Politico on Obama’s broken promises, says he’s most vulnerable on promise to cut deficit in half

Politico did a segment on Morning Joe discussing Obama’s broken promises that leave him vulnerable to attack tonight by Romney. The most vulnerable they say is Obama’s promise to the deficit in half, and despite him saying he had not choice but to run with trillion dollar deficits, Politico believes it’s a big opening for Romney to challenge him on.

They cover other broken promises as well. Watch below:

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  • Go get him Romney, so much stuff so little time.

    • Joe


      • Conservative_Hippie


    • Conservative_Hippie


  • Orangeone

    Obama mathematics. $10 trillion + $6 trillion (his increase) does not equal $5 trillion promised.

  • Jeff Carlson

    since he made no effort to cut anything except defense spending (the saving then spent on other things) he has not credible excuses …

  • Smells of misdirection. The deficit horse has been beaten to death and it’s evident that most people don’t understand the scope of the spending due to how long it’s been going on. This Libya thing is a controversy ready to erupt. F & F are also foreign policy issues that can get traction with the people if Romney is prepared to destroy Obama with his own lies.

    • Rob_Bryant

      I was just sitting here watching it and thinking, “MSNBC and Politico. Feels like they are trying to channel towards certain topics.”

      • NYGino

        Watch the other hand.

  • Joe

    ZERO has done Zero –

    No drinking for me tonight

    I want to be very sober to watch the knockout !

    • badbadlibs

      You are a brave man! IF I watch it, it will be like I use to watch horror moves…with my eyes covered and peeking thru fingers! I just can’t stomach the adoration of bo and the sound of his voice makes me quite ill!

      • Joe

        Truth be told

        I am 65% deaf!

        • badbadlibs

          So you don’t hear the actual hissing bo makes? But, I am sorry you have such hearing loss. 🙁

    • Nukeman60

      If you want to stay sober, play the drinking game where you take a shot every time Obama tells the truth. You should stay sober as a nun.

  • rsox1

    Yes, Obama is very vulnerable on that score. It’s hard for him to argue he has a plan to cut it NOW when he DOUBLED it during his term.

    I wonder how much of an opportunity Mitt will get to say exactly that, though. Crowley may decide that is ground that was covered in Denver and select questions on things like education, immigration, gay marriage, abortion, etc instead (not coincidentally, topics said to favor Obama). Hopefully Romney is ready for an aggressive crowd, moderator, AND President.

    • If Obama argues it was way bigger than he thought, then Romney crushes him based on experience. Obama has no way out of that loser issue.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Well, well, well….the Chosen One has fallen short on some of his campaign promises. I’m sure he will blame George Bush for all his (obama’s) shortcomings. He is above accepting responsibility or blame for any of the problems he’s created, such as those trillion dollar deficits. He is clearly the worst president in American history…Jimmy Carter has finally been replaced in that dubious position.

    • sjmom

      Agreed. Thought Carter was the worst president of my lifetime and who would’ve ever suspected we could do worse but we did.

  • “Democrats didn’t have any intelligence…” John Kerry, former Presidential candidate.

  • Landscaper

    Call me crazy, did the MSM just throw in the towel so they didn’t have to wait until Wednesday morning to admit Obama S-U-C-K-S ?

  • sjmom

    Would’ve expected this on Fox, not MSNBC……………….hmmmm.

  • I think the biggest lie was all those “Green Jobs” Obama was going to create. What a lie. Not only did he NOT create them, but the few “Green” corporations out there, such as Solyndra, all either went out of business or are about to go out of business. And WE got stuck with the bill for all this. Go get him, Mitt!!!

  • iaintlyin

    So the deficit is 5-6 times what he promised it would be. Is that a problem? I mean, its not like anyone made him do something he didn’t want to do. He has us right where he wants us, no? Wouldn’t the MSM and MSNBC tell us if we were in trouble? Even people on welfare and food stamps have cell phones, how bad can it be? And look, across the street, there’s a family of three (2 kids 1 mom) getting a $1400 subsidy for rent, and they can even have the moms boyfriend live there all the time. Things are good in America bro.

  • Laurel

    How about his being most vulnerable on the enormous amount of corruption, cronyism, and flat out law breaking?!

    Is the left really that dumb to put up with his crap another four years or are they such weak individuals they can’t admit they have been totally had?

  • I agree. They’re trying to steer the debate.

    1. Benghazi
    2. First dead ambassador in 30+ years.
    Disregard for security of Americans in danger.
    3. Apologies from Cairo, lies and covering-up in Washington.
    4. Indifference and condescension for Israel
    5. Nothing for Iranians protesting for freedom, nukes for their leaders.
    6. Nothing but words for Syrian protesters.

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

  • NYGino

    One six letter word….. transparency.

  • NYGino

    How about lowering the sea levels, he didn’t lower the sea levels, he said he was going to lower the sea levels, he promised the whole world he would lower the sea levels. Liar.

    • stage9

      LOL. Yeah, isn’t that why he won the Nobel Peace Prize?

