Piers Morgan allows Toure to expose what a joke he is of a human being

I don’t enjoy being a defender of Piers Morgan because he himself has exposed his strong lefty bias in the past. But in this instance, I must say that any dislike I have for Morgan is dwarfed by the overwhelming arrogance, dishonesty, and complete bias coming from one of MSNBC’s finest, Toure. He likes to think of himself as a professional journalist but he’s so far gone on the Trayvon Martin case that there is nothing left in him but bias. Nothing.

You really just have to watch the video to truly understand how much of a condescending jackwagon he is, especially considering how wrong he is about even the facts of the case. Piers Morgan for once, was exceptional:

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  • Joe W.

    Does this dude have a surname? Or is he sorta like “Madonna” or “Prince”?? Who the hell is he, anyway. Never heard of him. I guess if he’s an MSNBC personality, that’s why. I NEVER watch that crappy station. Piers Morgan did a great job by simply keeping his own ignorant, liberal mouth shut and letting this race baiting cockroach hang himself.

    • W.

      Evidently, he’s one of Obama’s chosen group of rising young stars.

    • No one cares that you don’t watch MSNBC. Keep watching Fox, and learning nothing about issues. Study after study shows that FOX viewers are the most misinformed people in America. Piers Morgan did a horrible job! He cites repeatedly evidence from the discredited brother’s testimony and the charlatan Joe Oliver’s paid testimony. How is that good journalism? Stop being a rightwing ditto head and actually look at how quickly Zimmerman’s testimony is falling apart. He killed a teenage boy, and this will be shown eventually. This business of “race baiting” is actually code for asking blacks to – as you say – “shut their mouths” in the face of horrible, horrible injustice. Unfortunately for you, since 1964, you cannot command blacks to shut up no more!

      • Joe W.

        Thank you, Miguel for that stirring, Media Matters response. FYI, MSNBC admits to being heavily “progressive” and left wing. FOX News has taken a sharp turn to the left as well, and as a result, I no longer watch them, and haven’t ever since Sally Kohn was put on staff there. While I admire and respect Rush Limbaugh, I can hardly be characterized as a “Dittohead”, as I do not listen to his show. Finally, Trayvon Martin was a filthy mouthed, punk little ghetto gangster who actually went looking for an altercation with Mr. Zimmerman, as evidenced by a recent series of “tweets” from January. Innocent 17 year olds do NOT deserve to be killed, Zorro. But punks such as “No-Limit-Nigga” reap as they sow. Have a nice day, pal.

        • leebob

          Did you see the HD photo of the back of Zimmermans head. Clearly shows a wound. Cnn and ABC showed a blured picture that you could not see the wound. Check your email.

      • Lime Lite

        Oh dear Miguel. You do know that over 50% of people MURDERED each year are blacks and that 90% of the time it’s another black that did the murdering? How about the 6 blacks that were murdered by gangbangers the other day in Chicago? Blacks conveniently forget who murders them en masse as it’s ok, it’s only another hoodlum doing the murdering – my black bro. The minute it might be a white then everyone needs to repent and remember about the slaves. Give me a bloody break!

  • ctmom

    What is a Toure and why should I care?

    • He is emblematic of the left, especially in this case, and its good to know your enemy.

    • Who are you and why should anyone care why you should care?

      • stevenbiot

        You are, as every rapper says in their songs, a hater. Are you crying on your keyboard?

      • I could easily say the same about you. Who cares if you live or die? Why should anyone care about you, beyond humiliating you for being an idiotic, race-baiting liberal who is probably a Mexican national who has no business being here because he does not have a Green card or citizenship?

  • Toure = child

    The biggest joke in this entire interview is the one where Toure can’t tell the difference between advocacy and journalism.

    NBC should be embarrassed, seriously .

  • StrangernFiction

    Piers is just smart enough to know this is a losing issue for he and his comrades.

    • What are you saying? That Zimmerman is on the right? That a bully, cold murderer of a black child is on the right side? He is not. And all Zimmerman defenders will eat crow. An arrest is imminent. You watch.

      • stevenbiot

        He was let go, because there was no case. He will be cleared of all charges, unless the racists, Sharpton, Jackson, and the Black Panthers, corrupt the judicial system with their low intelligence pogrom against an innocent man.

      • StrangernFiction

        No, that cold murderer as you call him is on the left. He is one of yours.

        • You’re certainly proving the stereotype of the unintelligent rightie. The expression “in the right” or “on the right side” refers to one being on the correct side of an argument and not this political dichotomy that is catnip to you lunatics. I am not looking at this as right or left, liberal or conservative. I am looking at this as simply the murder of a black child by a gun-totting lunatic. So, simmer down and read before pulling your proverbial trigger.

          • Yes, you are looking at this as right vs left, conservative vs liberal, and certainly BLACK VS WHITE (even though Zimmerman is half-Peruvian and therefore a member of the victim class, right along with poor St. Skittles, PEACE BE UPON HIM).

            Perhaps you ought to take your own damn advice? What evidence is there that Zimmerman killed poor St. Skittles (peace be upon him) merely because he’s black?

            • stevenbiot

              St. Skittles and Archangel Arizona ice tea.

  • Is Toure his last or first name? I can’t believe that’s the kind of “journalists” they hire at NBC. He may has been repeating ‘Kill Whitey’ as a response to every question. He is literally a bad movie cliche.

    • WordsFailMe

      It’s short for Tourette.

      • Spoken like a true idiot.

        • stevenbiot

          Are you a philosopher, MiguelA? You seem extremely intelligent and insightful.

        • No, you’re the idiot. And you’re a whiny race-baiter who probably isn’t even a legal citizen of this country. GTFO.

    • Oh drop it! Fox news has journalists? Fact-checkers? Don’t be a partisan hack. MSNBC journalists are more ethical than the bullies and blowhards at FOX.

      • That is hilarious – MSNBC’s journalists are more ethical? More like Communists who don’t bother to hide their bias.

        MSNBC is chock-full of bullies and blowhards – like Al Sharpton, the fake Republican Joe Scarborough, etc. Every single prominent personality on that visual cesspool is the personification of bullying.

