POLL: Who won the 3rd and final Presidential Debate tonight between Mitt Romney and President Obama?

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President Barack Obama went head to head with presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the 3rd and final debate on foreign policy. Who do you think won the debate?

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  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    If Obama can’t change Washington from the inside, why the F are you voting for him?

    • Sober_Thinking

      It sure comes down to that doesn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚

      Great point.

  • I think Obama came out on top.
    Whether his lies were better or not, he just seemed more presidential to the average undecided mainstream media informed joe.

    Romney had alot of ammunition to use and unfortunately they didnt go off as i was hoping. Eg, Libya Benghazi, bumps in the road, should have pressed the president on the russian microphone comment.

    Allen West or Newt Gingrich would have wiped the floor.

    • BlueGood

      No way Jose….

    • His job tonight wasn’t to appeal to the base. It was to not look like a warmonger (aka Bush). He did that. Also, he didn’t want to leave any room for Obama to have any surprises like the last debate with Lybia. None happened. Romney had a gameplan and he executed it.

      • Yes, ill concede that.

    • white531

      That Allen West or Newt would have wiped the floor with him, is a given. I respectfully disagree with the rest of your comment.

      • Allen West would have risked sounding too hawkish and vindictive, while Newt, unfortunately, seems to have Romney’s level of foreign policy experience, which accounted at least in part for his weaknesses in this debate.

    • katydidvote

      The only one who lied was Romney! ESPECIALLY on the Auto industry restructuring! Mitt wrote an oped in the NY times that said let them fail! Other writings….he wrote an entire ficticous book on Obama apologising but IT NEVER HAPPENED! Get ur head outta the sand! I have voted both parties in the past! and I will again vote for Obama-he clearly won this debateand he clearly makes a strong commander and cheif!!! Romney is a panderer! Plain and simple!

      • Nukeman60

        Do you understand the difference between chapter 7 and chapter 11 bankruptcies? Go ahead, look it up. I’ll wait…….

        Got it now? Good. Romney wanted the auto companies to go through chapter 11 bankruptcies, which would restructure them to be fiscally viable. After Obama wasted taxpayer money to give to the Unions, they still went through chapter 11.

        Chapter 7 bankruptcies (total liquidation) is what the Obama-backed solar companies like Solyndra went through, which once again cost the taxpayers money. That is what Obama (and you) are accusing Romney of wanting.

        Wow. Two for two failures with Obama. Hope you learned something tonight.

        • white531

          Nuke is right, katydid. You don’t understand bankruptcy law. Chapter 11 bankruptcy would have allowed GM and Chrysler to continue doing business, just as they are doing right now. All the bailout accomplished was to funnel millions of dollars to the unions. Not surprising, when you consider that the unions are part of Obama’s base.

          Glad you came here this evening. We need people like you to remind us just how misguided, Liberals are.

          • Nukeman60

            White, you might want to redirect this post to Katydidvote, as I don’t think she can read two posts down without getting lost and I’m sure she would love to hear your excellent comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

            • white531


      • I think No Child Left Behind came decades too late and billions (of dollars) too much…

      • ScottFairness

        Romney was absloutley correct on the Auto Industry. Go through Bankruptcy first, and ONLY then get assistance from the Govt. via grants. NOT like Obama did with Solyndra!!! As for Obama apologizing on his Mideast tour. HE MOST CERTAINLY DID!!!You’re the one who should get your head out of the sand. OBAMA’S first concern should have been JOBS!!! But guess what??? It turned out to be OBAMACARE!!! “A strong Commander in Cheif??? Ask Israel!!Look at the economy!! “PLAIN AND SIMPLE” no…….Those words define Obama!! What experience did Obama have 4 years ago?? I can hear the crickets chirping!! I’ll vote for experience, wisdom and a PROVEN track recored of fixing businesses that are on the verge of failure… Very much like our business “The United States Federal Government”!! Mitt Romney has that experience, not Obama!!! From a community organizer, to a Senator for ONLY 2 years where his voting record then was “Absent”, and then thrust into the highest office in the land!! OBAMA obviously wasn’t ready for it AND IT SHOWS!!

      • Troll..go post on the Daily Kos site. Lib plain and simple.

      • kssturgis62

        katy your wrong. Romney never lied, in all 3 Debates he told the truth. If you read the New York Times Article that is not what he Wrote or Said in that Article. Your lying by saying that. Do you have any idea what a Structured Bankruptcy is? you obviously don’t.

        Obama Fired Rick Waggoner the CEO of GM, he had NO right to do that as POTUS. Only Share Holders Can fire a CEO of a company. he then took GM and broke it up – giving and paying off Unions first, before Share holders. Share holders in the Company lost everything !!! Without Share holders who buy stock in a Company, Companies CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT THOSE INVESTING. He then Gave 76% of the Company to UNIONS who now cannot Succeed Without Endless pumping of our TAX DOLLARS INTO THE COMPANY and then gave the rest of 23% to Canadian Unions !! your not looking because you DO NOT CARE.

        GM the VOLT is not being made anymore, It was catching on Fire, and who wants to buy one when they cost over 35,000 Dollars. Another thing, GM Is NOW CHINA MOTORS. But instead of looking it up, You SPOUT LIES.




        • iF OBAMA GETS another 4 years in office america is doomed, he’S nothing but a LIAR

    • 12grace

      Anyone that really understands who and what obama is probably wanted Romney to bring him down to his knee’s and confront obama with all his lies.

      I sure wanted Romney to put obama away and was screaming at the TV image of Romney while watching the debate at times that I felt he missed an opportunity to clean obama’s clock verbally.

      However, it seems Romney kept right on point and got the message out that he wanted to get out and he was not drawn into obama’s baiting and petty nonsense. And obama looked like he was argumentative and angry. It didn’t pay off for him.