    • DebbyX

      Yeah, like really, I haven’t seen it!


      • NYGino

        You either Debby? Bummer.

    • Nukeman60

      He said he would have, but Al Gore bought some $9 million beachfront property and just as soon as Gore jumped in, the oceans rose. Not Obama’s fault.

  • NYGino

    Here’s the biggest lie he told, he swore to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States. Not only has he reneged on this but he actually spends a great amount of time thinking of ways to go around it.

    • stage9

      HEAR! HEAR!

    • Rshill7

      Preach it brudder.

      • NYGino

        Can I get an amen! Can I get an amen!

        • Rshill7

          Nope. Shameless like-magnet-hussey !


  • AbdulBX

    Man, if Obama calls Romney a flip-flopper tonight, then Romney will need at least the full 90 minutes to respond. It’s just too much to hit Obama with in 2 minutes.

  • stinkprogress

    pure speculation but when MSNBC runs hit pieces on Obama, when CNN actually covers Bengazi thats gotta tell you something.
    Is the landslide writing on the wall? Funny how these hacks are suddenly trying to look unbiased. In minuscule ways but……..
    Speculation Only

  • sDee

    an amazing list of coinkydinks…….

    “In the four years I have been gathering information about—and evidence against—Barack Hussein Obama, I have encountered hundreds of coincidences that strike me as amazing. None of those coincidences, by themselves, may mean much. But taken as a whole it is almost impossible to believe they were all the result of chance. “


  • Rshill7

    In this format, I’m wondering how Obama becomes much more aggressive. I mean, he’s supposed to be answering questions from undecided voters (yeah right) without directly speaking to Romney.

    What does he do, get all aggressive with the questioner? That would be fun huh? I hope some of the questions directed to Obama come off something like this:

    1. You suck, no?
    2. Good grief, where are all the jobs?
    3. Where the hokey hell is all that money you spent?
    4. Can you please explain how much money six trillion dollars is?
    5. When you get trampled in November, are you planning to star in a new series called “The Six Trillion Dollar Man” ?

    You know, stuff like that.

    If Obama tries to put Romney on the defensive, Romney needs to counter with more offense rather than defense. It seems to me they’ll be obliged to speak of one another in the third person. Which will also be interesting since there’s just the two of them.

    If Candy gets too much involved, Romney can refer to her comments immediately after Romney chose Ryan, ever so gently. Remember that comment from she…”…death wish…”? Uh huh, bring it on non-partisan “moderator”. She could certainly do with some self-moderating. She won’t though.

    She harbors not so secret hard-left desires. Maybe some donuts and chocolate covered bacon desires too….and pork rinds…and deep fried butter…sour cream and cream cheese. No worries though…she can wash it all down with Diet Pepsi. Ok, I apologize. It might be a thyroid disorder.

    Anyway, here’s hoping Obama comes away from this debate with a serious democrat disorder. What’s worse than that?

    • badbadlibs

      Now that was just plain fun to read. 🙂 and spot on!

      • Rshill7

        Thank you sister! It was fairly fun to write too.


    • Nukeman60

      What I would like to see in this debate is a rerun of an old Geraldo talk show, with Obama getting so mad that he lunges at Romney, trying to wrap his fingers around Romney’s throat and big ole Crowley caught in the middle , with Obama on top of her.

      Now I would pay good money to view that scenario. End of an error? You betcha!

    • I wish you were there mybear asking the questions!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!! 😀

  • notebene

    Well, well well….the lamestream is starting to hack into their messiah! You can see the writing on the wall when this happens. They are running out of ways to protect their incompetent leader, so now they will slowly change their tune about him. Gee, those of us who do our own research are waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of them. Perhaps they need to be replaced with real journalists, since their propaganda days are clearly numbered! None of us will ever trust them again, nor should they be allowed to gain our ratings either. They have shown us who they are and we believe them…they are incompetent, progressive droids.

  • I’d like him to answer the IowaHawk question: Mr. President, why is it that when you create jobs, they are all in Texas, North Dakota, and Tennessee?

  • Mr. President, are you going to throw California to the La Raza people, or are you going to wait until the left has sucked it dry first?

  • Mr. President, when Michelle takes her next vacation, can we at least get some lousy t-shirts?

  • detectivedick

    I am in rush so the facts are basic. When the LIAR said he would cut the deficit in half, he made that statement before TARP and the deficit was $400 billion before TARP. So the LIAR promised he would have a $200 billion deficit. Do the math, $200 billion times 4 equals $800 billion. The LIAR has racked up $5.5 trillion that is $4.7 trillion more than promised.
    I hope the Hannity’s and the GOP pick up on this point.

  • Rocco11

    Mika is a card carrying communist.

  • Nukeman60

    The most vulnerable they say is Obama’s promise to cut the deficit in half

    I think he’s going to say that he and Biden didn’t know that a trillion dollar deficit every year for four years wouldn’t cut the deficit in half. It was a financial video on capitalism that was the cause of the problem, not him.