Paul Ryan slams Obama for pulling troops out of Afghanistan during fighting season for election

In probably the best clip I’ve heard from Paul Ryan on the Afghanistan war, he told Laura Ingraham that he believes it is a political move for the president to pull 22k troops out of Afghanistan during the fighting season, making it less safe and more difficult for the troops in Afghanistan to fight the enemy and do their job. He said that he and Romney would NEVER put politics ahead of doing what our commanders say is necessary to keep our troops safe and win the war:

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  • Sandra123456

    Pull all the soldiers out of Afghanistan now!

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Agreed, I don’t even think Obama knows what we’re doing there. Is there even a well defined plan for victory? Either you fight to win or bring them home!

      • YES!!!!

      • kong1967

        Crush the enemy. We have forgotten what that means over the years.

    • kong1967

      I agree. Our soldiers are not allowed to take the gloves off and there is no plan for an end game. We are trying to support a government that is corrupt to the teeth and completely infilatrated by the enemy. Our soldiers are dying in vain.

      However, we have to be careful about withdrawal during the fighting season. We can make our soldiers more vulnerable and get a lot more of them killed.

      We have to get out for the right reasons, too. Obama is doing it for his campaign. Wrong reason.

  • NObama has always put politics ahead of people.

    NObama is not Commander in Chief, but Conman and Thief! He could NOT care less about our military, not even if he tried! They are pawns to him not people. They are Statistics, not Soldiers! They are politically expendable to him.

    Romney and Ryan get it! Paul Ryan always tells it like it is. I REALLY like this guy and his policies.

    God bless our troops!

    • 1vote

      Just to hear someone speak sensibly and truthfully is so refreshing.
      So tired of hearing our POS-POTUS espouse lie after lie.

  • joyfulgiver

    Pull em’ ALL out! AND make sure their VOTES count!

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Yep, that’s another reason why I hate Obama. The guy has such low morals he’s willing to supress the votes of those who risk their lives for this Country. He is the epitome of narcissism and self-centeredness.

      I know Romney thinks Obama is a nice guy, but I don’t believe that anymore. Obama would stick a knife in your back if it furthered his agenda and then claim executive priviledge so your widowed spouse wouldn’t know the truth.

      (okay I’m done)

      I yield the floor…

      • proudhispanicconservative

        That line from Romney “obama is a nice guy”, or “obama and I care about the middle class” are lines that really hurt Romney and just makes him look like the rest of the Rinos. You will not win if you keep making Obama look like he cares. Obama is interested in one thing winning no matter the cost. Obama is the leader of a cult, and cults usually end up with people dead and in misery.

        • No you are wrong…that ad that Line comes from “Obama and I both care about the Middle Class” is winning with Female Swing Voters…go over to the Daily Caller and find out how well that ad is doing with them….sorry you do not like it…but the Target Audience it was for DOES!! and that is what Mitt was trying to do….read the story and it will surprise you!

          Ads that we want are not necessarily that ads that influence others. I like tough ads too but sometimes we what we think is not always the smartest.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            I actually read that article I agree that it has helped, but you as Mitt Romney have to stop highlighting things that Obama is doing as “Obama is doing them because he cares” we all know what his intentions are. He wants to destroy our country so he and his masterminds can create a new society.Maybe I am not reading the situation correctly as I am watching it from a conservative point of view.

  • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

    I disagree with Ryan. It’s time to get our asses out of there. When the Joint Chiefs Chairman says the blue on green attacks are because our own troops are culturally insensitive – you know our troops are screwed. We are no longer ‘fighting’ a war, we are tiptoing around a growing enemy and being lied to.

    • Patriot077

      I agree, Amy. They are calling our troops “insurgents”. If they can’t agree we are helping them learn to defend themselfs and cooperate in the process, then bring them all home a.s.a.p.

  • MiketheMarine

    The Hajji in Chief is making all the right moves to win this Jihad. Our problem is he is also President of the US.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Notice the casual tone when he says fighters are coming over the mountains from Pakistan. Its because we know this for a fact and we’ve known for a long time. What bothers me is we do absolutely nothing about it. We still give them billions of tax dollars ilegidly for their cooperation with the war on terror. Pakistan has been harboring Bin Laden for yrs.

    “Make no distinction between terrorists and the nations that harbor them–and hold both to account.”——-Bush doctrine

    Pakistan is harboring terrorist! They are enemies of America! We are not holding them accountable, instead we ignore it.

    • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

      Our state just sent an Army NG unit over to ‘train’ with Afghan ‘border security’ forces. Total waste of money and a possible waste of lives since the border is like a sieve between all the surrounding countries. It’s infuriating. We’ve been there for ten years and the only change has been the billions (trillions???) of dollars we’ve poured into their infrastructure. Girls & women still have to fear for their lives & safety. The Taliban are still linked with AQ. The tribal systems of the country still run the country like it did before.

      It’s time to pull out our forces & our money.

      • HarrietHT2

        The best thing to do at this point in the history Islam — when its armies are once again on the march (as they were up until the late 17th Century) — is to separate ourselves from them entirely. No more Muslim immigration into our country, incentivize the ones here to repatriate to their country of origin, bring home our military from the demonic hole that is the Middle East, and drill, baby, drill for oil here in our blessed nation with abundant natural resources. Stop buying Saudi oil that funds its Wahhabist war on the West. Inform yourselves about the OIC and its Cairo Declaration.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I dont know if going into a rino republican like Laura helps the Romney campaign.(yes I believe laura is a rino republican)
    Can anyone tell me what our mission there in afghanistan is anymore?
    I say bring them home, too many of our men and woman are dying for these animals there and here (The Obama administration).

