kept Americans safe by getting Bin Laden, not Bush. He was responsible for 9-11 etc.”

  • badbadlibs

    I think there’s a group of Navy Seals who totally disagree with that hag….

    • nibblesyble

      that hag…lol!

  • NHConservative0221

    Unfortunately she is one of my state senators but you can count on my calling first thing in the morning and expressing my disgust with trying to politicize killing bin laden!

    And I won’t forget to mention that it was Bush’s interrogation policies that helped us find bin laden, the very same policies that obummer eliminated.

    Nor will I forget to mention that obummer dithered over the decision in what was an obvious call — any normal American would’ve done so.

    Nor will I forget that obummer refused to release the photo of the dead bin laden and that he inexcusably gave him a proper muslim burial at sea.

    And I’ll also mention that obummer allowed us to be guided by the UN to remove Mubarek and bring in the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and brought them in Libya as well!!

    ….. this may not end well.. the last time I talked to Shaheen’s staffer I told him to burn in [email protected]!!

    • p m

      When is her seat up for grabs by the Tea Party?

      • NHConservative0221


        • Rightstuff1

          Lord it wont come quick enough….

    • YAY!!! You rock NH!

  • NHConservative0221

    Give Shaheen a call tomorrow, I’m sure she’d love to hear many of the same comments you’re all so eloquently expressing here. Honestly many of us are preaching to the choir with our posts. Most of the time I wouldn’t bother to waste my time calling a libtard like Shaheen but when they grossly cross the line with something like this it’s time to give them a piece of our minds directly to let them know we’re onto them and they can’t get away with it!

    Shaheen DC number: 202-224-2841

    Manchester NH number: 603-647-7500

    Nashua, NH number: 603-883-0196

    • PhillyCon

      Their office would care about your call … not out of staters. They only really document constituent calls and letters.

      • NHConservative0221

        That may be so, but don’t let it stop you. I’ve called plenty of out of state pols. When the staffer asked “why don’t I call my senator instead” I responded by saying I will when this clown stops trying to force their pathetic regulations onto ALL of us.

        Also the more people who call from both within NH and from all over the country it shows just how much people are fed up. It’ll send Shaheen a message that not only will we organinze in NH to defeat her but we’ll get plenty of out of state support to do so as well.

  • Nukeman60

    I’m not at all surprised that one of Obama’s surrogates are trying to slip bin Laden back into the narrative. Obama himself has backed off crowing about it since the ‘real info’ from the Navy Seals has come out.

    What I really noticed about this short clip is that about a half dozen or so people in the crowd behind her are attempting to hide their identity with dark glasses. It appears they don’t want to be identified as being on the wrong side of the Tsunami. I don’t blame them.

    That is a good sign for the upcoming election, as no matter what Obama pays them to stand in a crowd, he can’t force them to vote his way in the privacy of the voting booth. Much like in the Wisconsin recall, watch the exit polls, on November 6th, show that Obama is doing well, while the final results will show the actual landslide.

    This is combined with crowds not even showing up for Obama, as exemplified by one of the NewsScoops above saying Obama is ‘intentionally’ making the crowds smaller.

    • NYGino

      Right. And I’m intentionally losing muscle mass every year that I get older so that when it comes to doing really heavy lifting I can say I’m not able to it anymore.

  • NHConservative0221

    One more thing… the mayor of Rochester NH were obummer when to in NH yesterday is trying to make the people of his city PAY for obummers security on his visit!!!

    Why should any citizen have to pay for HIM making a campaign STOP???

    BTW NH is officially up for grabs and I’m doing everything I can to help.

    • MaxineCA

      O held a fundraiser in Newport Beach, CA. I’m sure there are some wealthy libs there that contributed, but I guess he underestimated that South Orange County is very, very conservative. Last I heard the city of Newport is suing the O campaign for reimbursement of the cost for his “visit”. Good for them!

      Every single time he flies into LA for a fundraiser with his Hollyweird friends, they shut down LAX (can you imagine the havoc that creates), as well as the freeways and roads so he can get to his destination. Like traffic isn’t bad enough in LA already, but he likes to fly in so he can have a dinner with his friends (RUSH HOUR). Every time he does that people that live up there get so ticked off, and rightfully so. I figure there are just as many D’s as R’s stuck in traffic for hours or those trying to fly in or out of LAX. Kind of gives me a giggle, since I don’t live there.

