Political opportunist Charlie Crist endorses Barack Obama for president

I can’t imagine why any Democrat would ever trust this guy who only became an ‘independent’ because he lost the primary to Marco Rubio. And now he’s making his opportunist switch complete by not only endorsing Obama, but doing it in a speech at the DNC.

What a freaking loser:

MIAMI HERALD — Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican-turned-independent, continued his political makeover Sunday by endorsing President Barack Obama’s re-election and calling him “the right leader for our times.”

“President Obama has a strong record of doing what is best for America and Florida,” Crist wrote in an op-ed column in Sunday’s Tampa Bay Times, “and he built it by spending more time worrying about what his decisions would mean for the people than for his political fortunes. That’s what makes him the right leader for our times, and that’s why I’m proud to stand with him today.”

Crist praised Obama for protecting the middle class, strengthening Medicare, guiding the nation through an economic collapse, supporting public schools and investing in highways, railroads and airports, but without using the word “stimulus.”

Crist’s opinion piece is the latest in a series of political steps in which he appears to be inching closer to becoming a Democrat and potentially challenging Gov. Rick Scott in 2014. That would complete a metamorphosis for a politician who once called himself a “Reagan Republican and a “Jeb Bush Republican.”

Crist’s career crashed to a halt in 2010 when he left the Republican Party, ran for the U.S. Senate as an independent and was soundly defeated by Republican Marco Rubio.

Crist did not mention Mitt Romney by name in his op-ed column, but he said the Republican Party has drifted too far to the right.

The Washington Examiner reminds us of a brief Charlie Crist moment that should turn off most if not all Democrats from supporting him:

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  • keninil

    Maybe he is trying to sell a book ??

    • “How to lose friends and have no influence on people”? Per chance?

    • gothicreader

      Maybe Glenn Beck can be his publisher. *grins*

  • He’s lower than that “stuff” that might get caught on the bottom of your shoe if you were to go for a walk in a doggy park after someone who “forgot” to bring a plastic bag. And I’m being kind!

  • Orange you glad he isn’t in the Senate?

  • Guest1776rcp

    Charlie has a Crist-complex.

  • M_J_S

    Go back to making Wizard of Oz remakes. Obama WILL LOSE – deal with it. That includes Florida.

  • Joe

    Charlie WHO?

    Who cares what he thinks?

    All traitors to their party go down – ie Arlen Specter

  • What a dink. He’s a loser working for a slip and fall legal firm. Glad he’s not governor anymore.

  • scrubjay

    If a poop took a poop, and that poop took a poop, and that poop threw up, and that throw up took a poop — that’s Charlie Crist.

    • Rshill7



    • cathmom

      so silly yet so funny!

  • Okay…I live in Central Florida….and this is a NONE STORY…it has been covered more on the blogs than LOCAL TV in Florida…in fact, here no one still has talked about it!! Everyone was focused ISAAC..in fact, the IDIOT Crist timed his Editorial wrongly…he thought the RNC would start Monday and his endorsement would come out Sunday in the newspapers…WELL DUH!! no one covered here locally and TV was focused on ISAAC. With the RNC cancelling Monday it came out with a THUD!!

    Now I will tell you locally in this area….the RNC cancelling Monday was a big PR HIT!! All the local TV stations praised the RNC for cancelling over the storm. The fact they put SAFETY over POLITICS was a big local hit!! Everyone thought it was the right thing to do! Now Crist came out on Sunday in the news (remember to send Editorial to print on Sunday..it has to be to editors by Thursday) so Crist took a chance that would start Monday and this would be distraction…WELL HE FAILED….the GOP comes out looking good here in Florida CRUCIAL to election while Crist looks like what he is an OPPORTUNIST…more to follow!

    • Stay well Michael. I wish you and all people in the track of Isaac the very best. God bless!

      • tvlgds

        New Orleans is going to take the brunt of it, as of the latest projections. It won’t be a remake of Katrina, but it has the potential to be very devastating, nonetheless. 24-36 hrs of tropical storm-hurricane force winds, 6-12 ft. storm surges and expected rainfall well over a foot. My thoughts and prayers to all in the path – including my family members in the New Orleans area.

        • Amen.

        • poljunkie

          I wish everyone in the path of Issac well. I hope your family members are safe and continue to stay dry, and out of harm.