        • Al Sharpton is like catnip to you, just like Martin Luther King was to similarly-minded people in his heyday. And even in death, he won. Sharpton’s lifework will be validation of him and his legacy.

          You should know, though, that had Jonathan Capehart not written his articles bringing attention to this issue, and had the subsequent outcry from Sharpton and his ilk not followed, there will be no investigation. There will be no grand jury. And the murderer of a black child would have gotten away with it. It’s Sharpton’s call for his arrest, and the constant drum beat for justice that will bring justice to the Martin family.

          • GiantM

            Little do you know or understand miguela, that to your surprise the majority of “white” Americans are not racists. I know I’m not and have never been. But boy, if we speak ill of anyone of color [EVEN BASED ON FACTS!!!] we are racists.

            And guess who naturally comes running with the claim. Liberals, white or colored. We are not the racists you claim us to be.

            I can say one thing, you certainly came in here with an ax to grind. Just remember…..a soap box can easily be kick over.

          • stevenbiot

            MLK was a republican. Haha! I bet that really pisses you off, huh? Have you heard that Trayvon’s mother obtained a few patents, for money making purposes, after her son’s “murder?” If that isn’t disgusting, I don’t know what is.

          • stevenbiot

            90% of black murders are perpetrated by black murderers. Spare us the community solidarity nonsense.

          • Guest

            White people shouldn’t be a part of this controversy. This should be between the blacks and the Mexicans and I can only hope they start killing each other en masse. All of America’s problems will be solved: crime, poverty, welfare, stupidity….

  • R

    Toure, who is this guy Toure!? How does he describe what Sharpton has been saying? Piers is no dummy!

  • johnos2112

    This is why I hate liberals. They hold themselves higher than anybody else. Go to hell Toure!

    • Well, interesting choice of words “hate.” I think this exposes what drives you.

      • stevenbiot

        Don’t be a Toure-phile. If you love him, and respect his “journalistic” skills, just say so.

      • You are the most hateful of all and you know it.

  • SaraPFan

    Journalism today is not about personal integrity and truth. It’s what Rush has constantly discussed on his show: It’s peer pressure. Toure explains that he and other staff at MSNBC were laughing at Morgan during the interview and articulated questions “they wanted asked”. He even challenged his nationality. So smug. Has any MSNBC anchor challenged Obama’s energy and national security policies. They are so selective. Morgan should now understand just how biased liberals are when investigation and sharing news.

    • WordsFailMe

      Piers seemed to be ready to defeat the punk and did fairly well.

      How he plans to quell the laughter in the halls of NBC remains to be seen. It’ll be like watching cannibals play strip poker.

      • stevenbiot

        When Piers used that Twitter tweet to make his case, Toure knew he was caught being a partisan racist. Haha!

  • Oh my God “what a load of fatuous nonsense” BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • So does everyone remember how Toure helped portray the black tea partier as a white racist on MSNBC? Responsible journalist my……….uhhhh…….butt. Lets go with butt.

  • Lol “what a load or nonsense.” (must be said with an english accennt) I love it when English people get fed up and call a spade a spade. They are so good at it.

    • msverde1

      Yes, a load, a BIG LOAD!!!

    • Well the English don’t have the misfortune of having a history of people held against their will, raped, made to work under horrid conditions, beaten, who are eventually set free then prevented from voting, from education, from drinking from water fountains, from owning homes, and even now, many years later, being shot for the crime of being black in a gated community. The English don’t have that misfortune. So, I suppose I’m not entirely sure how they can be fed-up. And I’m not sure what goads you into thinking you should celebrate this as an American, a citizen of a country with a sordid and dark racial past… and present.

      • Wow, now who’s speaking like a true idiot? Clearly you know NOTHING of history beyond ZOMG SLAVERY IN THE US!!!! You do realize that people existed before the slavery episode int eh US, right? You do realize that people existed on this earth long before even the friggin Vikings laid their eyes on what is now known as the US, right?

        Oh, but nobody on earth has ever suffered as much as the blacks have, right?

        So not only are you a true idiot, you’re a racist AND you’re ignorant! Blacks are not the only group to have ever suffered, you moron. Do some research on the Roman Empire….

        • Well, the stereotype of the ignorant rightist is very well proven on this site. The lack of an argument in your toothless rant doesn’t require a response. The implicit idiocy is its own response.

  • GEDouglas

    Who is toure….never heard of him. Another tool apparently.

    • Well, you haven’t heard of him because you hang out on delusional websites like this and watch rightwing propagandist tv channels. Toure is a respected cultural commentator. Well, I’m glad you now know about him.

      • GEDouglas

        LOL….you people are hilarious.

      • I wish I hadn’t heard of him.

        Toure is a whiny, juvenile race-baiting bigot. Like you.

  • GEDouglas

    Toure must be a racist

    • StNikao

      no – duh

    • YOU must be a racist. There is nothing remotely racist about Toure calling out the holes in a murderer’s flimsy defense!

      • Yes there is, because there is no PROOF that George Zimmerman is a MURDERER. Yes, he KILLED Trayvon, but whether he did it in cold blood (which would be MURDER) or in self defense is something we do not know yet. Toure and morons like you automatically think that anytime a lighter-skinned person kills a black person, it’s because of racism. There is NO evidence that Zimmerman was a racist who hated black people, and there is NO evidence that Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin simply because he was black.

        You’re the racist because you act as if every single black person on the face of this earth is completely innocent of any wrong doing, and that every single white person on the face of this earth is a racist who wants to hang black people from trees. YOU’RE THE RACIST.

  • People need to push back on NBC.

    Take on the sponsors and demand they don’t support this racial overtones.

    We can be effective in that way. Sharpton and Toure need to be fired.

    • Like their pushing back on FOX for their repeatedly racist commentary? Get real.

      • Yes, two can play that game. Oh, but it’s only okay for leftists to boycott the decidedly NOT racist Fox News Channel, right? God forbid we give you a dose of your own damn medicine.

        Stop race-baiting. Not all black/hispanic people are poor, pitiful innocents.

