Paul Ryan talks about his plan to prosperity with Mark Levin

Paul Ryan talks details about his new plan to prosperity, designed to get us out of the abyss we’re about to fall into. They also discuss the lies the Democrats are leveling at his plan and some of the damage Obama has done to the entitlement state since he came into office. I know, I made it sound kinda boring but it really isn’t.

Great interview:

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  • Stehekin912

    We are so fortunate to have Paul Ryan. He is the right man at the right time.

    • Shawn Holmes

      Conservatives need to be open and honest about their opinions

      As Ryan put it best “We must promote an Opportunity Society”

      I don’t want to live in a nation of deadbeats who rely on handouts for survival. Yes there are people in need, but as we’ve seen with the recent economic data in which more young men unemployed are living at home than ever before, it’s not an issue of this liberal premise that every single person getting money from some Government program is incapable of earning an honest living. We need to be brutally honest. Our country’s future is as stake here.

      We need to have as many people as possible working and contributing to GDP as possible. We need to broaden the tax base. That can only happen within the Free Enterprise system. Our Government has been living on credit to keep the artifical bubble inflated. Keynesians are going to drive this country into fiscal ruins if they are not directly challenged and defeated politically. Liberals have hijacked keynes and perverted his economic theory as dogma to push their Socialist agenda. As we’ve seen time and again, keynesian stimulus when you are already running massive deficits don’t work. Not even Keynes called for what is being done in Washington right now. Economics, like any other liberal emotional issue, has become a cult to liberals.

      They believe in this cult of perverted Keynes where 16 trillion dollar deficits don’t matter. Where 60+ trillion in future unfunded liabilities don’t matter. Where a 2+ trillion annual operating budget isn’t enough. It’s absolute insanity.

      Thank God we have politicians like Ryan in office who truly get it. Now if only our candidates could be so eloquent and clear in their presentation of Conservatism.

      • p m

        Great post. Rush today was trying to illustrate the meaning of one trillion dollars, a very difficult thing to do on air.

        I found this, posted elsewhere about a year ago, though the numbers are much higher with the current debt load.

        Visualizing One Trillion Dollars
        If you started your business when Jesus was born, with an investment of One Trillion Dollars, and you lost One Million Dollars every day, 365 days a year, you would still be in business 730 years from now!!!
        If you go to the TreasuryDirect website, you can see that the country’s Total Public Outstanding Debt is $10,759,016,081,652.99 !!!!!!!! That’s 10.7 Trillion dollars !!!! That amount would take 29,476 years to pay off if you paid $1million a day!!

        • sDee

          Since we are not on the radio, I like this one. It runs up to $115 trillion which is our unfathomable unfunded liabilities – thanks to decades of treacherous lying politicians.

          • StNikao

            Couple those illustrations with the FACT that 8-9 TRILLION US Taxpayer-earned dollars DISAPPEARED in a puff of cyber-smoke and mirrors during the 2008 ‘global financial crisis’ that caused McCain to ‘suspend’ (aka throw) the election.

            Politicians furrowed their brows and looked worried while they further ruined our national economy alleged ‘bailing out’ their buddies with NO FORM OF ACCOUNTABILITY WHATSOEVER as to where the money went.

            This was one H3LL of a historically unprecedented orgy of political pillaging.

            No one but Bernanke and a few other FED and IMF elites know where the money is.

            Europe and the US were cleaned out.

            These people do not give a DAM* about us. Really, they do not.

            They consider themselves above the law and accountability.


    And, of course the left wingnuts go into a frenzy.

  • sDee

    I admire Paul Ryan’s discipline and focus as the nation burns around him. It angers me that nothing will come of his work. The media will hold the pot, while Hussein’s minions piss all over this.

    For me it still seems like dancing around the ugly reality with better numbers. We have a Federal Government has operated for 3 years without a budget, empowering an a tyrant to borrow, print and spend money without constraint or protest. Our complicit Representatives play a shell game while a President, who answers to no one, has squandered trillions and trillions of dollars entrenching his regime, fueling our enemies and dividing our nation.

    They all step backward and let Paul Ryan to stand and fight a full blown marxist takeover of our Republic with nothing but a spread sheet and some videos.We do not need numbers. We need to start with the truth. Where are out leaders?

    • jdl5

      sDee, well said. I couldn’t agree more. Paul Ryan always seems to be so calm, cool and collected. When he speaks his message is always clearly stated and straight to the point without beating around the bush. I look foward to seeing Mr. Ryan moving up in the political ranks very quickly in the future.

    • NCHokie02

      Agree, and the left will actually blame the Republicans for not getting budgets passed and doing nothing in Congress.

      We absolutely need to re-take the Senate and keep the house in Nov.

  • librtifirst

    This was hard to listen to. He starts off by saying that they want to cut 5.someodd trillion from the budget. I thought the budget was at about 3.6. How do you cut over 5?

    If these cuts are over ten years, then how does he adjust for inflation, which could be at thirty percent per year, or more, by the time Obama leaves? If it is over ten years, then it doesn’t do crap to balance the budget before our currency is done for.

    He ignores the Fed, and even plans on using the printing press in his budget, while leaving the criminal organization in tact.

    He talks about shoring up the social systems, and then suggests that “new” government plans be put in place. I didn’t hear one single opt out comment, just new government mandated options.

    If this is where people think we need to go to save our financial system, then we don’t have a chance to save it. “cut 5 trillion from the budget” sounds real good, but is totally ineffective. It’s just another ruse to use as a talking point against the “enemy” Obama. This is not a partisan issue, and as long as we see it as such, we will be taken for suckers.

  • NCHokie02

    Paul Ryan needs to be the speaker of the House.

    • ApplePie101

      Now that I can agree with.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I adore Paul Ryan – he remains the only bright bulb in washington.

    No one is really throwing out a parachute to stop America’s fall, except Paul Ryan. It’s obvious that the far left are trying to minimize him – it’s blatant. I’m stunned that ALL Americans aren’t trying to stop the decline of this nation (and support this plan). Instead, it seems like an epidemic of laziness and people trying to milk the system of obamabucks while they can. The Good: This plan; the Bad: the demoncrats not providing a budget in over 3 years; the Ugly: the parasites who won’t get off the teat of maobama and the decline of our great country.

    Unless America wakes the hell up, we are doomed… no matter how brilliant and honest and excellent this bill is.

  • ApplePie101

    I had high hopes for Paul Ryan, but he seems to have had trouble deciding where his loyalties lie: with conservative principles or with the republican establishment. He has had some good plans, but is too ready to compromise downward. When he supported the debt increase, that indicated where he was headed. We need a stronger champion.

    • JoeMontana16

      A stronger champion? Who? Who is doing what he is doing? No one has the jewels to stand up like he does. I disagree with you emphatically.

  • Trust1TG

    Couple Ryan’s economic plan with Newt’s energy and reforms plan, and you have a winner.

    NEWT – RYAN 2012

  • MrMicawber

    I don’t like Ryan as much as I used to – mainly because da wife refers to him constantly as “her man.” ;(