POWERFUL: Father of fallen SEAL begs for military officer to tell the truth about “criminal” rules of engagement

This is a couple we’ve seen before several times and they were on Hannity tonight to discuss why they are speaking out against the administration on behalf of their fallen son who was a Navy SEAL and a member of SEAL Team 6. But what really got me the most was near the end when the father begins to describe the situation that led to his son’s death, and much of it had to do with the current rules of engagement that he called “criminal”. And he begs for some high ranking officer to have the courage to risk everything and tell the truth about these rules of engagement and what’s really happening with our warriors.


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  • I have been telling about the ROEs under Obama for at least 2 years now. I just wish people would have paid attention back then before so many AWESOME Americans had to lose their lives…

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Another military tragedy:

    Blue on Green attack on U.S. military base in Afghanistan. Son feared for his life prior to being killed on base. He was reprimanded by his superior for standing up to someone who was muttering something negative in regards to them being there.

    Interview was on the Laura Ingraham show the other day:


    • NJK

      The military hierarchy need to be charged with treason, along with the Muslim infiltrator in the White House. Why is everyone afraid to admit he’s a Jihadist.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Maybe it’s because it’s so shameful and almost unthinkable that he’s our President?

        • He might be THE President, but he’s not our President unless that person voted for him. He was never MY President.

          • Galatiansch2vs20

            I was more thinking our President as a nation, which I think is how the rest of the world views him.

      • Jazzee

        I admit it and thanks for asking

    • RCL

      It’s Green on Blue. I tend to say it backwards as well. It’s not uniform colors, it’s COIN lingo. Greens are the indigenous forces. Blue is US or our allies.

  • Orangeone

    My heart breaks for these parents. It’s time we see the outrage they are feeling because of the senseless death of their son and the other Seal Team members. It is unbelievable what we still do not know about what O’Bambi has done to endanger our military forces and US citizens.

  • loriannringold

    I am in tears. The pain and anguish this family is going through is heartwrenching. I have a deep respect for this mother and father for not letting this drop. Everything they said is the truth. Obama and his administration are a disgrace. November 6 cannot get here fast enough. I just hope no false flag occurs here in our backyard to stop the elections. I will put nothing past these criminals. They are cowards and it sickens me to even look at any of them.

    • The actions of this President during his term have shown how much he despises the American people and the military.

      “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
      – Marcus Tullius Cicero

  • StrangernFiction

    How unbelievably sad that no one has stood up yet.

  • p m

    Good Lord. I pray that the Vaughns know that so many of us stand with them in their mission to tell the world about their tragic loss, and who they hold directly responsible for the apalling policies and ROEs that led to the death of their son and his colleagues, and far too many more.

    Hadn’t known before that 3 levels of Afghan so-called security were fully informed on flight paths for this mission, as they likely still are for current operations. Every Allied life is therefore in far greater danger by virtue of this policy alone.

    Are there any non-politicized senior military staff who can be trusted? Dempsey as much as zero deserves to be charged with treason IMO. How many lives will be lost between now and January 2013? This travesty just kills you – eats away at you – how can the families of these brave service men and women bear it?

    • Jazzee

      I agree I hope the Vaughns know we the PEOPLE stand proudly with them
      it does eat away at you…..and we have gutless leaders apparently in congress and the military…………….where is everyone????????????????????????????????? bless the soldiers……this is a national disgrace……

    • Patriot077

      I didn’t know about the advance “security” either. That knowledge makes this incident all the more heartbreaking.

      Our troops must feel complete betrayal by the country they are fighting for. I can’t imagine how they manage to perform their missions.

      There has to be a special place in hell for the commanding officers who go along with this treasonous policy.

  • Oh Lord, my heart absolutely is broken for these parents, and the families of others who have been killed under dear leader’s “watch”. It IS criminal, what dear leader and his administration has done in our military. I pray this family and others get justice.

    God Bless and comfort this couple, and other families, please Lord, I know vengence belongs to You, but please let these folks get some justice for the loss of their sons.
    Please Bless and protect our troops wherever they are. In Jesus’ Precious and Holy Name, I pray. Amen.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Well said.

    • freenca

      Me too ABiC! It just fortifies the resolve of the patriots. Their pain is our pain too, they have given all to defend us, the least we can do is to have their backs. From the Revolution to the Afghan conflict our people are in it to win the freedom and independence of the people that we defend. That the people that we defend may not appreciate their intentions is a shame on them, not us.

  • keyesforpres

    Obama is deliberately setting our men up to be killed over there.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      It’s unconscionable and treasonous!