    • I have a friend whose husband is an EMT guy. When dear leader came down here for a campaign stop, the EMTs had to do a double shift so they could keep people in lines hydrated and help the fainters. Anyway, dear leader came, spoke for all of 9 minutes and left. What the costs of shutting down businesses surrounding the convention center, the cops and other security, the EMTs and all the rest for a stinking 9 minute speech was, was incredible- and YAY- city and county is most likely expecting us to pay for it. What a pile of crap, especially since our county has been one of the worst hit with foreclosures and unemployment. Good luck with getting that money recouped. Putzs

  • aquaviva

    Memo: 18 Aug, 2012

    To: Navy Seal Spec. Ops
    From: Preezy Sleazy

    “You Didn’t Lead That!”

  • Let’s stop being partisans, for a minute, and face facts: Obama is CinC, this happened on his watch, and so he did lead the mission. However, “lead” means, he was commander of all military forces, so he “lead” them from a desk and a chair, thousands of kilometers away from where the action really was. The problem with this is that leftists (like Shaheen, and others of her ilk) are using this as a false narrative to portray Obama as someone that did ‘heavy lifting’, when, in fact, he did the complete opposite.

    With the revelation of an ‘assassination czar’, its now coming into doubt as to whether this whole mission was Obama’s idea, at all, and in the first place.

    Then, with this comes the further revelations that not only did Obama agonize over the brainless decision as to whether he should have the American military kill a man that bragged about his responsibility for killing 3k+ Americans…

    …but it also has come to light that Obama used Admiral McRaven as his fall guy, had the mission gone South.

    What was advertised as a “gutsy call”, was, in fact, a gutless call, by the chief chicken-eater, himself, Obama. Conservatives need to make use of Declaration Entertainment, and make a different version of the event (maybe even actually calling it “Gutless Call”). One that shows czars interfering in American foreign policy and military operations; one that shows a worthless, gutless, spineless, nutless, brainless, useless CinC that is constantly wringing his heroin needle pockmarked hands over the simplest decisions, if he can’t put them on someone else. They used real SeALs for Act of Valor; I’m sure they could find real Veteran SeALs to portray the nameless NAVSPECWAR operators of the team that was called SeAL Team 6, over a decade ago.

    Wouldn’t that be something?

    • You make a good point. I believe if a GOP President would have been C in C, then the Right would have gladly given him credit, the difference being, a GOP president, likely, wouldn’t take credit; they would have the humility to give full credit to the men who “pulled the trigger”.

      On another note, if an all out assassination without benefit of a trial is considered “Justice”, that in itself is troubling. I’m not convinced OBL had anything to do with 9/11. He was the “boogie man in a cave” and was created by our own CIA. It is truly troubling that we now consider targeted assassination to be “justice”. With the NDAA, we are ALL now subject to that kind of “justice”.

    • NHConservative0221

      Since you obviously hate obama like the rest of us will you do the right thing and vote against the worst president in history by voting for Romney??

    • p m

      Act of Valor is a fantastic movie.

      • NHConservative0221

        The move is pretty good, the book is even better.

  • Rshill7

    Hey Scoopers! Anyone seen the new Newsweek cover? It has a pic of Obama with an artilce headline that says “Hit the road Barack: Why we need a new President” by Niall Ferguson! That guy is great! Check it out.


  • TLaMana

    When you said “Just. Can’t. Wait.” I thought of this:

  • dennisl59

    Notice how she deliberately omitted the part where the US Navy was ordered by the ‘Commander in Chief’ to give bin Laden a formal Muslim burial at sea. Oh, where are the pictures and videos El Presidente’ of that disgraceful act?

  • Smith Smith

    ya he lend them, he had night vision on and everything.

  • anneinarkansas

    Led the Mission? From the Golf Course? Wow!


  • MaxineCA

    OK, you are CiC “hot shot Barack”. YOU take credit for Bin Laden. OK, are going to take responsibility for the increase in our military casualties under your watch? Have you paid any attention to recent events where our patriots are being killed by the Afghan police they are training with the weapons we provide? Did you come out with a statement to Karzai or did I just miss that or were you too busy campaigning and fundraising? Have you honored those that have fallen?

