Pollster John Zogby explains why Ohio has become an uphill battle for Obama

With much of the focus these days on Ohio, Newsmax interviewed Pollster John Zogby yesterday on the Romney momentum shift in Ohio and why it’s now become more of an uphill battle for Obama to win Ohio:

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  • poljunkie

    It sure would be fantastic for Romney/Ryan to take Ohio!!!

    • BlueGood

      Please tell my that was a whoopi cushion at 2.17…or was it a comment on the Ohio polls from that azzhole O’bama???


      other than that.this is really good news………..I spit our my tea on my keyboard….


      • poljunkie

        Thats funny. I didnt catch it the first time.

      • Landscaper

        What did NEWSMAX spend on their TV studio set, $20 ?

        • cadadaly

          I was thinking that as well while I was laughing at the 2:17 flatulence.

        • Joe

          Quite a lot more than that
          The energy saver bulbs alone cost $75 each

          Wooden door – about $25 with stain

          Trim and paint about $35

          Union labor to install about $1,000

          Kickback to ZERO about $1,000

          Grand total >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $2,135

      • Orangeone

        At least we are keeping local computer repair companies busy cleaning up laptops and keyboards from what we spray by laughing 🙂

      • cadadaly

        I cannot stop laughing at your comment. F ing hilarious! Crying right now.

      • Joe




        ———————————–DOG! (again)

        • MLCBLOG

          Best reason to get a pet!!

      • cadadaly

        Almost 3 hours later I cannot watch this clip and read your comment without laughing until crying. So funny.

        • BlueGood

          LMAO…a bit of comic relief amidst the Election Tensions…it can’t hurt!

          Cheers Cada!

      • OMG I heard it too…. I am cracking up!

      • bobemakk

        We all must remember, there’s 50 states. Just because no president ever won without Ohio, doesn’t mean it can’t be done…..Romney will win, I have confidence in him and Paul Ryan.

    • 911Infidel

      I read an article somewhere that said that as of right now bluer than blue Maine is in play. Uh-O.

      • smmy33

        Don’t trust Zogby….. Lost all his credibility …. His polls are considered junk.

        • 911Infidel

          Zogby hasn’t been right on anything since the 1976 Jimmy Carter election. All his polls are skewed towards Dhimiratz. Besides that he is a terrorist sympathizer against Israel…even though he’s suppose to be a US citizen of Lebanese Christian extraction. He’s crud in my book.

  • smmy33

    Dude if they don’t they don’t win… So it would be a little more then fantastic

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      …unless, of course, a couple of blue states go red, which I don’t think is out of the question. No one is even polling earnestly in blue states — they just assume they’re Obama’s. I’m not so sure anymore. Dick Morris has been talking of this possibility lately as well.

      • SineWaveII

        There’s a rumor from Chicago that Romney might carry Illinois (Obama leads in Chi town but not by near as much as in 08 and Romney is leading in almost all of the rest of the state) if that holds Illinois might go to Romney. And what about that fiasco in San Francisco this week? Some people think that California and maybe Oregon might be in play. Wisconsin is now in play, Iowa and Florida have moved toward Romney as have North Carolina and Virginia.

        • wodiej

          I think obama is in for the shock of his life.

          • SineWaveII

            I think you’re right

            • PVG

              I pray you are right!

          • Orangeone

            And if Moochier thinks she is going to run for political office, that will be the time for Palin to jump back in an pound her into the parking lot.

            • Landscaper

              Clinton? Pants is done.

              • Orangeone

                Michelle O is testing the waters to run for office….Hitlary is gone and just needs to be buried along with Billy Boy.

                • Landscaper

                  Wonder if she likes getting booed of a stage Orangeone? I would predict that….

                • Orangeone

                  They stack her audience when she speaks and prohibit conservatives from attending any rallies.  I plan to be in Wash DC when they are moved out of our White House and boo her back to Chicago!

                • spottedreptile

                  Heaven help us. If we thought Barry was bad, imagine Mooch in any political office. The graft, hatred, division, cronyism etc x 10.

                  Plus what the heck has she ever had in the way of experience? Her husband was a politician. She’s done nothing but receive handouts and plummy jobs through cronyism. Amazing that this sort of thing qualifies you in Dem land.

                • wodiej

                  well when you realize that people like Maxine Waters being in congress, it will make more sense.

                • Orangeone

                  We need to start digging the dirt on the loss of her law license ASAP after R Squared takes office and the O’Bambi family is tossed out on their respective @sses.

                • Orangeone

                  I am soooo hoping Ann Romney does an ad saying she has always been proud of this country.  No need to do a comparison, it will say it all!

        • Orangeone

          What happened in San Fran this week? Oregon red, me thinks not. They mail ballots in so voter fraud is huge!

          • SineWaveII

            There was a huge protest at the venue where Obama was speaking. Just about every group from both the left and the right were there. But they weren’t protesting each other, they were all protesting against Obama.

            • Orangeone

              Really?  Say it ain’t so.  In San Fran????  What the heck is in the water out there….Any chance of a link? This was totally off of my radar.

              • SineWaveII
                • Orangeone

                  Are you on Twitter? There are fantastic photos of R Squared in Ohio, posted them under the 2 new Romney ads defend religious blog on Scoop.

                • SineWaveII

                  No I don’t do twitter. The closest I get is commenting on Twitchy.

                • Orangeone

                  I’ll try and post more photo links and video links on Scoop open thread lines.  I just joined Twitter, find it a great way to get more info 🙂

                • Orangeone

                  I love the button….$87 million in 14,500 years.  Well the math is right up there with O’Bambi’s math….My advice to the obamabots, if you want an IRA account, GET A JOB and SAVE!

        • If California goes Romney I think I might die of happiness! I always wanted to go quietly in my sleep, but I think this would be even better.

          • wodiej


        • Jay

          If Romney can take Lake and McHenry counties (affluent northern area of IL) I think 0’s toast.

        • MLCBLOG

          What fiasco in SF? I missed it. Live in Bay Area, getting news mostly from internet, so hope you can fill me in.

      • Orangeone

        And look at how many swing states there now are. Did this race start with 3-5 and we are over 11 now?

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          Very good point!!

  • What states would Romney/Ryan need to win if they did not win Ohio?

    • AbdulBX

      A combo of Co, Wi, then Iowa, Nevada or Nh. This is assuming Fl, Va and NC are wrapped up. Here….go play. http://www.270towin.com/


    • Orangeone

      Yet he thought Biden won the debate. WTH? Biden even ticked off Demorat women and Demorat watercarrier media folk.

  • 911Infidel

    Let me help you there Mr Zogby: See, it all boils down to the fact that Obama sucks.

  • Landscaper

    I think of The White House next year with the Romneys there. World leaders with be greeted with class and dignity. They will be great ambassadors of this country. The rudeness rumored to exist for the last four years will be gone and forgotten.

    Consider the Ryans coming for a visit and all those kids running around the grounds having a blast. America will have it’s luster and reputation restored at last.

    Now that’s a thought that truly gives one a thrill.

    • wodiej

      And a First Lady who is First Class. A lot to look forward to.

    • SineWaveII

      Amen, brother!

  • NYGino

    New Jersey?

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      I think so. I’m in NJ and no one speaks his name here, like as if it’s a bad word or something. Four years ago, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing Obama signs and hearing his name. Jedediah Bila shared a similar story from NYC in the weekly AMAC newsletter:


  • wodiej

    I don’t understand these people like Zogby and Chris Matthews criticizing Biden for acting like a fool but then saying he won the debate. Based on what criteria? Who acted like they were off their meds?

    • NJK

      He didn’t win the debate. He ruined the debate.

      • LOL…BECAUSE THEY ARE MEN!! Simply put…..Women if you followed the BUZZ could not stand Biden. The problem you have is Zogby and Matthews wanted that aggressive Biden. For them and other men….it worked….But for Women and Independents IT DID NOT!! I find it funny how many men keep forgetting that. Women on Biden were vicious…he was rude, nasty, aggravating, childish and on and on and on….Guys like Matthews and Zogby ARE OBNOXIOUS in general…so is Trump….that is their style SO WHAT!!

        But here is how you learn…the AP, CNN and MSM are already focusing in the next Presidential Debate Why? Because Biden Bombed….if he did not We would be hearing about how well he did but they all want to talk about Tuesday’ Townhall…why? no one wants to watch Biden’s antics again!