  • PChandler

    Toure? more like Toufail!.

    Am i right or what?.

    • You’re not right. You’re dumb.

      • No, he’s right – YOU’RE DUMB.

        Do you have ANYTHING of intelligence to say, or are you only capable of slinging juvenile insults?

        Scratch that – you are clearly a complete and utter moron who can barely wipe his own ass, let alone express a coherent thought beyond juvenile, school-yard insults.

        • GiantM

          Easy…have a cup of coffee before you boil over. I know it’s not easy dealing with….well, you fill in the blank.

        • GEDouglas

          DM, The best way to deal with ignorance like this miguel character is ignoring him. It’s obvious from his comments he has no intention of or is not capable of an intelligent conversation in the arena of ideas…like most tools from the left. The sole purpose of his existence here is to name call and conflict development…to start an argument if he can and be as irritating as he can. Like most fools…ignore him and he goes away. I myself got a chuckle out of his ignorance. He probably knows very little about the issues and nothing about conservatism… other than what is fed to him…he just throws out derogatory, inane one liners which are meaningless.

  • msverde1

    You buffoon and nincompoop, please refrain from speaking on my behalf! Who elected you the voice for Americans who happen to be Black and conservative like moi? I possibly understand that you are one misguided puppet and YOU never have walked in my shoes. Walk in my shoes? What a farce this guy is and it is no surprise considering he is part of the cesspool at PMSNBC (could not resist to insert the Great One fabulous moniker).

    • You’re a lost cause

      • Yep, both he and I have stepped OFF the Democratic plantation. I hope millions more follow. This half-black girl doesn’t need ANYTHING from the Democratic party.

        • This is such a sad statement, it calls for a sympathetic head shake from side to side, dear “half-black” girl. I think you’ll find the new plantation you’ve stepped ON is a whole lot more hostile than the one you claim you were ever on.

  • GEDouglas

    My God, doesn’t his T person realize that, although the Zimmerman inciden is a tragedy, it is nothing when compared to the murders, rapes, general violence perpetrated on a daily basis in this country. He needs to get a deeper understanding of America and he might want to start with the black on black killings (with the occasional stray bullet killing innocents) in his own community. What a total moron. Who the hell is he anyway. This clip is the first I’ve heard of this punk.

    • The award for the most vapid, ill-thought out post goes to you.

      • If it weren’t for the race-baiters in the media, this story would have been relegated to the local news, where it belongs.

        Murders happen every day, for a variety of reasons, and there is no reason for this stupid story to get this kind of attention.

        • It’s not a stupid story. A child died. And his killer wasn’t even arrested! This is a story that needs airing and the fact that you think it is stupid shows your callousness.

  • Nukeman60

    Piers may not know it yet, but he just got his first lesson in ‘conservative 101’. He’s a leftist, but just got profiled by an overly condescending leftist ignorant slug. There may be hope for him after all, down the road.

    News personalities on the left are slowly finding their audience and followers dwindling and corroding away. They have to come back to the center to survive. If they don’t, they’re gone. Air America never figured it out, Current TV doesn’t have a clue, and MSNBC should soon be on the chopping block.

    We all have the persistence of Truth, put forth by sites like TRS and others, as responsible for this. I have to smile.

  • WordsFailMe

    I particularly like the debate of there two Liberal Giants on “who’s the best journalist” and it reminded me of a poem by e.e. cummings–“when serpents bargain for the right to squirm”:

    when serpents bargain for the right to squirm
    and the sun strikes to gain a living wage-
    when thorns regard their roses with alarm
    and rainbows are insured against old age

    when every thrush may sing no new moon in
    if all screech-owls have not okayed his voice
    -and any wave signs on the dotted line
    or else an ocean is compelled to close

    when the oak begs permission of the birch
    to make an acorn-valleys accuse their
    mountains of having altitude-and march
    denounces april as a saboteur

    then we’ll believe in that incredible
    unanimal mankind(and not until)


  • WordsFailMe

    One black man was killed in Florida by a non black and pimp toure would have us at each others throats! But this bastard degenerate has nothing to say about two black children in Chicago who were murdered this week on the streets of their own neighborhood by black, hoodie thugs, celebrating hate. Toure is the murderer here.

    Is there any hope for these people? Is there any civilized society on this planet who would tolerate this kind of ignorant racism? When Obama and his partner in humiliation, Eric “cop-killer” Holder are put out on the streets. what shall we expectin our own neighborhoods?

    • Now he’s a bastard? Such fair and even-handed language for a person who exercised his right to free speech.

      • WordsFailMe

        Fair and even-handed? Would that be like

        “Give me liberty but don’t stop sending the checks?”

        If your looking for a fair fight, you won’t find it here.

  • Trust1TG

    Toure was primed and cocked with his widdle talking points, wasn’t he?

    “Major moment in American history.” “America’s at a boiling point.”

    Nope. This is just a few Black muslim supremacist leaders preaching vengeance and hate and sending a a bunch of thuggish dudes in uniforms to threaten people. The usual suspects are trying to cook up the usual sensational hot-button situation to distract from the fact: in the black community, crime is the norm and most black kids go from innocent sweet Trayvon to suspended from school, drug, sex, violent Trayvon and a large number end up dead or in and out of prison the rest of their lives. This is the typical story of Boyz in Hoodz.

    Here’s Jesse Jackson in one of his saner moments: “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps… then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

    People with one eye and half sense are willing to let the law and courts handle this case. They aren’t trying to bring America to a boiling point when MOST of the racial crime is black on white (4 to 1) and 94% of all blacks are killed by blacks.

    The sobering statistics are…
    and Here:
    Murders from 1976 to 2005:
    86% of white victims were killed by whites
    94% of black victims were killed by blacks
    White-on-black crimes (90,717)
    Black-on-white crimes (429,444).
    [JEWISH HATE CRIME STATISTICS – There are half as many anti-Jewish hate crimes as anti-Black hate crimes? Given that the Jewish population of the U.S. is roughly one seventh of that of the black population, that means that per capita, Jews are targets of hate crimes at twice the rate of blacks.]