      We will know by the poll results, if we get a fair vote, how effective Romney’s strategy really was in this debate.


      …sorry you are mistaken on your analysis .”

    • Well, he’s the incumbent President of the United States. You can’t get more presidential than that.

      • 3seven77

        The fact that Obama was lucky enough to be elected doesn’t mean he’s ever been “presidential”. Don’t confuse the office with the man.

        Obama is nothing more than a petty, petulant, man-child.

      • ScottFairness

        Sure you can… How about the President in the Oval Office with a cigar and an intern named Monica lewinsky. Now that is Presidential.. How about Obama calling the Israeli Prime Minister a “Liar” with an open Mic picking it up!! How about Obama promising the Russian President that “I’ll have more flexibility after the election” with yet again, an open mic picking it up. Flexibility with what??? How about the Israeli Prime Minister stopping in New York, where Obama was doing an interview a few blocks away on the Today show and refusing to meet Benjamin Netanyahu. What do you supopose Obama would have done if the visiting dignitary was a muslim leader???? He would have ran over to him, bowed his head and kissed his ass. That’s what Obama would do!!!

        Obama is BY FAR the least Presidential President EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WI4Walker

    Why is Romney playing prevent defense? Now is the time to finish the job, not play it safe. Very frustrated with him tonight.

    • 12grace

      No, Romney said he thought we should have a strong military. He also said we should try everything possible (sanctions) before taking military actions. Also. Romney also said he would not cut military spending.

    • SgtL

      I am an independent voter and a Desert Shield vet. I have made up my mind after the third debate. If a man’s religion keeps him and all of his sons out of the military, how can he be commander and chief. I have a son who is going to the Marines next summer, I would like to know that the president knows foreign policy. The lesser of two evils maybe, but I have the keep the sitting president for the sake national security. Romney just has not shown that he is in touch with the world around us.

  • I didn’t like Romney in this debate, and I can’t stand Obama’s bullcrap…

  • On another post I stated, “i’m very disappointed with this debate overall.” The viewer lost, this fp debate was a wasted opportunity. I found 0bama very unlikable and particularly over-rehearsed with his phrases and that annoys me. Yet Romney didn’t fight back in any memorable way and that is a loss, F and F could have also been mentioned since the Mexican gov’t was never notified about the gun running scheme. Ugh there is just so much that was never mentioned.

    • I never have found Obama likeable.

      • marketcomp

        And he’s worse now.

        • I think that I may just get some relief from the chronic nausea that I have suffered from for the last four years.

          • marketcomp

            LOL! We all will!

      • Me either, though I was speaking from the perspective of only a demeanor in this debate vs. his ‘cool’ persona et al.

    • 12grace

      Yes, I wanted Romney to rip obama apart and expose him for the liar that he is but in retrospect Romney calmly and gracefully got his points across with-out getting caught up in obama’s manipulation. I think obama was trying to start a fight with Romney and he was not able to do it. obama looked angry to me for a good part of this debate.

    • True, F&F should have been mentioned more.

  • marketcomp

    I think Romney was going after the undecided or the women who see conflict as a fight, I guess!

    • Rightstuff1

      Bingo – Romney was playing politics at a very high level. This debate was meant to show he could be Presidential and he achieved that. I wanted to see Romney savage him but then I hate Obama so that’s not a surprise to anyone who has read my postings on TRS.

      I call it a win because this will net Romney votes and that is all that was needed.

      • marketcomp

        I know Rightstuff1! When I really thought about it Romney did not want to get bogged down in the details about Libya because I don’t think that would have been Presidential and only benefit his base. He must expand his voting base and while he got some points across and that was fine he remain Presidential. But I guess this Libya debacle will not be resolved until we get a new Senate.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          The scandal in Libya should be an American concern, transcending political party.

          • marketcomp

            Hey Galatiansch2vs20, I am not saying that Libya was not important because it is absolutely important. But, we must understand that we will have many more Libyas if we donot get this President out of office and I just hope that Mitt Romney;s strategy was another step towards that goal last night.

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              But Romney should have stated how he would lead differently in respect to embassies, that security of our citizens is of utmost concern to him; also, that he intends to not miss security briefings because our national security is of extreme importance to him. This should be a message that would not only appeal to his base, but an important indication of leadership in a perspective President.

              • marketcomp

                Romney did that. Just by not lowering himself to Obama’s level he showed all of us that he is indeed the most Presidential.

                • Galatiansch2vs20

                  He wouldn’t have had to lower himself to Obama’s level to demonstrate leadership difference. He was rather lack-luster in his response to the Libya question (heard it again on conservative talk show). But hopefully, if God would be so merciful as to not allow Obama to be re-elected, Romney would demonstrate a stronger policy when it came to the embassies and the security of our citizens overseas, which is more important.

      • i think you have just about right. romney’s thinking big picture.

      • “poitics at a very high level,” us exactly right. Those of us who are very angry at OB want to see his A$$ handed to him. And we wanted to only person around who could publicly to DO it. We angry ones are/were wrong. Tonight Mitt had played a very clever hand. And played it beautifully.

    • He did seem to be attempting an appeal to the lighter senses.

  • Aikalo80

    Didnt watch it

  • Martin2717

    Nobody did. That old toolbag Schieffer didn’t bother to bring up Libya in what was supposed be a foreign policy debate ruined it for me and I hope everybody else. Disgraceful.

    • It was the first question, wasn’t it?

      • Martin2717


        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Actually, it was.

      • I don’t recall much of anything on Libya, but I got in twenty minutes late.

        • Nukeman60

          Then you missed it by 19 minutes. It was over before it began. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • leel004

    Obama kept saying that whatever romney said bo boy came back with …I am glad you agree with us….and mitt LET him get away with it NUMEROUS times.