    • detectivedick

      There are times when men have to be men and speak up. Our Military is serving under a civilian Treasonious fool who only considers victory for himself and the Master he serves. We are all just bumps in the road

    • NJK

      Anyone with a brain cell can see it. The entire govt. is rotting. I can understand maniacs like Obama coming along in life. What I don’t understand is the coddling of that maniac, and how he’s just been allowed to get away with this. What kind of country lets someone just do this? How many more damn hearings do we have to have? How many. Stop the hearings, and arrest him!

      • Jazzee

        Excellent POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • keyesforpres

        That is what really gets me….people in power letting him get away with it. Governors across the country should stop him from being on the ballots.

  • detectivedick

    Just like the Benghazi disaster, men and women are covering for the LIAR just for a pension and power. Washington DC needs a total intervention by the people.

    • keyesforpres

      That is what is really scary…there are so many in the higher ranks of our military that have sold their soul to Obama. I don’t trust the upper brass. It also makes it so much scarier knowing all these gov’t agencies that are buying all this ammunition. Agencies that have no business buying ammo.

  • Sober_Thinking

    This is a national disgrace.

    Man… heads need to roll… many of them. It’s beyond criminal what this regime is doing to our military members. I’m furious over this and have been for months now. This must end!

    And one more thing… anyone who votes for Obama needs a swift kick to the head. Because their little pea got stuck up there somewhere and they have a bad case of the stupids. Maybe Chuck Norris could do the honors.

  • My heart cries out for these parents as well as all of our military and their families under this administration. I have never ever in my entire life felt the anger and hatred towards another human being as I have for Obama (as well as his whole administration). They wonder why suicides are up and morale is down…..No Study needed….Obama is the only reason, period!!

  • NJK

    It is criminal. Obama murdered their son. Him and the Muslim Brotherhood he placed throughout our govt. Congress LET HIM! Others remained and remain silent. Obama is not naive. He’s EVIL! Where are the hearings about why all of these seals were on one helicopter? Maybe they aren’t having hearings because they’re afraid of what they might find out.

    For God’s sake, do these military hierarchy have the ability to reason? Does this seem normal to them? They need to use the brains God gave them, and quit following this Hitler clone around. And don’t one person say, how can I compare him to Hitler. The only thing different between the two, is Obama hasn’t figured out how to kill six million Jews yet. Maybe he’ll leave that one to Iran. But they are playing with gas chambers at the EPA, I hear.

    Hey, Congress, wake the hell up, and charge that monster in the White House with treason, would you?

    • Patriot077

      The horror of this infiltration goes back before Obama, NJK. He has put it on steroids but it was happening before he took office. Frank Gaffney has a 10 part series on the Muslim Brotherhood in America that is well worth watching. (And Sharing). I’ve posted this before but new readers may not have seen it.


  • iaintlyin

    this shows what power does to people, even decent people. The Military brass has become so rapt in their own power and fearful of losing it that they’d rather remain mum than stand up for whats right. They’d rather aid and abet 0’s radical progressive socialist motives rather than resign and reveal the administrations ludicrous agenda. A conspiracy has infiltrated the white house and has encompassed our great military. Gen. Betrayus is the epitome of the coercion going on in our military, or he’s part of the problem, you decide. This 0 hasn’t done a thing that’s been suggested to him by military advisors, because he’s always looking for the political points, while advancimg his socialist agenda. Sadly, at the cost of the bravest kids our country can provide. You can’t tell me that the top military brass can’t see whats going on, in my eyes they will become complicit if someone doesn’t get the balls up to out this pos president for what he’s doing and advancing on us every day. If aany of them Generals want to be a true hero and patriot, they should make themselves the October surprise every one is waiting for.

    • Amjean

      When Clinton decimated the military morale was very low. When he won election
      for his second term, unfortunately, many of our best and brightest officers in our
      military retired. They couldn’t take what he was doing any more. Some spoke out;
      noone was listening.

  • NJK

    We’re infiltrated. Quit calling him, “The President.” That’s part of the problem. He’s not “The President.” He’s a Kenyan born, Indonesian citizen, who’s usurped the White House. He’s a stealth Jihadist. Obama’s appointed the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the govt. Who do you think set these men up? I know, I know, conspiracy stuff. No, it’s not. They said they wanted to orchestrate a stealth Jihad and destroy America from within.

    Who do you think Zero is? He’s one of their agents. It’s staring everyone in the face.

    • Jazzee

      NJK I wish I had said what you did excellent

    • cathmom

      And do you think they will give up the Presidency easily? That’s what scares me.

    • Amjean

      I agree. This country needs to find their courage again to stand up for what is
      right. First, the citizens need to know what is going on. Thanks to sites like this
      and others the facts are getting out there.

      I hope and pray that Romney is elected in a landslide. This election needs to be a
      statement from the citizens. We will show the world what democracy and freedom
      really looks like.

