Perry: I hope I’m the Tim Tebow of the Iowa Caucuses

When asked about his debate performances, Rick Perry changed his tune from before and said he’s getting to like the debates and would show up early if he were to debate Obama. He then compared himself to Tim Tebow, citing all the criticism that Tebow got yet he’s turned out to be a great quarterback so far.

He then said “I hope I’m the Tim Tebow of the Iowa Caucuses”:

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  • Anonymous

    Now THAT was a great line, Rick!

  • I liked that. He answered that well. I’m still so so on Perry- I still like Michelle, but I have to say, just because someone is not a great debator, doesn’t mean one is not highly intelligent. I don’t debate well either 😉 I know- that didn’t come out right…

    But I did like this. Good one Mr. Perry.

    • Anonymous

      LOL!! Same for me, ABC! Still like Santorum but still merry about Perry! Gingrich comes in third…! 🙂

    • PFFV

      lol! I got what you are laying down ABIC 🙂 I am on the Bachmann band wagon myself. I like everything she is saying and of course I am a Tea Party Patriot so it’s a no brainer. PS I loved Cain too… but you probably already knew that…hee hee! God bless

      • Thanks PFFV- that made me laugh! Yes, there’s more than a few Cainiacs still around 😉 God Bless you too!

    • Hi ABC. I would add, the hardest thing for me, entering upper management, was the debating. Like Perry, I was a doer, not a talker. I was more the ‘in your face’ type of guy, like Perry. Honest people have that problem, how to talk down the liers. I liked it much better in the field, making things work. There I could say, look here, see how it works? People who hired me, not to talk, but to get results, which I could show by past behavior. I thought you came out right.

    • Yes, you and Perry are one in the same. But your choices are not very good…Bachmann gone, and now Perry. Only `3 left.

  • Eve

    Perry was funny and more human, real side to him. Great line and he did better tonight, but still not enough, always had that feeling he was losing his place. Still like him, but proven debates are not his strong point.

    • redneckchic


  • I loved what he said. Thanks for the video RS.

  • Anonymous

    What Gov Perry lacks on the debate stage he makes up all the more in speeches and on the stump. He really can work a room. He will attempt to greet everyone and is willing to answer any question thrown at him. Most folks come away impressed and really liking him, even ones who disagree w/ him politically. I’ve seen him in action here in TX. Who knows if that will be enough? Sure am hoping it will.

  • PERRY has three weeks to end up in the top three…this was a great start!

    • PFFV

      He needs to relax and be himself…he seems very uptight when he fumbles his thoughts. I really like him but he is behind Bachmann #1, and Santorum #2, Perry #3, Gingrich is 4th. I want a non establishment president if possible.

  • Anonymous

    I thought this was great! Perry speaks well when he relaxes, has a little fun and shows his sense of humor. Good moment for him!

    • To which I answer my standard response. When alligators are biting you, it is hard to remember you are here to drain the swamp.

  • Eve

    You do know that yelling at me in CAPS LOCK is not the right approach in convincing me he is a leader, just sayin! However, never said he wasn’t, re-read it, assuming is bad…..

  • The debate was manipulated by the moderators and didn’t give Rick Perry a chance! The few questions he was given his answers were great. Giving all the time to Paul, Newt, and Romney was a waste of time. Their records show they are not genuine, they are all political speak. Perry has been steadfast on his record and on his answers.

  • Anonymous

    You go Governor. I’m for that!

  • Anonymous

  • Perry won the debate with that line. Most Americans appreciate Tebow’s firm conviction in the face of stinging opposition. Perry is just like Tebow in that regard. Neither will give an inch, neither will sacrifice what they believe is right for political convenience. Both glorify the Lord in their lives. Ordinary Americans respect that. I know my grandfather, who isn’t exactly politically astute, admires Tebow, and when he heard Perry had compared himself to Tebow he was VERY excited and impressed.

  • Anonymous

    He is definitely getting better in the debates.