    ALSO mitt GAVE UP time to obama several times……….why did he do that?

    • justrighton

      I think he wanted to give him enough rope to hang himself with…and he did.

    • 12grace

      I think Romney had several points that he wanted to make to the undecided voters and he did not allow obama’s lies to deter him for his goal.

  • Marky_D

    I think Romney won that – he put his blows in without being overly aggressive and risking losing the undecided. Pure strategy I think – he wasn’t playing to your average Right Scoop reader – let’s face it, how many of you would change your vote regardless of the debate performance – he was going after the middle ground and I think he did it well (which is not the same as saying I like everything he said).

    • I hope that worked for Romney, I know Romney could have been terrible all three debates and I still would vote for him.

      • Steffon Miller

        so what you are saying is that you are not for Rommey, just against Obama? I find that this is the concept of most people voting for a party. The sad part is American and American lose in the end.. As a Vet I fought for AMERICA NOT REPUBLICAN/DEMOCRATE and reading these comments make me A Sads. When we start voting for what is best for the foundation of America, it’s people no matter the party of race then we will be a Great and Mighty Nation.

        • I’m not an undecided voter, so my voting for someone isn’t based on a debate performance and voting for Romney because I believe he will do the job necessary to make the economy way better and Obama won’t. I’m tired of this mediocre economy with Obama.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Obama stands against God in moral issues such as abortion and homosexuality and is not on the side of Israel. Obama has done much toward the destruction of our nation- eroded freedom of conscience in Obama care as well as freedom of choice when it came to medical insurance, helped cause massive increases in debt, with jeopardizing (which cost some their lives) our military with leaks and refusal to supply proper security to our embassy in Benghazi, with his policy about the missile defense system in Poland, by supporting Muslim brotherhood in Egypt. Obama is against America the way it was founded and has worked toward fundamentally transforming America.

          Romney was not the choice of conservatives, but he became the nominee. He would be an improvement over Obama as he respects the Constitution and our ally Israel as well as wanting a strong national defense and not a leading from behind approach.

        • Anyone who could confuse a vote for Obama as a vote for America is going to remain sad for a long time. It stopped being about “party” years ago. And nice job dragging “race” into it. Obama has created problems of such a huge scale that the left’s love of race has been dwarfed by comparison. Every time that card is played it makes the person playing it look smaller and smaller.

  • Good job Mitt

  • Nukeman60

    Romney stuttered too much, left many issues on the table, and agreed way too much with Obama. Obama used that snake-like stare down that was disturbing throughout and called Romney a liar far more than he proposed positions.

    Having said that, Romney started out well, gave up ground toward the middle, and came on very strong at the end. His closing remarks were the last thing heard, so overall I would give the debate to Romney in a close race.

    The time was better distributed this time around, even though Schieffer seemed to lean toward Obama. Overall, I did not like the debate as the big points of contention didn’t materialize. Obama, however, had to win big to make a difference. I don’t think this debate will help him in the polls in the next few days.

    Win to Romney. Let’s close it, now.

    • PhillyCon

      Thanks for your even handed analysis.

    • NYGino

      Good analysis. Some were hoping Romney would spell out details about Libya and pound the impostor on the subject. Romney was smart not going in that direction since the matter is currently unfolding badly for the regime and better he be finally bombed by the MSM, the Internet and the whole social media.

      Zero’s chin thrusting, “snake-like stare”, is both an intimidation affect and an effort to not make the same mistake he made in the first debate, looking down.

      Romney could have spoken in a little slower, more measured tempo and Obama, as usual, went on and on in his “oratory” so that even if you didn’t fall asleep by the time he finished you forgot what he was talking about.

      More should have come from this. Close football game: Romney 7 Obama 6

      • Basically – “let the media keep hammering zero on Libya”. Good call, as long as they do. Hopefully the debate won’t swing them away from it.

        • NYGino

          It’s also coming at him from within the government; Congress, the Intelligence community, the State Department. Too many people involved and the story has gone too far for it to be ignored.

          • I loved the interview with Col. Schaefer and others in it. That was awesome. Keep it up guys.

    • sjmom

      Like you I thought Romney gave up too much but after listening to some analysis of the debate I am inclined to think he did the right thing because he did not get in the mud yet he stuck it to Obama every opportunity which arose. Obama wanted a fight and did not get one which only angered him more and more and in this I think Romney won. It is difficult to argue with someone who won’t fight back and it made Obama look small and petty. It wouldn’t have been my strategy; then again, I have a tendency to get emotional. I can get away with it though because I am a woman. :)Obama looked like a condescending wise guy.

      • Nukeman60

        I agree with you. I made a post over on the Mark Levin thread that pretty much agrees with your statement. I would have been much more forceful, and I would have lost the debate in the polls the next day. Romney had a gameplan it appears, and he successfully stuck to it. Kudos to our next President.

  • ernst1776

    Romney makes Obama look small.

  • poljunkie

    Fact checking on Fox, Romney was correct on all points. Even the bayonets.

  • Dave B

    This was clear victory to Romney, no doubt about it. Obama tried to lift his game and attack Romney rather than paint a clear picture for success. Obama failed and Romney looked good.

    Clear victory. Romney will be the next President.

  • Evaluator

    RINO ROmney came out tonight and not the HAWK that was needed….Obama came off as a condesending bully and very unPresidential.

    Romney’s Strategy was not to loose….not to win but not to loose….WRONG Strategy.

    T I E when Romney needed a STRONG win….

    Most dissapointing for Conservatives.

    • Nukeman60

      I disagree. Obama needed a strong win, not Romney. Romney only needed to look Presidential, and he did. The polls will not reverse their trend from this performance tonight, and Obama needed them to turn.

      • Evaluator

        True. I agree…Romney did try to stay above the childish behavior that the Obamination showed….