  • My nephew in Afghanistan had to be fired on before they could fire. It was crazy and dangerous. They could see snipers setting up and could do little about it. He cam home with shattered leg because of the policy.

    • I’m sorry about his injury Ryan, it’s evil what this administration has done to our military. Please thank your nephew from me and my family. God Bless.

    • Jazzee

      Same with my Godson …where is the military?????????? so afraid of barry obama??? are you kidding me??? what a disgrace……………….this has to be known and screamed about…………………God help us
      we owe those soldiers all of them so much and yet we are spitting in their faces
      let them fight…let them defend GOD I can’t take much more of the obama

    • colliemum

      There’s worse.

      It’s been reported that our soldiers aren’t allowed to shoot Taliban who are installing IEDs in the night – because shooting disturbs the sleep of the civilians!

      • Patriot077

        I saw that too, colliemum. It just makes me sick to my stomach. We need to bring our troops home if we aren’t going to let them do what they do best.

  • When the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD lives in the Obama administration,……..there are no secrets anymore!!!! We have been infiltrated at all levels! This administration….nothing but cowards and traitors!

    • NJK

      Obama is the Muslim Brotherhood. We tried to warn every agency within this govt. before the election. I personally wrote the CIA. We’re just stupid little Americans what do we know. Just like before 9/11. What does a little FBI Agent with big glasses in Minnesota know?

      After this, there will be hearings, and hearings, and more hearings. Then they’ll have a panel who will say, this agency didn’t talk to that agency, and then they kissed and made up, and Congress was exempt, and they gave Hamas tours of the FBI, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And ten years later, we’ll all be dead, because we have numb nuts running Washington. I wish it would get hit by a meteor, and kill them all.

  • Jazzee

    Question: Where are the damn republicans on this issue???? this father told the honest truth about the rules of engagement..the FACTS about his son and what obama is doing to our great military……………….this should be an ad
    and this should be screamed about all the time
    where are our representatives???????????????????????????
    email them ask them…oh yeah most of them aren’t working AGAIN

    • Where are they? The same place they have been for the past 4 years … cowering under their desks sucking their thumbs.

      • crosshr

        these republicans talk and complain about issues and than cried, suck their thumbs and wait for their cookies from Pelosi .They hardly solve and fix any misbehave from the left. Many need to be replaced

      • NJK

        In Boehner’s case, drinking his booze.

    • NJK

      Boehner and Cantor are shivering under their desks. They hide.

  • Jazzee

    The awful thing besides not allowing soldiers to DEFEND themselves
    is the fact we are including the enemy in on our plans …..everything
    this father and mother deserve so much better
    if we find some way to contact them…let me know
    they need to KNOW the real people of this country support them

    • Patriot077

      Including the enemy in our plans does not stop with the military; they also been given the opportunity to inspect TSA facilities and the entire procedures manual was put on line “by accident” two or 3 years ago.

    • NJK

      Can you imagine having to live with the fact that their own govt. murdered their son? My God.

  • Steven

    My God…My God! These people in the White House are devils! They need to be impeached!!! My God! Help us! Get these people out of this country Lord! Get them out!!

    It doesn’t stop with them. They are destroying this country! If you are an American and you watch this video of these people and still go ahead and vote for Obama, you are a disgrace! You don’t deserve this country! I am heaping, steaming mad about this! It’s despicable!

    And the media? I spit on you all! The lamestream media, I despise you! You are aiding and abetting this enemy within our midst. Think about this? These are the same Seals that gave this louse of a president his only discernible accomplishment and then he goes and stabs them in the back with his rules of engagement resulting in the biggest lost of lives in Seals history! These are our best soldiers! He let them get caught in the cross fire because he had their hands tied behind their backs! It makes me sick!

    The GOP, you are no better! The higher ups in the military? You serve nothing if you don’t defend your troops! Don’t talk to me about Petreaus! He has been brought off! He’s been an mime since his surge in Iraq. They’ve made him impotent. He is nothing to me as far as some future leader for our nation. When it was really time for him to stand and defend and to reveal this administration for what it really is, he cowered and took the cushy job and now he wants to be president of Princeton! Yeah..These gangsters will get him that to shut him up.

    I have had it! We really are on a precipice with these people in office. This is our last shot for our country. I really feel like this is our last shot. If we don’t get these fools out despite all of what we have seen them do, then we are done!

    • Amjean

      The same thing happened in VietNam when they wouldn’t give ground troops under
      fire air support.

      This is what happens when politicians get involved in making decisions for our

      More light needs to be shed in order to eradicate our enemies from within. In some
      respects they are more dangerous than the enemies in the middle east.