    Hey….. where’s Code Pink? Notice how they crawled back under their disgusting rocks as soon as O got office? The hypocrisy is so astounding.

    • badbadlibs

      Code stink is busy protesting women’s private parts….or something like that, who knows what these seriously mentally ill women are doing:

      Now who has time to protest a war when there are really important stupid things to do….oy vey, they’re an embarrasment to women worldwide.

      • MaxineCA

        That was a double face palm! Do they embarass me? No. Do they embarass themselves – Yes. They do not represent all women any more than Al Sharpton or Jeremiah Wright represent all men.

        They are all a bunch of wackos, IMHO. I’ll leave it at that.

    • Conservative_Hippie


  • The sad thing is that people fall for this stuff.

    • kong1967

      No doubt. It’s like when they blamed 9/11 on Bush when Al Qeda had been planning it for seven years. They have problems with math.

      • NCHokie02

        no ,no…bush personally put charges in both 100+ story buildings one night without anyone who works there knowing. Pretty genius if you ask me, to be able to do that and all. /sarc

        • kong1967

          Sad thing is, some people believe they were taken down by explosives.

  • aZjimbo

    First of all barry is not the commander in chief. he is the wimp in chief who wussed out at least 3 times to get bin laden and nearly 9 months before moving ahead. And just where did the intel come from to capture bin laden? From everything GWB did that you opposed.

  • shagstar

    too funny,,,i believe a real life,furry little baby seal,,would club that traitor into the ice!

  • kong1967

    This will come up in the debates. Romney better ask Obama why he’s taking credit when it was Bush that allowed for waterboarding which produced the information that led to finding Bin Laden. Bush never took credit for our victories, and he shouldn’t have. He knows it was our soldiers that deserve the credit, and he gave it to them and the intelligence community.

    Not Obama. I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I. Obama’s favorite word.

  • NCHokie02

    funny…how did he lead the mission while at the same time being in the situation room? I mean I mean for this guy to have no skills and become president is one thing, but then to be able to go on a nighttime raid on a mission with operational and strategic implications, cross-border with a country who may or may not be our ally, all the while not having any military training in the slightest. But hey he had a doll made after him for it. And the doll is wearing a SEAL shirt so it must be true. Forget all those man-hours the military and CIA have put in to finding him and collecting intel and following leads.

    O gave the authorization to execute. And it wasn’t like they ran to him that night and said we just found him. They prepared and came up with a plan and had that ready to go and continued to monitor OBL’s position. They briefed the POTUS and gave him options as they should have done. He made the same call that anyone except probably Bill Clinton would have made.

    Led the mission….what a joke.

  • Good to know that Bush, the CIA, Water boarding, and Seal Team 6 had nothing whatsoever to do with getting Bin Laden. It was All NObama… He is omnipresent. He was in the WH, the War Room, the ship, the helicopters, leading the SEAL team, he led the Muslim burial at sea himself and he was the first to pat himself on the back so much that he gave himself repetitive strain injury. (ouch!! – I’m giving myself a headache!)

    • Conservative_Hippie

      well said!

  • hbnolikeee

    Like anyone with authority to give the approval would have said no. Other than Osumper’s momma who would not have given the order to take him out?

    This is beyond stupid. In fact that’s the word, stupid. These libertards think everyone is stupid and that they can say dumb crap and everyone will agree and nod (or bow).

  • jimmie smith

    If Elisabeth Warren was the one who made the original statement “you didn’t build that”? And Mr. Obama used that in a stump speech….would that not make Mr. Obama a plagiarist, along with Joe Biden? Who was also caught doing the same in the early nineties?…

  • agas84363

    live free or die?………Jeanne you are a disgrace to NH!!!

    • Conservative_Hippie

      I always loved that state motto!

  • dennisl59

    Congratulations to the Voters of New Hampshire from the Voters of California and Nevada…us Pissant Nitwit Morons must stick together!!!

  • ImaThinkn

    Sure, dingbat! That President can’t even lead the Pledge to Allegiance.

  • MiketheMarine

    I wish he HAD led the raid. That would’ve opened the possibility of him not coming home. Who here believes Maobama would risk his life for anything at all, including his own family? He is a giant, marxist coward.

  • xueli676