        However, he did have his RINO stripes on tonight. It would have been a blow out if he had just hit the bug zero back with hit perfomrance more through out the debate not just as the end.

        Romney was finally starting to inflict damage at the end…but he should done it more at the beginning to keep the Big Zero on the defensive.

        • It’s impossible to be a RINO on foreign policy. There’s no real principle that binds the party together, with the exception of the vague concept “peace through strength”.

  • How does anyone debate an Obama that is so used to lying? Apparently the debate is judged on who puts more words out–truth be damned.

    • unfortunately thats it. Quantity over quality.

      I can still hear obamas voice ringing in my ears after that debate.

    • Obama would have made a good lawyer.

      • Uh, he was, and probably will be, only arguing with himself.

        • He is a lawyer, but never put his liar skills to the test in the courts. That’s what is so amazing about him. He somehow learned how to lie like the best of them, and without the normal politician training. Since he has spent millions of dollars hiding his records, we can’t see weather or not he earned his bachelor degree in lying, or if he actually took it to the masters level. It doesn’t really matter much, but would be interesting to know how much of it was self taught.

          I am vaguely familiar with the references you made. I could see Romney as Gandalf. With a lot more hair, he could look the part. I don’t think that Gandalf was quit so rigid though. Romney just doesn’t have the dramatic flare.

          Obama – Gollum. Yeah, it works. Not much change needed to fit that role. I forget who Sauron was. Was he the all seeing eye. Sounds about right, concerning the federal government with their Patriot Act.

  • Romney did…

    … not go for the jugular.

    The jugular vein drains blood from the head and neck back to the heart.

    Severing a jugular vein will lead to rapid blood loss and death…

    … and it seems that Romney’s intent in this 3rd Presidential debate was NOT to spill ‘political’ blood.

    Romney won this 3rd debate by fulfilling his strategy of focused responses point by point.

    Romney is revealing himself as being true to his inner man, and, it seem to this Christian who is not a member of the LDS church, Romney is simply just an extraordinarily ‘nice’ guy.


  • rjcylon

    Obama was stronger tonight but not in a way that diminished Romney’s strength.

    Romney is not the Uncle Scrooge Obama has tried to paint him as and America knows it now.

  • stage9

    Well, it seems folks are saying that Romeny’s strategy was just to “look” presidential tonight. Mission accomplished.

    I thought he needed to hammer Obama and put the final nail in the coffin, but he didn’t.

    I don’t know. I’m torn on this.

    Obama looked angry and agitated and condescending. There was a lot of “I”. He was aggressive and forceful to Romney which might sway some people, I don’t know.

    • marketcomp

      I am with you stage9! But Romney did have a different agenda tonight and he did get some digs in.

      • stage9

        Hey, if it works who cares right?

    • Ask yourself this, should an American President BOW to any foreign leader? Or how about this, WHY would Barry have to be MORE FLEXIBLE with Putin? More Flexible to do what? I’m willing to bet nothing that will serve the USA.

    • 12grace

      Yes, I wanted Romney to let obama have it and felt their were many opportunities to bring up obama’s many lies. But, upon further reflections, it seems Romney calmly and elegant made his points while obama kept attacking Romney. And obama was really angry.

      I loved it when Romney said to obama something like ” “Attacking me is not an agenda, your still not answering the questions”.

  • Ross Perot… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I liked that guy…………..Don’t kill me.

  • It doesn’t matter who won or lost or tied. I would vote for Daffy Duck over Barrack Hussein Obama…..mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm!!

  • BlueGood

    I believe Romney looked, sounded and acted very Presidential.

    He stated out pragmatic Middle east steps without setting off the anti-war moonbats…

    Almost ANY strategy would be better than Mr. Apology, fawn & bow…which Romney reminded everyone of …

    “O’Bama bin Lyin” was angry, fuming, VERY AGGRESSIVE…and don’t forget…many many World Leaders would have been watching tonight…

    IMHO…Romney won this one ~~~ 64.786% (Approx)…..LOL

    • Nukeman60

      I would have rated it 64.787%, but every one is different. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • You guys only take it to the one thousandth of a point? That is pretty vague. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Nukeman60

          Yeah. I’m a math guy. You know, the least significant digit and all. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • We’re just lucky you didn’t resort to scientific notation.

            • Nukeman60

              That’s just a sign of my ignorance in not knowing how to raise up those little numbers with my keyboard.

    • Call me strange, and many have, but I would love to see a down to earth guy who wasn’t presidential in at least one of these debates. Then again, I tend to forget that this is a beauty pageant for the ignorant…………, I mean undecideds.

      • PhillyCon

        Then again, I tend to forget that this is a beauty pageant for the ignorant…………, I mean undecideds.

        I have trouble remembering that as well. But when you do, it makes sense.

  • stage9

    The white House is backpeddling on the Sequester comment!

    Not that it won’t happen but that ist should not happen!


    Fox is reporting!

    • PVG

      What’s new?

      • stage9

        That sequester DIRECTLY effects my job. I work in the Defense industry and those automatic across the board cuts will directly determine if my industry lays off thousands of people or not.

        Folks are scared.

        • marketcomp

          Hey, stage9, I am with you my friend and all who are facing this. I hope it all goes well. My prayers are with you.

          • stage9

            Thanks my friend.

            • katydidvote

              Then you should take that up with congress!!! The prez said he would clearly VETO it!

              • stage9

                The president says a lot of things that aren’t true. The White House is claiming that Obama misspoke on the issue when he made that comment.

                They are now saying that the sequestration “should not” go into effect, not that “it WON’T go into effect”.

                A big difference.

                • colliemum

                  I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who saw that Bathhouse Barry was lying and lying and lying every time he opened his mouth.