      • NJK

        We didn’t know then what we know today. Things get around the world with the click of a mouse, thanks largely to two leftists. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. It sounded like Steve Jobs was converting, though. Gates is a lunatic. I hope he strangles himself on one of those mosquito nets of his.

    • NJK

      I actually pray that the media has a suicide bomber plant himself at their corner. If they were on fire, I wouldn’t put it out. I’d walk by.

  • mediaaccess1

    If Romney wins, I’m giving you a lot of credit for it RS.

  • Yazz55

    Seal team 6 sacrificed by the obama regime for political gain.

    Now why can’t the GOP come out with campaign ads that say so?

  • colliemum

    Aren’t military commanders told not to follow orders which are unlawful?

    Isn’t it unlawful to send men into combat in handcuffs, as Mr Vaughn said?

    The Nuremberg Tribunal showed that the excuse of ‘I was only following orders’ is no excuse at all.

    It’s time the top military were given another Nuremberg Trial.

    It’s disgusting how the socialists ‘human rights’ advocates have been doing their best to give ‘rights’ to the murderous savages while treating our soldiers as the enemy.

    • NJK

      You’re right. Where are their brains? It’s as though they’ve been told to say “Yes sir,” for so long, they’ve lost their ability to reason. How many of the commanders will commit suicide after Obama is taken down? Hey, Diane Sawyer, do us all a favor, and maybe you could commit suicide, for the damage you’ve done. Take Couric and Gibson with you.

  • WordsFailMe

    Obama kills Americans, That is what he here for

  • Rocco11

    The Obama Regime is corrupt from stem to stern, and Dianne Sawyer interviews Obama sitting on his lap with her tongue in his ear. These are very corrupt times in which we live.

  • You could see the heartbreak and sadness in this poor father’s eyes. To know your son was not able to protect himself while serving his country and paid the ULTIMATE PRICE must just be a horrible pain to live with as a parent. As an American I am so sick of the Political Correctness coming from this utterly corrupt and evil adm I can barely stand it. That is why I will continue to give money and support to defeat this Marxist.

    To tell someone it is okay for them to fire whatever and whenever they want but you have to play with a different set of rules designed to protect the enemy and expose you FRICKING BS!!!!!!!! Maybe the Marxist should get off his FAT REAR END and the GOLF CART and go stand a POST in hostile territory and then be told hey WHIMP you cannot defend yourself properly…DO NOT EVEN THINK OF FIRING BACK…that is against the rules…Only cowards make those rules!! But then again the Marxist would not have the GONADS to defend a lemonade stand let alone be a REAL MAN and serve his country. He hates America.

    I am so sorry for this couple’s, as well as, other parents, husbands, wives, children, family and loved ones that have lost someone in the military due to the absolute disgrace we have in the WH!

    • Yesterday I criticized you for one post, today I commend you for another. That was well said!

    • NJK

      It’s not only Obama, but the military commanders who are responsible for this. They are following and should not follow this. They need to use the brains God gave them. I guess they’d rob a bank if they were told to, or shoot one of their soldiers in the head if Zero ordered them to? They need to be held responsible for this as well. They should know the difference between right and wrong. They need to remember the Nuremberg Trials for an example.

  • MaryUKtheScot

    Saw this interview last night, it made me cry, made me proud by proxy, and made me ashamed by proxy!!

  • I predict the day will soon come when the victims of the Obama administration will strike back with deadly force against the political and media agents that have betrayed them.

  • 12grace

    This is heartbreaking. obama not only sides with our enemy he IS our enemy…his treatment of our soldiers is evil.

  • THIS is the scandal we should have been and still should be speaking about. Biden should be charged with treason.

  • Seen this interview live last night, it was so powerful and moving, it was clear this is a wonderful family filled with great American patriots.

  • NJK

    I think the entire military should collectively throw down their weapons, and issue an ultimatum. Either you remove and charge those who occupy this White House now, or we ‘re done. No more murdering our soldiers.

  • GreenBeretWay

    The goal is to succeed in any mission and live to succeed again.

    1st rule of engagement- Don’t follow the rules.

    2nd rule of engagement-Cover the rule breakers ass.

    3rd rule of engagement- It is more important to have integrity in the eyes of the team,then in the eyes of the enemy.

    • Rooster68

      So true,but these kids are fighting in a gold fish bowl. When your CIC is a devout coward or worse? Obama killed these men. He should have to answer for it.

  • Doogle927

    For all those who want to know what the Republicans are doing about this….NOTHING!

  • Rooster68

    My first time to post here. Has somebody got a leash for this idiot?

  • Doogle927

    For those who are wondering what the Republicans are doing….NOTHING!
    Please consider what I have done…when you receive a donation request, a newsletter, or any mailing with a form from the RNC. Write on the form in BIG RED BLOCK LETTERS: