Perfect Storm Of Pointless: MSNBC’s Finney Interviews MSNBC’s Perry About Fox News’ Kelly On North Pole’s Santa

Today on Disrupt with Karen Finney on MSNBC, MSNBC’s Finney brings on special guest MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry to discuss the story of Megyn Kelly’s Fox News story about whether the story of Santa Claus is a story about some old white guy or rather, instead, should be a story about a penguin in a hat.

The point of this pointless conversation is that everyone should be willing to “have that conversation” because it’s “worth having a conversation about” due to the fact that there are a lot of “interesting Santa conversations to be had.” It’s a FACT!! The conclusion host Finney draws from this conversation about conversations worth having is “who cares?” Who cares, or has any idea what is going on anymore, indeed, Mrs. Megyn Finney-Perry Claus.

The two hosts give Megyn Kelly a deserved break, pointing out that she was doing her best with what is, at heart, an unserious story. However, it remains that both hosts suggest that this is a conversation worth having, except for the whole “who cares” bit. (And they took a few asides to trot out liberal canards such as “peace on Earth and goodwill to men comes from the government.” Yeah. I know.) It was an altogether muddled segment and interview but, given the subject matter, what can you expect? It’s the real world application of the Seinfeld “show about nothing” principle! Only with more nothing.

And now, here we are, and I have written a pointless post about a pointless interview about a pointless controversy about a pointless article about a non-existent problem with an existence-to-be-determined legendary figure and his irrelevant skin color as it pertains to imaginary ills suffered by hypothetical children confronted with innocuous imagery relating to the receiving of mysterious gifts to be opened on a magical morning. AS THE ANCIENTS HAVE FORETOLD.

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  • NYGino

    The inane discussions on MSNBC are directly proportional to the degree of serious topics that should be discussed on a national level. With all that is happening in the world and our country right now that will have dramatic consequences (Iran’s nukes for example) this excuse for a conduit of information focuses on the color of Santa’s skin.

    • toongoon

      And they do it with such non-combative, reasonable dialogue.
      Whew, that’s 6 minutes and 19 seconds that they didn’t have to talk about obamacare.
      Keeping the LIV’s LI

      • NYGino

        All they have to do now is find a way to use up the other 1433 minutes and 41 seconds without talking about Obamacare and they have a successful day.

    • Press Watchusa

      Actually I wish they would have more ” inane discussions”

      It will reinforce their shallow existence.

      Who watches them except Mr. Scoop (on our behalf) anyway?

  • meistersuk

    desperate times call for desperate measures……….finger nails on a desperate chalk board!

  • Bill589

    My dad is not very involved in politics, but even he noticed and said, “MSNBC is just one big Obama commercial.”

  • chaga

    Seems like I just woke up in Jr High School. These are adults??— Perry is nuts, most know that already–And A racist.

    • toongoon

      Adults? Hmmmm. Physically they are adults but liberalism has stunted their emotional growth. They have the brain capacity of a twelve year old. They would have been better off on heroin than msLSD.

      • John Queue

        It’s like they’ve been on a THC inhaler their entire lives…LOL

      • chaga

        I just take the easy way out and call them idiots!

        • toongoon

          Yep. Sprinkle in a few adjectives and it doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

          • chaga

            Adjectives—Heh Heh.

    • Darrell Griffin

      They’re liberals. This is who they are. They have a Jr. High mentality. Peer Pressure is their tool, Political Correctness their weapon.

      Imagine if they weren’t censored or restrained by FCC rules.

      • chaga

        Exactly. Thanks.

  • Jim Alexander

    Dummies like these two just push the black stupid sterotype..

  • tinlizzieowner

    “And now, here we are, and I have written a pointless post about a
    pointless interview about a pointless controversy about a pointless
    article about a non-existent problem with an existence-to-be-determined
    legendary figure and his irrelevant skin color as it pertains to
    imaginary ills suffered by hypothetical children confronted with
    innocuous imagery relating to the receiving of mysterious gifts to be
    opened on a magical morning.”

    Well put, I can’t top that.

    • dobbyland

      Have you been watching “Yes, Prime Minister”? You seem to have mastered the bureauweenie speak of Sir Humphrey Appleby. Very funny.

      • tinlizzieowner

        No, can’t say I have but I’ve been around since the old since ‘Monty Python’ days when comedy was creative.
        Note: I didn’t write that, I was simply replying to it, (scroll all the way up to the top). 😉

        • dobbyland

          Thanks, that is why I should just read posts, no conversing. I see now it is Mr. Howe’s creative fingering. By the way, my favorite skit was “Ministry of Silly Walks”.

          • tinlizzieowner

            There were so many, I’m not going to try to pick a favorite. 🙂

  • ernst1776

    These women are absurd

  • John Queue

    I have decided to forego the agony of listening to these screeching hags and simply enjoy the humorous writing of Mr. Howe. I find myself unable to expand upon his most-articulate take on the matter and need go no farther into the depths of these depraved individuals. 🙂

    • timsrighty

      Yeah I’m not watching the video either. Instead I read Mr. Howe’s post. Says it all really. Perfect storm of pointless is exactly right.

  • Yazz55

    This is esoteric concepts about nonessential nonsense.

    Otherwise…a convenient diversion from how obamacare is a massive fraud and failure at great taxpayer expense.

