Poll: Confidence in public schools hits record low

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  • 911Infidel

    Everyone knows that the Pubik School systems are nothing more than indoctrination centers who are contributing mightily to the dumbing down of America. Now what is anyone going to do about it? Probably nothing.

    • WordsFailMe

      I went to school in California when it’s system was the bast in the US. I had teachers who demanded performance. Our teachers were some of the best. Our teachers included men who’d finished high school after they’d returned from the Pacific Theater or after VE day, men who’d walked out of their high school gymnasium assemblies on Monday, Dec 8, 1941, and joined the Army of Navy on the spot.

      The scum that infiltrate the halls of California today are America haters whose souls have been co-opted and manipulated into accepting the responsibility and racial guilt for slavery and regularly pay dues to a union. And it is to the union, not to the children, that they give their allegiance or to whom they cow in fear.

      • 911Infidel

        Amen to that.

        When I was in school all my teachers were traditional libs. They turned their classrooms into a courtroom and all the students into lawyers who were forced to defend the opposing side of an argument. If you were for a political issue you had to defend the con side of the issue. If you were against the issue, you had to defend the opposite view. This process taught everyone critical thinking and forced everyone to look at all sides of an argument fair and square.

        What we got now is a monotone view of the world, history, math, science and government. Its Zinn, Chomsky, Said, Alinsky, Janson, Mann, Gore, Ayers, and Qutub. Oh and like you said leftist union politics.

        OWS and Obama are the results of 40 years of stuck-on-stupid education.

        • WordsFailMe

          I get chills reading your description of classroom requirements.
          In my high school, we debated race relations, politics and anything else we 18-year-old’s were expert on–yuk-yuk. And we had to conduct the debates entirely in Spanish.

          • 911Infidel

            They don’t make teachers like they use to. You had to study hard to pass in my school. While everyone else was taking home one or no books, I had to carry four or five books home. Of course, that was also in the days when a teacher could put his hands on you. And believe me, they ran the school, not the hippies.

            • WordsFailMe

              We had lockers and I still carried books home every night. Failing in school not having my homework done or not scoring high on a test was beyond my imagining. Not only would my parents and my teachers not tolerate failure, but they had taught me not to accept failure.

              I remember in the 5th grade when Jimmie Modison, who lived right behind us, got a whipping, standing and bent over, in front of the entire class. The tiny young teacher, actually broke the yard stick on young Jimmie’s smart a**, then put the two pieces together and continue to whack.

              I don’t remember if the kids in class cheered, but I remember wanting to.

              • 911Infidel

                LOL. You just described my experience in grade school and high school in a nutshell.
                Funny thing too, I never even once considered the word failure in school.Everything was geared towards reaching the next goal. Sports was the same way. You were expected to reach all goals without fail…and quickly….Parents, teachers, neighbors, friends were all in one big giant conspiracy to push you to the next level. whether you wanted to go there or not. If you tried to “puss” out, there was always a size 10 boot around somewhere, to give you a swift kick in the “learning zone”.

        • Traditional liberalism is conservatism. It is also known as Classical Liberalism. Liberalism now is actually progressive-ism which is a nice word for communism.

          Your list of radical left out Cloward and Piven and all of them a product of Frankfurt School in Germany. That is where political correctness was conceived as well. All of those classes like Women’s Studies etc came out of the Frankfurt School of thought and perpetuated under the guise of academic freedom.

          • 911Infidel

            Traditional liberalism is not conservativism. Conservatism and liberalism are at loggerheads when it comes to morality. That’s where they diverge. A traditional liberal is a David Horowitz type. He listens to both sides, and gives them both an equal hearing. But when it comes to moral issues like “civil unions” and even abortion, they are to the left of conservatives.

      • Same here. Now it is beyond bad and I say that from the experience as a parent. You would not believe the kind of dumb that was foisted on these kids. When I have a teacher, who has a master’s degree, toss my kid out of class because she disagreed with his statement that we fought on the side of the Germans in WWI there is a serious problem. That same teacher stuck to his insistence when I confronted him. You really can’t fix that kind of stupid.

        • WordsFailMe

          I think it was in “Dante’s Inferno” where a GUIDE was showing a mortal SOUL through Hell so that the mortal would understand that there were different levels of torture in Hell for different levels of depravities a soul may have engaged in while alive. The deeper the depravity on earth, the deeper into Hell the soul was sent.

          At the deepest level, the GUIDE pointed out the souls condemned to spend eternity skewered through the heart on the devil’s tail!

          Astonished, the touring SOUL asked the guide, ” But where do liberals go when the die?” to which the GUIDE replied by extending his crook-necked staff and lifting the Devil’tail.

          Have a great day, Laurel. I am.

  • sDee

    Yet everyone just keeps voting back all the people who keep on funding this travesty and their unions.

    When I get into an argument on education and the fed’s control with someone, the (R)’s usually say it sucks and “we” need to fix it. Very few say the Central Government needs to stop funding it in order to improve it. (D)’s usually always say we are not spending enough because of stupid (R)’s.

    I usually end up asking them who they voted for – their US Rep and Senator. Many say they did not vote. The ones who voted usually say they do not know who they voted for or even who their Rep or Senator is! They just voted (R) or (D) and went home.

    Hardly anyone knows that there is a difference between public and private sector unions or how serious the public sector union problem is. Even after Wisconsin.

  • ApplePie101

    I overheard some liberals talking about pushing for more charter schools and school vouchers. That’s how low confidence in public schools has gotten.