          Did anyone else read the headline on Google- the GOP convention haunted by BUSH with echoes of Katrina.

          I really wish the media would get real.

          • tvlgds

            Thank you. It’s going to be a rough few days for millions of people.

            I haven’t read the google headline, but nothing the wannabe “journalists” writes surprises me anymore. Pathetic!

    • tvlgds

      Brit Hume agrees that this is a non story. Crist has zero influence.

    • p m

      Hey Michael, thanks for the local reporting there – very interesting and heartening. Stay safe.

  • Florida Ag Commissioner, Adam Putnam said of Crist “Bless his heart, he’ll put on anyone’s
    costume just to be in the parade.” Touche. There are a few parades that Crist should be marching in.

  • Okay the Crist story continued:

    I want people here to know some things about Crist and why he is SO UNLIKED HERE:

    1. After Crist lost the 2010 primary to Rubio he was miffed and he ran as Independent and lost BIG!! He never got over that! So he joined a firm called Morgan & Morgan. This is the biggest slip and fall law group in the state. The owner is John Morgan. John Morgan is one of if not the biggest Obama contributor and supporter in Central Florida. When Obama comes here…he has dinner with John Morgan in fact Morgan held fundraiser at his home for Obama and Obama was just here about 3 months ago. Crist was there as well…NOW WHAT DO YOU THINK??

    2. Several months ago..Crist publicly came out and announced he was switching to being an Independent…however, insiders say he is just making a slow transition to being a Democrat!

    3. He runs in ads for Morgan & Morgan telling people to sue and hire a lawyer.

    4. Recap…he joins Morgan & Morgan after his loss….John Morgan biggest contributor to Obama in Central Florida….Crist leaves GOP…..

    5. Crist is the single most disliked politician in Florida. He mad the Dems mad because he tried to force Kendrick Meek out of the 2010 race so he could run as Dem vs. Rubio. Republicans cannot stand him and we know why!!

    6. In Florida, only one ex-Governor has any weight and that is Jeb Bush. Crist only won back when he did because he was Jeb’s pick and won on Jeb’s coattails!!

    7. If there was a political figure in this state you would NOT want the endorsement from it is CRIST!!

    8. Crist will speak at DNC…remember Crist is pro-life, pro-gun and in 2010 said he would repeal Obamacare….so he now will speak…CAN YOU IMAGINE THE HYPOCRISY when that is bought up….LOL!! Crist is a joke and make no difference at all….in fact, he will hurt Obama in Florida.

    • Michael, please stop beating about the bush and tell us what you really think! 🙂

      Good, informative post!

      • Thank you for the compliment!! LOL..Crist was the man that inspired the Tea Party in many ways…Rubio was the first candidate the Tea Partiers stood behind and he crushed Crist….Crist to me is one of the most dishonest and ungrateful man in politics!

        • I lost any respect for him when he hugged on dear leader when he came here. It didn’t surprise me at all when I heard him on a Morgan and Morgan ad, but I did laugh.

    • p m

      Those Bushes sure make inspired picks, don’t they? Crist, Dewhurst in Texas. Wonder what they’re on…
      Thanks again for another great update.

    • keninil

      Here’s hoping he emphasizes his pro-life, pro-gun, and anti-Obamacare stances in his DNC speech! He really wouldn’t want to be thought of as a hypocrite!

  • tularockstar

    LOL! Crist and Michael Steele really need to get a room together, because they’re both Democrats in Repubs clothing! Then, they can have a threesome with Chris “the Thrill Up His Legs” Matthews!

  • tvlgds

    I couldn’t stand him even when he pretended to be a Republican.

  • CalCoolidge

    The real problem is Romney is the same kind of Republican as Crist.

    • Patriot077

      FWIW, Romney may not be as conservative as we would like but I think he has far more personal integrity than Charlie Crist has ever exhibited.

      Crist doesn’t seem to have any scruples whatsoever.

      • CalCoolidge

        And how has that integrity manifest itself? By first claiming to be more liberal than Ted Kennedy and then claiming to be more conservative than Santorum? Isn’t that basically the same type of flip-flopping that Crist does?

        • Patriot077

          Has he claimed to be more conservative than Santorum? I know he claimed to be a “severe conservative” (LOL) but I don’t recall that specific hit. It seemed obvious that Santorum was more conservative than nearly anyone in the race early on.