                  Romney, for me, did well not to get side-tracked by trying to tell Bathhouse Barry he lied every time, but talked about what he’d do as President.

                  One thing is for sure: Bathhouse Barry has provided the Romney campaign with lovely material for attack ads in these last two weeks.

        • That is a sobering thought.

        • sjmom

          Obama campaign backpeddled on the president’s comment. Keep the faith because Romney is going to be elected and defense spending will be safe.

          • stage9

            I hope you’re right. I was at a briefing several weeks ago with a General in charge of future Army technology and he didn’t paint a pretty picture. If that sequestration goes through, we will fall behind in our military advancements and our ability to stay ahead of developing nations in regard to our military. That’s sobering considering today’s R&D is tomorrow’s military strength.

            • sjmom

              The GOP has always been strong on defense and the Dems have always been weak. When Clinton was president I remember military calling into Rush’s show complaining about the cuts and how Clinton was so disliked. If you saw the military poll Romney is leading Obama by 40 points.

              Obama is a globalist, his goal has been to weaken America and as a Leftist he does not like the military. Romney on the other hand knows it is going to take a strong economy and a strong military to make a strong America. One thing I noticed in the debate I have not heard mentioned is when Romney said the Navy ASKED for 300 some odd ships and they got less. This comment was ignored but it shows where Obama stands.

              If you remember why Obama did the sequestration it was because defense was important to the GOP and domestic spending was important to the Dems. I thought the GOP was wrong to go along with this but they did. The point: defense is important to the GOP.

              Relax and pray Romney/Ryan wins. I believe they will.

        • If it helps, and it may very well not, I don’t think that either Zero or Romney will cut military or defense spending. This stems from my belief that the military industrial complex runs the WH, and there is still a lot more war to engage in. I called Syria two years ago. I missed Libya, but am now calling Saudi Arabia as the last one to go down. I don’t know where Iran factors in, because I can see them announcing that they have nukes before an attack is launched on them. They have cover from multiple countries right now to sustain them through these sanctions. I personally think that Russia has probably already given them one, or two, if not China. China and Russia are publicly trading food for oil in Iran, and you know that Iran is asking for a nuke, if they don’t have it yet. If they get one, or have one, the NWO will back off, and focus on other countries. That has been their motivation for wanting one all along.

          With eleven countries abandoning the petro-dollar as the world reserve in recent weeks, the Fed Note’s time is limited. There will be a rush to use the Fed Note for all it is worth in stockpiling weapons and ammo before the collapse. Even after the collapse, the wars will not end, and there will be a massive authoritarian police state in the US, which will require even more drones and weaponry.

          So don’t worry too much. Things are looking up for your industry.

    • Maybe Barry will back peddle right out of the White House in January.

    • Nukeman60

      He’s going to lose either way. If sequester is not going to happen, like Obama said, then he is using it as a political football and admitted it. That will not play well, and that is why they must try to backpeddle before they are in as deep as they are in the Libyan fiasco.

    • katydidvote

      They turn everthing around!!!! You should block their channel! I know you must not be buying that b…s….!

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Consider this documentary which has Obama in his own words as well as a variety of the press:

    • Are you sure that they are not forward peddling while facing backward?

  • PVG

    Dr. K just gave his opinion, and he nailed it! Romney went large, BO went surprisingly small. Romney looked and sounded presidential. BO, small, petty, and desperate!

  • joyfulgiver

    Clearly, Romney took command out of the gate. He was, again, VERY Presidential! Looking forward to hearing the spin on this one. I’m sure they’re going to have all sorts of comments saying O was the best. blah, blah, blah

    • katydidvote

      You’re kidding…Right?! It was so very clear that he (Romney) was regurgitating the policy information from his foreign policy perps! The president won, hands down! I have voted both parties in the past…but absolutely voting for Obama again! Consider the fork stuck, Romney is not commander andcheif material!

      • Nukeman60

        …he (Romney) was regurgitating the policy information from his foreign policy perps…‘ – k

        Not quite sure what you mean by ‘foreign policy perps’ (perhaps rather than perpetrator, you mean preps), but if Obama skipped over 60% of his intel briefings, how was he prepared for this debate but for his ‘foreign policy preps’?

      • famouswolf


        Because I would be banned for what I just said to this individual.

        • colliemum

          awww – I’d have loved to have read your original comment!


      • Galatiansch2vs20
  • while on the surface it might seem barry got the better i think romney was thinking strategy. barry came out looking petty and angry. a man with something to lose. all romney had to do was exhibit proficiency and not screw up. big picture: i think romney won.

    anyone looking for a repeat of the first debate was being unrealistic in my opinion.

    • 12grace

      It seems many of us are so angry at obama for his intentional collapse of America that we were hoping he would tell obama off but in retrospect Romney was in control of the debate. And obama looked like a silly, arrogant, petulant, child and a liar.

      It amazes me how obama so easily lies about all the things he has done for us and will do for us in the future. Perhaps obama is a Sociopath and actually believes his own lies, he tells them so flawlessly.

      • katydidvote

        Really! How about using your noggin and looking up the facts! It’s real easy….google what you want to find out and stay away from left or right leaning websites and you will see that Obama commanded this debate and clearly is a better leader for our nation!

        • Major914

          We saw the debate for ourselves, and it was quite clear that Romney won handily. But, even more than he won the debate, Romney helped his position with the electorate while Obama did not do so. No one who had not long ago decided to vote for incumbent Obama was swayed by this debate–those still wavering were made yet more comfortable and confident with Romney.

        • Nukeman60

          And just exactly what is it that he has been waiting for in the last four years to be that leader? This year is worse than last year, which was worse than the year before. How do you blame that on Bush and being worse in the beginning than you anticipated? Obama doesn’t have a clue, no matter what your impartial websites like HuffPo and Daily Kos tell you.