  • wodiej

    Love your commentary on this. With so many serious things going on in the world, it’s an absolute shame that what Kelly said caused such a stir. Everyone has an opinion. It’s like the Sara Barielles song King of Anything:

    “You’ve got opinions, man
    We’re all entitled to ’em
    But I never asked

    So let me thank you for your time
    And try to not waste any more of mine
    Get out of here fast

    I hate to break it to you, babe
    But I’m not drowning
    There’s no one here to save

    Who cares if you disagree?
    You are not me
    Who made you king of anything?
    So you dare tell me who to be
    Who died and made you king of anything?”

  • That commentary was fun to read. Must’ve been fun to write too.

    These absurd folks are pushing the silly envelope to the breaching point. No doubt they’ve caused an insignificant rip in the specious fabric of insincere space.

    This would be a great commercial for MSNBC. Have Melissa What’s-her-name’s face nearly filling the screen, with enough room on either side for a lit candle next to her right ear, and the Winter Warlock at her left ear. Mr. Winter blows into her left ear, and the candle goes out at her right ear. A little penguin waddles out, says “whonk”, and waddles away.

  • Sentinel

    I’d rather watch diarrhea dry and listen to fat men fart in a sauna.

    • armyvet10

      In my original thought, I was going to say that any conservative that was able to sit through the entire video should be awarded a Silver Star, after reading your comment, I think you analogy fits better. God’s blessings upon your house hold Sentinel

      • Sentinel

        Same to you my friend! A Purple Heart might be fitting too.

    • EWWWWWWWWWWW!!! that made me laugh.

      • Sentinel

        You’re reaction made me laugh. 🙂

    • crosshr

      ewwwwwwwww !!!!! ,ha ha, too funny ! but I would too ! 🙂

      • Sentinel


  • FreeManWalking

    Let’s just have a beer summit. We could discuss whether or not if 0b0 had a son would he look like Santa? Or if the police in Cambridge witnessed Santa sneaking into a house should they arrest him?

    And BTW, Where’s da white folk in kwanzaa?

  • armyvet10

    The question of Racial Baiting isn’t a question. If, as these two liberal ladies pointed out, “who cares what race Santa is” then why the attacks on conservatives. It was a liberal that brought to the fore front the issue of Santa being portrayed as white, and started the race discussion. Megan Kelly only reported the fact in that St. Nicholas was Greek and it was the left that raised the race issue. If we are to live as God directs, then the race or color of one’s skin is of no importance, it is the content of the person’s heart by which they will be judged. After listening to the entire video, it became apparent the left wing media is trying to use guilt of race to encourage self condemnation by conservatives for the disruption of un-employment benefits. On a side note, if the left is to be believable, then the question raised is simple. Why the outrage by the left over what color or race Santa is for a group known for attacking anyone for saying Merry Christmas? Just more hypocrisy to deflect the attention away from Obama’s ineptness and his crowning achievement of the Affordable Health Care Act. Don’t be fooled, many leftist politicians are scared of the upcoming 2014 elections, and have no idea on how to support their voting for socialistic policies. “But I heard him exclaim as flew out of sight, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”

  • badbadlibs

    To say the world has entered the pinnacle of absurd is to watch those two nimcompoop women say anything about anything.
    I already know we’ve reached the pinnacle, so I will not be pushing the play button for those two utterly and complete excellent examples of stupidity.

  • Guest

    I haven’t watched TV news since the 2012 election. Nice to see they’re all keeping each other employed and busy.

  • jrt

    this is sickening to watch and its obvious that these two ladies and those that appeal to this antagonist behavior need to seek psychological help because they can’t get past their individual obstacles and now need to take down everyone with them FEAR MONGERS….. that’s what they are…….
    just remember ladies its your leader that’s been in office for the last five and next three so talk to your own…. and stop preaching your hate

  • jrt

    I’m Italian should I be mad that Kris Kringle has red hair??? I guess that’s what these ladies would like…… horrible feminist Nazi’s

  • $29528627

    Oh, tampon for brains is at it again.

  • I’m only saying one more thing about this pointless topic, one that Libs ought to be happy about- we’re all Santa

    • Pretty cool to be able to put pics up here huh? That’s a good one 🙂

      • I LOVE it! 🙂 Pictures can sometimes say what words can’t. Or they’re just fun. 🙂 Hi myBear!

    • crosshr

      cool, love this duckie 🙂

    • Bill589

      Oh my!!! Daffy Duck is black?!!!
      Elmer Fudd was just a hungry hunter, but will MSNBC label him a racist?
      And then there’s the ‘gray area’ concerning Bugs Bunny. . . . ; )

      • LOL! Well done! 😀

      • NYGino

        Not a racist….a wasist.

  • You made me laugh too. Dang I would have loved to seen that!

  • olddog

    WILD EYED WINCH…on (D)’d you like to have a litter of puppies out of this ???..Rabid (D)oggies Mutant (D)NA inbreeds. Throw them off a “Shovel Ready Bridge”..QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MlkMan

    If Santa is based on a real person who was white,then changing his skin color would be rewriting history and/or changing actual facts.
    Not the same as with a completely made up figure.

  • NanNJ

    Love Megyn’s new show, watch it most every night. She stepped in it. Megyn your enemies are far and wide, don’t say dumb stuff, they will do everything possible to destroy you. You are not dealing the anything close to rational.

  • Kem Cho

    How can a person owning a toy factory for centuries in North Pole be other than of white skin?

  • timsrighty

    This page is almost as bad as the two crazy leftists on msnbc! Holy cow.