        As well, have you noticed already how many of Biden’s statements have had to be walked back, clarified or defended after the debate? You do not do that when you WIN THE DEBATE…see Libya, HHS Mandate and Taxes..

        Sorry men…the Testosterone crowd missed this debate. Biden lost because he turned off the people he needed to win and alienated those in his camp..WOMEN!!

        Paul won BIG TIME…he showed and proved himself under pressure and he acted Presidential….Biden did not!

        The Gladitorial Folly of some men is why they never understand why they lose!

    • Not to mention the FACT that Biden LIED THE ENTIRE DEBATE! He himself voted FOR the wars! Talk about chutzpah!

  • stoptherhinos

    I live in Ohio and its a mixed bag. Many of the union folks are still mad at the Governor over the failed SB5 reform that he tried to copy from Wisconsin. The ORP did a horrible job on that campaign. The other problem we have is the limited supply of Romney/Ryan yard signs. I can’t for the life of me figure out why that is a problem. I also know that folks in Indiana and Texas are helping us with grass roots efforts so that is a plus. PRAY FOR OHIO. We are indeed a swing state and the entitlement culture is very strong here.

    • Kasich’s job Approval is now at 52 percent! So I think the SB5 thing has dissipated. My entire family outside of me lives in Northern Ohio and they have seen a shift as well in the movement. More and more are getting excited my Romney. He is seeing record crowds in Ohio….my Uncle and Sister went to one and it was JAMMED…it was cold but it was worth it. AP has stories about the growing crowds as well….The other issue is Ralph Reed will have the Evangelicals in Southern and Central Ohio OUT IN FORCE….my friends tell me they have received mailers and calls and the Evangelicals are mobilizing in Ohio BIG like 2004.

      As for signs….it takes time…I know here in Central Florida we had some issues as well at first! NOT ANYMORE!!

  • I’m predicting Romney/Ryan will win Ohio by three points. Josh Mandel will win by three as well.

    • I think Michael the movement will push Romney to win by 5 or more. People are underestimating the Evangelical Vote and QUIET DEM REVOLT VOTE!! As well, the Catholics are NOT IN OBAMA’s CAMP this time. Biden screwed himself with the HHS Mandate that the Catholic Bishops IMMEDIATELY CALLED A LIE and that is hitting the PULPITS!! Think time around Romney will carry the Catholics as well….I think you will see more 2010 turnout…my family and friends on the ground have seen a big shift over the last 7-10 days…Romney has people energized and Paul was in Youngstown today to another BIG CROWD and Youngstown in the past has been as Dem as Cleveland Proper!

      Mandel I think will win by 3-5….I agree…people are getting sick of that OBAMA DRONE Sherrofd Brown…my family cannot stand him!

    • Erc Seitz

      Your lips to God’s ears.

  • deeme

    Wouldn’t it just be easier to explain it by saying ,everyone can see what is happening to their country and no one likes it..

  • mike3e4r7

    Stopped watching about half-way through when he started talking about the V.P. debate. I am Soo…oo tired of the MSM meme that it was a tie because on the down side (from their point of view) Biden came across as obnoxious, but on the plus side he had a great command of the facts. Biden SOUNDED like he had a great command of the facts to those who don’t know any better. Those of us that do, we call them lies.

    • Erc Seitz

      The only thing people will remember about the 2012 VP debate is Biden’s rude behavior.

  • The key to this is to watch where they are campaigning in a state. Today Paul Ryan was in Youngstown Ohio which is Mahoning County. That is a typical very strong Democrat stronghold. That is a good sign…it means Romney and Ryan are now trying to pick off votes in Dem areas that are ripe. Youngstown has a manufacturing base and is not super far from coal country. Romney as well has been in towns that would have been hit hard by Obama’s Policies that would be favorable to Obama. This means Romney feels comfortable with his base and GOP support and is now going after Obama supporters on Obama’s turf. GREAT TO SEE…when you start playing on the other guys turf that is a GREAT SIGN!!

    I am very curious to see if Mitt or Pual will go into MI or PA….Ann Romney was in MI yesterday with a couple stops so this will be interesting to see!!

    The Blue State support for Obama is dropping….his leads in CA and OR are dropping…his is losing support in New Jersey….in CT he is only up 6 and Drudge has report that Maine is moving more and more to Romney.