    So shut up, Toure, Jackson, Sharpton, Wright, Obama. Just shut up.

    Living by vengeance, hate, drugs, sick media, sex, grabbing what belongs to others is destructive to your children’s character. They need good ways to live, express themselves, earn their own way and be healthy, happy, productive, mature grown ups.

    Instead of blaming any other race or group for the state of your children, do something about it. Train fathers and mothers to parent. . Clean up the media your children have. Stop the drugs. Teach the children to work and study…love and forgive, not hate.

    Quit trying to fool us, you are not being persecuted. We can read, count, see, think – we aren’t stupid. And neither are ‘your people.’

    • You’re so stupid in this breathlessly unlettered post that I don’t even know how to begin.

      • Oh please. The only stupid person here is you. Apparently, you’re too stupid to process even the simplest of statistics.

        Cute how you don’t even mention HOW Trust1TG is stupid – probably because you know damn well he’s not.

        • Well, the interesting thing about statistics is that they don’t exist in a vacuum. I am not going to launch into a serious discussion about social policy and statistics, which that long, poorly argued, original post calls for. I think my earlier statement that summarized the dribble as… well, dribble said it best. As to you, rather than tacking on the coat tails of the arguments of someone else, how about you propose your own arguments? How about trying to highlight the aspects of the post that you agree with. I dare say you can’t. You’re a ditto head. A hateful, fact-averse ditto head.

          • stevenbiot

            Did Toure take you on a date and make you feel special? You are really supportive of him, even though he is a no-name commentator on a lackluster station with no ratings. Nobody likes a sycophant. It appears that you are a borderline Toure stalker. If we dug deep, would we find that Toure has a restraining order on his ” biggest fan?”

            • This was intended to be funny, I think. It failed. If it wasn’t comedy, it was certainly idiocy.

          • GEDouglas

            See what I mean Marie…he avoids facts regarding policies and stats and goes right to name calling. Hopeless. Obama and the dems count on exactly this kind of dumbed down voter.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Sorry I won’t listen to toure… or even piers in his finest hour.

    Sadly, my current pent up outrage has manifested itself into me yelling at the T.V. and screaming, “Quit Lying!!! Liar!!!” I’m scaring my kid and my cats.

    I’m so sick of all these liars and their blatant racist retardation. The ignorance is astounding… and the crap media keeps giving them air time.

    I’m so close to throwing my T.V. out the window for good.

    • Well, you have other issues don’t you. Let’s hope all black teens steer clear out of your way.

      • No, black teens need to go to school and get over this whole “I’m gonna be a gang-banging rapper who steals money from whitey” thing – then they wouldn’t get so much flak.

  • W.

    The solution to the problem besetting most of the black youths in the US is to stop affirmative action and start teaching them they are equal to every other racial group and they must work to achieve their goals.

    Here is Newt talking about the solution this week at Marquette University in Wisconsin – The part on education and – transforming kids in inner city schools is from 55.30 on. http://electad.com/videos/newt-gingrich-campaign-rally-milwaukee-wisconsin-march-29-2012/

    Newt is right about teaching young people to work. He means ALL colors of skin. Being a hard and conscientious worker is a virtue and a skill that is needed throughout life.

  • WordsFailMe

    I think of Piers as a perverse, fisherman in his bass boat, who, having filled his creel all day with Conservative fish, once more reaches into the chum pot for another squirming worm, then attempts to skewer it onto the bait hook just like he’s done for the last 60 years. Piers is suddenly startled by a sharp sting in his thumb when it turns out that the worm is not a worm at all, but rather a baby rattlesnake.

    Rod Serling, wherever he is, must be enjoying the ironic turn of the ongoing, white-liberal/black liberal banquet. Do-do-do-do; Do-do-do-do…

    The only picture which will give me more visual pleasure today is a one showing a New Black Panther in Florida prodding Debbie Wasserrman-Schlutz onto a rail car.

  • d1carter

    Just how big is that clown car..?

  • stevenbiot

    Two wankers with no audience fighting about which one is the bigger wanker. I love liberal infighting!

  • Paula4Palin

    I watched Piers interview Zimmerman’s friend and brother. I thought his interview w/ his brother was obnoxious. He clearly wasn’t open to hearing what his brother had to say. It seemed to me Piers had already concluded Zimmerman was guilty.

    BUT, after watching this clip, I have to give it to Piers for even interviewing them. The PRESSURE the left applies when one of them might be “getting out of line” is tremendous.

    Toure was PO that Piers INTERVIEWED them!!

    Good for Piers!

  • stevenbiot

    Now we have a separate humor- “Dark humor.” So when a black person makes a despicable comment on Twitter, now we are going to have to say, ” That despicable comment is just dark humor – Disregard it.”

    • WordsFailMe

      Great insight. The young man’s defense of community was thrilling.

      “Dark Humor” is a venerable, literary genre. Dark humor aficionados would especially appreciate the irony of a black man’s definition of “black humor” as something one can ignore or write-off as nonsense. Had an actual, skilled black humorist been at the editing desk, he might have added a “crawler” across the bottom of the screen reminding viewers that, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

      The Black man here says you must treat what the black community says, as if it were something muttered by a child or a mentally impaired adult who cannot be legally or morally held responsible for what he says. The famous black humorist from history, Donatien Alphonse François himself, could not have expressed the concept more clearly.

  • ernst1776

    Who the F is Toure? What a stereotypical a–hole.

  • rjcylon

    Being an arrogant uninformed jerk seems to be the only requirement for being a liberal talking head these days. How did the bar get so low? I would assume the bar was never raised in the first place though.

  • CalCoolidge

    This is the sound of the Obama 2012 campaign.

  • In this entire video, Toure never once said what he was truly thinking: “Piers you can’t understand because you’re not black.” That’s EXACTLY what was his underlying message to Piers.

  • nibblesyble

    Since I can’t write what I want to write, I second what Scoop declares at the top of this thread. I am glad that Piers had a chance to understand how conservtaives feel when a speciman such as Toure interviews them.

  • “Let me explain to you…”

    Not long after that, I started disliking this smarmy punk.

