POWERFUL – Charles Wood: People in the White House have my son’s blood on their hands

Another powerful interview with Charles Woods, father of Tyrone Woods killed in Benghazi, who looked straight in the camera and said that whoever in the White House watched his son die after giving the orders to no respond despite his cries for help, they have the blood of his son, an American hero on their hands.

He also revealed that he received a touching email from someone that said “your son’s sacrifice saved my life” and he said it doesn’t surprise him, that his son has saved many lives and that he was a hero long before he went to Libya.

But that’s not all. At the end he tells the story of how his grandson, left behind by Tyrone Woods’ death, was going to go to college but now is so inspired that he is joining the Navy for four years because he wants to fill the shoes of his father. It’s heartbreaking to hear him tell it. Watch to the end to hear it:

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  • PFFV

    A True Hero Indeed! We are blessed to have brave warriors like this man and his brave son that did the right thing despite the Coward/s that told them not to go help our Ambassador!

    Question? How many people will be joining the armed services knowing that they could be sacrificed like our Ambassador was? I am betting not many or much less than before this appalling cowardly incident.

    All because Obama didn’t want to admit this was an “Islamic Terrorist Attack”!

    Heads need to roll!

    • Che (Shay)

      No, I think you are wrong about the number of people who will join the AF after this travesty. There are many brave Americans among us who would rally to join, hoping and trying to fill these Heroes’ shoes. Many think our populace is complacent, narcissistic, and lazy, but there are MANY brave heroes waiting their turn. The United States of America is not a sleeping giant; it is a careful, patient giant who knows not to rush in too soon, nor dally too long. The giant is awake and watching, Mr. President.

      • Conservative_Hippie


    • Conservative_Hippie


    • Don

      If people will not join the military because of a cowardly act by Obama and his administration then he will have succeeded. His intent is to bring this nation to his needs and a large percentange of Americans will go along with his premise. He is going to attack those who serve as a way to achieve those goals. He will use the cowards that serve in the military at the highest ranks to absorb the responsibility for this reduction in military prowess. Where is those who know the complete story of what happened? General Ham was relieved from duty and will be dealt with by Obama because he was reacting to the calls for help from Benghazi. A long distinquished career is soon to end because he did the right thing. Too many cowards in high places will refuse to do the honorable thing and present the truth.One general responded when he stabbed our nation in the back,”the president called me Bill.” Enough said. I agree PFFV, “Heads need to roll !”

  • white531

    I couldn’t do it. I mean, what he did. A loss of a Son. A Navy Seal. If you asked me a question, after something like that, I would be a blubbering idiot.

    What his son was made of, came from the father. It is the only explanation that makes sense.

    You have to love the strong Americans among us. They are what help this country survive.

    • Rightstuff1

      This man is a role model himself, no doubt in my mind. I was moved to tears during this interview.

  • badbadlibs

    It is stunning that the msm is ignoring this story. The media couldn’t get enough of Cindy Sheehan, they followed her from one end of this country to the other. Yet no one but Fox and some other conservatives have even given this man the time of day.
    The main stream media are criminals and have become hypocrites of such a high level that it defies explanation.

    • white531

      badbadlibs, it hurts me to say it, but we are a divided country right now.

      I could try to make a weak attempt at explaining why, but it would fall on deaf ears, to most.

      Would be easier, if you just think about it for yourself.

    • Patriot077

      The media are criminals just like Pat Cadell said – a danger to the American public.

      • badbadlibs

        They really are criminals. They should be held accountable and tried for treason.
        They are entrusted with so much and they have used the power of the press for their own ideological ends and gains.
        I didn’t think it possible to have more contempt for someone more then I do obama, but he now holds second place to those in the mainstream media.

        • SoLongSong

          I think your placement of the mainstream media before Obama is correct. If they’d done their job, this tyrant – this EVIL tyrant – wouldn’t have been foisted on us in the first place, and Republicans wouldn’t be so “once bitten”.

          Then again, perhaps up there in ranking would also be the “undecideds”, because they’re the audience who takes the mainstream media at their word, giving them the power they wouldn’t have otherwise.

    • PVG

      Great point about Sheehan. You are absolutely right!
      Call the msm and hold the accountable.

      NBC Phone (212) 664-3720

      ABC Phone (212) 456-7777

      CBS Phone (212) 975-4321

      CNN Phone (404) 827-1500

      • And then when you’re done calling these hypocrites, get an e mail off to Boehner and give him he!!. http://www.speaker.gov/contact

        • Nukeman60

          Not only e-mail, but you can call him too. I understand he had a phone installed under his desk where he seems to be hiding.