          Your points are certainly valid, Cal, but he’s what we have. I would really be cringing if I had to pull the lever for Crist.

          • CalCoolidge

            Maybe he is what YOU, have, but he is not what I have, nor is he anything I would ever vote for.

            Perhaps you heard or remember Romney answering Chris Wallace and others about the war on women that Romney care “got” health care for all women in Massachussets – a flat-out socialist lie. There’s Romney trying to out-Obama Obama. ‘Gee, I “got” more stuff for women than he did – my class warfare credentials are intact.’

            I don’t cringe over Crist. Or any other RINO. I just don’t pull the lever.

            If you see the new documentary “The Hope and the Change,” there are a dozen or so Democrats, now disaffected with Obama. These are people related to or within the set of Lenin used to call useful idiots. I tend to think the conservatives who vote for RINO’s are aptly described with the same label.

            • Patriot077

              You are welcome to your opinions, right or wrong.

              • CalCoolidge

                I’ll leave the wrong ones for you to espouse.

    • Cindy09


  • marketcomp

    Well now, where are those wizards of smart who condemned Todd Akin, who by all measures is a true conservative, ridiculing the fake phony Charlie Chris. Charlie Chris is a disgrace to the republican party and as Chris Christie said about Todd Akin, he should leave the party. I am so over these hypocrites including Scott Brown!

    • CalCoolidge

      Crist may be more hypocritical than Romney, but that doesn’t get Romney off any list of horribles.

  • Rshill7

    One part politician, two parts traitor, seven parts whore. A purrrfect ten.

    Ok, what has two index fingers and is a shameful skank?


  • p m

    My jaw actually dropped when I saw the headline. Yet, what’s so surprising after all? What an ass – finally going home to the Ass Party.

    No offense to donkeys, sweet creatures.

    • “No offense to donkeys, sweet creatures.”

      Indeed — love donkeys!

  • 911Infidel

    He looks real unhappy in that clip above. Wonder if he’s having trouble sleeping at night.

    • Nah, guys like Crist may be unhappy, but they don’t have trouble sleeping at night for guilt. Their lost sleep comes from angst over lost power.

      • 911Infidel

        Excellent point. Those that put their finger to the wind to see which way it is blowing are those who built their houses on sand. The storms come and they are ruined. Those with working moral compasses don’t have that kind of angst. No need to pickle themselves with booze to get to sleep at night. No need to smoke dope to kill the pain of failure. Crist looks like the latter.

  • I can’t stand Turncoat Charlie. I couldn’t stand him when he was the FL Gov. I always saw him as a fake and dangerous. Turncoat Charlie should move up to the Northeast or California and be among his own kind.

  • brendawatkins

    Now I know why Floridians called him sucky.

    • NYGino

      I never called him sucky but he definitely is a snake.

      • Hey NY! Our yard’s flooded 😀 They just showed on the news (not sure where it was) but someone found a jellyfish in their yard! OY!

        • Are they sure it’s a jellyfish and not a Democrat? Neither have a backbone… Can be hard sometimes to tell them apart! 🙂

        • NYGino

          Whew! I can’t remember getting so much rain. This is one heck of a large storm. I have a moat around my house. Gonna need either a boat or a drawbridge.

          • lol. I know what you mean. Our whole yard’s a moat. I haven’t even bothered trying to go down the road, I know my car probably wouldn’t float.

    • kong1967

      Sucky? Lol, that’s pretty good.

  • The DNC may be desperate to look normal if they have invited CC to the convention for a speech. I know it is an oxymoron in regard to CC and normal but what else does the DNC have to lose. All they can do is go up from where they are at and if a supposed R can be projected as a defecting from his roots because it is “extreme” it would seem all the better for them.

    Good riddance and honestly if the rest of the RINO’s would be willing to follow suit, I would second mortgage my home and fly them all to NC for the convention.

  • NYGino

    Crist has a wind sock on the roof of his house which he has to check daily to tell him which way he heads in the morning.

    • kong1967

      I’d sure hate to see swirling winds. He’d get winded with all the running in different directions.

      • NYGino

        Might account for the rumor that he goes all ways.

        • kong1967


    • nibblesyble


  • nibblesyble

    I am bringing back a great quip from my school days…gag me!

