Politics of Fear: Rep. John Lewis smears Tea Party, plays race card at official Obama Campaign HQ Opening event

On June 9 at the official opening of Obama campaign’s new headquarters in Atlanta, Rep. John Lewis, obviously referring to the Tea Party, smeared his opponents in Washington and all over the country as wanting to “take us back”, noting they’ve “come too far” and that some of them “gave a little blood on that bridge”.

Watch below:

The inference is that the white Tea Party wants to take voting rights away from blacks and it’s no surprise to hear Lewis use this kind of race-based hyperbolic rhetoric as we’ve documented it over and over. But given that it was at an official Obama Campaign event, I’d like to know if President Obama believes that the Tea Party is trying to suppress or take voting rights away from blacks. After all, if this were a Romney campaign event and one of his surrogates began saying Obama was born in Kenya, he would be forced to repudiate it by the press.

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  • anneinarkansas

    John Lewis is as racist as they get!

    • Sober_Thinking

      I wonder if someone will spit on him…

      • 12grace

        Big Lie: Video Shows Black Lawmakers Lied about “Racist” Assault

        • sara holy land

          This video is not available.

          • 12grace

            I am not sure why it’s not available. Thanks for the info. Sara.

            • sara holy land

              To my surprise, today is not blocking the video.
              Thank you -grace.

        • Nukeman60

          Are you sure they weren’t demanding the hanging of our first Black President, Bill Clinton? I distinctly heard them saying, “Kill the Bill”.

          • 12grace


        • Sober_Thinking

          Lol! I know it was a lie… just trying to be cheeky. 🙂

      • 12grace

        Lewis may not get spit on in this life time but rest assure Lucifer has a warm spot waiting for him when Lewis passes.

    • 12grace

      Extermination of white people?

      • las1

        Oy Vey!

        Have these people ever lived in the real world and not the world of collective psychosis.
        That was brutal to get through. Imagine how brutal it will be when they start acting on their “extermination” dreams.

        This is evidence that Satan does spawn offspring in the natural world.

  • Islam_Sucks

    as incomprehensible as the idea of someone choosing slavery is to me…

    the idea of choosing freedom is to these people.

    as long as they choose leaders like this, they will choose be slaves to the state

  • johnos2112

    You would hope that maybe someday the truth would slap these people across the face.

    • Sandra123456

      Not ever going to happen. The slaves were freed 150+ years ago. This racism racket is to good to give up.

      Probably 200 years from now Representative John Lewis the Fifth will be giving this same speech that his great grandfather gave.

      • 12grace

        A Call To Arms For White People Of Truth

  • HARP2

    When racism is all you have then you know your campaign is in trouble.

    • 12grace

      Bill O’Reilly: Obama Playing The Race Card

      Obama’s Campaign Plays the Race Card

      Saul Alinsky Takes the White House

      Glenn Beck – Rules For Radicals – Lucifer

  • Nukeman60

    Give me a break. He even grabs his crotch at the :08 second mark (while saying ‘we have the president’s back’). Geesh.

    We’ve come too far. Some of us gave a little blood on that bridge and we’re not going back.‘ – Lewis

    Okay, I felt it. He spit on me there. Did you feel it? I know he spit on me. Racist!

  • So tired of race baiting politics. “Take our country back” means take it away from believing you’re entitled to being taken care of just because you exist and returning the country’s mindset to believing that if you work hard you can pull yourself “Up from [insert random disliked position]”. While I didn’t vote for Obama because he’s a little too far left for me, I was hoping that having a Black president would move us beyond our past. I guess not.

    • 12grace

      Saul Alinsky and Barack Hussein Obama –

      The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

  • marketcomp

    This is a disgrace. John Lewis is an a safe district so he can say any stupid thing that he wants to say and no one will challenge him. The only person taking us back is Obama with his health care law and high unemployment to name just rwo.

    • FutureOnePercent

      Does the RNC even try in districts like that? Even if you don’t expect to win, put up a fight. Make him state his case. Too many people, myself included, before I started doing my own learning, assume that politicians are smart people. Not even CLOSE! So make them state their case, and that way you at least have their idea on paper so you can point out how stupid it is.

      All we need is 535 Patriots in a nation of 300 million. You don’t have to win, you just have to get into the fight.

      • marketcomp

        You know it would be very interesting to challenge John Lewis to a debate on law and policy. We see Allen West all the time articulating and communicating law, policy, and real world applications. I have yet to see John Lewis or any left-wing CBC member, the POTUS, or any of them try to explain policy they use sound bites and slogans like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. Even with the health care law they continue to scare people, as if none of us had health care before the law was passed, using scare rhetoric saying that everyone is in jeopardy of not having health care if the law is not upheld. During the debate not a one could even explain to the citizens why we needed and its importance. Not recognizing that no one wanted this stupid law that infringed on individual liberty and designed to control the individual and force us to eat or do what they want us to as is the case with Michelle Obama and Mayor Bloomberg. Understanding how the law applies to seniors is a kin to a process of elimination of senior citizens who helped to grow and developed the Country and now we have and to eliminate them by using the ipad or the death panel is horrific and Hitler-like tactics. John Lewis doesn’t even know how this would apply and I will bet you that he cannot even articulate any policy that he votes on. I mean John Lewis only form of communication is shouting, pointless rhetoric, and name calling. He is so ignorant that he marched the capitol hill steps with Nancy Pelosi during the health care debate which was really discussing, incomprehensible, and obscured. John Lewis lacks the ability to intellectually articulate any laws that he is responsible for passing for the rest of us and unfortunately he has a constituency that supports him no matter what and that’s why it’s a waste of time going after this man.

        • FutureOnePercent

          Yeah, exactly.

          Has anyone ever made them say more than a talking point?

          Do they know any more than a talking point? My guess is no…

          Isn’t Herman Cain in the Atlanta area? We should encourage him to challenge Lewis for his seat.

          Edit: I just looked it up and Herman Cain grew up in Atlanta, but I have no idea if he still lives in that area.

          • marketcomp

            Yea, he lives in Atlanta but even he couldn’t get through to John Lewis contituency. Many of them are just ignorant and believe that the Republican party is out to destroy them. Its like a religion.

  • Sober_Thinking

    So… this election is whites vs. blacks? Not about removing the most destructive monster to ever hold the office of U.S. President? Not about fixing all the destruction is Ahole has brought on us? Not about helping America get back on her feet? It’s all about race? That’s what it’s all about? Is that the best they can do? And sadly, how many people, black and white will swallow this ignorant garbage? Your CBC hard at work folks.

    As long as Aholes like this clown continue to hold “his” people hostage, there will be racism. As long as they continue to trump it up and lie about it, there will be racism. As long as these idiots keep spreading this ignorance, there will be racism.

    Obama is once again guilty by association. Think the media will pick up on this? Me either.

  • 12grace

    The 12 Values
    of 9/12 and Tea Party groups

    Hard Work
    Personal Responsibility

    Anyone wonder what values Rep. Lewis, obama and the left hold dear?

  • “come to far”

    I think the word you want there is “too”

  • Patriot077

    Sending money to Allen West.

    Too bad this [email protected]$$ wasn’t really spit on!!!

    • marketcomp

      Now that is a stark contrast between Allen West and John Lewis with both coming from the inner city of Atlanta. John Lewis wanting to go back to the pass and Col. Allen West always looking toward the future. John Lewis really needs his to retire. He is too old and out of touch. He reminds me of one of those commericals that shout at people to get their attention. So I guess he thinks that if he shouts enough he will get attention and people will vote for Obama.

      • WordsFailMe

        Too old, too filled with hate, prejudice and the racist superiority bullshit black baby mama’s fed weak-minded male spawn.

        • marketcomp

          LOL! Awesome, WordsFailMe!

      • Patriot077

        Isn’t it though … he sure was trying to stir up the crowd.

        And it will be men and women with character (like West & Starr Parker) who finally bring their fellow black Americans away from these racist oppressors who have created the strawman of the evil rich racist.

        • WordsFailMe

          I think West and Parker better watch their backs and steer clear of young black men congregated in secluded public places.

          You know, like all white people do.

  • WordsFailMe

    Is there any doubt the black infiltration of public office and governmental bureaucracy merely further the white hating culture? Do these sound like reasonable people who want peace with their neighbors?

    I know it;s not true of all blacks, just like jihad, hatred of America and Western Culture is not the rule among Muslims, But how much longer can we tolerate the ignorance, hate, fear mongering and stupidity. Are you sick of having to deal with moronic, slurring, contemptible, arrogant slobs at government offices and public counters? When can we finally speak out and simply refer to a man or a woman as a stupid jerk without regard to race or religion?

    Doesn’t stupidity, racism and arrogance trump race and religion? What has happened to my nation? What happened to the land of the brave? Is it now the land of the brave unless the other guy is black or Muslim?

  • 12grace

    Political Insider
    John Lewis uses his jailhouse mug – to raise street cred and campaign cash

    Rep. John Lewis Compares Death Of Trayvon Martin To 1955 Lynching Of Teen Emmett Till

    Atlanta – March 24, 2011 – US Rep. John Lewis at the Rally for Truth & Dignity – Immigrant Rights aka fights to illegals and votes for democrats

    Rep. John Lewis on the Pressing Need for Healthcare Reform

    aka Lewis betrays the American people. Keep in mind Lewis and the other leftists get free high quality healthcare on our tax dollars while forcing us to purchase health care that the gov’t will decide if we get….

    • marketcomp

      He is a disgrace and an embarrassment!

  • sno_warrior

    Many, many of us gave ‘blood’ on the battlefield in order for this traitor to spew his vile lies.

    • wodiej

      600,000 or so.

  • Is that all they got? Really?

    Obama had better do better than that. There aren’t enough blacks to get you elected.