  • I have always said you cannot argue with a liberal because they will: 1 watch your mouth move but will not hear your words. 2. If you are making a point they can’t refute they will talk over you. 3. If you don’t believe what they are saying they don’t really care, because their beliefs change minute to minute …situation ethics are big with the liberal because he or she can change their minds at a moments notice to rationalize it. 4. And if they are proven wrong? They will deny the facts and move on to another liberal topic.
    As for Toure? This is a self centered smug rabble rousing thug. A know it all with the personaltiy of a snake. His facial expressions pissed me off! His body language offended me….and what he had to say was nothing but “black radical” racisim that the liberal media has allowed to permiate the headlines in American newspapers.
    Keep it up liberal medai stir the pot …..Toure is hoping for a race riot and if enough of the Toure’s of the world are allowed to broadcast their hatered and racisim on prime time TV? then you will get what you asked for Racial turmoil run rampant across this country.

    • WordsFailMe

      Decent Americans of all races and religions will guard their homes, families and property while animals fire and foul their own nests.

      On a clear day, you can see justice even from miles away. Without squinting.

    • You’re quick to call him a “thug.” What about him suggests a thug. Oh, right. He’s black. Racist much?

      • We call him a thug because of the stuff he posted on his Twitter, and because of the pictures he posted on Facebook (or Twitter), and more importantly because of the reason he was at his father’s place – got caught with drugs (or rather, an empty plastic bag with traces of marijuana in it). All we’re doing is calling a spade a spade. A thug is a thug, no matter what you say about it.

        Perhaps if you did some research you’d have known all that, but then again, that would shatter your view of poor, pitiful, innocent, never-did-anything-wrong St Skittles (peace be upon him)? Not that he deserved to die, mind you – but I am also not going to assume he’s an innocent lamb murdered by some racist half-Pervuian neighborhood watchman.

        • GiantM

          He apparently has closed off his profile.

        • I was referring to the poster calling Toure a thug. But good on you for trying to destroy the reputation of a child that was killed in cold blood.

  • MortimusMaximus

    I blame Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for inciting people, stirring the pot if you will. Why are they not concerned about the, literally thousands of unsolved black on black murders in the country? I don’t know if Zimmerman is guilty or not but thats what the courts are for. What these 2 jackasses are trying to do is no better then how they convicted people in 1692 during the Salem witch trials. If I could ask Al Sharpton one thing it would be, How’s Tawana Brawley doing these days?

    • toongoon

      Whaddya mean? Al and Jesse march, what, three, four times a year? I’m sure they have decreased shootings by about a negative 10% per year. Won’t be long, all Holders people are going stop killing each other (won’t be any left).

  • One more thing ….never in the last 20 years and more so in the past 3 years have I seen such racial tension in this country. Unfortunately, the election of a black president isn’t enough proof for black radicals that most Americans are not racist. Keep playing the race card. It still works with the media, the hollywood elite and the liberals. Mainstream Americans are sick of this S*(T! Enough is enough …..to all black people …raise children in a home with a father and mother present. Make sure your kids go to school. Keep them off the streets and out of gangs. And remember what Toure said in this interview….”there are millions of blacks in the prison system”..OMG please save this country….vote Obama out in 2012

    • Michelai Lowe

      you are the definition of White privilege

      • WordsFailMe

        Help me here: Anyone who would use race to bolster an argument or defend and otherwise untenable or incoherent position is:

        A. A moron
        B. A racist
        C. A coward
        D. A liberal
        E. A communist
        F. A Rape Clean Up Volunteer for OWS

    • The oversimplification of the complex racial landscape of America, the simple-minded hope that the election of a black president (who you, no doubt, opposed even when faced with the mentally challenged Sarah Palin as vice president) just shows you to be… well, a simpleton. You are sick of this. Don’t speak for all Americans. Speak for yourself. I propose that a significant amount of people see the inherent systemic injustices of this country. The civil right act was signed little under 50 years ago. That is not enough time to right the gross injustices that have pervaded the over 2 centuries of American history. It will take time. It will take unearthing injustice where it exists. It certainly will not need turning a blind eye and pretending like all things have been made hole when they have not been.

      • First of all, Sarah Palin is NOT mentally challenged – the moron who defeated her (Joe Biden) certainly IS.

        Secondly, the racial landscape of this country is actually quite simple: too many blacks have been raised to view ALL white people as hopelessly racist. Racist Democrats have ensured that blacks remain poor via welfare for single mothers (after all, LBJ did say that his Great Society would have them voting Democrat for the next 200 years, and he didn’t say that because he loved them – he said it because he was a racist sack of crap who just wanted eternal power for himself and his party).

        I only speak for myself, and it’s high time you do the same. Just earlier in this thread, another black conservative told you to STOP speaking for all black people, and here you are, being the raging hypocrite you are, whining about someone having an opinion that is different from yours…IDIOT….that is NOT “speaking for” you.

        And gross injustices??!?! You want to know what’s a gross injustice? The fact that THOUSANDS of white men LOST THEIR LIVES in the Civil War so that slavery could be abolished (and so that the Union could remain intact) and the fact that TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS OVER THE COURSE OF AT LEAST SEVENTY YEARS have been BLOWN to ensure that black people have free housing, free food, free this, free that, easier admittance into universities ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU CRYBABY WHINERS!


        It makes me SO ANGRY that I, my black mother, my black grandfather (who is a liberal) have to have ANYTHING in common with the average race-baiting, gang-banging, entitled, lazy, shiftless thug – otherwise known as people like you, Toure, Trayvon, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. The fact that there are hard working black people like my aunts and uncles, my mom, even my retired grandfather who are painted with a broad brush because of all the whiny, race-baiting thugs and thugettes in this country is the real injustice.

        • GiantM

          Well Amen and Hallelujah to common sense! Well said Marie….well said.

          • Joe W.


        • Joe W.

          Spoken like someone who has the authority to back up what she says through her own life experiences. Marie…it was my privilege to have read your post. Thank you.

        • Paying reparations? Really? Where do you get your facts?

  • GiantM

    TOURE’ =’s

    dweeb (dwb)
    n. Slang
    A person regarded as socially inept or foolish, often on account of being overly studious.

    Or I could just say…what a punk.

    I wonder if his head can actually fit through a doorway?

    • You probably thought that was a very smart post. You probably felt great. You’re probably not very bright.

      • GiantM

        Okay then, let me revise my point of view to someone you seemingly support strongly.

        Toure is…

        1. Having or displaying a sense of overbearing self-worth or self-importance.
        2. Marked by or arising from a feeling or assumption of one’s superiority toward others

        1. Characterized by excessive self-esteem or exaggerated dignity;
        2. Full of high-sounding phrases; bombastic:
        3. Chracterized by pomp or stately display; ceremonious:

        And most of all…..

        Having or exhibiting a lack of respect; rude and discourteous.

        And frankly miguela, I’m sure many in here will agree that based on what we saw in that video, every word I posted describes your buddy to a tee. There is no argument regarding his character. His chosen words spoke clearly of just who he is.

      • And you probably think you’re a genius who is being oppressed by the evil whitey. And you probably feel good, thinking you’re the most oppressed person on earth. You’re most definitely not very bright, and your ass is probably dirty because you’re too stupid to wipe it properly.

        • That is just it. Your posts just reveal a hopeless level of stunted mental ability, I just don’t even know how to respond. I can’t reason with a person devoid of reason. And as a matter of fact, I AM very bright, and I am quite successful. I can say that without the slightest bit of irony. Given the weakness of your arguments, your poorly constructed sentences, and your naked rage against minorities, I can use statistics to conclude you’re a toothless, ill-educated person, probably from the rural south or somewhere forgotten in the Mid West. Just guessing….

  • AmericatheBeautiful_1

    Wow, I feel like I’m back in college…it’s been awhile since I’ve heard such a condescending (stinking of liberal elitism) tone of voice as of Toure’s.

    So gracious of his Majesty, His Royal Heinous Toure to make time for the little people to explain these difficult issues.

    Precious snowflake Toure would ONLY approve of violence against the Zimmerman family.
    Toure: i want more “hostility,” more “push back.”
    Translation: I love Alinsky and I want riots in the street.

  • Michelai Lowe

    All of you make me sick…

    • toongoon

      Unfortunately you must be ok with the race baiting.

      • What is race baiting? What is it? Stop throwing around a phrase you don’t understand. A phrase you picked up from the right-wing blowhards on Fox news. What is it? Is it just another ad hominem attack on those who raise legitimate questions about race.

        Unfortunately, you must be ok with the murder of a helpless black child.


          Where is the evidence that he was a helpless child? Seriously, I’ve never seen a 6’2″ child! That’s a mighty big child!

          We all understand it quite well – an unfortunate killing in Florida is only national news because Obama wants a race war to ensure that all the black slaves on the Democratic plantation keep voting Democrat so Obama and his Marxist comrades can finish off this country for good. THAT, is called “race-baiting”.

          • He was 6′ 3″ and 150 lbs. Zimmerman was over 200lbs. In any case, new reports now suggest the person yelling on the tape was the teenager, who was murdered. Zimmerman’s case is crumbling. And all you have to hold on to is your hate. Your hate will not save Zimmerman. He will go to jail. You wait. Just you wait.

  • WordsFailMe


  • shagstar

    just when, did erkle get contacts???? i have heard children argue more intelligent than this fiasco! lmao,again!

  • toongoon

    As luck would have it, Piers Morgan was able to contrast himself as a reasonable media talking head against this kook. I don’t think there is too much more to read into it.

  • tshtsh

    I have not listen yet. But, his name reminds me of torture. He looks like he could be Obama’s son, he is as “bright”?

    • You began with you haven’t listened yet. You proceed to deride his name. And then you cast aspersions on his intelligence. You’ve done all of this simply by looking at him. Well, if that isn’t the definition of racism, I’m not sure what is. You’ve drawn all these conclusions without examining the merits of his argument. You just know all you see is a black person. You, sir, are part of the problem!

      • Yeah, kind of like how you cast aspersions on Sarah Palin’s intelligence based on the fact that she’s a conservative. Again with the hypocrisy! It is amazing how you don’t see it! Accusing all of us of being racist simply because we aren’t going to pass judgment on a man without having all the facts.

        When you look at a white person, all you see is a racist in a white hood. If anyone’s the problem, it’s you.

        • No silly person. Sarah Palin is a manifest idiot, and there is countless evidence of it. I do not think all conservatives are idiots. I think actually that the conservative establishment class are actually very smart. Not so much their enraged followers. Not so, Miss Palin. And certainly, not so (it would seem) you.

  • Cindy09

    I hope that in light of Toure’s tweet about Zimmermaning that MSNBC or NBC (whatever channel he works for) will hold his feet to the fire. Piers owned him in his interview! He just couldn’t get away so he came up with some bull about Piers not been that American enough to understand dark humor. I hope MS/NBC will humor him too and give him the boot!

  • What the hell is a Toure? This guy is a complete idiot. A disgrace to the black race. He is barely even black. This mo fo is “light bright and almost white”. I think he happens to be a self loathing mocha latte.

  • Three times he insults piers for not being american. Talk about a pot calling the kettle black. This guy is a classic race baiting idiot.

    • What? The pot calling the kettle black? Not sure i understand.

      Wait. So, Toure is not an American? Is that what you’re suggesting? Are you saying that somehow Toure, a black man of likely African descent, is not an American. Please tell us more. Show us more of this ideology that informs your position. Show us your unadulterated racism. Let us know you for who you are.

      • Yes, you should stop and READ what people wrote. Isn’t that what you said upthread – that someone should calm down and READ what you wrote?

        So once again, you’re a hypocrite.

        Kevin did not state nor did he imply that Toure was not an American. He was saying that Toure was insulting Piers Morgan because PIERS MORGAN is quite obviously NOT an American, and that because Piers was not an American, he couldn’t possibly understand the racial climate of this country. This kind of condescending arrogance is why people from the continent of Europe have such disdain for Americans.