    What is happening is after people saw Mitt and Pual they like them….they are not these hate mongers that Obama has spent over 170 million dollars trying to portray. As well, with the Economy, Libya, Fast & Furious, the Military and other issues PEOPLE ARE GETTING FED UP WITH OBAMA/BIDEN.

    Plus watch out for internal battle between the Clintons and Obamas over Libya….Obama has been making more and more enemies over Libya and that can produce unwelcome press releases!

    • NYGino

      You know the Clintons have their weapons locked and loaded. This adversarial relationship has been simmering under the surface for quite some time. I would love to see the Impostor dump Libya on Clinton. Let the Obamas and the Clintons and the Democrat party destroy each other.

      • WinMissouri

        Good point on the Clintons. Hillary has been in hiding and I have not seen Bill out on the campaign trail since the blaming started.

        • Redford1974

          Sorry,…but Bill is out with old rocker Bruce Springsteen singing Obama praises…and mocking Romney
          I just don’t get it

      • Hardnox

        That crapstorm has already started. Yesterday, Carney stated that it was a Failure by the State Department.

        This evening I was listening to Larry Kudlow Show where he stated as FACT that the WH had live stream video of the attacks. They knew up to the second what was going on there.

  • badnewzbearz

    Zogby is such an Obama drone. At the end of the interview, he stated that Romney and Ryan will have a hard time explaining why they are anti-Medicare. Anti-Medicare? Really?? Romney and Ryan are the ticket that’s attempting to “save” medicare for future generations – but the Democrats will continue to demagogue this issue.

    • That’s what I thought, too.
      He seemed to spin a little bit Democrat.

  • why bother? Romney will win 40 states (or 30, with DNC cheating)
    Give other 10 to FuBar Ack………………………………………………………heck, give him even 51st, 52nd, 53rd, 54th, 55th, 56th and even 57th state!!! ……………………………………….He’ll be so happy getting those 7 “top” states! 😉

  • JDOlson

    Oh nooooooooes, Biden will not hurt the ticket! Post Thurs debate poll: O&B lose 2 points, R2 gain 2 points.
    Two words for you, Mr. Zogby: President Kerry.

    • famouswolf

      My wife and I were out and about this afternoon and saw, gasp, a Romney campaign sign…in Woodinville, a north east suburb of Seattle and wine country. I have seen no obama signs…two car stickers, that’s it. Lots of signs for everything else. That’s analogous to seeing a pro USA sign in Hanoi in 1970, folks.

      I don’t expect it will make much difference in WA state but the obamamania of 2008 just isn’t there this time. In 2008 some jacka** even painted a big ten foot long obama sign on a telephone pole in front of our place. Had to look at it until it wore off last year. And every other car had obama stickers. Not so this time.

      • hbnolikeee

        You have to give that person credit for the courage to display that sign. I can tell you that I asked a buddy of mine that has loads of stickers on his SUV why he didn’t have a Romney sticker. He answered he didn’t want to find a brick tossed through his windshield.

        For this atmosphere alone, like we have NEVER seen, these thugs need to be removed.

        • famouswolf

          When you consider that it is in the middle of a whole bunch of wine tasting shops with lots of people from Seattle going by, a great deal of courage, yes.

          They do need to be removed, ASAP, thoroughly, and hopefully forever, yes indeed.

      • Erc Seitz

        Democrats are good at giving away other people’s money but not their own.

        That being said, I bet Obama is charging people for those signs instead of giving them away.

        • famouswolf

          LOL Yes, if he had enough brass to ask for people’s wedding gifts he is no doubt capable of that as well.

          He and the rest of his cabal in DC are pure unadulterated scum. imo

  • sjmom

    I think Romney/Ryan will take Ohio, Florida and Virginia.

  • NYGino

    I’ve done a lot of extensive polling myself lately and I have Romney winning 52-53 States.

    • Sandra123456


      • The Organization of Islamic Cooperation does contain 57 Islamic states. Maybe Obama can be a caliphate organizing leader of the 57 Islamic states.

    • Jerseygalnny

      LOL Gino! You rock!

  • chatterbox365

    Excellent commentary, but what the hell was that noise at 2:17?? LMAO!!!

  • 2:16……hey, did someone step on a duck????