    • marketcomp

      Thank God for that, Laurel!

      • WordsFailMe

        And Margret Sanger?

        • marketcomp

          Who they do not recognize!

          • WordsFailMe

            You know, she’s a thin, elderly and typically white lady, looks like a cross between Frances Fox Piven and a pipe wrench?

            • marketcomp

              Yea, War on the elderly and women!

  • semihardrock

    It should have been held in Detroit as it is the ONLY true outcome of the Democratic Party!

    • 12grace

      Rep. Lewis is yet another example of the useful idiots.

      Obama: The Man Who Fooled The World (Full Length Part One)

  • The “White” Tea Party??? Maybe you should get some glasses Mr. Lewis and stop playing the race card. It’s so tiresome.

  • haha

  • This miscreant is but one of MANY modern-day Judas Escariot… Amazing what 30 pieces of silver can do to a man’s integrity these days…

  • wodiej

    I’m sure obama not only knows it but is encouraging this hyperbole.

  • John Lewis, human shield.

  • kateorjane

    It’s almost kind of sad to see people who did contribute to the civil rights effort become so stuck in the past with their hate. Lewis can’t move on because the race baiting days werewhat made him – if there is no race issue men like him lose all their power and self-importance.

  • You have gone back. You are now slaves on the DNC Plantation.

    • philgilles

      The good news is so many are waking up. This is why I say the future of Conservatism and it’s hope for our country lies in the hands of non-whites. This may seem like a racist comment because everyone is hypersensitive by design to race talk. However the reason I say this is because if you are black and are an outspoken conservative, you loose almost all your friends, your family outcasts you, and the media black lists you and calls you an Uncle Tom.

      What Courage these people have! That is what will save us is Courage. I contend a Black or Hispanic that isn’t afraid to call it as it is, has largely been hardened by fire and the Truth, and are used to defending it.

      I recently joined the Black and Hispanic Conservative club on Facebook…you want inspiration? totally re-lit my fire and filled me with Hope. HIGHLY recommend it.

      • philgilles

        We need to support those that are brave enough to stick their necks out to defend our mutual way of life, and traditions.

  • philgilles

    My view on Liberals and Democrats is this 50% are idiots and not to be trusted because they are incompetent, and 50% are Communists and not to be trusted because they hate our country and Capitalism. I think elected Democrats almost all fall into category number two.

  • The Democrats have tried again and again to kill the Tea Parties and they have failed. The recent election in Wisconsin shows just how powerful the Tea Party still is and why the liberal Democrats should fear it. The Tea Party is an idea that makes a lot of sense and most voters know that. That’s why, come November, Democratic party hacks like John Lewis are going to lose big. Just remember, the more threatened the liberals feel, the nastier they become. And they’re going to be real, real, nasty this fall. We’ll be ready for them this time around.

  • If this speech was coming from let’s say Tony The Tiger or goofy, then I might get offended, but since it coming from wiley coyote John Lewis I’ll just laugh and have a twinkie.
    yawning, getting close to nap time.

    Tea Party Patriot
    cartoon characters are thriving in the democrat party.

  • hosepipe

    What is Lewis smoking?… He doped on something.. What a dope..

  • James1754

    This seems to be the only thing I hear from Joe Lewis. Mr. Lewis and his crowd seem to be stuck in 1964. He uses the race card and fear mongering to keep himself in office.

  • PFFV

    The left can’t survive without the victim card. They are running out of tactics to demonize responsible, common sense, thinking Americans; also known as The Tea Party. This is the same old song and dance from the liberals/democrats. If we disagree with you we are racists, extremists, radicals, or anything that will stick. John Lewis (and his ilk) are Liars, Cheats, and Frauds. Less government is the only solution to our problems and they will cry “Racist” because it’s all they have left. See you in November Liberal Anti-American fools!

  • SaraPFan

    Is this the same John Lewis who supported Hillary during the 2008 Democrat primary then only relented after Obama was sure to get the nomination? He gave an interview saying he was only moving towards Obama because he was scared. Implying that blacks were threatening him to rally behind Obama. Tavis Smiley said the same. Blacks were threatening Smiley because he preferred Hillary during their primary. Now it’s the Tea Party who are racists? Now Lewis wants to recite the “we’ve come too far” mantra?

  • Just imagine how stupid one would have to be to follow people like Lewis.

    • destroyer_of_moonbats

      the parasite class.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Where’s O’whathisname the Great Uniter of ALL Americans? Seems to me this country has more racial tension now than before he became president!!!!

  • ram

    john lewis is ready to lay to the black people, he thinks they stupid and uneducated. only people stupid people would belive that white people wants to take voting rights away from blacks. will we let a laying democrat fool us and now uses racist in order to push his adgenda. black people who don’t share lewis view are racist too or are they just mindless. lewis only like obama because his black and would protect him even if he screw the american people. we need to vote people like lewis out because he cares more about the color of a person that what is right for the country.