          • famouswolf

            Maybe katydid is slavering to see the destruction of the country, like her boy omama.

        • sjmom

          Obama did NOT command anything but was condescending, petty, insulting and childish. His foreign policy has made us weaker around the world, emboldened the terrorists and will now decimate our military if someone does not step in to stop him. Obama was out to pick a fight tonight but he lost because Mitt Romney rose above and debated in a presidential manner rather than stoop to Obama’s level.

          Finally, as Mitt Romney said without a strong economy at home we cannot be strong around the world. Obama has overspent while increasing unemployment, increased the debt and deficit and has put us on the road to Greece. His is a failed presidency and the best thing he can do is go back to Chicago or place of his choice and work in the private sector. Perhaps then he would learn it is the private not the public sector which creates jobs.

        • Galatiansch2vs20
        • Google is not an argument.

          Good thing for Obama, too. Any more lies by him and Stalin’s ghost will be angered.

        • 12grace

          You are in a dream world or you are from Trollville in either care you need to educate yourself.


          Obama lied more than 5 times in the debate, but there are lies and then there are egregious lies. There were lies that he told about his Government Motors bailout that donโ€™t involve foreign policy. And there are lies that he told just for the sake of lying.

          So letโ€™s zero in on Obamaโ€™s top 5 foreign policy lies in the third debate…


      • Hey 12grace…

        The katydidvote comment is fatuous… ignore it.

        It is ‘fatuous’ means that the foolish comment by BHObama that ‘… we are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America’ is what America needs… in the next 4 years.

        More of the same ‘transforming’ shallow thinker marxist foolishness is fatuous, and belongs on the burning dung heap of history.


    • katydidvote

      You’re kidding…Right?! It was so very clear that he (Romney) was regurgitating the policy information from his foreign policy perps! The president won, hands down! I have voted both parties in the past…but absolutely voting for Obama again! Consider the fork stuck, Romney is not commander andcheif material!

      • Nukeman60

        You have one man that tells us what he’s going to do and another who just sits there and tells the first that he lies, he lies, he lies. If I were you, I’d remember that in a few days when the polls reflect this debate. People know when they see a person looking Presidential and one who just looks petulent.

        It’s good you are going to be consistent in your votes. Some people just don’t learn, but it’s better that you don’t know.

      • MrSports

        What debate did you watch? Was it in a parallel universe? Romney won the debate in my universe going away.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        The President has proven he is not Commander in Chief material with an administration whose leaks endangered and caused the death of the lives of others (Seal Team Six members).

        The President had proven he is not Commander in Chief material in that he had the Afghans armed with AK 47s while people like Marine Greg Buckley Jr. only had a pistol and he was killed by an Afghan on an American base because Afghans were not properly screened before being allowed in to be part of the trained forces.

        The President has proven he is not Commander in Chief material when he refuses to acknowledge the massacre and shootings at Fort Hood, including the killing of an unborn child, was a terrorist attack, calling it an incident of workplace violence even though the jihadist yelled the traditional Allahu akbar when he attacked.

        The President has proven he is not Commander in Chief material in how he dealt with our missile defense system in Poland.

        The President has proven he is not Commander in Chief material when it comes to the threat of Iran.

        The President has proven he is not Commander in Chief material when he purposely let guns walk into Mexico where they would go to thugs who killed our border agent, Brian Terry and many Mexicans as well.

        The President has proven he is not Commander in Chief material when he disrespects our ally Israel.

        The President has proven he is not Commander in Chief material when he left Ambassador Stephens and the other Americans at the Benghazi embassy as sitting ducks though they repeatedly requested more security and feared for their safety. Left them there even after the Red Cross and the British had pulled out. Then blamed the coordinated terrorist attack on 9/11/12 on a spontaneous demonstration in response to a you-tube video and touted about it numerous times to the UN.

  • Jaels_Song

    Romney won. I was going crazy in the beginning. It angered me as I felt Obama was getting away with his lies. Romney had a strategy, he did not get bogged down in the drama of Obama’s Libya lies and instead refocused back on economy where Romney has great advantage. Romney showed that he is trustworthy and knowledgeable in areas of foreign policy. He will continue to rise in the polls. The end of the debate was the clincher and I bet Obama and Sheifer did not get the fight they had bargained and prepared for.

  • Interesting haven’t heard anyone complain about the moderator this time. So it looks like Bob-O won.

    • Patriot077

      In retrospect, IMHO the two old geezers did the best job of moderating. The two middle aged females were obviously biased, which I hate to acknowledge as I’m also a middle aged female. ๐Ÿ™

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      I did a little- he cut Romney off when he was making a point about Obama’s failure and segwaying to something new and also seemed a bit condescending with his I think we all like teachers line.

      • famouswolf

        He’s wrong about that, by the by. I don’t like teachers at all.

        Maybe I just never had a good one. Consider the results of their ‘teaching’ these days, though.

        Just sayin’.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          It all depends on the teacher- I like my Mom, who was one of my teachers, for example! But the teaching in public school- you ain’t hummin’!

  • Conservative_Hippie

    It started out slow, but at the end, there was no denying Romney won!

  • Has TRS ever had a thread, or otherwise, that people could predict the outcome of an election and by how many points? We could go back and gloat about it, or hang our heads in shame. Either way, that would be fun to put on the record for future commentary.

  • USAminer

    I am a gold Miner by trade. I am coal mining now. I am also a rancher. If Obama wins I will win. Because Gold will double and beef will go threw the roof.
    Wake up America, VOTE MITT!!!!