        Calm the hell down already. Nobody on this forum is racist except for you.

        • Well, then he misused the idiom “pot calling kettle black.” I understand that much of the conservatively rabid tea partiers aren’t very educated (the statistics support this). I understand that constructing an argument isn’t what they’re good at. I understand that yelling and bandying around insults and deciding who is a true American and who isn’t is what inspires them. However, the English language is not something that is open to interpretation. You cannot misuse the English language. If you’re going to use an expression, it has to be because it’s apt to do so. I know this too is too difficult for tea party enthusiasts to understand.

      • salg01

        you have got to be the most ignorant, hateful and racist commenter i have seen in a long time miguel.

  • PVG

    Is Toure’s last name Obama?

    • WordsFailMe

      Yeah to me, the looks like he-s perhaps a White-Black-Hispanic-Hawaiian. By gosh, Toure could be Obama’s son!

      About that last name though, there’s a problem. Obama’s last name is not even his last name.

      • Then what is Obama’s last name? What is it? You people need to get over it. The president is black. He is. Whether or not he is voted out, he was here. He was the 44th president of the US. It has been entered into the archives of history. It will never be expunged. Get over it.

        • When he was younger, Obama used his stepfather’s name Soetoro. Don’t know when he switched back to his father’s surname, and don’t care, but the fact remains that he was known by another name at some point in his life.

          Of course, if you were an intelligent being, you’d have known that.

          Furthermore, it is to the great detriment of freedom-loving Americans everywhere that this pathetic simpleton called Barack Obama was our 44th President. Yes, he’ll be in the archives all right – as the worst and most destructive president this country has ever had.

          • Well, the thousands who died in a war of George W. Bush’s construction will beg to differ. But go on, hate, hate the black president. Thankfully history is objective.

        • GEDouglas

          Yes…he is black…and we are all proud of our country for that historical fact. Unfortunately for all us however, is that he will go down in history as the absolute worse POTUS this country has had. His policies are designed to bring America down a notch…his stated goal. Sad for you that his supporters will suffer also. The free Obama money will only go to his close fellow travelers…tools like yourself are pushed to the curb when you have worn out your usefulness…which is coming soon…Nov to be exact.

  • Shia S

    Exceptional only in the sense of showing he has no journalistic integrity and lacks class.


    He should stick to tabloid, celebrity interviews.

  • disqusloumarley

    what an ass…

    • My sentiments exactly… RE: Piers Morgan, of course.

  • disqusloumarley

    I have never been more embarrassed for MSNBC and that says a lot..

    • What says a lot? Who are you? Why should MSNBC care that you, the faceless poster of a delusional rightwinging website, is embarrassed?

      • IF they want their ratings to improve, they’ll care. But they don’t care about ratings because they’re a propaganda outfit.

        Why do you think Fox News Channel cares what you think of them – you, a faceless poster, a delusional race-baiting, lazy sack of crap who can’t take responsibility for his own poor choices and has to blame whitey for everything that goes wrong in his life? Why should they care if you think they’re full of bullies and hacks?

        Now do you see how utterly ridiculous your “lak, why should they care lol” argument really is?

  • disqusloumarley

    how can a reasonable person listen to the d bag formally know as Tour’e… He is absolutely the most pathetic guest I have seen since Rosanne Barn

  • this is two guys arguing about who is a better journalist.

    • Joe W.

      And neither one of them are…

      • Well, we know you didn’t go to journalism school with your poor grammar. Neither one of them “are”? Really, that’s what you learned in school?

        • Joe W.

          Are is “Plural” & is is “Singular”, you blithering idiot. “Neither one of them IS good journalists”?? OR “Neither one of them ARE good journalists”. Go back to Mexico, Pancho.

          • Neither one is a good journalist. That’s the proper way to express what I think you’re trying to express. You’d be wrong, of course.

            • Joe W.

              Go back to sleep, Pancho.

        • Here’s some proper grammar, asshat.

          Neither of these men are good journalists.


          Piers Morgan and Toure are hacks.


          The both of them are lousy journalists who can’t seem to get their biases out of the way.

          Interesting…here you are, assuming that in order to have good grammar skills, one has to have gone to journalism school…well, guess what? I have good grammar, punctuation AND spelling skills and I did not go to journalism school. You don’t need to go to journalism school to learn grammar, idiot. Any university or college worth their salt will teach you such skills (if you didn’t learn them in high school, if any high schools in this country bothered to teach anything beyond depraved sex acts anymore).

          Furthermore, that’s all you have to say? Criticizing his grammar? Run out of mindless, race-baiting lefty talking points?

          • You really are a stupid person. I have read enough of your posts to conclude this with a high degree to certitude. While the poster was questioning the journalism skills of Toure and Morgan, he made a grammatical error. It was an error. Journalism requires a good understanding of grammar. And because we were on the subject of journalism, I made the light-hearted dig that the poster didn’t appear to have gone to journalism school. Get it? Probably not.

  • Well, interesting choice of words “hate.” I think this exposes what drives you. It’s hate, isn’t it. Hate for those who hold a different point of view, hate for blacks, hate for gays…. It’s your hate. I get it.

    • As opposed to your hate for white people, Sarah Palin, everyone on this board, black conservatives, etc. Oh, and the mentally disturbed, the retarded, etc.

      Yes, you’ve demonstrated that you’re quite the hateful little hypocrite who can’t even formulate an intelligent response to anything anyone has said on here…just lefty talking points that have been debunked numerous times.

  • stevenbiot

    Be careful everyone. We’ve got a serial commenter named, MiguelA, speaking truth and taking no prisoners. He’s absolutely brilliant!

  • Joe W.

    Whoever this “MiguelA” troll is, y’all did a great job creating the April Fool’s joke that he is…..Thanks for the chuckles this morning, Miguel….By the way…Can we see your papers??

    • Right. Going straight to your comfort zone. Xenophobia. One of the tenets of right wing zealotry. You’re just proving the caricature of a conservative. Do I think there are some sound conservative arguments? Sure. But because by and large the conservative movement is being co-opted by unintelligent right wing zealots such as yourself, I am beginning to think the whole movement is bad for America.