          Be as tough as you want with him. I understand he also installed a tissue dispenser.

          • PVG

            I wore out a fax machine over obamacare. I can do it again!

          • I’m sorry Nukefriend, but if I called him and told him what I said in my e mail, he would have hung up after I said, Mr. Boehner, I have something I want to say to you…

            • Nukeman60

              I think you’re right. 🙂

        • redheadgrl

          Thank you – I just emailed both my Senators, my Congressman, and Mr. Boehner.

          Mr. Chambliss,

          As an American that is considering going into Foreign Service, I would like answers from the current administration on what really happened in Benghazi. How can Americans like myself be expected to serve our country overseas knowing this President will not support us when needed? Please press for answers sooner rather than later. We cannot let American foreign service officers, Ambassadors, and service men be hung out to dry to save political face.


        • PVG

          Will do!

      • cagrannie

        Agree PVG. I made those calls and also advised them if that if they continue to chose to not cover the Benghazi story that I would start calling the people who advertise on these stations and advise them that I would boycott there products. Money talks and we need to hit them on their bottom line and to send a clear message that we are serious.

      • Calling them will probably do no good. However, not watching them would do a lot of good. They’re ratings are suffering. Let’s have them suffering even more.

  • SoLongSong

    Thank God this man is speaking out. So many aren’t, letting Obama get away with…murder.

    • StrangernFiction

      It sure says a lot about the sorry state of this country.

      • and the a$$hats that want to vote for him again.

        • warpmine

          Those a$$hats you refer to don’t bother viewing sources other than those they already get so it isn’t any wonder why they would vote for the PoS a second time. The LSM know this and made it their mission to hide the facts to keep an ignorant population well, ignorant.

  • NoToTyrants

    Why is there no Democrat office holder speaking out and condemning the President’s actions or inaction’s.

    You know darn well if a Republican President had done this, there would a cacophony of voices from within the Republican ranks condemning it, and righteously so.

    Is there any honor, integrity, or decency remaining on the left?

    • white531

      Did you really have to ask that question?

      • Conservative_Hippie

        white, I know the spirit of your response, but NoToTyrants is expressing frustration that we all are feeling. I know for myself the more I hear about this Benghazi mess, the more I’m sick to my stomach with anger and some complex emotions I can’t explain.

        • white531

          All I meant was, that NoToTyrants was stating the obvious.

          I meant no offense. We are all frustrated.

    • Simply, no. But you know that already.

      • PFFV

        Right ABIC! Liberals HATE America and what it stands for and want to destroy it! Honor? LMAO! They are the scum of this earth!

        • They wouldn’t know Honor if it came up and slapped them upside the head. THey’re dispicable.

          • SoLongSong

            I was thinking to myself today that if I were to meet Mr. Obama in person, I would not be in awe. I’d be a lot more likely to slap him upside the head.

            I’d get in trouble, to be sure, but the satisfaction would last me a LIFETIME.

            • You and I have much in common there SoLong. Welcome to the RightScoop! God bless.

              • SoLongSong

                Love it here! And now I’m off to bed in the wondrous state of Iowa that I hope we can deliver to President Romney.

            • poljunkie

              If I saw Obama in a public place I would go the other way.

    • StrangernFiction

      Because they are evil bastards just like he is.

    • warpmine

      Since Obamakovsky is not only their choice he’s the first affirmative action president we’ve ever had so he gets a pass on everything bad under the sun hidden in the closet.
      Despising these scumbags is a full time thing for me so much so that I’d rather a shooting war going on.

  • DCGere

    Saw this. God bless him and his family. They sacrificied the ultimate our soldiers.

  • My prayers go out to the Woods family and the families of the others that were killed. I believe Mr. Woods has the ability to sink Obama’s re-election possibilities.

    • StrangernFiction

      I think they’ve already been sunk.

  • Oh my God so heartbreaking…My heart BROKE at the end over this poor father’s anguish. I WISH TO GOD things could have been different…

  • Mary_Linda

    The father said, Hillary is smarter than he is; He doesn’t want to pin blame on the president, and whoever in that office has blood on his hands, he forgives. How pathetic is that? All he does thereby is reinforce the source of that evil. How utterly pathetic! Why waste your breath “forgiving” instead of accusing murdererd who are trying to hide the real reason they want the story shut up.

    • There is such a thing as heaping hot coals on the heads of those who hate you. Grace has a way of beating out anger all the time. I would do well to take a lesson from this man’s incredible grace and self control, as I haven’t displayed either very much lately.

      • colliemum

        Spot on, ABIC!

        It is so easy to let rip when in such pain, hurl abuse and use swear words (bin there, done that meself).