  • Steffon Miller

    What is sad is that most of you are strightly voting for a party or towing the party line. Let me say this. Newt, santorum, perry and ron paul, all top GOP members said Rommey was a Lier, flip floper and would be the worst president.. hmm youtube it. Now if the Top Members of his own party call him a lier and can’t be trusted why again are you all voting for him? Maybe it is not that you want him it is just that you don’t want President Obama. I am a Vet and I Served for AMERICA not the Republican or Democrates but AMERICA and I vote for AMERICA. When we stop towing a partyline and start voting for AMERICAN AND AMERICAN then and only then will this be a THE GREAT NATION IT CAN BE.

    • Major914

      Romney for America!

      Obama for more flexibility for Vladimir Putin, “after the election”…

    • Nukeman60

      So which of these two men are you voting for, because either Obama wins this election or Romney wins this election? There are no other choices. There was a time for other choices and it’s past. Your opportunity has gone by.

      If you are not voting for Romney, then you are either voting for Obama or you are wasting your time, period. If you’re not interested in politics and won’t vote, then your opinion is the same as your vote.

    • famouswolf

      Yeah, there was a lot of mudslinging, wasn’t there?

      I am a vet too- I volunteered in 1970. I love my country and I am voting for Romney because my eyes, my logic and my intuition all tell me that the only way to preserve this country I love is to get rid of Obama. It is, however, my pleasure to vote for Romney because my eyes, my heart, and by brain all tell me he is an excellent candidate.

      It’s a two-fer!

    • There is no party line anymore. There is simply the line that must be drawn for the sake of the Republic. On one side, you have people who believe in the republic and the Constitution and want to make it strong again. On the other side, you have people who want to take the nation that is the strongest, most successful, most protective of individual rights at home and abroad, in the history of all humanity, and “fundamentally change” it.

      Fundamentally changing this country was a terrible idea four years ago. Four more years of this would send us straight down to third world status.

      • PhillyCon

        I’m just starting to read this thread now. Is it the invasion of the Obamatrons or the Paulites, I can’t distinguish the two.

        • It’s not as bad as the last debate thread, though. Looks like they are bowing to the inevitable (sort of like Obama visiting a foreign dignitary).

  • white531

    Romney won. He won, because of something most of you noted. He acted Presidential. There were times, in the debate, when he could have attacked Obama on principle. He didn’t. He left the audience wondering why. The reason was obvious. Obama’s transgressions on this country are a matter of record. It wasn’t necessary to state the obvious.

    Even though this debate was supposed to be about foreign policy, Romney turned it back on the Economy. Again, the reason is obvious. A country with a weak economy, does not have the luxury of a strong foreign policy. The two do not go together.

    As for Obama’s performance, it looked a little like Biden. His facial expressions can only be described as, “smirking.” He tried several times, to interrupt Romney. He wasn’t very successful in those attempts, but the fact that he even tried, shows weakness, in a debate.

    Obama clearly lost this one. In losing this final debate, he lost the election.
    It will be a landslide for Romney. Game over.

    • white531

      One other thing, and I will close for the evening.

      Obama absolutely had to win this debate. He didn’t.

      All Romney had to do, was not lose this debate. He didn’t.

      We have a new President.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      I think a lot of times his expressions were like he’d was sucking on a rotten persimmon. I think his peeved expression also showed up again tonight.

    • It does seem as though Zero is stacking up some serious -0s.

    • famouswolf

      ‘It wasn’t necessary to state the obvious’.

      That, in a nutshell, describes this debate.

  • sybilll

    “Oh, by the way, you skipped Israel” was the winning response of the night. I give it to Romney.

  • sjmom

    Obama was too condescending and nasty and once again looked sour.

  • MrSports

    Romney was more knowledgeable and presidential and big picture.

  • Jim Botts

    After watching these 3 debates between Romney and Obama, all of a sudden that awkward Eastwood thing with the chair makes sense now. I’m sold, voting Romney. Obama is not who the media portrayed him as in 2008. I feel lied to.

    • famouswolf

      You were, but the truth was always there, right out in the open, from the beginning.

      But there is an old saying, ‘fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’.

      I sincerely hope this time next year there won’t be a lot of people saying, ‘shame on me’.

  • fxg l

    Obama was condescending and petty. Very unpresidential!


    …the Adult in the room WON ! The next President of the United States of America Mitt Romney .”

  • White, when the government was bailing out all the banks, who had the money to loan GM? You couldn’t borrow a cup of sugar never mind 25.1 billion dollars.

  • ersatzear

    Mitt is going to be the next president. Gallup has never got it wrong.

  • I think a lot of people are in denial here…and will be thoroughly butthurt come election day. To me it seems like nothing but a bunch of excuses (and *cough* republicans *cough*) who are trying to cover up all of Romney’s FAIL tonight. I honestly think that Obama showed who was the stronger, wiser, and more “presidential” of the two, and more fit to REMAIN Commander in Chief. Mitt and his statistics are getting really old and this was his chance to prove himself, but I didn’t expect him to really- and he of course, didn’t. But how could he on a topic that he honestly showed to everyone he knew so little about? Just tried to keep pulling it back to the stuff he could talk about; that and having THE LAST WORD. Classy? I think not. Presidential? Nah, not a chance. Romney’s performance this debate was about as good as Obama’s during the first one. Obama won, HANDS DOWN. Now, out of the river little republicans, and gather your morale. You’ll need it.

    • This one is funny, too.

      Me, I’m wondering if Obama wins two, or maybe three states? Is there enough crazy out there to give him four? Doubt it.

      • FuBar Ack will definitely win 51st, 52nd, 53rd, 54th, 55th, 56th and 57th state.
        Many liars “win” debates, dishonstly.
        Romney is already our next President!
        Kayla Dowels (Kayla, it means: wooden pins) did not go
        to Youtube and did not type: Larry Sinclair, but many others did…..