  • WordsFailMe

    Obama, like all Democrats would sell his mother and his daughters for a vote.

    Lockheed martin announced they we not sending out the legally required WARN notices to the defense employees who are being laid-off Jan 1 when the administration promise that the American taxpayer would indemnify Lockheed against any employees claims/lawsuits arising out of the failure to notify.

    Should the layoffs happen Jan 1 and Lockheed closes the plant, Lockheed could have to pay each employee 60 days pay. At est $100 per day x 123,000 employees, it would cost the taxpayer at least $1.23 million and we would have to borrow that money from China.

    And WARN Act continues:
    “While an employer who pays workers for 60 calendar days instead of giving them proper notice technically has violated WARN, the provision of pay and benefits in place of a notice is a possible option. Because WARN provides for back pay and benefits for the period of the violation, up to 60 days, generally this approach by an employer—pay in place of notice—means that the employer has already met the penalty specified in the Act, if the payment is not required to be made. WARN allows voluntary payments of wages and benefits to be offset against any damages that might be awarded. If, however, a payment is required by another law, contract or company policy or practice, it may not be offset against WARN damages.”

    Coupled with the Department of Defense’ failure to create the require d Voter Assistance officers for active military personnel, Obama is about to hamstring about 2 million voters.

    OCTOBER SURPISE: Obama has already laid the foundation for additional Muslim Terrorist activity and I would not be surprised to see some big Muslim terrorist event–bombing, especially at US port cities like Houston, New Orleans or Charlotte in late October.

    Stay calm. watch your neighborhood and vote. Be ready for the most outrageous activities by the government.

    Gun Show in my city, this Saturday

    • StandingGround

      Exactly, WFM. And, something else that makes me sick is there is no sensitivity to these people that are going to be laid off. They represent individuals whose families and children will be affected by losing their income and no one in this administration gives a rats arse about them on a personal level. They deserve better than to be treated like inanimate objects to be “worked” to further dear leader’s political career.

      BO is a disgusting human being ~ Evil, pure Evil.

      I hear you on the October Surprise. I’ve tried to warn others, but not many are seeming to listen.

      “Stay calm, watch your neighborhood and vote. Be ready for the most outrageous activities by the government” is very good advise for those paying attention.

      • WordsFailMe

        Very good point StandingGround– he has only shown concern for his election and NOT ONE WORD about the people whose lives will be affected by the lay off’s. He has not taken one step toward preserving their jobs and ensuring support for our military. He has given these people not one shred of HOPE regarding his upcoming CHANGE.

        If he is re-elected, we are doomed. And a doomed people is not the kind of people you want to have when you are their president.

        • StandingGround

          Yep, doomed people act crazy alright. Let’s hope they come out of the woodwork to vote him out because they Will be coming from everywhere if he wins and they feel trapped. Not gonna be a pretty sight.

          Pray and fast folks. We need God Almighty more than ever!

  • And yet, we don’t hear from ANYBODY what the end game is in Afghanistan. What does “victory” look like there? How do we measure success in a land where the Taliban seems to be just as strong as ever? If no “victory” is possible, meaning the complete defeat of the Taliban, then why are we still there? If we are there only to prop up the incredibly corrupt Karzai regime, it’s time to leave, NOW. Forget about what “season” it is in Afghanistan. After more than ten years of fighitng in that worthless pile of dirt, we can clearly see that the Afghan hatred for the Taliban was not greater than their hatred for us, the infidels. Time to go and not waste anymore blood and treasure in that worthless part of the world.

    • p m

      IMO you put your finger on the big disconnect in the Allied approach – the Afghans seem not to hate the Taliban more than us. Remember when the T seemed to disappear at the beginning of the war? How it was almost a romp to Kabul? That was because the T just melted back into the population, like the Iraqi army did. That is the culture, always an ‘us against them’ mentality, and in the ME and Afghanistan, we are ‘them’, and always will be.

      Our ostensible mission there is to prepare the Afghan army and police to keep out the T when we’re gone. Fat chance when they’ve already been infiltrated.

  • Personally I agree with Paul…listen to the commanders in the field….they are the ones that best know the realities on the ground…none of us do and the President only thinks of himself. One thing they had better make darn sure that our MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN are counted in the Votes. They serve this country and they are owed the best! Their voters had better count!

    • Patriot077

      I agree with Paul Ryan to the extent that we should listen to the commanders on the ground IF we are going to stay and fight to win. If we are not allowed to fight to win, then bring them all home.

  • JudyinNC

    IF Obama and his minions won’t count their votes and disses our heroes at every turn bring them ALL home now. The ROE’s by this administration are killing our brave soldiers.

  • deeme

    I cried when I saw the ones that were left, how are they suppose to deal with the whole Middle East…??

  • Stehekin912

    Exhausting and demoralizing the military is right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook.

  • I like the guy, that said we need to get all our troops out of Afghanistan right now! It’s dragged on for way too long and we don’t want to win it anyways.

  • Obama looking out for the brothers. muslims.

  • wodiej

    We’ve been over there long enough. If the people want freedom than they can fight and die for it like we did 236 years ago.

  • kong1967

    Name one thing that isn’t done for Obama’s benefit. Name one thing he has done for the better of the country. Name one thing that he has done that wasn’t poliitically calculated and done even though it’s not in our best interest.

    I’m waiting….

    …..still waiting……….

  • “and win the war”

    What does this mean?

    The American people overwhelmingly want us out of Afghanistan. Now.