        But Charles Woods shows by his example how we Christians are supposed to deal with grief and pain of such magnitude: pray hard to cometo forgiving those who have trespassed against us.

        That does not mean that we cannot ask for justice and truth. We can and must.
        There is nothing pathetic in that at all.

        And anybody who thinks Charles Woods is just saying words only need to watch the end of that interview, when he can barely keep his grief and anguish in check.
        It is because Charles Woods isn’t just saying words but because he so patently strives to live his faith that he has this powerful effect on all who watch him.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        Well said AbC sister!

    • Nukeman60

      I don’t think it’s pathetic. I also don’t think I would have this man’s courage to forgive in the face of great unnecessary loss. If he were just angry, the media would paint him as being just a bitter, angry father. Instead, with his composure and forgiveness, more people listen to what he has to say. His words are powerful.

      He still blames this administration for the wrong that has been committed, but he shows his Christian faith by forgiving those that committed the transgressions. We could all learn a lesson from him.

      • colliemum

        I agree, nukeman60.

        Forgiving does not mean that truth and justice don’t matter any longer. They do, and that is what Charles Woods has been saying in all the interviews we’ve seen.
        And as I said above – anybody who thinks this is pathetic,or that he just says some nice words, need to watch the end of that interview again: his grief and pain barely held in check.
        What Charles Woods is doing is very very difficult, very hard, even for faithful Christians, and only comes after many many prayers, groaning with pain.

  • Cindy09

    My heart goes to this family. I cannot imagine the pain they are going through. Yet, throughout this ordeal, they have renewed their faith in God and resumed the position to forgive those that really put Tyrone in harms way. May God give them comfort!

  • detectivedick

    Humm… as some have said in other posts, where is John Boehner?

    • Cindy09

      He has been missing in action for day now! Possibly, on a very long vacation. People from his homestate should ensure that he is on full vacation leave, comes next week!

  • Thank God Mr. Woods is continuing to speak about this. He’s gracious about it all, but he is so doing the job of keeping the heat on. God Bless him for it.

    • Stupid disqus. These kids are incredible too. Just because one is Christian, and they are showing their faith incredibly, doesn’t mean that they don’t need to know or want to know the truth.

      • colliemum

        Did you see how the face of the older daughter lit up when she talked about Jesus?
        That was so beautiful to behold.

        And yes, forgiveness does not mean that truth and justice are being of no importance.
        It doesn’t.

        • Conservative_Hippie

          100% agree collie!

  • toongoon

    I like that Mr. Woods talks to the American people and not just his interviewer. He looks Obama in the eye.

  • Mr. Woods, it might not be much, but I intend to show this clip to my homeschool group tomorrow. They will know what your son and the others did, they already love our military and some want to join when they get old enough- but they will see what kind of son your Tyrone was. They may be only 6th and 7th graders, but we love America and those who defend her. Thank you Sir. You are a Blessing to many of us, as your son and so many others are.

    • SoLongSong

      However! They deserve to serve under a Commander-in-Chief who actually IS a commander, and who puts Americans first.

      • Exactly! I am sad for our boys and girls serving right now under this traitorous coward. It makes me respect them even more, if that were possible, to know they can still serve proudly under this kind of crap. I pray the next generation of those who wear the uniforms will be as honorable… but then again, I’m biased because I love the kids in our group, they are GOOD and decent kids, and I’m proud of them already.

        • I briefly considered signing up in the early nineties, but refused to serve under Clinton. I then considered it after 911, because they had raised the age that you could join.

          In retrospect, I am glad that I didn’t. If Obama stays in somehow, I would like to see our troops bail on him en mass. Lets see the federal government court martial a couple hundred thousand troops. Ain’t gonna happen. Maybe that would give congress the balls to do something about this sorry excuse for a human being.

          • I have a feeling that would never happen libirti, because most of our men and women are too incredibly brave and honorable, that even with the bullcrap dictator, they swore an oath and they would never break that. I thank God for them to be so strong under these conditions. It kills me that they have to be, but I am so very grateful to them.

            • I’m sure that it wouldn’t happen, but I do have a differing perspective on it. At what point does it become dishonorable to serve under an evil man? Maybe it could be an honorable act to refuse to serve under such a person.

              Would anyone judge them harshly for refusing to obey an unconstitutional order? Obama sent our people into Libya without congressional authority. Congress should have impeached him on that alone. Now we have the White House giving orders to stand down when our people are being attacked. That is treason. If a criminal presides over our military, it would be an honorable thing to refuse his orders, and deny him the authority.

              Our military commanders should be the ones to do it, but it should be done for honor’s sake.

