Powerful: Michael Reagan shares his own story of past sexual abuse

Michael Reagan became very emotional tonight as he shared how he had been victimized at a very young age by a sexual abuser. It led him through a life of deep pain and confusion as he told of how at age 16 he paid prostitutes to help him prove to himself that he was heterosexual. And because of the abuse he said it wasn’t until 1991 that he was able to tell his father that he loved him.

I have a deep respect for Michael Reagan and very much appreciate his willingness to share his story. I hope that his honesty and vulnerability will help children who are currently suffering under the same abusive circumstances.

Watch below:

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  • Lord this is hard to listen to. I don’t even want to hear the trial in the news. I hate what perverts have done to multitudes of innocent kids. Not only scarred for life, but in some sick way, some go on to molest others. God only knows just how many little ones have been used and abused by adults who were supposed to look out for them. God only knows what goes through the thoughts of these kids when it’s happening and what they think about all their lives. I thank Him for the courage of those who speak out, who are willing to re live the pain to see that these evil vile creeps never do it again. Thank you Michael Reagan for sharing such a personally devastating experience… I just pray more will listen. We have GOT to stop sexualizing our kids damn it!! Liberals and other social experimenting ba$tards have no clue, or don’t care who else has to go through something when some victims of childhood molestation grow up to molest or abuse others. It’s GOT to stop!!!

    • Patriot077

      Very well said, ABC. It was painful for me to watch also. How many abused kids keep silent for their entire lives, never able to share the pain and guilt?

      Shocking statistic Michael quoted: 60% of the victims go on to become abusers themselves. It must stop.

      I hope Sanduskey’s wife hears some of this trial testimony and is shamed that she helped perpetrate her husband’s depravity. Too bad she can’t be charged as an accomplice, because really, she was.

      • I find it very hard to believe that she had no clue.

        • Patriot077

          Me too. A similar situation occurred in my small hometown years ago. It all came out a few years after I was graduated and left home. I happened to be friends with the molester’s grandaughter when we were in junior high so I had some insight (hindsight) – nothing will convince me that the grandmother didn’t know though many lives were harmed by her husband and by her silence. She was a school teacher and I suspect the fear of losing her position outweighed her concern for the vulnerable young girls.

      • librtifirst

        She must have been a sick individual, or abused herself to let this go on.

    • lived_through_it

      I like your intensity for making child abuse stop. However, don’t consider this situation about “liberals.” You’ll find that many (most?) sexual abusers subscribe to traditionally conservative views and are often seen as very religious by their many friends. Remember that rape is about exerting power over someone vulnerable.

      • I know. They come from all walks of life. I do know that, but there are so many liberal social policies which make sexualization of our kids more blatant, which make our kids more vulnerable. I do know though your point and it’s a good one.

    • librtifirst

      I can’t watch it. Scoops description was all I need to hear. I believe that sex abusers should all be put to death after proven guilty. No twenty years of appeals, just one quick appeal and then the noose. Our society has truly failed generations of children.

  • Joe

    Sexual crimes of ANY kind repulse me

    As far as I am concerned

    No Mercy – Maximum Sentence

    • In Florida, 50 years minimum to life, no parole.

      • freenca

        A friend of mine used to propose that any child molestor should be tied to a vise in an old barn with a rusty knife, then the barn set afire, the choice his. Death by fire or to castrate himself. I would like that for any that choose to defile a child.

        • Constance

          That sounds like a rational choice to give a freak to make. I like it.

          • freenca

            I’ve always thought of it as the punishment to fit the crime!

        • 12grace

          They will all be burning in hell one day.

          • freenca

            I know Grace, I just wish there were more we could do to these monsters in the here and now.

            • 12grace

              I feel the same way, f.

            • librtifirst

              Forgive them, give them a chance to repent, then kill them. Works for me.

              • freenca

                It’s something I work at every day librtifirst. And yes, it works for me too. Repentance on the part of the perps would be good, though I have yet to witness that. I do try to forgive, but I guess I selfishly want the perp to ask for it, and that’s not happening. Maybe that is my failing, that I want to forgive and want to be asked for it too. I am not a perfect being, GOD is still at work on me, I guess.

                • librtifirst

                  I have had an occasion to forgive without it being requested. Though I may let it go, it still leaves a hole. We simply desire a true reconciliation with others. Forgiveness, especially without request, is sacrifice, and God blesses it. Our pain will one day be dissolved. Our tears will be wiped away, and we will be whole. We don’t know the depths of oneness as we will one day. One day, we will know agape’ without the consequence of pain. I am guilty of avoiding love out of the fear of pain. As with you, I suppose God is working on me.

                  Righteous consequences for evil acts is love for others. These consequences protect others from harm. Killing another for their crimes is not easy, but must be done for their own chance at salvation, and for the protection of others. As God says “a parent who withholds discipline hates his child”. I think that the concept carries over into societal disciplines. A government that withholds correction hates its people. That is the most anti liberal thing that I could think to say. Liberals hate themselves for their guilt, and project that hate on everyone else while disguising it as caring. The bible says that “good will be bad, and bad will be good” in the end times.

                • freenca

                  The catharthic effect is astounding,if we can hang on to it long enough to make true forgiveness a reality. Bless you for your insight librtifirst.

      • K-Bob

        Is “Old Sparky” still in operation?

        • Not for that. That’s reserved for first degree murder only, but I can understand the sentiment K-Bob.

    • From what I read, they cannot be rehabilitated. If that’s the case, they should not be allowed out of prison unless they’re chemically castrated. Another problem is that a judge will give them a short sentence so that when they’re released, they go right back to destroying the lives of children.

      • 12grace

        Sexual abuse is not about sex it is about power. So castrating would help to some extent but it would unfortunately not stop the abusers.

  • freenca

    A very courageous Man, Michael Reagan. To speak of the lose of trust so profound, a lose of self confidence and of self respect that takes a lifetime to restore. Sad, that so many have had to deal with this plague in our too liberal society!
    Let’s hope that in the coming generation we can make these type of atrocities a thing of the past!

  • D’ya hear that clanking sound? That’s Mike walking by ya.

  • Well, too bad the Constitution prohibits “cruel & unusual” punishment across the board.

    • MaxineCA

      Once this SOB gets convicted, (Sandusky) send him to one of the worst prisons and place him in the general population. Yeah, that will do it. He won’t survive his first shower! But nooooooo, they won’t do that. They’ll put him in the pervert protective section for his own safety. Just who was protecting the boys he molested?

  • Constance

    Wow, I never knew any of this about Michael Reagan’s life. How terrible. Clearly, the harm done to him will never leave him. It is important that well-known people like this speak candidly about child sexual abuse and not hide it in the closet. The warning signs are usually there; other adults need to be able to read what those signs are and possibly interfere.

    • Bucketheadbaptist

      Sadly… the warning signs are RARELY there. You want to think that you can trust people… but its a fallen world… filled with people who are broken.

      I’ve seen Deacons get away with molestation… trusted friends and neighbors too. I’ve seen a wife of a Youth Pastor sleep with a 16 year old boy and become pregnant. The Youth Pastor Husband and the church forgave her… but turned the 16 year old boy out.

      Before we all toss the abusers into the lake of fire… please remember, Michael Reagan said 60% of the victims will go on to abuse others. Sadly… he admitted he is in that 60% by hiring prostitutes.

      But Michael Reagan has been redeemed… others can be as well.

      • Patriot077

        I don’t agree that he became an abuser by hiring prostitutes who chose to engage in paid sex. It isn’t the same at all, as an abused child is powerless and is groomed by a pedophile.

        • Bucketheadbaptist

          While it may not be pedophilia, its still sexual abuse, misogyny and if you know your bible at all… its Spiritual abuse too.

          • librtifirst

            Spiritual abuse is quite common, and all of us are guilty of it. Where a prostitute chooses her profession, it is not forced abuse, just two people abusing themselves.

            • Bucketheadbaptist

              Yes… I agree, we all have offended others and in that way… abused their spirits. Our pridefulness does that.

              Very few women CHOOSE prostitution… most are forced, usually economically and/or addictions.

              My statement about Spiritual abuse is to understand that the union between a man and woman is not just sexual in nature, it is a Spiritual Union… it is much deeper than physical (Paul explains this in Ephesians).

              Any sexual activity outside of the marital bounds between man and wife will produce an abuse of someone’s spirit. (whether or not they want to admit it)

              • librtifirst

                No doubt. Becoming one flesh is not possible without God.

        • It’s not abuse per abusing others, but he was abusing himself- by trying to prove himself to be still a man. Others may abuse women for the same reason. Bucket’s point I believe is that these kids who are molested, many, many of them turn to sexual perversions whether prostitutes, rape of women, pornography or any kind of other kind of behavior which is abusive to themselves or/and others.

  • Theconservativechic

    I just want to hug all the children that were hurt……. I know God will do that, but as a mother and a human being, I want to take all that pain & Hurt away. I can’t imagine. I pray to God that I never do with my kids.

    Lord help them heal, please….

    • 12grace

      Yes, it’s just hard to understand why anyone would hurt a precious child.

      • librtifirst

        Without the Spirit of God, there is little inhibition toward sin. God will remove His spirit during the tribulation, and all hell will break loose. The Spirit is called “the restrainer” as well.

        • 12grace

          I pray that he Raptures us up before the evil proliferates.

          I have never experienced abuse but have the deepest empathy for children or anyone that has had to endure it. We must pray for them all.

          • librtifirst

            I believe that He will. Jesus said that it would better for a man to tie a millstone to his neck and be thrown in the ocean than to harm one of these little children. Though it was in a spiritual context, I think that it would apply to those who would abuse the innocent little ones, and fail to repent. Their punishment will probably be much greater.

  • abigail42

    I agree with what AmericanborninCanada said. But theres more to the story as they say. I was aware of Michael’s abuse, I haven’t listened to this video. After 35 years in therapy I’ve heard enough horror stories to last a lifetime. What you might not realize is people don’t want to know. If they ignore these horrors that means to them things like that don’t happen. When I was baptized my intent was to share my story with the hope it might help someone. I began sharing a little in a couples bible study. I was treated either with disbelieve or like a leper. I wanted to help with vacation bible school but the application asked if you had ever been sexually abused. As an incest survivor it is assumed that I would be an abuser. This was in the early 90’s, maybe things have changed. The question on the church application is always in the back of my mind and keeps me from interacting with children. I agree with you it’s got to stop.To your point about some people turning into abusers, I know this to be true, but it is a CHOICE, in all my years in therapy I never met anyone who had become an abuser. I intentionally did not have children to insure another generation could not be affected by my father, that was my choice. There’s not enough paper to explain how every aspect of your life is affected. So, even though I knew in my heart I had something to offer, society wasn’t interested.

    • Thank you so much for sharing abigail. God Bless you, and please keep trying to speak out. Even if one person listens, it will be worth it. God Bless. (((())))s

      • abigail42

        Thank you for the kind words, and don’t worry I have no problem talking about my life when the opportunity presents itself. I just wanted to enlighten people a little.

    • Cindy09

      Abigail, thanks for sharing. I can only imagine what you went through. I have a family member that went through the same type of abuse. When she became a christian, she had a hard time telling her father about G-d. Oh, she forgave him! She wrestled with God everyday about his soul! She prayed for him and then one day, she wrote him a letter, a few months before he died, telling him about how he ruined her life and that she forgave him. (She had to flee to a convent to get away from him. That was the only means to run away from him without being brought back home by the police.) Though she did not get the therapy she needed, she sought God and has steadfastly walked in faith since. Later on, her son was molested at an early age. She did not learn about it until he was a teenager and on his dying bed. A family member whom we trusted has stolen his innocence. This time she was ready to forgive… and forgive she did! She even told the perpetrator that for what he’s done, he was now to be his “other” son in her heart and that she will never stop praying for him until he turns to the Lord. She still talks about God all the time! What an awesome lady!

      • abigail42

        She is a remarkable lady. Forgivness is very powerful. I forgave my father years ago but never saw him for the last 13 years of his life for my own sanity (he was a drunk). Thank you for the encouragement.

        • wodiej

          Amen. Forgiveness does not mean one is required to continue a relationship w the person.

    • crosshr

      I think of myself as man an a 1/2. Still your story but me in tears. May your GOD comfort and guide you all the days of your life. There is a caring God bigger than life, He’ll always carry you.

    • wodiej

      I’m sorry that happened to you. My experience was verbal and emotional abuse. Both of my parents had families involving incest and mental instability. I saw indications of it in the behavior of my Dad and two brothers.

      Like you, I did not want to negatively impact a child’s life so I didn’t have any. I have been in counseling off and on for many years. At first to reconcile my own feelings and then later to try to understand people like my parents better.

      God showed me through a 4 year old who is now almost 15, that I did not need to worry. This little girl moved in next door, she had great parents and they trusted me completely. Without any prompting from me, she became a regular visitor to my house when I adopted their dog. I quit smoking partly because of this little girl. I didn’t want her to pick up the habit. She was very well behaved but if she said or did anything I thought was inappropriate, I firmly but gently corrected her. She became a daily visitor to my home for several years and it was such a rewarding and positive experience for us both. This was God allowing me to have a small but significant joy of interacting with a child. Of being needed and the chance to be a good role model and make a positive impact on a child. I will always feel so blessed for this.

      The scars will always be there as Mr. Reagan and others can attest to. You just have to learn to live with it.

      • ConnieConservative

        I am so sorry that happened to you, Wodie.
        You are such a wonderful person. Your story
        is such a loving and warm testament to you.
        God bless you always. I clicked ‘like’ after your
        comment. It felt a little strange. In this case it
        means ‘admire your bravery’.

        • wodiej

          thank you, what a nice compliment.

      • 12grace

        woodiej, I am so sorry that you went through such hell with your parents. You are a testament to the good that can come out of something so horrible, as you are a gentle and compassionate person.

        • wodiej

          thank you and Connie both for your kind remarks. My mother has not changed and so I must make visits brief and infrequent. I love my parents both for the good things they taught me and diligently work to not let the bad stuff affect who I am today.

          • 12grace

            I’m glad you have come to a place of forgiveness, that’s the only way to really heal yourself. G-d bless you, w.

      • freenca

        I admire your ability to be so forthright about your life story. There are so many issues that are not known to us until later in our lives. Things that we could have done or said that would have changed things. I thought that if I spoke up, that my already broken family would have further been, broken, that I said nothing either. One of my greatest joys in life is my friends letting me enjoy their grandchildren at family events as I haven’t had children of my own either. Just to hold them or carry them to the dinner table is so fulfilling, they will never know how I would have loved to participate in raising children too. Bless you Wodiej.

      • librtifirst

        I believe that God can even take the scars away. Sometimes I believe that He allows them to remain for a purpose, or it is simply that we don’t let Him. Many of us, including myself, have deep emotional scars, but God does not intend for us to remain crippled by them. Personally, I have been single for eight years, due to my scars. After learning what God requires to be in a relationship, I have determined that I would not be good enough for another person to be involved with me. That is ok, because the Lord fills the gaps. That is what He wants. As Paul the apostle said in 1 Corinthians 7 “it is better to not be married”. God can more than make up for our inadequacies, and He will bless our obedience to His word. I count it as sin when I focus on the past, or let it effect my present. If I have truly forgiven, and have repented, there is no more to be gained from it. True forgiveness is very hard at times. I always remind myself that we will be forgiven as we forgave others.

        I hope I didn’t ramble too much.

    • 12grace

      I appreciate your bravery and candor in coming forward with your experience, a.

      You have much to offer society concerning this issue and the road you have gone down to recover from the nightmare.

      We, as compassionate and righteous Americans, must talk about this issue and do all in our power to prevent it, and help those that have suffered as a result of abuse.

  • Linky1

    I admire Reagan’s honesty and courage in coming forward with such a painful story. I really hope by doing this, someone who has suffered the same kind of abuse will have the courage to do the same.

    When you listen to this story, then go back and read today’s post about what children are now being taught in school, it really, honestly makes me wonder what kind of sick society we have become-where abuse like what happened to Reagan (and is still happening) is so rampant, where organizations like NAMBLA are allowed to exist and where babies as young as five are taught the finer points of sexual behaviour.

    There comes a point when all of the descriptive adjectives can’t express my revulsion and disgust at people who perpetrate these abuses and the educational system for making sexuality such a huge part of their curriculum.

    • wodiej

      Parents need to be more aware and be willing to spend more time w their kids. Home school or Christian school.

      • lived_through_it

        There has been a number of cases where children were harmed because they were hidden away in homeschooling. There also is a preponderance of cases where a molester professes to be a strong Christian.

      • librtifirst

        Parents need to learn more about agape’.


  • wodiej

    God bless him. That does take a lot of courage but it is imperative to not keep emotions bottled up. It’s extremely damaging. It will turn a person inside out with anger, bitterness, resentment and all sorts of ugly consequences of behavior. Reagan turned this around and became a good person despite this which proves it can be done.

    It’s pretty pathetic when parents can’t even trust to send their kids to camp, play sports etc. without worrying if the leader will molest or abuse their kids.

    You may as well say Jerry Sandusky’s life is over as he knows it. Those prisoners do not like child molesters and they will have a heyday w him.

  • M_J_S

    Michael Reagan has proven over and over again he’s one hell of a guy and this is no exception. This piece of crap Sandusky deserves to go to prison and be brutally raped, beaten and eventually shanked. Things have a way of coming around.

    Of course, all the victims could all pool together and take an in-prison hit out on him, or maiming, whichever is preferred.

  • Sounds like Reagan is looking for attention…..keep it to yourself whiner. Go have a good cry. What the f*** do I care about Michael Reagan and his “victimhood”?

    • toongoon

      Because it affects you in many ways, not just stories like this but you may know people who are very close to you have experienced these foul acts by someone they trusted. Who are dealing with the memories and the shame silently. Who need someone to be a friend, need some one to hear their story to give them some peace. You might know someone who is perpetrating these acts on a child right now and is starting the process all over again with other children.

      You might hear his story and notice signs of abuse and stop it from happening to at least one child and then you wouldn’t have to listen to their “whining” later on when they try to open up and bring awareness about it.

      But you don’t f-ing care.

      (Also. your callousness on this issue is concerning, you really ought to find someone you can talk to about it).

      • 12grace

        It is horrible to think about or imagine the sexual abuse of anyone.

        They say you can tell everything about a society by the way in which they treat their most vulnerable.

    • Rshill7

      Let me say this so you’ll understand it: Oink.

    • 12grace

      You are heartless, n.

      • wodiej

        I flagged it but apparently it’s not offensive enough for RS.

        • 12grace

          Thanks for flagging n, down. No reason for victims to be re-victimized by such cruelty.

    • You are a sick and pitiful individual. I pray you don’t ever have to know someone close to you who experiences this.

    • abigail42

      Michael Reagan is doing just fine and so am I. Sadly I’m quite sure you are the one who needs a good cry. Maybe it’s time for you to take a long look in the mirror and deal with whatever horrible thing has caused you so much pain. I clearly recognize the anger and denial (been there done that). Or you can continue to live in your hatefilled world. It’s your CHOICE. I hope you take this in the caring spirit that it was meant.

  • Stoneyjack

    “Ooooh, Bruce! Have we lost Michael?” Piers Morgan is weirdly obsessed with man-on-man action.

  • marketcomp

    My heart weeps for Michael and for all of those boys in the Sandusky abuse and my fellow posters. One reoccurring theme in many of the post is how society doesn’t want to hear about childhood abuse. Well, it appears that an entire college, Penn State, accepted this because the school highlighted it and made fun of this by creating a sundae named after this monster! This is beyond belief and I thinl it weighed heavy on the heart of the head coach who later died. It must be a tremendous burden to carry around all that guilt and just think what the victum must go through!

    It saddens me that so many children have had to go through these abusive acts which tells me that the devil is always lurking and in unsuspecting places! Some don’t believe in good and evil. Well I say that that is height of evil!

    It seems that one reoccurring aspect is that the abuser does not want to be exposed. Parents absolutely have to protect their young by educating them about what is not appropriate touching as soon as they can understand, and let them know that if anyone touches them inappropriately then don’t be afraid to tell a parent or someone right away because as Michael so heartfeltly describe what happens when you don’t tell someone, it will literally eat you up inside. I say tell it early, right after an act, and tell it often, which is a way to expose these predators that are constantly on the prow looking for their next victum. A few months ago a number of child actors told stories of how casting directors or authorities in Hollywood would sexually molest them and they didn’t tell anyone because they wanted a career in acting but what’s shocking is that no one believed them. So this harkens back to Michael Reagan, the boys in the Sandusky trial, and others later in the thread who were afraid to tell about the abuse until later in life. We know that these predators look for vulnerable children so parents be more vigilant and educate your children to look out for these abusers.

  • JoeMontana16

    Wow. Heartbreaking. People who do this are pure evil and should be executed instantly. Society and the court system don’t take into account that its not only the child that was molested that gets hurt but the entire family for possibly generations. The parents are scarred for life. The siblings are too. The children of the child might be abused or physically and mentally abused which could be passed on for God knows how long. Its a pyramid. Hell follows them until someone is able to put a stop to it somehow. It doesn’t just hurt the one. It hurts many.

    I was never sexually abused but mentally and physically abused by my father. He was the bastard son of Satan. I wanted to kill him. I prayed everyday that he would die in a car accident. Its still a yoke around my neck. I’m doing my best to make sure I don’t pass this anger and hatred down. My father has now been redeemed. I prayed for years that he would get saved. I got him to speak to my preacher and five minutes into their conversation he WAS saved. I have neverseen such a transformation. Miracle. I love him more than I ever thought possible.

    • Joe, I am SO glad your dad found salvation in the Lord. This is why while I HATE HATE HATE what these people do to kids and others, I can’t find the same hate for the person who possibly can be saved. They deserve prison, and they hopefully all get it- but as for the rest, we know our Lord can change the most wicked and hardest of hearts, and that’s what we must pray for. Thank you for sharing. God Bless you.

  • Motherhug

    Micheal Reagan’s story should make us all think carefully. He very clearly linked his sexual orientation confusion to his child abuse. Yet, in California they are banning therapies to minors that have gender issues. I wonder if we should be thinking this through a little more? I have heard there can be a connection between homosexuality and child abuse. I know there are many who do not want to hear this, but it should be investigated more. For the children’s sake.

    • Excellent point Motherhug. I believe the same. Too many who proclaim to be homosexual were abused by same sex individuals repeatedly and that to me is a huge red flag for all this gender crap we’re seeing.

  • HollywoodHammer

    I can’t watch it.
    That fellow in Texas that caught a pedophile rapist assaulting his daughter, he did what any and every caring father should have done. To NOT kill the pervert would be a sin. Like all who touch children, Sandusky should hang. Literally. IMHO
    As for the apologists who’ve come out condemning the sure-fisted dad, now they are pathetic and obviously can’t be fathers.

  • I agree.

    This crime demands the death penalty more so than rape, murder or any other crime I can think of. It destroys far more lives than any other crime I can think of. Of course to really stop it you would also have to make sodomy highly illegal again. Gay men are far more likely to engage in this.

    This is one evil nation.

    GOD can not be happy with America.

  • I absolutely believe in mandatory castration for 1st time abusers. Pedophilia cannot be cured. Unlike homosexuality which CAN be cured and has been proven despite what the militant homosexuals would like you to believe.

  • Micheal, I just want to say how thankful I am that you are standing up for all of us that have been abused. We all know what those young men are going through having to testify. How it brings everything to the surface, again. How well said “reliving what happened to them as these men testify” “You learn to put it in a compartment,…it comes out every once in awhile” thank you