Pelosi smears Republicans on NPR as anti-government

One thing I hate about Republicans in the House and Senate is how they use the term ‘good faith’ when referring to the opposition. It may have been true in the past but it really isn’t true anymore. There’s little legislatively or otherwise that Democrats ever do these days that can be considered ‘good faith’. And this in my opinion is the perfect example of that.

Nancy Pelosi went on NPR today and claimed that ‘some’ Republicans don’t believe in government, which is absolutely false. It’s a lie from the pit of the Democratic Party (see what I did there?) to demonize and destroy the Republican Party, to turn voters away and make them believe the Democrats are the only noble party among us. It’s part of the ‘Republicans will take your benefits away’ mantra.

Listen (via CNS News):

Republicans absolutely believe in government, we just believe in less of it. We believe that individuals can strive to overcome many things in life and sustain themselves and their families with little need for government assistance. But when there is need for people to pick themselves and their families back up from despair, we believe a benevolent community and a government safety net should be there to assist them. We don’t however believe that people living their lives dependent on government is good for either the individual or the country.

But no truth will stop the Democrats from lying their butts off to continue the destruction of the Republican Party and this country at large. This is why we have so much work to do to make sure our message is out there where people can hear it and we MUST begin to tell the truth for a change. As long as we treat the Democratic Party as a ‘good faith’ party, we will continue to lose ground to them. The truth is the only thing that sets us and America free.

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