        • Actually, I have watched the press conference concerning Larry Sinclair, thank you- but I just know how to recognize bullshit, as do countless other Americans. Apparently you don’t? His allegations are far-fetched, ridiculous, and simply meant to embarrass, discredit, and hurt the president and the Democratic Party. But anyone with a sound mind knows not to believe any of the garbage that has spewed from the mouth of Mr. Sinclair- since he has specialized in acts of- what do you know, DECEIT! And because well, he’s not of a very sound mind himself. With all due respect anyway, I’d like to think that’s all news of the past and not very relevant to the debate of last night…but nice job bringing it up in a last ditch attempt to discredit Obama. Btw, my last name is Cowels, not Dowels. And Kayla means “Pure” or “One who is godlike.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • colliemum

    I’m still watching this, and keep hearing Bathhouse Barry lying. Worse, he calls Romney a liar when it is patently obvious to everybody who hasn’t lived in a cave these last four years that’s Bathhouse Barry who is the liar.

    On top of that, Bathhouse Barry is sounding so patronising that I’m sure a lot of Americans will just be disgusted with such a bad-mannered liar.

  • PFFV

    I thought Romney definately won because what he said was true and Obama continued his usual lies. This is night and day to me, it’s not even close. Obama attacks Romney’s plan and yet 4 years later he still has no plan himself.

    Anyone that thought Obama did well in this debate is drinking some the liars club Kool-Aid that Mr. Smooth Obama is serving up to you. The Anti-American Liar Needs To Go!

  • Um, no, Romney did not win the debate.

    • But did he need to?

      • rich wojcik

        What a difference?????? Romny has already won the election!!!!

    • cathmom

      Um, yes, he did.

  • Romney is terrible for everyone..get a clue people

  • Romney is bad for everyone. Get a clue people!

    He stands for nothing. He has yet to lay out any real plan on any major issue other than to say screw everyone but me and my friends the upper class, let’s over through roe vs wade, and let’s set equality back further by blatently discriminating against gays and lesbians and by not allowing them to marry. You want to say Obama lies?? How about Obama is being realistic and you just don’t want to hear it. The bottom line is that any President taking over for Bush would have had enormous issues to overcome and quite frankly we are going to be dealing with the repercussions of his presidencies for at least a generation and that is in the very least. Instead of slamming Obama for having to deal with the difficulties of getting us back on track after Bush, why don’t we ask ourselves why we elected Bush aka Cheney to two terms in office and why we are even thinking about electing someone who has a similar mindset. Come on people…those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it!!

    • I give this a six for comedy value.

    • Obamaloney.

      This reminds me of a quote from former Canadian PM Kim Campbell, who said that the deficit and unemployment would not be solved till the end of the century.

      Her party ended up with only 2 seats, from 156. She lost hers as well.

      And Romney’s right smack in the middle on abortion, and a tad to the right on homosexuality, which shouldn’t hurt him, or anyone else, much.

    • kong1967

      You are wrong on so many counts that it’s not worth my time to explain it to you. Liberal looney.

    • colliemum

      “Come on people…those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it!!”


      That’s why Romney will win the election.

      Four years of Bathhouse Barry are enough, people have learned and won’t make the same mistake twice.

      • Oberman will be afraid to check your “Bathhouse Barry”…………..other may not and will go to Youtube and type: Larry Sinclair

        • colliemum

          Others would get lots of information about that name by visiting HillBuzz.com and check out what Kevin DuJan has been writing on this and other BB-related issues.

    • PhillyCon

      Yes, yes, yes we know from all those pontificating about how awful Romney is. The lesser of two evils is still evil pablum …blah, blah, blah.

      Thankfully, most of here deal with the realities of the ballot box, and not some fantasyland of a “write in.”

    • it is either Romney or life like in Cuba…..like it? Go there and live for a while…..
      Have you read “Gulag Archipelago”?
      Little knowledge is very dangerous.

    • CitizenVetUSA

      You’re misinformed as you are saying things that just aren’t true. I appreciate your passion but you can’t debate and win unless you use the truth as the basis.

  • YoJoLo

    Romney won. Obama looked like he was flailing to save a lost presidency. He used such an arrogant, condescending tone when he was speaking about horses and bayonets that he made me sick. Mitt looked Presidential and I have more confidence he will fix the economy rather than the same old, same old excuses we’ve had for the past 4 years. Mitt’s approval numbers on the economy are huge and that’s what most people in this country are worried about right now. It’s the economy stupid! I’m also sick to death of the class warfare and the lunatic lefties!

  • Mitt came across as cool and confident and was able to tie foreign issues to the economy. It is the economy stupid! There can be no authority in foreign policies without a strong economy! Mitt by far wins and wraps it up!

  • Only Mitt is capable to bring back our economy and deal with foreign countries economic issues! Voting Mitt is voting for a brighter tomorrow for America!

  • CitizenVetUSA

    He ran the country with reckless abandon the last four years and the look on his face is disappointment and realization of reality his re-election campaign is lost.

  • Here, maybe some of you should do some READING. Those of you who still think that Romney won the 3rd debate. And please, don’t whine about CNN being unfair. This is by far the most Pro-Romney site I’ve visited. But CBS has the same outlook. Basically, most sites do. Obama won 2 out of 3 debates. He won the last debate, end of story. But Romney did pretty good. Did his job I guess.


  • Jose Navarro

    Obama came out on top, cuz Romney kept talking forever and forever and I thought I was going ti sleep, plus, when the guy asked him on his thoughts on college education, something like that, Romney said, “well, lets go back on military.” And I was like ‘shut up already and answer the damn question already!’ Obama actually answerd the guys question with a valid response, Romney went all over the place that didn’t involve or even answerd some of the guys question! Obama is all for me, plus, Obama had a straight face when listening to Romney, but Romney had a look on his face like he was saying in his head “shut up and already!” Lol