  • kong1967

    I’d be ashamed to even show my face.

  • Just an Angry Loser who can’t get a real job.

  • Rocco11

    Wow, what a lowlife skunk. Didn’t he see what democrats did to Arlen Specter? lol

  • poljunkie

    Keep groveling you creepy scum bucket.

  • I really don’t think Dems will fall for his BS.

  • Freempg

    I saw him covered on C-SPAN once. That he not be seen perspiring during the interview, his staff set up a fan to blow on Crist. He is a John Edwards, pretty-boy narcissist.

  • You know, it’s ironic: whenever the most anti-establishment Republicans (i.e., conservatives) lose primaries, they are gracious in defeat and support the victor; I can’t remember one instance where this wasn’t the case. In contrast, every election season, establishment GOP players lose primaries and run as independents, or switch parties — whatever it takes to cling to or obtain power. And down the road, such characters as Charlie Crist blow with the political wind. Based on everything he supposedly stood for as a Republican, Crist should be thrilled that Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee. Yet he isn’t; he’s for the other side. Why? Because there was never anything that Crist “stood for” as a Republican. He has no bedrock philosophy with regard to proper governance or limits of federal power, so his allegiance to any given politician or entire party is determined by one thing: the potential for power and connections for himself.

    It’s amazing, this man was governor of Florida and had so many people in the GOP establishment go to bat for him in the primary, then when he lost he back-stabbed them all. And now this: arguing that Obama is good for the middle class. I can understand how Democrat loyalists would have to make such a statement, though it must be a struggle to make it with a straight face. Crist, though, was on the sidelines. When was the last time anyone heard a peep out of him before now? This endorsement he volunteers.

    Whether it’s Huckabee going to bat for Akin, or the GOP brass standing behind turncoats like Specter and Crist, you have to hand it to the Republican Party — they earn their “Stupid Party” rep. That said, I think Crist’s endorsement is about as valuable as a pile of dog poop. Scoop is right: Anyone, be they Democrat or Republican, would be a fool to trust this man.

  • pdmd

    Governor Christ never responded to my letter in 2009 after the passing of my mother. Her uncle, the late U S Senator and former Florida Governor Spessard Holland-D was a highly respected man and statesman. My family will be supporting Mr. Romney.

  • Don

    Crist has been nothing but a two-faced RINO his whole time in office. He is like the rest of the RINOs when they get embarrassed for being who they are they respond like a liberal by calling names and making fools of themselves. I still question the rumor that Crist has a tatoo of Obama on his tongue. If anyone knows for sure, please confirm or deny. Thanks.

  • chatterbox365

    Sounds like a bottomfeeder RINO to me. These type of politicians are dangerous to our party. He was probably a “mole” all along…LOL!

    He lost to Rubio because he is a POS politician.

  • FreeManWalking

    I doubt he will carry any more weight or influence with the Demos than he did with conservatives.

    Not that he isn’t left thinking enough, but they won’t trust him until he rapes or drowns a woman, or gets a little body fluid on her dress.

  • gothicreader

    Wow, could you imagine if he was as Senator Crist and not Senator Rubio? It would have been tragic – but luckily the people of Florida saw through this charlatan.

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    Another political hack at the DNC. Oh Please, what possibly could he say that would sound authentic? RINOs are on the endangered species list and are sure to go extinct.

  • TLaMana

    We don’t need no stinkin’ RINO!!!

  • hongryhawg

    Just another POS politician looking to feather his nest. No need for core values or even a conscience. Apply here. No experience necessary.

  • stage9

    “Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican-turned-independent, continued his political makeover Sunday by endorsing President Barack Obama’s re-election and calling him “the right leader for our times.”


    Now there’s a lesson to learn here kids….all RINOS (and I mean, ALL) eventually become turncoats and then embrace full-blown liberalism….remember that. It happens every time.

    That’s why I worry about Obamney.

  • Arlen Specter called. He wants to understand what all the fuss is about.

  • notebene

    Charlie Crist should never be allowed to hold public office again! It is clear that he does not serve the people but himself. He will say anything and do anything to gain office and all of the political power perks. He did not serve the people of Florida well as governor and is just a plain selfish, sore-loser!

  • Sober_Thinking

    This man is a clown.

  • highge1256

    He always was a big lib…parading as a Repub. Who does he think he’s fooling?