              • It IS treason, that’s why I e mailed Boehner and told him off, because Congress is NOT doing their job. People need to call, write and keep at it until they do something. Our military is doing what they volunteered for, what they swore to do, and in spite of the crap, the rediculous ROEs and all the other obstacles in their way, they are doing their jobs incredibly. It’s our freaking cowards in Congress and the Senate who need to either get on it and do their jobs or expect to be fired, and or included in contempt and obstruction charges.

  • I hope that some good comes of this. Obama being sidelined would be a good start. I see something else that gives me a bit of hope, and that is the fact that this man broke ranks, disobeyed unrighteous orders, and did the right thing.

    I recently heard that many guardsman who went into New Orleans after Catrina refused to confiscate guns from citizens. I hadn’t heard that before, and only knew about the ones who were going house to house like we do in middle eastern countries.

    I commend those who refuse to obey when the order is wrong. Here is a toast to you guys. (green tea)

    • toongoon


  • redheadgrl

    Keep holding this administration’s feet to the fire, Mr. Woods. Your fellow Americans want answers, too!

  • michael carpenter

    Powerful ending!

  • NJK

    This poor man. His son was horribly betrayed by his own government. To all of the young people out there, do not join this military. It is not a legitimate American military. It is lead by a Muslim infiltrator, and the Quisling hierarchy in the military are traitors for following him. They’re allowing Obama to murder their men, while Congress SITS THERE AND DOESN’T DO A DARN THING!

  • poljunkie

    If there were more fathers like this man, I feel the current generation that is out-there twisting in the wind, and lacking direction would be more settled and able to discover themselves.
    The way this man handles himself is an inspiration. He has been gracious, merciful and charitable to those who were not deserving.

    • PVG

      Amen! Whole heartily agree pj.

  • NJK

    Obama murdered the Navy Seals from Seal Team Six also. He had them set up.

    • white531

      I do believe that, NJK. I do believe that.

  • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd

    It was good to Tyrone Woods’ brother speak.

    From his demeanor, he looked like a thoughtful and decent young man. What he had to say confirms it to me.

  • I want Obama to suffer a huge defeat on Nov 6th so he can see what a f..ing failure he has been.

  • keats5

    Woo boy. Ty’s dad is the perfect voice for those who were left to die in Benghazi.

  • leel004

    I wished the son would have waited until Obama is out of office come jan.

  • Mark Jackson

    He is the definition of grace. Would that our leaders, each and all, be such giants.

  • white531

    Too emotional to comment on. i’m sorry.

  • PFFV

    Heart Breaking… I shed tears watching this. God Bless Those That Think About Others Before Themselves! They are the true patriots and angels of our ARMY! Follow God and Your Heart and You Will Not Go Wrong!

  • Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it? Do any of you posters remember Reagan, the Beirut barracks bombing, 241 American servicemen, many other deaths and no serious retaliation from the Americans? The US Marines withdrawal by order of the actor president began on 2/07/1984 and was completed 4 months later. Now, Reagan is the GOP saint and you people have the temerity and stupidity to criticize Obama. You write and whine and write and whine, over and over, simply indicating your deep hatred and racism. For the last 2 years, Congress has cut the Obama administrations’ request for funding to increase diplomatic staffing and boost embassy security. Also, read the 1985 Inman Commission report and you might actually learn something. And Fox News is nothing but a divisive group of liars…none of you seem to relate their so-called reporting to any problems in our country. My sympathies to Charles Woods…he just got used big time!

    • Amjean

      You are the ignorant one. Obama is a traitor and there is nothing you can say
      about anyone else that will change that.

    • Dj it’s not just Libya it’s fast and furious,crony green energy,Ocare,ex orders,the lies,spending, the sealed records, the economy, the incompetence and on and on and on.

    • Rshill7

      Is your ignorance bliss, or is it just a sad state of non-existence? A stupid wiener in a fool’s bun. A bomb goes off in less than a second. Can a service person laser-paint the enemy in that scenario and ask for life-saving aid and be turned down three times? Ok then, Beirut has nothing whatsoever to do with this. We are talking about this OK? A 7 hour battle where our people were trying to survive and secure help and/or rescue, who were repeatedly denied and left to die without an iota of available help.

      If you want to change the subject though, some might be interested in how a person becomes such a deaf, dumb and blind sycophant to an unqualified, non-leading, failure. Talk about that.

      Oh, it was because Republicans cut spending, so they couldn’t afford protection? You didn’t listen to the testimonies from those involved, including Ms. Lamb did ya’? They had over a billion dollars sitting there unspent. Yet we should read a 1985 report?