      • And you’re proving the caricature of the mindless, race-baiting liberal.

        The liberal movement is nothing more than a very destructive bowel movement – time to flush whiny race-baiters like you down the toilet.

  • nancynance

    No one on the left takes responsibility for anything they say. They either ignore the fact that they said it no matter what how many people are shoving it in their faces or push forward even more. Take for example President Obama making a joke about the open mic after being busted. It’s classic Alinsky. Sociopathy. And it’s downright lying and distorting regardless of the truth as in the case of the so called ‘Affordable Care Act’ as well as everything that comes out of Al Sharpton’s pie hole. It’s scary.

  • Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half the time.

  • PAWatcher

    Toure is what obama’s brother would be like!

    • What has Obama got to do with this really? Why is it that you rightwing zealots immediately try to associate every black person with Obama. I think this reveals a lot about the share, passionate loathing for the president, which must have little to do with ideology but everything to do with race. You need to look within yourself and decide if the ugliness that seems to propel you is really good for you and for those who find themselves (and unfortunately for them) in your company.

      • He has plenty to do with it because he injected himself into the story by bleating that “if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” nonsense.

        People associate Obama with “every black person” probably because about 80% of all the black people in this country voted for him, and probably only voted for him because he was (half) black. Now if I pointed out that 80% of all white people voted for white men in the past, you’d say that that was racist. However, when faced with the (approximate) number – or percentage – of black people who voted for the black man simply because he was black, that’s….not racism at all…it’s progress, right? Of course, to anyone with two brain cells to rub together, 80% of black people voting for the black man for ANY reason, really, would be racist.

        I passionately loathe Obama because he’s an anti-colonial Marxist who is purposefully destroying this country. I hate him just as much as I hate the lily-white Harry Reid, who is a bumbling fool. I hate Obama just as much as I hate Howard Dean – another white man. I hate Obama just as much as I hate Nancy Pelosi – a living wax figure and an embarrassment to women everywhere. It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with their poisonous ideology.

        If anyone’s the racist, and if anyone is a person who ought to “look within yourself and decide of the ugliness that seems to propel you”, it’s YOU.

        Take some responsibility for your own life and stop acting as if the hated whitey is keeping you down all the time. Want to know why your life is crap? Want to know why some people don’t like you? IT’S YOUR FAULT. Not whitey.

        • Not 80% of all black people. It’s more like 90%. 90% of eligible black voters voted for Mr. Obama. If the GOP was smart, it would try to make inroads into the minority vote because by 2050, whites will be a minority. I understand that this fact is unsettling to white, racist, GOP-er/tea party types. It’s a lost battle. It’s time to stop the unsavory language and save your sinking party.

          • salg01

            the only racist i see in these comments is you miguel

          • salg01

            the true racists always make everything about race because of their hate for other races

      • PAWatcher

        Should I have said Piers is what obama’s brother would look like- he could you know! You assumed I chose toure because of the color of his skin. I remarked on him because of his attitude, and what he had to say reminded me of obama. Call me a racist if you please, you throw it around so much it has lost it’s meaning, especially when untrue, race baiting will lose you every debate. Hurl your insults, loathe me if you may. Passover and Easter are fast approaching- a glorious time of year- be happy.
        I stand with Israel and walk with Jesus, I’m in good company, thank you.


    YIKES !!!

    Is this NOT his problem?

    Someone on the Blaze pulled this info on him.

    Touré (born Toure Neblett on March 20, 1971) is an American novelist, essayist, music journalist, cultural critic, and television personality based in New York City. He is the host of Fuse’s Hiphop Shop and On The Record. He is also a contributor to MSNBC’s The Dylan Ratigan Show and serves on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominating Committee.

    I mean, come on, his (T-T-T ourey NIBLETT) head is so full of HIMSELF, I am surprised Piers even got one RACIST word or comment in !!!

    Did you hear that tactic of sayin , Come on, Come on, Come on. to keep Piers from getting out his question? They teach that, you know.

    I like that FROW THOUGH, kind of reminds me of Dr J of the ABA !!!
    Sorry, is that racist of me? Please don’t march on my house.
    We have a “NO WHINNING MARCHING PEOPLE OF ANY COLOR” sign in my subdivision.
    I did not shoot anybody Spike or Rosie. NO twiittting on me !


    MiguelA, which hole are you talking out of and do you have diarrea of the mouth?

    I mean I have not seen such brilliant comments on right wingers since, well TOUR-de-poo.

    Here is some more proof for ya to go ga-ga over.

    Just because we have a black president who spews his nonsense on TV everyday creating class warefare and racial envy with Al-Not-so sharp, it does not mean you elitist PROGS can say things that ARE low life as possible to get your way for reparations.
    We all know the game with you and VAN JONES marxist marchers is to get your OBAME money, with your hoodie stye tactics.

    I think in your case, you might as well check in to the nearest mental ward for tard misfits, and get out of the way of more serious lefties like Piers who can put some decent questions together taking out idiots on the left who are racist and out of control, not SPEW pure drivel like you and O-BLAME-O do !

  • So I guess people in the halls of CNN are laughing at NBC for their bias edited Zimmerman call?

  • jondos

    Evidently Toure likes the brand of journalism that NBC brings to the PUBLIC airwaves. You know the 911 call that they clipped and cut and chopped to assure the racist branding that Zimmerman has been assigned. With journalism like that who needs to challenge anyone? Toure can just make crap up out of thin air and call it the truth. Now THAT is modern journalism.

    • kong1967

      Something needs to be done about this type of bullcrap. It’s one thing to twist what people say on the political front, but it’s something else when you entirely make things up that could potentially get Zimmerman killed. This goes beyond irresponsible. I think it’s criminal to splice that 911 tape. If it’s not it should be.

  • kong1967

    Wow, Piers did an excellent job. I think he’s getting more professional the longer he does it.

    I don’t know how anyone could watch that Toure guy with any respect. He calls himself a responsible journalist but all I see is MSNBC trash that should be scooped up with the dog turds.