      Because of fear of being called a racist, congress has let this President get away with breaking the law repeatedly. The rule of law applies to everyone…even black people. Is this surprising news to you?

      A white President, and especially a Republican President would’ve been crucified by now. A white president this unqualified would have never been elected in the first place. What special law-breaking provisions should be allowed a black man? Sorry, even a black man can only get away with so much. It isn’t racist to call a liar a liar, a loser a loser or a failure a failure. This particular black man is all of those and then some. His skin color doesn’t affect any of that.

      The race card has expired. Deal with his failure and his defeat. Open the Yellow Pages and look under the “P’s” for psychiatrist, and consider the very real truth that you are the one with the problem. Not us. Dork.

  • It’s intriguing that Obama saw this terrorist attack in real time via drone footage, deaths and all.

    After taking every leftist, pro-Islamic, despotic action and belief of this sick wretch into account, I am certain that Obama secretly enjoyed this “movie”.

    Obama casually watched four brave Americans being slaughtered on Live TV like it’s a Hollywood flick; his twisted mind likely took pleasure in deciding life or death for his so-called pawns, which made it all the more satisfying to deny them aid. To him, their cries for help only added to the “atmosphere” which he secretly bathed in.

    He was probably thinking fondly of Frank Marshall Davis and Jeremiah Wright while watching the drone footage.

  • aussieguy64

    …This is why the US Navy SEALs is extremely hard to get into. Like other special forces units around the world, they make it hard (greater than 60% failure rate), so they can find the special individuals among us.

  • Rocco11

    Amazing how the Left made a hero out of Cindy Sheehan, but they won’t give this family the time of day. Yet another reason to despise the Left…

  • colliemum

    I’m crying again.

    This family, from father, Charles Woods, to his grandson, Ty jr, show how a good family literally creates heroes.

    I hope that other young men watch this and decide to try and fill the shoes left behind by Ty Woods.

    • Betsey_Ross

      I have to give Obama credit for several things. He has helped many of us get our spiritual lives in order. He has renewed our patriotism and has made many of us rethink our commitment to our country. I don’t think this is exactly what he had in mind when he started back in 2009. That’s why he is going to lose next Tuesday.

      Charles Woods. Who knew your patriotism, your faith, and your parenting skills would be featured just when we needed it most. You have given all of us courage to keep fighting for our own lives and keeping the faith. We will restore America to the great country we used to be. Thank you, sir. Thank you for sharing your incredible family with us.

      • I have been praying hard for Mitt to win and I have included in my prayers the four individuals who died and their families. I pray for God to help them get through this terrible tragedy, which I believe is the fault of this president and his administration. Dear Lord, help us get Mitt elected so we can get rid of this godless man in the WH.

      • colliemum

        That is a striking and very true observation, betsey_ross, which you make in your first paragraph.
        I do agree, and as so many times in the history of nations and in the lives of people: the threat of actually losing Freedom, Country, and all values held dear brings forth such strength and commitment, and strengthens Faith that those who would take them away, bit by bit, will be swept away.

  • Until proven otherwise team Obama let our people die and lied about it afterwards.

  • BiscuitCrumbs

    I think it to be obvious that the Secretary of State is NOT smarter than this man.

  • Landscaper

    A Great Family !

  • Awesome moving message that is apolitical, since wisely this Grandfather sees through the sad hype of both parties! http://www.tomhoefling.com/8/post/2012/10/presidential-town-hall-8-days-12-hours-per-day-help-spread-the-word.html

  • bjohnson55

    Out of curiosity I checked all the major lame stream media websites and found that the Benghazi story has competely disappeared, I mean across the board it is like it never happened. Can anybody out there say with a sliver of honesty that these media outlets are not totally in the bag for Obama to the point of being nothing more than the American Pravda?

    • jrt1031

      yeah, but Meghan McCain and Global warming lies are rampant on the mainstream media. I live in the NE at the eye of the storm. Northern DE. This storm was wide spread and brought much needed water to an area geographically that was in severe drought. Thats how mother nature works. Luckily we didnt have any wind damage and the storm wasnt as bad as media would have had you think it was. It was wide spread but not that strong imo.

    • white531

      That’s exactly what they are.

  • jrt1031

    gut wrenching

  • white531

    This is just a thought, but do you think it might be possible to keep this thread, and the other one with Brett Baier’s Special Report, alive, until after the election?

    This horrible Benghazi tragedy is the thing that’s going to sink Obama, if we can just keep it on the front page, so enough people see it.

  • heartbreaking to watch! but this whole family is full of amazing people.

  • HiramHawk

    Christian Americans

  • tvlgds

    Very powerful video and an amazing family. I’m still mopping tears.